The science of using numbers (dates, times, birthdays), also called Tantric Numerology, to determine fate and destiny in the individual's path. Yogi Bhajan describes the inherit meaning within the numerals themselves, for example, 4 he called the Cup of Prayer and 3 the Angel and the Demon. Using these inherent qualities of the numbers he then described the destiny of the individual through various combinations of numbers which he named path, karma, gift and so on. These lectures offer various perspectives on Yogi Bhajan's understanding of numerology and how it serves the individual toward higher consciousness.

Notable Lectures

Phoenix Lecture

Knowledge of the date, month, and year of a person’s birth allows us to determine their "arc of action" in relation to an X- and Y-axis.

KWTC Lecture

Someone who knows numerology knows a great deal, but it is not through using numerology that we know God. "God is beyond figures and beyond numbers."

Eugene, OR, Unitarian Church, Yogiji, Tape 1, "Creative Happiness"

If a person is not proving themselves to a teacher, they must enter the state of zero, which is the state of the tenth number, creative consciousness. We must prove to ourselves what we are.

Meditation Course - Self Healing - Part One

In the context of the numerological meaning of numbers, Yogi Bhajan explains why eleven minutes is an important period of time for meditation.

KWTC Lecture

Yogi Bhajan teaches the system of numerology, including the meaning of each number. He tells the role of the birth date, month, and year in the determination of a person’s numerology. If you know how to calculate numerology, you don't need to see a psychoanalyst: "you can just write it down and work it out."

Applied Kinesology

Yogi Bhajan tells the meaning of each number in numerology. One is God, two is belonging, three is "half-devil, half-divine," four is the cup of prayer, five is half-balance, six is man in prayer, seven is platform on levitation, eight is infinity, nine is a god in blessing, and ten is infinity itself.

Morning Sadhana, GRDA

Yogi Bhajan analyzes a student’s numerology, emphasizing the meanings of eleven and eight.

Lecture SSS - KWTC

"Always remember that one and one never makes two. When two parallel identities coincide to help, it is always equal to the strength of eleven."

Gurdwara Talk

Yogi Bhajan talks about Sikh dharma as giving no option of failing, We must treat the Siri Guru Granth as unchangeable as the number Eleven.

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