Yogi Bhajan had a unique take on most things–history did not escape his critical and insightful eye. In these lectures he comments on historical record and reinterprets the past with a unique view to the future. In fact, he often said the past was not set in stone, but instead made alive by our perspective on it today. In that sense, we can change the past and he empowered each of is to do take the altitude and attitude that could learn from the past and change the future because of it.

Notable Lectures

Gurdwara - The Concept of Baisakhi

Yogi Bhajan talks about the history of religions as well as the history of his listeners’ treatment in gurdwaras. He speaks about the value of saving artifacts for the future.

Gurdwara - What Guru Teg Bahadur Represents

Guru Teg Bahadur sacrificed himself for religious freedom under Mughal rule. Yogi Bhajan says that without this action, Sikhism would not exist as it is.

Lecture - Interreligious Retreat

In an interview Yogi Bhajan speaks about the technologies of the Sikhs and relates this to the success of the Sikh warriors who fought in World War II.

Meditation Course, Day 2

Yogi Bhajan tells the history of empires and of the rituals of the Christian tradition.

Los Angeles Lecture

Great civilizations have fallen apart with the use of opium, marijuana, and alcohol; contemporary America has all of these drugs. Yogi Bhajan speaks about the current age and about what we can learn from history: that faith has won wars.


When in danger and times of war, higher consciousness is the best tool. Yogi Bhajan talks about his experience of the Time of Partition in India.

Meeting of the Ways

In a panel, several leaders dicuss how to effect conscious political change. Yogi Bhajan speaks about the effectiveness of grassroots nonviolent movements in the past, and about his perspective on the world wars.

Meditation Course

Yogi Bhajan traces the history of religions and enphasizes that each is related to others and brings a similar message.


Yogi Bhajan speaks of the past age to motivate contemporary teachers. Religion in the past has collected and controlled men, but it will now become an individual reality. Yogi Bhajan says that if teachers can remove the stigma of guilt built up over time, they can save mankind.

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