Yogi Bhajan gave hundreds of lectures on the consciousness of prosperity. He defined wealth as beyond the things we measure materially: money and property and instead defined it as an awareness of the gifts we have and the capacity to use our intuition to be in the flow of life's opportunities. KRI has a collection of his lectures and meditations on prosperity called Success and the Spirit: An Aquarian Path to Abundance. You can see the original lectures and videos from that collection here.

Notable Lectures

Los Angeles Lecture

"Prosperity is a fulfillment of self and identity of the self. It is a love which is experienced."


It is our birthright to be prosperous and perpetually in bliss; we fulfill it by realizing our infinity in God.


Prosperity comes by working hard, earning, and then sharing through goodwill. Yogi Bhajan says that cartoons are a caricature of prosperity, but Guru Gobind Singh is the character of the Guru which gives us true prosperity.


Seva is the secret of prosperity: "Be sweet, kind, and compassionate to everybody. Wealth will come to you. Granted."

Meditation Course

When a man or a woman is prosperous, it is a fragrance of security, grace, depth, character and truthfulness that they can share. A human emits true prosperity like a candle emits light.

Gurdwara, Espanola, NM

There is nothing wrong with material wealth, but the richness of serving others is divine. When we understand that planet Earth belongs to God we will understand the salient feature of prosperity.

Meditation Course - Prosperity: Infinite Flow, Part I

Yogi Bhajan says we may be rich without being prosperous in the same way that we may have food but not be able to eat or digest it.


Yogi Bhajan says that Sikh Dharma ensures prosperity of the soul, the mind, and the body in the form of wakash, prakash, and seva.

Gurdwara - The Change of an Age

"Where God is, wealth shall be there. Where maturity is, there will be no misery, and maturity attracts prosperity."

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