Some of the most unique and valuable information you'll find in the body of Yoga Philosophy, Yogi Bhajan's Humanology™ Teachings represents the diverse range topics that Yogi Bhajan delivered on "how to be human." The level of detail is sometimes shocking and always provoking: from how to bathe to how to have sex to how to eat to how to speak. He often said that no one had taught us how to live, so he would have to.

Notable Lectures

Summer Solstice Gurdwara

The science of humanology has "blown away" psychiatry, mental science and its procedures. Humanology has the spiritual aspect of spiritual elevation: nurturing our reality and our personality.

Workshop - Healing the Healer - Non SSS

Yogi Bhajan talks about "professional human prostitution": we all sell ourselves because we do not know ourselves. Understanding this tendency is part of the science of humanology.


Yogi Bhajan talks about human capacity and the balance of the three gunas.


One of our self-destroying exercises is what Yogi Bhajan calls "yes-yes-no-no" behavior: we agree and lie to please others while in fact doing something other than what we say.

KWTC Lecture

Humanology informs us of what we are; Yogi Bhajan says that many people look like humans and feel that they are human but that they are not. We value liberty, but have no liberty from our own inferiority complex. We speak differently in different situations, but this unsteadiness is the worst treachery we can commit.

Albuquerque Lecture

When our unconscious unloads into the subconscious and this into the conscious, our "life and tragedy become one." The science of humanology gives the techonology of how we may balance our human aspects and facets on every breath.

Los Angeles Lecture

The science of humanology teaches us how to live as a human, and a human who is not a healer is a bundle of problems. The first chapter of humanology is the psychology of self-healing, self-endurance, and self-negotiation.

Yogiji LA Class

We are fundamentally human through the process of mental awareness of ourselves, within and without. To recognize ourselves as human is to graduate in life: if we have not done so our existence comes to nothing. Yogi Bhajan lists four questions we must ask ourselves as human.

Gurdwara - What Sangat Means

Yogi Bhajan says that we must process everything we experience from the raw stage of business to the subtle stage of human. Anything processed to the subtle stage of the human must become the radiant stage of the angel. Effective communication of this radiance is humanology.

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