Dasvandh is giving to the unknown. Yogi Bhajan introduced Dasvandh as a prosperity technology. Giving to the unknown cultivates trust and offers a return of ten times what is given, according to Yogi Bhajan. Dasvandh was a part of the tithing practice that was fostered by Yogi Bhajan and his nonprofit entities, namely Sikh Dharma International. Other avenues of giving were Gurudakshina for Kundalini Yoga Teachers.

Notable Lectures

Gurdwara - Meaning Of Ek Ong Kar

Yogi Bhajan criticizes the practice of religious institutions asking for money: "Give us money, we give God." He contrasts this approach with Dasvandh.


Yogi Bhajan was asked, "What should I do with Dasvandh?" He says we do not do something with it, but we let it go where it serves the Guru. We give not on condition but to serve our soul.

Summer Solstice Gurdwara

One-tenth of what comes to us is not ours, never has been, and never will be. The contribution of Dasvandh comes from gratefulness to God and is towards good.

KWTC, Yoga Class #4

Dasvandh is "seed money": it does not take away from our prosperity, but brings blessings and satisfaction. Giving one-tenth of our time is Dasvandh as well: time is just as much a part of our possessions as space.

Los Angeles Lecture

When we consciously give one-tenth of our money in the name of God, God gives one hundred percent back.

Los Angeles Lecture

Money is only stored services rendered. We give a portion of it away because Guru said it is not ours, and the word of the Guru is truth. We have been blessed; in return we give.

Los Angeles Lecture

Yogi Bhajan says that we are often living only to make a mockery of life. Giving Dasvandh is not a story of giving away money, doing charity, and bragging about it: it is a story of consciousness. Giving is God-like when it comes from the sweat of our brow.

Gurdwara Talk - The Story of Life

Yogi Bhajan talks about giving one-tenth of our time in the context of morning Sadhana. If we give two and a half hours to God, God gives us everything. This is a matter of experience.

Gurdwara - SSS to the Khalsa Council - pm

If we act gracefully by giving one-tenth of our life and of what we earn to the Guru, we will be graced for the rest of the year.

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