Literally the word means "door to the Guru," and it is the place where Sikhs go to bow. The closest related word here in the West would be "temple." There are many Gurdwara lectures within this archive. Public lectures by definition, they relate mostly to topics within Sikh Dharma but can edify anyone, Sikh or student alike.

Notable Lectures

Gurdwara - Three Constants In Life

"We must carry the soul to Gurdwara: that is the purpose of life. Our soul must be taken by us to the Gurdwara every day."

Gurdwara, KWTC - Sikh Dharma As An Aspect Of Life

Attendance at Gurdwara, whether we listen or not, brings us into unison.

KWTC Lecture - Congregation

In Gurdwara we are part of the congregation, an "assembly of preachers to uplift the spirit."

Gurdwara for the 40th Anniversary

We respect Gurdwara because the Guru presides there, just as we respect our body because it is there that our soul presides.

Gurdwara - Sangat and Pangat

Because we are all equal in Gurdwara, we must maintain tolerance in it. Perpetual tolerance gives perpetual endurance.

Gurdwara Lecture - Mind and Personality

Yogi Bhajan says that Gurdwara is a place where we come to humble ourselves, getting something better than ego. In it our neurons and brain come into harmony with Kirtan.

Gurdwara Talk

Gurdwara is not what we think, but it is an interwoven psyche. Coming to it is the most powerful systematic surrender possible.


Though Gurdwara is a temple, a church, and a synagogue, we do not call it that. We call it the "Gate of the Guru," and are blessed that we can come to it.


Yogi Bhajan talks in Gurdwara about Sikh Dharma and the Siri Guru Granth. "Love is the soul of the sikh, sikh has to be one step ahead to hug and to love."

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