Yogi Bhajan comments on the 12 signs of the zodiac from both a Vedic and Western perspective. Colorful, interesting and original perspectives that illuminate the heavens and provide a perspective you'll have never seen in other Zodiac commentaries. For example,

… the idea to give the zodiac sign and paint them in the sky was that the person should know what that zodiac nature is and must excel (at) it.

©Yogi Bhajan, April 7, 1986

Notable Lectures

Espanola Lecture

People formed a conception of the constellations and ascribed to them positive and negative values because our personality is meant to progress from our zodiacal sign.

Espanola Lecture

The zodiac sign is symbolic for each person of their base: what they have been granted as their animal nature. By comparison to this nature we learn how we are supposed to grow to a human being of noble caliber.

Los Angeles Lecture - Chakra Series

As we have become more scientific, we have lost knowledge of the universe. Yogi Bhajan lectures on the day of the Equinox, describing the effects of astronomical events like sun flares and the progress of Mercury.

Astrological Progress Chart and Solar Return by Sat Siri Kaur, Astrologer

In a detailed reading of a student’s chart, an astrologer relates planetary positions to the student’s life.

Espanola Lecture

The figures of the zodiac describe the electromagnetic field energy in which we are born. It is our job to overcome the nature of our zodiac sign. We can negate the effects of a poor astrological chart with Sadhana.

GRDA Lecture - Scriptures of the World, Yogi Bhajan

Yogi Bhajan discusses the changes of Maya described in scriptures of all faiths. He says that Maya is always changing under the effects of the planets.

Los Angeles Lecture

Yogi Bhajan describes the effects of the four planets whose values affect our lives, focusing on Saturn and Jupiter.

Espanola Lecture

A "square," a sign of a negative influence in the horscope, can be cut into two triangles by our own action. This is the destiny of the saint. We are not necessarily subject to our predicted destiny in that we can break through it by way of practicing sadhana.

KWTC Lecture

Each zodiacal sign has its own projection. In Indian astrology, the rising sign is very important: Yogi Bhajan highlights the similarity of individuals with the same rising sign.

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