Spiritual Names

Yogi Bhajan gave spiritual names, also known as destiny names, as a way to allow the individual to take on a new identity and drop the past. Spiritual names are derived from a combination of Tantric Numerology and intuition to provide a name that reveals the individual true essence, but also points them to their destiny and delivers them from their karmas. Spiritual Names continue to be given out by the 3HO Destiny Names office, headed by Nirinjan Kaur Khalsa, Chief of Staff.

Notable Lectures

Teachers: The Basic Personality Of A Teacher

The spiritual name is a heavenly identity. We may not live up to it, but it is a guiding force and prayer. When others call us by our spiritual name, they bless us.

Question and Answer Session

Yogi Bhajan explains how spiritual names are given: every soul has a root, an orbit, and a destiny. The spiritual name is put together of these three.

European Solstice

Yogi Bhajan says that if a person concentrates on their spiritual name, it will get them through all difficulties and clouds. Ego is the greatest disease, but the solution is to seek after our destiny in the form of our spiritual name.

Gurdwara - See Through The Darkness

Some people’s egos are so big that they never ask for spiritual names. But if a person asks, they are ready: they necessarily are capable of living it.

Gurdwara Talk - A Science of Reality

Among billions of people, few people shall be fortunate enough to call for a spiritual name. "Among those who ask few will live it;, and among those who live it few will experience it."

SSS Addresses the Khalsa Children - Leadership

By our prestige and manners we must require that others call us by our correct name, not nicknames or “wrong names.” When we address others with “Ji,” we develop mind contact and can become as one being.

Los Angeles Lecture - Why We Are Miserable

Our spiritual name gives us identity. Success is not what we have at a given time, but an established identity.

Kundalini Yoga - You and Your Body

Our spiritual name is our destiny; opposite to that is fate. Those who live to the word will be God on Earth.

Lecture Class at GRDA, Los Angeles

Yogi Bhajan talks about being asked for spiritual names and about giving them.

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