Yogi Bhajan gave lots of tips and guidelines on parenting, including nutritional guidelines, massage techniques and how to introduce children to yoga. His most controversial teaching he called separation therapy, in which the child is sent away to be among peers during her formative school years. He included meditations and techniques using the Sound Current to help heal the wounds of childhood and to clear mother and father phobias so that we as parents don't repeat the mistakes of our own parents.

Notable Lectures


God gives us angels in children: we are not to betray them, but to identify with them. We must study them to give them the values they need in their own circumstances.

Teachers: Speech to LA teachers

"What use is this life, if our children have to suffer with the same thing we suffered with?" Parents have the choice of exploiting their children, or they may stop, be honest, and choose not to pass on their own karma.

SSS Talks

"Given a chance our children will be stronger than steel and steadier than any stone we can believe in, given a chance. But we have to pay the price."

Meditation Course

Problems begin when a parent treats a child as a miniature version of themselves. A parent must always be a parent to the child, not a person.


"If you don’t give values to the children today they will not honor you tomorrow." We are not to instill fear in our children, but to raise them knowing they are born in their own identity by the will of God.

Lecture - Duality of Human Growth

Insecure and ignorant parents are the snakebite in the innocence of the child. Children must follow their parents, but parents are an institution with laws, not necessarily the two individual people in their lives.

Toronto Ashram

If children can be corrected when they get to a state of drama they will not spend their lives living out trauma. Yogi Bhajan speaks to single parents and answers questions about divorce.

KWTC Lecture

Yogi Bhajan talks about child abuse, mistreatment, and abandonment as examples of failed parenthood. "Who gave you the right to treat your child as a piece of meat?"

Gurdwara, Espanola, NM

Yogi Bhajan says that parents lay the guilt of their own past on their child. He insists on the importance of a parent being a teacher to their child.

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