Ten Bodies

Yogi Bhajan outlined 10 Bodies as a philosophy of how to understand and excel in our human experience. At times he associated them with the 8 chakras, but they are a discrete system that stand alone in providing a unique perspective on how we balance the human life. The Ten Bodies include: Soul Body, Negative Mind, Positive Mind, Neutral Mind, Pranic Body, Physical Body, Arcline, Auric Body, Subtle Body and Radiant Body. Discover how to balance your ten bodies in this collection of topics.

Notable Lectures

Questions about Chakras - At the Ranch

Yogi Bhajan speaks about the ten bodies in relation to the chakras, focusing on the spiritual bodies.


The physical body is entirely dependent on the pranic body; the physical body itself changes every 72 hours with our cells.

Q and A on Yoga

Students ask questions about the relation of the chakras to the ten bodies.

Meditation Class, Day 1 - Unity in Yoga Conference

Knowledge of the teachings does not help a person if the subtle bodies don’t figure things out, the arc line doesn’t alert, or the neutral mind doesn’t come through.

San Diego Lecture

The ten bodies are interlocked in living, but if the soul leaves the arcline they "have no combination." The soul leaves with the subtle body.

Advanced Lecture

Death and life depend on the relations between the auric, subtle and cosmic body.

Gurdwara Talk - The Soul and the 10 Bodies

Yogi Bhajan says that if we do not have a relationship with our radiant body, nothing in life will work for us.

Los Angeles Lecture

Yogi Bhajan teaches how Sadhana benefits the physical, mental, and spiritual bodies.

Espanola Lecture

We want to be physically beautiful, but we do not consider that our physical body is only one of ten. If our spiritual bodies are dysfunctional we will not be spiritually beautiful.

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