Food and Diet

As in most other topics, Yogi Bhajan's perspective on Food was illuminating to the Western Audience he was speaking to in the early 70s. The beginning of the Natural Foods movement, he brought in some essential healing foods that became staples of a way of life. Trinity roots (onion, ginger, garlic), which were outside the traditional Ayurvedic diet, were daily staples in the 3HO kitchen, as were Yogi Tea, Kitcheri, and other famous recipes that Yogi Bhajan introduced to his students. See also Diet.

Notable Lectures

Yogiji; UCLA Beginning Class (Food), Parts 1 & 2 (Part 3 on side 1 of OR Col. #148)

Even more important than what we eat is how we digest it. This is a wide-ranging reflection on quality food and how to approach it.

Healing - A Course in Healing - Day one

Fasting in order to lose weight is ineffective; but it is important to fast occasionally, and it is also possible to lose weight through the right food.

Espanola Lecture

Eating meditatively for "way, way more" than curing and healing: Yogi Bhajan leads the class in Bhoj Kriya.

KWTC - Lecture, #17

Yogi Bhajan gives guidelines for how and what to eat. He discusses healing foods for women.

Healers Talk - Nutritional Counselng and Therapy

Extremes in eating behavior result in addiction and allergies. In this interview Yogi Bhajan explains proper food consumption.

Press: Radio Interview, WOR New York

Though the Western world has forgotten it, traditional ayurvedic wisdom preserves knowledge of how to use foods for healing. Yogi Bhajan provides valuable information on specific foods' benefit.

SSS - Radio Interview

This is a great overview of the role of food in our life, giving general recommendations of what and how to eat as well as the reasons behind these recommendations.

Los Angeles Lecture

"As the food shall be so shall be your body and so shall be your mind."

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