Yogi Bhajan lectured often about the mind, but more specifically about the component parts of the brain and how they function in creating memory, perception, pattern and personality. In this topic you'll find the frontal lobe, brain stem, "bird brain", the corpus callosum, and other specific parts of the brain explained as well as techniques and practices that support changing patterns in the brain, invigorate brain plasticity and define the role of the endocrine system within the nervous system and its role in behavior, mood and personality.

Notable Lectures

Lecture Class at Yoga West in LA

As he teaches a kriya, Yogi Bhajan describes the three rings of the brain system. He says that when we chant we activate the hypothalamus, which can move all three rings into a concentration from which the brain can act in Infinity.

Berlin Lecture - The Experience of Peace, Day 1 of 2

Yogi Bhajan describes the 7 neurological plates of the brain and their 14 sides. By using breath to communicate with the brain we can readjust the function of the entire body.

KWTC Lecture

Yogi Bhajan discusses the effect of female behavior on the male brain.

Healer's: Psychologiststs - Day 7

The neurons coordinate between sides of the brain: this is computing. Neurosis occurs when we are not computing well. To be strong, we use yoga and meditation to energize and change the chemistry of the brain.

Talk to Psychology Group

In a larger dialogue with a psychologist and Bibiji, also a trained therapist, Yogiji discusses managing the mind through meditation and focus we clear subconscious garbage that feeds into our neuroses. Yogi Bhajan describes the function of eye focus in stimulating the brain.

Los Angeles Lecture

"The moment the brain is balanced in terms of energy output and activity to confront, you are the beloved of God."

Medical Seminar - The Medicine of Tomorrow, Care of the Mind, The Energy System

There are two areas of the brain which must be developed further: the frontal lobe, which controls the personality, and the hypothalamus, which is related to our automatic habits. Yogic techniques changes these parts of the brain to grow.

Meditation Course

Yogi Bhajan speaks about the activity of the mind and describes the difference between animal thinking and human thinking.

Kundalini Yoga - At 'Unity in Yoga Conference'

Yogi Bhajan teaches a 'brain tonic' kriya and shares recipes. He says that in yoga and meditation, it is the brain that is being balanced; the body is just a help.

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