Breath Practices, or Pranayams are a major component of the teachings Yogi Bhajan brought to the West. Breath of Fire, Sitali Pranayam, Dog Breath and Cannon Breath among others, bring vitality and strength to the nervous system and balance to the glandular system. He also went into great detail about breath signatures, breath rate, and other ways to observe the breath in regard to temperament, stress, resilience and success.

Notable Lectures

Espanola Lecture

If our breath is under conscious control when we die, we have achieved all of the heavens; if under unconscious control, we have received all hells.

Los Angeles Lecture - Rate Of Breath, Rhythm Of Life

The extent to which we can expand and contract the breath decides our ability to relate to the universal psyche. The rhythm of our vibratory effect is measured by our breath.


Yogi Bhajan says that we are not going to find God; God is within us in our breath.


Each breath we take is a "God kiss." Yogi Bhajan leads the class in a deep breathing meditation.

Espanola Lecture

God is nothing but the breath of life, but we are distracted from our own breath.

Los Angeles Lecture

"Don’t believe in God, believe in the breath."


Yogi Bhajan relates the Shabd Guru to the Pavan Guru. Our breath automatically chants sohung; the problem comes when we speak something else.

Meditation Course- 2 kriyas. Self Healing, Prana, Electromagnetic field

If we want to succeed in excellence, the power of the breath must be ours. Yogi Bhajan describes the effects of different rates of breathing.

Birthday - YB

Yogi Bhajan says that when we are desperate, we may rely on the breath to return us to a normal state.

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