Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is the sacred technology of relating to and expressing the soul's truest identity. Yogi Bhajan, as a master of Kundalini Yoga, delivered literally thousands of kriyas and meditations from this tradition throughout his 40 years of teaching. He called Kundalini Yoga the Yoga of Awareness and believed that it was the practice that would deliver the Aquarian Age. He began teaching it openly in the West in 1969, against the tradition and protocol of thousands of years, and guaranteed its effectiveness through his own experience. Explore these jewels with the Master himself, here.

Notable Lectures

Sunday - Mind Yoga

Kundalini Yoga affects our dormant energy to melt down barricades. When Kundalini rises, it brings coiled energy to the pineal gland, the seat of the soul. Yogi Bhajan discusses the eight branches of yoga, and the eight ‘links’ of yoga as well as the four stages of meditation.

Teacher's Meeting

Kundalini Yoga beats tension with tension for "total eternal relaxation." Kundalini Yoga is unique in that students are not initiated and teachers do not establish guruships.

SSS at Yoga Reserach Society Conference

Self-help is learned from within: we start with yoga to be united to the infinite. When the Kundalini rises it gives the capacity to see the unseen.


Kundalini Yoga is the uncoiling of the dormant self into the aware self. Yogi Bhajan says that yoga of any kind is not simply exercise and discusses other types of yoga, including Hatha.

TV Interview

Our difficulty in life occurs when the chakras are out of balance; Kundalini Yoga balances them, and this brings us to happiness.

NYC, WBAI Radio Show - In the Spirit

In an interview Yogi Bhajan teaches Kirtan Kriya to beginners. He says that yoga means nothing without nam: the sound of the infinite realms of supreme consciousness.

UCLA Beginners

Yoga is "the philosophy of how an individual can explore within himself his total potential, how to use it and bring it to his own advantage."

Chicago Lecture - The Energy Of Consciousness

Kundalini energy means to turn all nonsense around, make sense of it and profit from it. Kundalini Yoga "not an exercise, it is not a cult, it is not a religion: it is science and art complete in itself and it should be taken very gracefully, consciously, and be enjoyed."

UCLA Beginners Class

Kundalini Yoga is developed from kriyas discovered to be particularly effective: it is a method of how to improve in the shortest amount of time. Yoga is not simply exercise, taking a swimming pool class at YMCA. It exists to bring out the total potential of the self through self-created actions.

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