Meditation Workshop

February 17, 1991
Los Angeles, CA

I told you not to come in the evening; this is going to be a serious workshop. My intention was to give you little bit fun at that time so you can be satisfied and go home. But now (?) something I am supposed to do to give you something which you are supposed not to take, try to understand what life is. Life is a smooth projection of self-energy to a certain degree of greatness. We try to get that through religion, we try to get through yoga, you will try to get through other therapies but still doesn't matter what our lives are, we have half (?) lives. I don't understand myself that God made us all in perfect image of Himself but why don't we complete our journey towards our own life. I think He wanted to keep the people like us in a business, so that you can all will have to follow each day of life for your own projection. Now you have come in a faith and confidence, now I am supposed to change you so that within this thirty, forty minutes you get what you paid for and what a bad responsibility that is, but however, we got to do the workshop, let's do it.

Please sit, do this, this is a fun thing, it is not going okay, I am going to speak through the (?) don't worry. Do it for your sake, not for my sake. Put your both feet on the ground and put equal weight, just equal weight which is very hard to sit on a chair and do that, but still try it, take these two fingers and just cross this cheekbone underneath and close your eyes and look at the tip of your nose. Don't worry, just keep doing it and try to forget out, forget all about yourself. This will cause self-hypnosis, it will take little time, I am going, I am going, I am gone, let yourself go, I am going, I am going, I am gone.

Normally they will charge you five thousand dollars of three times of self-hypnosis, but they make a very big commercial of it and they are not successful, I have done my Ph.D., in psychology and I can tell you very honestly, educationally, they make a business out of it. You got to learn to do your self-hypnosis to take care of your stress. This two points under the cheekbone are stress point, these are the meridians, main meridians, press them reasonably, look at the tip of your nose and balance your body and let yourself go. Because my problem is in forty-five minutes when you leave this room you should not have any stress, period.

My dear, you came late, put these two fingers under your cheekbone and look at the tip of your nose and put your feet on the ground and balance yourself and let yourself go. If you have not started doing self-hypnosis in your life by yourself, you are under great stress. Every disease, every problem heats up lot of body energy, but with self-hypnosis we can clear ourself out, let yourself go, you will heal. These finger points will irritate you but these are the main meridian points you have to press them and then let yourself go, you will find very deep comfort coming slowly and sleeping in.

Healing is not a miracle. Healing is a self-process. Young man, we are teaching self-hypnosis, sit down put your both legs on the ground, put your weight on them, put your these two index fingers under the cheekbones and close your eyes to look at the tip of the nose and let yourself go. Let nobody hypnotize you, learn to hypnotize yourself. There is nothing more relaxing on the planet Earth for your body than the art of self-hypnosis, it's a art of self-healing. And it's art of self vibrating it's little difficult. You are willing to pay as much money somebody will charge you, if somebody puts you through, but that's not right, that won't have a result, that relief for that moment. This way you do it for yourself. Let yourself go, if you sleep, it is okay. The body will be alert subconsciously to carry you with it.

Now concentrate and heal yourself within your own power, start healing yourself, heal your own body, your mind, brighten your spirit, use your own energy. Now relax, open your eyes, stretch your body, this was the beginning. Stretch your body because you are new pigeons, you do not know how to fly air, so slowly I have to take you into your depth of self-hypnosis, you will be healed, there is nothing that you have to do, just do it slowly, stretch you body, stretch your shoulders, open up your muscles, take your shoulders up, just as you do something... Good okay, feel good? All right and in the neck there is a thyroid, now with this press your thyroid and don't choke your throat though, this is a thyroid here right, thyroid is down here parathyroid is on the two sides, but when you just push it little up, thyroid will get the pressure automatically, just little point here, just, come on I need a neck,

(Student's laughter)

Okay come on. Watch this; here is thyroid underneath, (?) thyroid means health, happiness, energy, sex, romance, thinking, loving, liking, talking, socializing, everything is thyroid. Thyroid is very powerful gland, it is one of the second master gland other than pituitary, these two are parathyroid. But once you press them with both the thumbs here, like this, your own thumbs will press it here, like that, this will stimulate automatically and start balancing out. You understand? Here, that's it, that's it and the hand will sit, the chin will sit on these hands like, this is the actual position, got it, understand, see this, all right.

Now, close your eyes and concentrate on your parathyroid and go to sleep, try to sleep, actually try to sleep, use every part of your energy to sleep, put your brain to rest, you will be shocked what you are doing to yourself, a fantastic phenomenon will occur in few minutes. Nature has given us everything to revive ourself. There is no more self-healing than what you are doing right now, there is a one chance that you may feel irritated, that only means the thyroid is adjusting its behavior, and that will go away in a short while. Just feel the total universe is you and you are part of the total universe, it is a fantastic art of healing, there is no machine about it, you become your own machine. Let yourself go.

Do you want to remain young and beautiful? Well, this is it. We always do things when we are forced to do, we should learn to do things when we can do it when we are healthy, so we will not get sick.

Now please relax, relax and stretch your body, let me know honestly how you feel right now, you can handle it, (?), now we are coming to the right business. Take your right hand and put it on your navel pointNavel Point The sensitive area of the body near the umbilicus that accumulates and stores life force. It is the reserve energy from this area that initiates the flow of the Kundalini energy from the base of the spine. If the navel area is strong, your vital force and health are also strong. , the main meridian and sit correctly and take your left hand and put it on your forehead, close your eyes and unite the energy. This will give you one power, you always eat when your stomach wants it, if you practice this you will always eat when you have to. This will correct your digestive system.

(?) won't help your stomach, this will. Concentrate, concentrate for two more minutes, inhale deep, deep, deep, deep and hold the breath, hold it tight, let it go, let it go, inhale again deep, hold it again, let it go, let it go, inhale again deep, deep, hold it tight, breathe out, relax. It looks like a self-torture, but it is very funny.

This exercise which I am going to share with you is like what angels have, the angelic being at your self is within you, I know you have been trained for thousands of years to go to Churches and to Temples and to Synagogues to listen to divine people and there is a seven billion dollar of charity in the United State every year, doesn't matter what our income is and we are going through the run around we never will come out of it.

Take your both hands, put lock it in your neck like this. In center of the neck put these forefingers deep into the neck. It is a very sexual point actually, it is a very sexual point, it is the sexual point between the pituitary and the second chakraChakra , Chaakra The word connotes a wheel in action. It usually refers to the seven primary energy centers in the aura that align along the spine from its base to the top of the skull. Each chakra is a center of consciousness with a set of values, concerns, and powers of action associated with it. , whether you male or a female it relates to that. Press that point very deeply and with the hands try to push forward and with the neck try to stay back, close your eyes and create the struggle, with hands push forward strongly, with the neck be steady resist. Create a struggle with twenty-five pounds of pressure per square inch, see how you enjoy it, you might have talking experience, I am telling you what it means, push forward and then resist, come on let's do it, don't feel shy. It is not that you are eighty year old you should be old, you will be old even twenty-four year old if you don't have the energy. Push forward and press hard to resist, come on, come on, come on, you got to get experience, you can't cheat yourself on this.

Now deep breathe and go ahead, fight it out all your tension, fight it out, fight it out, fight it strongly, (?) it a wrestling match. You have three more minutes, you got to produce, you got to produce it enough (?) gland use, come on, what are you thinking, fight, fight, fight, fight it out. Now inhale deep and hold the breath and create as much tension you can honestly create, hold the breath in, let it go again, let it go again, now do it absolutely powerfully let it go, please relax.

How are you doing? These few tit bits we call them meditationsMeditation Dhyan. It is a process of deep concentration or merger into an object or a state of consciousness. Meditation releases reactions and unconscious habits and build the spontaneous and intuitive link to awareness itself. are for health and healing, every person needs them. Nobody teaches them because through time we have forgotten that we have to heal our self, we are convinced that there is a medical doctor that is the answer to our health. There is a psychologist and psychiatrist which is a answer to our mind and there is a religion which is answer to our spirit. Well, we have tried that whole gimmick for five thousand years and I can tell you neither it has worked nor it is going to ever work.

Now watch this little thing, it is little, teeny-tiny stuff, you will be surprised how much it can change you. You know, husband wants the wife to change and wife wants the husband to change, father want his son to change, son wants the father to change, everybody wants to change everybody, but nobody wants to change within oneself, come on, let's do it. You see this, this left hand is a initial hand with left side of the brain, now we are working inside the brain in the skull, there is nothing outside, do this and take this finger and lock these three fingers and put it here just here, close your eyes and relax and fly away like a bird, try to leave the body, it is called (?) travel, you know, there is a whole religion about it.

Let us go to Santa Monica and fly over the ocean, oh yeah and visit your best bakery shop, come on get going, where your mind takes you, but get out of this room, leave the body behind, go to your some place to even to a sex shop, don't feel dirty about it, visit Paris, doesn't matter. Mind has no limit but get out of here, be gone. Don't stay in the body, give your body a chance to heal itself and become stronger. Go and meet your mother, anybody, get out of here, meet President Bush, go to the desert storm, anywhere you want to go. Mentally get out.

Want to go to Florida, go, (?) go, go anywhere you want to go. Anything in your memory if exist, please visit it right now. Correct, correct, you are right, close your eyes and gone, leave your body behind. Please give yourself a chance (?) go, don't stay in your body, take your mind and get out of here, visit your loved ones, visit your last place you went for holidays, out you go, watch from distance your body.

Now become intuitive, figure out your future, see the unseen, go into the far distance, north pole or some place like that and look at the whole planet and see where you fit in. See your future yourself, inhale deep, deep, deep, deep, hold the breath please, hold it tight, breathe out, breathe in again, hold it tight, breathe out, breathe in again, deep, hold it tight, relax.

We'll have some intermission now and I want in that intermission you stand up and walk whatever little space we have, so that body can be stimulated. You have done a pretty good job, so you got to stimulate yourself. If you don't have a space, put your legs up and down in one spot and practice.

(Students talk)

Hey you, guys have to keep walking, that is not the interval for standing and talking, talk, walk, everybody has to walk. Walk, walk, talk though, do whatever you want to do but keep walking. Hey, hey Kirtan, keep walking, you know this is... you are not exempt from walking, that is not right thing, you guys have to move, you pretty good, keep walking, honey you have to keep walking, hey move, keep moving, keep moving for your health, (?) anything you want but keep legs moving, keep walking for another three, four minutes please, move your hands also, they are not your enemies and move your hands also in balance.

Now put your hand on the top and move them like this and walk, look, it is not teaching class is difficult but keeping you under control is more difficult.

(Student's laughter)

Keep your hands and please move the energy for God sake, otherwise you will be stuck on the upper area, just your hands are walking in the heavens and your legs are walking on the ground and please keep quiet, because once you create the extra charge you got to stimulate in the whole being. That's why we used to dance and then go to eat, now we don't do it just eat, eat, eat. That most beautiful part of the western life is totally gone. Remember those days when you go to a restaurant and hotel, first you dance with your guy and then, you eat and then dance again and all that is all over, that was the real thing. (?) Sri Ram hands have to be up the shoulders, cheating is not allowable.

All right folks, now sit down on your chair back, thank you. (?) oh yeah. First mastery man ever had was not depending on anybody, the first mastery man ever had is to be a self-healer, then we had grandma's recipes, we have kitchen recipes and we have ancient recipes and as modern we have become, we have become chemical, there is nothing wrong in it, because it gives us very fast immediate relief, that does not mean that your disease is gone, please understand. You can be healed not but you can be cured immediately. So when you are cured you feel good and then it shows up somewhere else, finally it becomes terminal.

Body needs one thing; it needs self-healing effect. You know you are married with your wife and once a while you don't tell her, "Honey I love you", she starts doubting you. Same way once a while you don't give your body self-hypnosis, not from the professional, I want to warn you about that, not give yourself self-hypnosis, body start disliking you. Body has a great relationship with your life. Your life is a relationship with body. Body is the motor car in which your life goes and this is religious. This is the real religion that you should have self-restraint, you should have self-confidence, your spirit should be always up and in ecstasy to meet the challenge, this all can come to you, if you understand what self-hypnosis mean.

That's why in the morning class I didn't say what I am going to teach, actually I wanted to get few people seriously and do the workshop, too much is crowd. So you all got few of you stuck here with me today, that's all I wanted, if I wanted to sell somebody else give you the healing through self-hypnosis this room would not have got one chair left, but that was not the idea, idea was to say nothing, let people figure it out what they can get. It is the touch in life you have to do to yourself. Your life is your altar on which you have to pray. That prayer which you do on the altar of your own life is the real prayer, left is all bogus, waste of time and useless.

God didn't give you anything, God gave you destiny and it gave you the body. What you do with it? Abuse it. I am one particular example who abuse the body, I love it but I also compensate it with meditationMeditation Dhyan. It is a process of deep concentration or merger into an object or a state of consciousness. Meditation releases reactions and unconscious habits and build the spontaneous and intuitive link to awareness itself. , with exercise and little bits, keep going. I have no time, I have lot of responsibility to discharge, I have to leave all this ancient teachings right here, that's what my purpose is. But that does not mean that body doesn't react, it does. Action has a reaction equal and opposite, that's the "Newton third law of force," which shall never be wrong. Give yourself a chance and this chance is very unique which we are going to give to you.

(?) two hands, put it out your ears. Mohammedans these days, you will find them doing a prayer like this. When the MullahMullah A learned Muslim. goes on that tower and he calls on the faithful to come, get up for prayer, this is what he does. He does it without knowing what the hell he is doing, it's true. You ask him, "What are you doing?"

He will say, "But this is what I have been told to do."

He doesn't know why he is doing it.

This will give you a unique concentration, just press this area of body like as you are pulling your skull up with a force, close your eyes and get lost. It is the most comfortable feeling you can create, breathe long and deep with it. You have to carry this skull of your weight and press the temple little upwards, then pretend to be sleepy or at least pretend to be relaxed. Hypnotize yourself into deep relaxation. Wherever your body will hurt, it will hurt, you may get kind of needle pain sometimes, lot of funny things will happen, don't bother, they are part of openings, break through the tension barriers...

Side B

Okay relax.

Now wherever you were hurting press that point, massage that point, wherever. There has to be some meridian point, which was hurting. That is a symptom that is the tip of the iceberg, that means the glandular system and the organ connected with that meridian point is not getting the proper energy, that's all it means. It's a self-diagnosis, it has nothing to do you are unhealthy, you are going to be unhealthy, that is a simple warning.

This exercise can tell you where in your body is weak part, now stretch your muscles and stretch your body and wherever it has hurt press that point like this, self acupuncture, you know those needles, that's what the needles do. Press that area and just rub it with the finger, that's it, that's all you need to do. Come on, serve yourself, it has served you so many years, don't you like it? Be friend to your body today. All right, done? Now do it again the same thing. Bring your hands up, press it hard, push it forward; close your eyes, do the same thing. Now it may hurt same place or somewhere else, who knows, we don't know.

God, you look beautiful, keep going, now don't for God's sake stop, concentrate. Come on you Miss United States, Mr. United States and Miss United State, come on, keep it doing it, it hurts I know, don't tell me, it does to me everyday but you got to work it out.

We have three more minutes to go. Bravo, bravo, keep up. I should have send a letter to your home, if you are coming to my class, practice this before. Now press harder, inhale, press hard and pull up, hold the breath, hold tight and press hard, relax.

(YB's laughter)

Now (?) your moves, wherever you are hurting massage it, come on. You know that is the best you can do to yourself, quick. You might be hurting at funny places. If you are hurting here, this is a kidney, this is stomach, the shoulders, this heart, if you are hurting somewhere else, this neck, it means blood supply to the brain is small, bah, bah, bah, it's a whole story, come on, massage those areas. You know, you take your car for a wash, you never take your body for just complete stimulation. All right, done?

Now, you remember this prayer, not very straight but just little bent and little balance and just close your eyes. You look all angels, beautiful. Pray for your self-healing and this time, there is nobody between you and you. You are your own healer, keep your hand within your auraAura The radiant field of energy and consciousness that surrounds the physical body and which holds and organizes the seven centers of energy called chakras. Its strength, measured by brightness and radius, determines the vitality, mental concerns, and psychophysical integrity of a person. . Fight it out to help breathe long and deep, oh God merciful come in and save our pain, it hurts like in hell. But it is not actually hurting, it all in your head. Breathe, breathe, breathe to health.

Now inhale deep and stretch your body like an iron, make it like a steel, stretch it tight, tighter, tighter, tighter, relax, you got.

You know when you will be gone home from here, you will not be the same person and nothing I did for you. You did everything for yourself, and if you remember these series and do them for yourself, you will not have pain in life. It is not how much you exercise and how much weight you can lift. That is not your real power. Your real power is, when your challenge how much stamina you have. All these exercises in KundaliniKundalini Comes from the word "kundal"; coiled energy; the creative potential of an individual. Kundalini Yoga It is a Raaj Yoga that creates vitality in the body, balance in the mind, and openness to the spirit. It is used by the householder, busy in the world, to create immediate clarity. The fourth Guru in the Sikh tradition, Guru Ram Das, was acknowledged as the greatest Raaj Yogi. (See Raaj Yogi.) He opened this long secret tradition to all. yogaKundalini Yoga It is a Raaj Yoga that creates vitality in the body, balance in the mind, and openness to the spirit. It is used by the householder, busy in the world, to create immediate clarity. The fourth Guru in the Sikh tradition, Guru Ram Das, was acknowledged as the greatest Raaj Yogi. (See Raaj Yogi.) He opened this long secret tradition to all. , these little things are to check the meridian stamina, you are very ancient. That is how people used to heal themself, they were no idiots, they knew the herbs heal, doctor diagnose and God cures. They used to diagnose their own disease before it used to come to them and through this self-hypnosis they will release the energy and heal themself. It is not something I made it up, the California bread, it's old, it's as old as mankind is but you have to practice it, you have to learn it because you need your own energy, you need friends, you need money, and you need status. All threes cannot give you your own energy, if somebody invites you to the best dinner and asked you to meet a best person and you have no energy to go, what you are going to do? You are going to drag yourself to it? And that's what happen in the body.

Now let us balance the body okay, now we have done enough. Take these fingers and press them against each others, only the tips and close your eyes and feel this fingers are going to every energy from this finger touch, is going through every part of your body. Let it flow inwards. Can you play the tape (?).

(The tape 'ArdasArdas Prayer; the formal group prayer of the Sikhs. BhaiBhai Brother. Amar Das GuruGuru That which takes us from ignorance to knowledge; from darkness, gu, to light, ru. It can be a person, a teaching, or in its most subtle form - the Word. ...' is played)

(The tape stops)

Inhale deep, deep, deep, hold it tight, press the fingers, channel the energy, real, exhale, inhale again deep, inhale more, hold it tight, exhale, inhale again, this is last chance, inhale deep, fill yourself up. Fill it to open up the upper lungs, hold it tight, hold it, hold it, relax.

We have one minute left at our disposal by the time schedule. How are you? Come on, now you talk. Why don't you go home and do everyday all this? Don't you feel better? I don't need to certification from you, I know it from (?), that's what I do, I make people feel better, I make people to successful, I make people to prosperous. I have done it myself. I didn't come to America with tons of money and lot of following, I created it and you can create it too. There is no secret, you don't have to read a big book, if you feel good every good will come to you, God, good and goods.

I wrote a book 'Seventy-two stories of God, good and goods.' They are funny stories, small little stories, very good. You need three things, you need God, you need good and goods, it's simple English. God is which generate, organize and destroy. Good is which generate, organize, organize and delivers and goods is which brings you the capacity of services, there is another (?) with it. I hope you take it to your heart, clear your head and make your life happier than it was. It is pretty happy now, you are very relaxed, I can't believe it. Well according to my watch we are only left with three seconds and thank you very much for coming and for a good class. God bless you.


• • •

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