Seva means selfless service. One of the pillars of Sikh Dharma, it's also related to karma yoga. Seva cultivates Bhakti Yoga, the heart of the devotee and union through complete sublimation into the object of devotion. It's difficult to maintain a big ego when you're focused continually on serving others. Yogi Bhajan speaks often about seva, in both Gurdwara lectures and general yoga classes. (Alternate spelling: Sewa).

Thank you Gurukirn Kaur Khalsa for use of your beautiful image depicting Seva. Wahe Guru!

Notable Lectures

KWTC Lecture

Yogi Bhajan asks, if a person who loves God cannot talk to everyone, even the "godless," what is the use of belonging to God? Every part of life is a challenge and if we make life a Seva pain will go away.


Yogi Bhajan says to stick to the principle of service, no matter what, and tells the story of Sikhs who invite the enemy to lungar during war.

Gurdwara; Claim and Reclaim

To comfort, console, and serve people is a responsibility given by the teachings: that is the meaning of "sarbat da palaa."

Advanced Lecture

Selfless service is a constant giving that makes you a giver, and the personified form of God is as that of the giver.

Gurdwara, Espanola, NM

Whatever comes to you, it is your responsibility to do Seva. The only way to meet another person is to serve: to elevate that person.

Simran, Seva, Deg, Teg

Yogi Bhajan says there is nothing more powerful than devotional service. "Those who took one opportunity to serve, infinite opportunities will serve them."

Espanola Lecture

Yogi Bhajan says that to love is to serve.


Yogi Bhajan talks about Seva in the context of Sikhism. We have the means to create in ourselves the wealth of a pure soul, mind, and body. This wealth is to be used to serve others.

Gurdwara Lecture - Man cannot be a saint

Seva is a conscious and deliberate service to benefit another person even at your own cost. To serve in the name of your own soul is Seva, but to serve with the expectation of reward is not. Elevating others is a spiritual food without which the spirit will die.

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