Kundalini Yoga meditations use mantra, mudra, eye focus and often movement and praanayam in order to affect change, break patterns, cultivate single-pointed concentration and ultimately shuniya – zero-pointed awareness. Yogi Bhajan delivered thousands of meditations over the years and spoke in depth about the mind and its facets and functions. In these lectures, you will explore meditation from a completely new point of view.

Notable Lectures

Meditation Course - What Meditation Does

Meditation is a process to clean the mind in order to meet life. The meditation which cannot change you is not worth doing. Yogi Bhajan talks about the physical effects of meditation, including changes to the glands.

Lecture Class - Consciousness in Life and Death (2)

Meditation makes a person understand that they have been living an uneasy life: when we meditate subconscious garbage rises. To hold consciousness consciously under our own control we must learn to meditate.

Gurdwara Lecture

Yogi Bhajan speaks about meditation in the context of chanting, and describes the four steps of meditation. He compares meditating to cleaning the house: normally you don’t see the dust, but when you begin to clean it rises.

Meditation Course - Reaching the Mind, Wahe Guru Meditation

Yogi Bhajan asks, do we have the right to be happy? Meditation gives us the capacity to be happy by clearing the subconscious of garbage.

Meditation Course

Meditation is to go into the fiber of the mind for one’s own use. If the mind can be brought to equilibrium with reality and to its full meditative capacity a person will be in harmony.

Summer Solstice 72, Wedding

We have a right to be powerful and one-pointed and we may achieve this through the cleansing of meditation. Yogi Bhajan leads the class into a lower-triangle meditation.

Los Angeles Lecture

"Meditation is not calming down, being good, or being religious. It is to equip yourself so that no one can take advantage of you. It gives you a mind that is yours alone."

Meditation Course

We are either forced to change or we choose to; the person who meditates intuitively knows when, why, and how much to change.

Meditation Course

We are stopped by fear, but those who meditate can do the thing they couldn’t do and speak the thing they couldn’t speak. It is the beauty of meditation that in it we become complete human beings and are able to overcome our fear.

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