Yogi Bhajan described prayer as a power; a woman's prayer being the most powerful prayer in the world, along with the teacher's prayer, and prayer for oneself. He talked about prayer being a synchrony – pratyahar – aligning ourselves with the highest good and allowing the hand of God to work.

Notable Lectures

Gurdwara - The perpetual prayer

"Our prayer is to pray for consistency of the soul and pay our homage and dividend to those who fell for truth."

KWTC Lecture

It doesn’t matter how we pray and it has no relation to other people. The fundamental gift of prayer is to know. "Prayer is the intunement of the mind into the higher consciousness and into the unknown."

KWTC Lecture - #4

Do not to become what you wish, want, or plan to be, but become the one prayer which is yours and remain so. In this all will come to you.

KWTC Lecture

Yogi Bhajan says that he knows only two things, prayer and not prayer. "Whatever I can’t understand, I give to the understanding of the one who created the understanding."

History and Structure of Ardas (Note SSS?)

The physical action of praying is in fact a preparation for prayer. Prayer is a state of being in which "the mind is totally merged with the being unto whom you are praying, the polarity of yourself."

Khalsa Council - SSS Addresses the Children - Definition Of A Man - 3 types

Yogi Bhajan says, "Prayer has greatest power on Earth: even God bows to it. If God bows to anything is power of prayer. He doesn’t bow to anything other than that."


A prayer is nothing but a "powerful combustion of mental projection into infinity for reflection into the Earth."

Espanola Lecture

Yogi Bhajan answers students' questions about prayers, including whether we are to pray for ourselves.

Gurdwara - Prayer in Sikh Dharma

Prayer is a power, a projection, and the purity of life. The most special and effective prayer is that which is found in every chakra, every part of the body, every limb, and every organ.

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