As a part of his health and humanology teachings, Yogi Bhajan provided lots of recipes that are now staples of the Level One Teacher Training. He was known for cooking adventurous recipes with odd, but delicious, combinations of foods. There are recipes for juices, casseroles, cleanses, sandwiches and more.

Notable Lectures

Yogiji; UCLA Beginning Class (Food), Parts 1 & 2 (Part 3 on side 1 of OR Col. #148)

A "very secret private" recipe for onions and rice, the recipe for a "divine" breakfast, yogi tea instructions, and more.

Meditation Course - Day 1

At the end of this lecture Yogi Bhajan shares a plethora of recipes for stimulating and healing foods including eggplant parmesan, yogic spaghetti sauce, zucchini, and fruit juices.

Meditation Class

A description of foods recommended for kidney stones, potency, diabetes, yeast infection, and liver cleansing.

Espanola Lecture

In this lecture on food Yogi Bhajan gives a recipe for peach and banana pakoras.


Yogi Bhajan gives specific food recommendations and recipes for womens' health and radiance, after the kriya, toward the end of the lecture.

KWTC Lecture

A chapathi recipe for women: "to return back to a woman of your eighteenth year."

Center Navel Sat Kriya

Several turmeric recipes for healing diseases from the navel.

Los Angeles Lecture - Chakra Series

In a lecture on the chakras, Yogi Bhajan gives a diet of five ingredients for stamina and glandular adjustment.

KWTC Lecture - Your Potential

A highly-prized black garbanzo recipe for back pain and much else.

Winter Solstice

Yogi Bhajan discusses healthy weight reduction and gives an effective spicy tofu recipe.

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