With a PhD in Communication Studies, Yogi Bhajan developed a highly sophisticated study of communication, which became a Level Two Teacher Training course called Conscious Communication. In it he describes the obstacles to conscious communication: hidden agendas, duplicate identities, subconscious masks and provides tools and techniques (kriyas and meditations) for increasing listening skills, intuition and removing the masks.

Notable Lectures

Los Angeles Lecture

"The whole universe of yours is based on the word in expression." Communication must have purpose, motive, and authority.

Teens - Talks to teens - Communication

Yogi Bhajan describes three physical ways of speaking, and the five languages we use. The most deadly situation for us is when our communication stops.

Advanced Lecture

Our language is corrupting and confusing. We use language to gain on another person and in doing so we lose self-respect. We must remember that we are responsible to our consciousness and our consciousness must not be corrupt.

KWTC Lecture

Yogi Bhajan defines communication as anything exchanged between people. He speaks about how to respond to negative communication and about the necessity of matching the other person’s phase. The most basic psychology of communication is that we must communicate without creating an offensive attitude in other people or in ourselves.

Los Angeles Lecture

We have never learned to talk: we do not have rapport and are not able to acknowledge the characteristics of another person in communication. We use language to cover ourselves, while true communication is the best art given to us.

Lecture Class at GRDA, Los Angeles

Our wealth is in the health of our communication. Yogi Bhajan says that effective communication is the sacred personality projecting a sacred aim. We must be aware of the feeling field of the person we talk to and must always preserve reverence.

Naad Yoga

"The purpose of talking is one and only one. It is to discharge your honest being."

KWTC Lecture

A person must first communicate with the soul, the mind, and the self. This creates the identity through which he or she interacts in the world. The purpose of communication is to know, to establish, and to be.

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