Health and Healing

Yogi Bhajan was a major contributor to the holistic movement that began in the early 70s and has slowly become a major factor in people's lifestyles today: yoga, organic food movement, meditation and affirmation and other communication tools are in large part popular today because of him and other teachers who came to the West at that period. He held annual conferences for healers and contributed to a wide variety of fields: chiropractic, acupuncture, energy healing, massage and more. He shared the ancient practice of Sat Nam Rasayan as well as other meditative techniques for healing.

Notable Lectures

Healing - A Course in Healing - Day one

A healer must be not only skilled, but sensitive and compassionate. Food, hyrdotherapy, the tattvas, and the glands are all components of good health. Yogi Bhajan tells a story of how mental capacity can resist bodily damage.

Lecture - Self Healing

Stress and poor mental health are often the source of illness. We are healed in expansion, relaxation, and trust: by calling our own light. Chewing our food is very important to health. Yogi Bhajan describes healing experiences he has observed.

Healer's Talk - Traditional and Alternative Medicine

Yogi Bhajan discusses traditional medicine; it is healing rather not curing and it treats the cause. A large part of our health consists in believing we can be healed. Yogi Bhajan describes foods that heal, and gives a wheatberry recipe and a 'garlic pie' recipe.

Healers: Healing Course, Day One

Disease is dis-ease: it is the result of a spiritual situation. Yogi Bhajan gives striking examples of healing the body through the mind and discusses specific diseases.

Health Talk - Addressing Stress at Khalsa Clinic - Part 1 of 2

There are connections between the mind, body, and the cardiovascular system; we can tell our body what to do. Yogi Bhajan discusses stress as a natural way of life that can be combated with yogic practice.

Meditation Workshop

Yogi Bhajan teaches self-hypnosis. "With self hypnosis we can clear ourself out, let yourself go, you will heal." Healing is not a miracle, healing is a self-process that may be accomplished through meditation.

Los Angeles Lecture - Healing Your Handicaps

Our handicaps and problems are not the consequence of stressors, but of the lack of strength to meet them. The concentration of yoga builds inner strength so that we can heal ourselves.

Meditation Class - Summer Solstice Lecture Class - Day 2

Yogi Bhajan assigns three doctors to discuss "natural healing, personal healing, and what to do if nothing works.".

Los Angeles Lecture

Yogi Bhajan says that there is no human being who cannot heal himself. We heal ourselves not by "trying," but by allowing ourself to be healed through practice and application.

Meditation Course

Yogi Bhajan discusses several aspects of humanology that determine resistance to disease. The balance of the tattvas, the elements, is essential. Stretching properly in the morning will significantly affect our resistance to disease. Yogi Bhajan discusses the effects of stimulants and mentions foods that may help some conditions.

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