As in everything, Yogi Bhajan had a unique take on love. He mocked the Western concept of love as simply attachment and self-interest–a business transaction. He excoriated men and women for their attitudes and expectations of love. In the end he kept it simple: Love is blind. If you see the faults in your partner then you are not practicing love. These lectures explore this and many other aspects of love as defined by Yogi Bhajan.

Notable Lectures

Los Angeles Lecture

Yogi Bhajan talks about what it means to make a person feel loved, and what it means to feel loved.

Lecture, Evening

We may love as establishing territory or we may love selflessly, without ego. Our quality is in our commitment.

Espanola Lecture

Love is our last chance in the sense that we fulfill our purpose when we love ourselves. Those who understand life and love have endurance and their words are like jewels.

Lecture Class

Life is a flow of love in which our participation is requested.

Advanced Lecture - Psychic Healing

Love is an unendingly endless longing without condition,. Without love we cannot find God.

Gurdwara - The Purpose of Religion

Love gives courage, excellence, and total painlessness; those who love themselves and their God will not be afraid to identify themselves.

Santa Fe Lecture

Yogi Bhajan talks about the love we describe in our relationships in contrast to the love of our ultimate totality and reality.

Gurdwara Talk - What do we Know?

We often abuse the word "love" in fear, for other purposes, or without consideration of what love is. We do not love children when we teach them contrary to our values. When we act in love, we act out of respect.

Los Angeles Lecture

"Love yourself, and the whole world will love you."

KWTC Lecture - #13

In this phenomenal lecture, Yogi Bhajan defines love in multiple ways. Shunya is a product of infinity, but love controls all. Love is the power beyond infinity: it moves God. Love within us is a circle within a circle. It is totality, which is our reality.

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