Japji is the first sacred text delivered by Guru Nanak Dev Ji in XXXX and the daily prayer that is practiced as part of the Aquarian Sadhana as outlined by Yogi Bhajan. Known as the Song of the Soul, Yogi Bhajan goes into great depth exploring the key topics within Japji, step-by-step, taking us to our own highest identity within Infinity. He focused on the Mool Mantra, the first pauri, the Sunni-ai Pauris and the Mann-ai Paurees in particular. But you will find teachings on all aspects of Japji here.

Notable Lectures

KWTC Lecture

Yogi Bhajan elaborates on several pauris, and gives three that must be understood in relation to each other. They are the steps of life, he says, and if put together there is nothing you cannot know.

Gurdwara - The Basic Energy

Yogi Bhajan translates lines from Japji and talks about duality and totality.


Guru Nanak recited Japji from God to the Earth. If we recite Japji from the Earth towards God every problem can be dissolved. Yogi Bhajan translates and speaks about several parts of Japji, focusing on 'such kand vasey nirnkar kar kar vekey nadar nihaal.'

Los Angeles Lecture

Jap, recitation, is repeated reciprocal creative power and it requires active consciousness. Ji is the infinite self or universal energy.

Phoenix Meditation Course (tapes 1 & 2)

Yogi Bhajan speaks to Americans about Japji and its relation to English culture. He says the American national anthem is a "sound copy" of a pauri in Japji which he calls Nanak’s national anthem.

Gurdwara - The Word of Nanak

Guru Nanak is the first prophet who brought all his teachings by music. Music means total life based on harmony, and by uttering Guru Nanak’s words in the Japji we become Guru Nanak.

Gurdwara Lecture - Mul Mantra

The mool mantra expresses the facets of Godliness in the finite consciousness of a man. There is one command: to read and recite the Guru Granth Sahib.

Lecture at Japji course

Japji does not provide any barrier to the human; we are like rivers who join the ocean. The solution to life is the peace and tranquility of union, which we are brought to through Japji.

Los Angeles Lecture

Yogi Bhajan explains and translates a number of Pauris in Japji.

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