Yogi Bhajan was a businessman as well as Master Yogi. He lectured extensively on best practices in business and fostered businesses and served as mentor for many of his students and teachers businesses. His management theory was called "diagonal management" and in it he explores the relationship of stratification, conscious communication and consensus in decision-making and leadership.

Notable Lectures

Business Course

Two speakers gracefully describe many facets of running and owning businesses from a spiritual perspective.

Business Course - SSS to Akal Security - Sales and Client Relations

Client relationships are the one base on which business profit sits. Yogi Bhajan says that goodwill grows profit.

Hamburg Class - Prosperity Is Possible - Day One

A student gives a concise and well-structured review of Yogi Bhajan’s teachings on business. He speaks about the 5 forces determining the level of profit and the importance of clear analysis of a company’s role in relation to competition.

Business Course - Success and Failure: Causes and Options

Yogi Bhajan talks about the importance of "landscape" in marketing and sales. He says that in the business world we are to build trust but not to trust.

Business Course - Business Prosperity and Keys to Success

We are not meant to bring emotions or commotions into business. "Business is business and business is to keep busy and to keep busy for profit." Profit is for more profit, and that profit is to be shared.

Espanola Gurdwara

Yogi Bhajan says that life is a business, and business is a faculty of the good will of a human.

Men's Course - The Real Strength of the Man

Yogi Bhajan describes the importance of the banker: "Whosoever controls the money controls the business."

Khalsa Council - SSS Address and Closing Ceremony

"Even God loves good business." At an awards ceremony, Yogi Bhajan gives a mathematical definition of business and describes it as the process of life.

Oriental Beauty Secrets Talk

"Move the product, make the sale, you already have got it. Don’t look back. " Yogi Bhajan advises students about the direction of their company.

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