From the very beginning of his teachings, Yogi Bhajan instilled within his students and through his own personal practice the discipline of sadhana. The word actually means discipline and in this practice indicates a personal kriya or meditation commitment, or the complete Aquarian Sadhana which he outlined for the early morning hours, before the sun rises. In these lectures he describes his personal practice, the benefits of 40, 90 and 120 day practices, the teacher's sadhana, and the path from sadhana to aradhana to prabhupati – the path to enlightment.

Notable Lectures

Secret of Strength

"If you are not dead you must rise, but if you want to go home with grace and you want to save the grace then you must rise before the sun rises."

Quotes on Marriage and Sadhana

Neurosis is an inward volcano that can ruin a person: it is Sadhana which solves the problem. In it we conquer time and space, we conquer temptation, and we clean the ten bodies. Our majesty comes to display.

Lecture Class

Sadhana is a test of self-grit which give mental stamina for a smooth, happy, successful, joyful, and fulfilling life.

KWTC Lecture

Our electromagnetic radiance should be continuous and creatively up. For this we must have discipline, and that is what Sadhana is.

Gurdwara - From Failure to Success

"Do sadhana, do as you have been told, and you shall be the master God." Sadhana is to rise in the ambrosial hour to clear the temple of the mind and relate to the soul. For the whole day after sadhana our actions will be conscious.


Yogi Bhajan compares the clearing of the subconscious in Sadhana with the act of tuning an instrument. If we play the guitar without tuning it, we make a mess and our music is not appreciated. "Life is ours, given as a gift, keep it tuned."


We come to Gurwara to carry the Guru throughout the week, and we do Sadhana to carry it through the day. "In the ambrosial hour we earn something and the whole day we distribute."

Advanced Lecture

Yogi Bhajan talks about Sadhana in the context of spiritual progression. He says that for any happy living, Sadhana is a must.

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