These lectures describe the soul's journey after death, mantras to use during the death process and the attitudes we hold about death and dying, namely fear. They include the identity and caliber of one who is jiwan mukta, dead while alive, and provide an opportunity to confront our fears and kriyas that allow you to practice moving through this journey of the soul as described in Japji.

Notable Lectures

Gurdwara - The Cycle Of Age

Referring to the Song of the Khalsa, Yogi Bhajan talks about courage in the face of death. We must not only be without fear of death but we must live through it.

Los Angeles Lecture Class

One who accepts death cannot accept defeat, and when we accept a dead end we ourselves are dead.

Advanced Lecture

"Death is not a concept of human living: it is actually a human triumph over Time and Space." Yogi Bhajan talks about the fear of death and its role in our lives.

Los Angeles Lecture

Yogi Bhajan says that fear of death undermines our experience of life, but it is in fact our ultimate friend and saviour.

Meeting of the Ways, Palo Alto, CA Meditataion on Fear of Death

Yogi Bhajan says that all meditation is meant to develop only one habit: when death strikes, you die with a smile. He describes the location and experience of the self after death.

KWTC, Class #7

We are not born to die: we are born to achieve immortality out of mortality. Life is to practice and experience infinity, and in infinity there is no death.

Advanced Lecture

The soul is infinite. It has never been dead: that which is alive to the challenge of time and space never dies.

Lecture - My Ultimate Joy as a Human

We are afraid of death because we have not committed to life. "Once you have lived you have no fear; death doesn’t mean anything to you. One who lives he lives forever."

Gurdwara Lecture - Death and Gurmat

Yogi Bhajan describes death as the certification of a job's completion and as a finishing sensibility of sensual existence.

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