Yogi Bhajan had a very detailed map of the mind which he outlined in several lectures and were later compiled into a collection called, The Mind: It's Multiple Facets and Projections. Essentially he mapped the way in which the impersonal minds (Manas, Ahangkar and Buddhi) combine with the functional minds (Negative, Positive and Neutral) to form patterns of behavior and personality. In this series, he also provided meditations for each of these facets of the mind. He further addresses the subconscious and unconscious minds in depth and their contribution to consciousness, impulse and behavior in other lectures.

Notable Lectures

Los Angeles Lecture

Yogi Bhajan says that the mind is the only sensitive part of the human body which is faster than time and space.

Sunday - Mind Yoga

Yogi Bhajan compares the mind, as an electromagnetic field with fixed frequency, to a radio station. Our signal may be weak or strong: in order to expand and join with the universal mind we must allow the pineal gland to start secreting.

Teens - Talks to teens - Communication

Yogi Bhajan talks about the process by which the negative, positive, and neutral minds relate and lists the characteristics of each. He discusses the two ways to win the mind. "If your mind is yours, the universe is yours."

Gurdwara - Awaken Your Mind

Delivering the goodness of God makes a person great, and "that cannot be with you, never will be, if your mind is not awakened with the word of the Guru."

Lecture at Yoga Conference - The Negative Mind

"The mind can take you into any thought beyond thought and Infinity-- and mind can take you into any dungeon, any pit and any negativity." When we are ruled by the negative mind we are in excessive doubt, which is our worst enemy.

Summer Solstice, Wednesday Morning, Yogiji - Relation of Mind to Universal Mind

"Train your mind to vibrate in such a away that your vibration may become total truth and then you shall never die." Yogi Bhajan describes the food of the mind as the word and our thoughts as alive in vibration.

Master's Touch Teacher Training Level 2, Class 01 - 81 Aspects of the Mind

We must have caliber to win the game of life and for that we must have the applied, the neutral, mind. If we can balance the positive and negative minds we can weigh everything correctly.

Class - Advanced

"The mind is like a mirror through which you can see the infinity. But if you put blackness of hatred over it, you will see nothing."

Los Angeles Lecture

The mind is the focal power behind every frequency.

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