Los Angeles Lecture

April 7, 1990
Los Angeles, CA

It will be... Today your talent will be tested, because you are supposed to have the best dish of the world you like, did you get it. Oh no, yes, halfway this, halfway that, what's that, and the popcorn is your best dish. We will play, within these two days on a different angle which you will not be in a position to take, seventy-two internal games, psychological internal games. Yoga is not what Yoga you as western people think. Yoga is actually a biological, psychological and physiological standard of set of action, done in combination with own human mental strength, so that person can be successful. You western, what you understand about Yoga is, this exercise and this posture and all that which, people who do gymnastic can do better. So what we are trying to understand is, it's not a gymnastic, it is as a science and an art developed by man, over five thousand years, to develop his intuition, develop his commitment and his character to penetrate for his own happiness.

I don't know what religion can teach you? Religion can teach you about God. When you go with God, then discuss with Him whatever you want, but when you are here, take care of yourself, that's God. Religion is the biggest hypocrite institution created by man, to promise tomorrow, when you can ruin your today, and I have never understood it, I am head of the religion, mind you, internationally recognized, it's not something, that any phony person can tell anything and that will lessen my status. But it is my sixty years study, that man has not understood neither about religion nor about himself and it doesn't matter which religion you belong to, you are all the same, "Bird of the same feather flock together."

Now religion talks about God, we all talk about God. God is Infinity, God is not going anywhere, you are in trouble and you are all promised, you will be built a Heaven and there will be this and that, if like me, you study all the twenty-two religion, you will immediately become atheist.

(Students laugh)

Yeah, that's another thing. Can you believe in one religion, I won't name it, because they promised on this Earth, you should not drink wine, you should not do this, you are only entitled to four women, bah, bah, bah whole thing. But in Heaven you will have rivers of wine and you will have young virgin girls as many you want and boys too, I mean it's written, it is the Gospel truth, what I am telling you, now who wants to do, deal with that, I am willing to suffer here, and I am going to go there and do the same thing, for which I was supposed to not to do here, what is this? What is the problem? But actually the life of a YogiYogi One who has attained a state of yoga (union) where polarities are mastered and transcended. One who practices the disciplines of yoga and has attained self-mastery. is here, here to manifest, beautiful, bountiful and wonderful blissful tomorrow, that's a Yoga.

Without intuition you cannot be happy, without intuition you are cripple. You have, as a human only one weapon as a weapon of your happiness and defense. Your entire mechanism is made to develop your intuition, so that you can know tomorrow. Yesterday is already gone, today is going and tomorrow you cannot face, you are scared of tomorrow, doesn't matter you are black, brown, yellow, pink, white, over tanned, less tanned, you know, I went to Acapulco once, I couldn't find one white girl, I told everybody,

I said, "What happened in this town, is it town with all black girls," he said, "No, they take this iodine and this coconut oil and they put all over their body, they are all the same," I say, "Then why we are fighting? What for this racial fights, some is just over tanned, some is just under cooked, what's the difference between the two."

You go to Spain with me sometime, just see how these people, you can't believe it, it's a joke of my life. I was in Scandinavia, what is that between Norway and Denmark that country,

Student: Sweden,

YB: Sweden. And you know I never thought that there is anything, and from there I came to one park, a beautiful park and all of a sudden Sun came out, all of a sudden, out of blue, it was not meant to be. I saw policemen taking entire clothes lying down flat, in two second, there was no uniform, and I said, "Wait a minute. I am a uniformed, am I dreaming," and then I looked this way, a woman was lying down naked, that way man was lying naked, policemen took off his uniform and laid down couldn't take it, I went to somebody, because I was going to do, king's place and, I asked that one person with me, I said, he said, "If I would have not been on your duty, I would have taken my clothes off too."

He said, "Sir, you know here comes only forty-eight day a year, average if we are lucky, sun."

I said, "Then you should all shift to New Mexico."

(Students laugh)

Yes. Three-hundred and forty-five days of Sun.

He said, "Nobody has seen Sun here. Either it is cloudy or overcastted or gray," the day it is gray, they feel it's very good day.

Can you believe that. So I mean there is a Geographical situation, there are problems, there are weather problems, there are religious problems, there are mental problems, handicap, bah, bah, bah, but there is a one problem, do you know your tomorrow.

You go to a horoscope man, he will tell you all about life. Psychic will tell you everything, but will he tell you at what time you will get-up tomorrow and whether you will have YogiYogi One who has attained a state of yoga (union) where polarities are mastered and transcended. One who practices the disciplines of yoga and has attained self-mastery. tea or a black tea, if you cannot see that, for tomorrow, you do not know who you are, period. Jump out of the wall, in the wall create the Berlin Wall or jump across the China Wall, it's the same thing, you for all purposes, has not developed yourself as a human. Look at the animals. They have hoofs, they have horns, they have a coat, they have some claws, they some way of their defense, they can attack, even zebra. I was asking somebody, why zebras are lined, because it diffuses the attacking animal, when they run, a animal cannot be aimed, cannot be attacked, so zebra cannot be attacked normally until the lion or other people do not single it out, and its defense those lines, which we like very much. So what I mean is God has created and created each one defense, you have no defense, you rub against the brick, your skin will be bleeding.

You have only one defense of yourself, which is a source of your happiness, is your intuition. Money cannot make you happy, remember me, it facilitates things, that doesn't mean you will be happy. Money cannot take away your fears, you can buy security with it. Money can buy you medical services, it cannot give you health. Money can create newness in your life and can make you temporary happy, but it cannot give you fulfillment, you don't understand life, you do not understand love. When I say where there is love there is no question where there is question there is no love, I am absolutely right. Love is a ultimate, intuitive strength, and a man in love knows all, you don't have to go anywhere. Your love is, like acquaintance to liking you call it love, that's not real. You over grade your love and under pay for it, that's not fair.

Anyway, today we have a subject, self healing, psychology of self healing. Why I am doing it? I have a purpose to do with you. I am going to teach you two days, today and tomorrow, I specially dedicate these two days, I want you to experience something, that you are competent and made to take care of yourself. You know what I am saying, that's the first thing to be a human, not what you think you are, but what you can do for yourself. If you are rich or poor, healthy, unhealthy, great or small, it doesn't matter. So long in your life, there is a doubt you are miserable. Doubt shall route you out of your roots and to have doubt is human. Per wink of the eye you have one thousand thoughts. You cannot tackle with one thousand thoughts. So some thoughts go into subconscious, some will go to unconscious, some become your conscious thought, so all this rigmarole of your life goes on.

So basically you are Earthlings, you are not human. You are like a raw, undeveloped human, without intuition you always will be. It's like driving a car which has no side mirror and no back mirror, now what you are going to do. You don't know who is going to hit you, you don't know who is coming on your left, you do not coming your right all you can just see in the blinder straight, that doesn't solve the problem of life, that's why your life, in spite of everything you have, you have nothing. And number two, you do not also have developed, the capacity of endurance, what cannot be cured, must be endured. You don't have endurance. Your relationship are not relationship, your marriages are not your marriages, your love is not your love, because you cannot endure.

I am not blaming you, why you are not enduring, but you don't have the capacity to endure, you are not worthy even to give it a try and it's very modern, it's, what they call it, it's cool, it's kosher, to be stupid, and it's totally wonderful, that those who believe in God or those who deny God, I don't care, you give somebody a promise, you can't keep it and it's absolutely human, because you have not developed endurance. Life without endurance, a house without light. The test of your strength as a human, is in your endurance, not how clever you are, not how con you are, not how charming you are, not how you play your games, not how infectiously idiot you are, nothing works. All in the end works is, did you endure enough to prove the point that you can stand on it, or you can't. The test of your wisdom is not, how you avoided the issue. Test of your wisdom is how you faced it head on, and never gave an inch, that is your value. Your value is not how beautiful you are. You maybe a prostitute who cares? You maybe a king, who cares? You maybe a queen, who cares? Question is can you say, and what you say, that's what you mean. Can you endure your life, what you think you are or you are just baffled about by opinions.

Look, when I came in this country, there was not a billboard written on my forehead I am a YogiYogi One who has attained a state of yoga (union) where polarities are mastered and transcended. One who practices the disciplines of yoga and has attained self-mastery. , not at all. You do not understand, now I wear these clothes, because circumstances made me to do it. I came here, we bought from this, some store, those Pokedar Turbans and pants and I had only one bush shirt, that's all. There was not any outward sign, that one can even remotely think, that I am a religious man. But, when I spoke there was no doubt about it. It is not what you think, you are. It is not also, what you want you are, it is what you present, it's a presentation, through presentation you negotiate, with two most powerful thing, Time and Space. Learn one thing today, you have not learned this thing, in this country at least I know. You have a Trilateral call they call it, Trilateral...

Students: (--)

YB: Call. You negotiate with time and space, all the time and within the frame of work of time and space and you, within the framework of, Time, Space and You, you negotiate in the fourth dimension. You don't know what I am saying, I know, you don't know. The science of psychology has never been developed in this country enough, it has become a research medical science, how to listen to people and get their grudge of life against them self, that's all the psychology does these days, but basically psychology teaches you how to be a human, and a human who is not a healer is nothing but a bundle of problems. Every problem of life, you are supposed to heal it yourself, you can take a help. You have to built your own house, you can employ help get a contractor, that doesn't mean, that if a contractor built your house, it is going to be contractor's house. You have to learn this, Bilateral and Trilateral individual hypnosis, you are hypnotically, totally, without control, you are within the control to deal with your life in three dimensions. One is time and space and you, one is time, space and you and you negotiate, with that negotiate you create a self-confidence, with that negotiate you create that,

Students: Self-confidence.

YB: And from all the experience, you draw something called self-esteem. With self-confidence and with self-esteem, which is from your experience, you deal with another person. Now tell me on oath. Do you knew this system before I spoke, none of you know, I know, they don't teach it in the universities, they don't teach in the college, the professor don't know. It is the fundamental lesson of being a human, it's the first chapter of the science of humanologyHumanology A complete system of psychology to promote human excellence and spirit. It incorporates the technology of Kundalini Yoga and meditation, the use of the Shabd Guru, and the principles of spiritual counseling. , the psychology of self healing, self endurance, self negotiation, these are the things you do as a human. But just understand the system how it works, it works this way, I, my Id, and my ego. I, my Id, and my ego, they live in one room, they are three sisters, they have three husbands, who they are chasing, but they are not yet married and those three boys, fiancés you call them, that is time, space and self. Time, Space and Self. Now until they do not get married, and have an intercourse, get pregnant and deliver a baby, nothing can happen. But normally you presume that relationship has happened and baby is already walking, now that much spaced out you are as human.

You all live a life of falsehood, away, way from reality and tell anybody you are liar, he will take a gun and shoot you. 'How I am a liar, you called me liar, (?).' You see the western movies, 'you call me a liar, now, now you called me,' one, two, three, here you go. Nobody is willing to admit he is lying, whereas we are not lying, we are living a lie, undeveloped, raw, Earthlings call ourself human. We have absolutely no barometer, no measurement, nothing, no compass and we call ourself, fully developed civilization. Now what is a civilization? We eat junk food, that's it and we have made a atom bomb, we think all right. We are going into space, have you read Mahabharat, if you read it in Sanskrit, it's literally translated, it says, thirty thousand people decided, this war is going to be nothing disaster, they satSat Existence; what is; the subtle essence of Infinity itself. in their Viman, Viman means Aeroplane, and they went to the underworld, which you call United Sates of America now, it's written there.

It is also written a formula, how the mercury can be divided into gold ore and one more thing it makes. If mercury is split atomically in two different situation, I forget the name of the other metal, and also they used to fly into space and they used mercury for mercury vapors, for power. What I am trying to explain to you, is it is not that planet Earth is not already pre-developed. You have a neighbor here, called Mexico. They have a calendar. They will precisely tell you how many times this civilization has reached a peak and then destroyed itself. Thanks to Gorbachev, that we are avoiding a third world war, because he thought, the guy is little intelligent, that eighty percent on defense we are spending, for what and they were subsidizing every country, they became themself bankrupt, they let it go, they think now let west suffer, and we enjoy. There is no politics there, mind you. They have found Eastern Europe, knows only one thing, take, take, take, they can't give them anything, so they let them go.

So I am trying to tell you, how to develop that intuition, and because your greatest urge is you want to be healthy, you want to be look pretty, you want to be nice, isn't true, therefore that urge I am exploiting. So, you shall be healing yourself today, well you have brought some food, keep it before yourself, and take your both hands please and take that food and look at it, that don't do anything, you will be surprised how easy it is and how difficult it is to do what we are doing, but just enjoy the fun of it and if the result doesn't come true then I will give you a party, otherwise stay with me. Whatever your food is, just put before you and look at it, because you never look at your food, hey am I right or wrong. You all eat without looking at it, that is your first sickness. Whatever food you have brought please put it before your hand and look at it and make it the most vitality contained thing, just by your sight.

(Students laugh)

This is okay with me. Whatever you do is fine, no I am fine. I want you to experience something today, I am not joking, I know what I am saying and what it will do, please look at that food. Whatever dish you have brought, it's a dish of your choice, it maybe a fruit, it maybe a food, it maybe nothing,

(Students laugh)

But that is the choice you made and please put your both hands and put that stuff in it and just look at it, meditate on it, heal it, cure it and infuse in it your power, your mental power, that once that thing become medically, scientifically, by your human power of life, enter in it the power of your life that by entering your sight, the light of the Sun, which sees the reflection in your eyes is called Dribdrishti, it is called Dribdrishti, it mean to heal things by sight. Now make the cause, mental cause hypnotically to look at the fruit or food, whatever the case is and make it a product to heal you, but touch it with both hands, that's essential. It must be held in your five and five, ten fingers, because, otherwise whichever finger is not touching that Tattva will not circulate. You have five TattvasTattvas A category of cosmic existence; a stage of reality or being; a "thatness" of differentiated qualities. In total there are 36 tattvas. Each wave of differentiation has its own rules and structure. The final five tattvas are called the gross elements and have the phasic qualities and relationships of ether, air, fire, water, and earth. and five fingers, they are five antennas.

Sit calmly, highly meditatingly and just use hypnotic power of your mind and look at that piece of fruit or food whatever that is and please concentrate, it looks very small thing to do, therefore you can honestly do it good. It's not a difficult exercise, but don't move, neither move nor have any other thought, adapt a state of thoughtlessness. Thou shall not have any other thought, but to inject your life force through your sight, into the piece of food or fruit, you have before you. Stick with it, you will go through your changes, your body will go through change, but don't mind that, what you are doing admittedly is more difficult than any other exercise, but it's also easy. For a Earthling it is difficult, for a human it is a convenience. You have to constantly look at that and we have eleven minutes to go.

In our humble way, we are taking a first step to become our own healers, we are taking a first step to become our own miracle men or women as the case is. We are getting the miraculous power of the God in our own hands, because we are the life of God and we are creating a atmosphere, just on faith, it maybe another con thing as three hundred fifty things we do, but maybe, it is true, we want to test it out. If it's wrong, it won't hurt, because there have been many wrong things and many things have hurt, but if it's right then we will find out something new. Before us the Sages have laid the path, we are taking our first step, very constantly, containing yourself in a perfect posture, push your eyesight, and look at the piece of fruit or food you have, to make it a healing product. Whether you are looking in pain, whether you are telling it, whether you are using your extraordinary ability, hypnotic or non-hypnotic, it doesn't matter.

A is a A, but you have to learn A as A. Healers don't get imported from North Pole, they are human, they are like us, like me and you. Start the process of self healing. You have six more minutes to go. Concentrate through your eyes, mentally process yourself to make this food, through your prayers or your belief, your understanding or your mere mental power that it should become the most healing stuff you ever have taken in your body. Try to fix your thought into it, you have four minutes more to go, concentrate. It will do you three goods. You are doing something for yourself, you are believing something for yourself and you are practically experiencing something for yourself, what else you want, just concentrate. Three minutes, concentrate harder, feel it, feel the power of your touch now, feel the purity and piety the touch you have, it's not food, it's the feelings. Make the feelings deeper, clearer and penetrating. You have two minutes to do it all.

Your mind have power over matter, project and bring your mind into it to make it totally, absolutely healing product, whatever it is, it is your choice. The light of God is in the sight of your eye. I repeat, the light of God is in the sight of your eye, I repeat again, the light of God is in the sight of your eye, let your eyesight make it God's projection, a healing product. You have exactly one minute to go. Transmit, transmit, transmit, the light of force of God or life in it. Transmit, you have thirty seconds to go. Transmit into it. Transmit into it, experience, feel, understand, feel the touch, inhale deep and hold, and concentrate thoroughly, give it a last chance try. Exhale, exhale deeply, inhale again, exhale deeply, please inhale again, hold tight, concentrate, beam out your entire mental healing, desire, projection into it. Exhale, exhale deeply. Inhale, inhale deeply, exhale again, exhale deeply.

Inhale please, long as you can and hold it tight now please use your mental inner self to project your power of healing and self-control and discipline and the tendency that you are the conqueror of the breath of life and through your (?) the life force is going into this. Project it right and exhale, relax. The other thing I should say is take this food and eat it. Relax absolutely and just eat your food, don't do anything else, see what happens to you in few minutes. We are here, we are not going anywhere, but you have to eat the whole thing.

(Students laugh)

You asked for it, it was not my choice. Whatever you have brought and you have worked with, you have to eat it, simple as that, there is no two opinions about it.

Once I asked somebody bring your food of choice, three people brought watermelons,

(Students laugh)

And we were supposed to hold that fruit like this, they learnt their lesson very fast. But one of them was so sturdy, he went through it. He said, 'doesn't matter what I have done, I will go through it.'

Student: (---)

YB: No, first you eat, then you can serve, but you will be sharing your share, for which God shall bless you. I cannot teach any teaching, what I don't know. The process of this teaching is, that whatever shall brought, you should eat. I never asked my teacher a question, that if I bring so much, then what should I do with it, because I knew it always, that whatever you cook in life you have to eat it, same principle applies here. Yeah you have to eat these sweet potatoes with skin.

Student: (--)

YB: No, no she is eating it, she is avoiding the skin, I said, no. Only you have to peel the skin, if it's a fruit, if it's a food you have to eat. Enjoy it little bit, eat it, see what it does to you, oh the falafel, falafel must be tasty, you are a falafel freak, that's pretty good. What is that, muesli?

Student: (----)

YB: And tomorrow you have to bring your choicest drink.

(Students laugh)

And we have no limit in asking, you can bring potassium cyanide to anything, I have no objection, please don't misunderstand, in these classes we can have any choice or imposition. You have absolute freedom to bring anything, but just try to see that it is legal.

(Students laugh)

You know I can't take a risk. If you cannot finish it all, eat to the maximum and then if you want to share you can, I personally have no objection, but I actually do not know whether it should be done or not. Well what I don't know, I don't know. We are trying to slowly and gradually set you up for self healing and we will like to also tell you, that healing is not only, healing you only think it's the physical healing. No. You can heal your problems, you can heal your relationships, you can heal anything in the world. Healing is just a science, if done artistically it is very easy. What is what? Oh toady there is so much food, left that we can, tomorrow come to the Temple please, because there is so much food on Nirinjan's birthday left, and it's so much tasty and so much variety, that you all can enjoy it, it will be a feast again. What is that? Food, yeah okay. So can we sing happy birthday to Nirinjan, Nirinjan would you stand up.

Students sing: "Happy birthday to Nirinjan Kaur..."

YB: And thank you. Today is a very funny day, not only her birthday has three parties, this is the fourth we are doing, but it so happened coincidentally. There was a Hargobind Singh birthday which was celebrated this morning, then there was Nirinjan's birthday, then we went to this political party, where entire California, top brasses were meeting, they sang happy birthday to her, yeah, it was a fun. Here we came to a class and then another happy birthday, then we will go back home and we will sing other midnight happy birthday. It's fun. Please try to eat as much you can today. You eat falafel very slowly. Have you tried to make a falafel of Garbanzo flour. Garbanzo flour is very healthy for you, because you are a redhead, among the car you should eat, among the cereal you should eat, they call it yellow flour, for redheads, because the redheads, normally do not age, when they age, they age very fast, remember that, so that's why it is necessary. Now, there is a little problem, you are two minutes late, you should finish what you are eating, and we will give you another two minutes maximum, that's all we can afford, after that we have to do one exercise. That is the killer...


Everybody did wonderful, that was surprising. Yeah!

Student: (----)

YB: No, after you finish it, oh that's a great idea. Well people, after just finish, I will just spare them another ten minutes, don't worry, eleven minutes I need. Please start getting ready, you have ten more seconds, that's it, come on let's work it out. Oh sweetheart, wow thank you, let's get ready, you have my glasses, twenty-eighth page, already marked, can you read this. I have been given this just now. In the twenty-first century and that is not far off, racial and ethical group in the USA will outnumber the whites for the first time. The browning of America will alter everything in society from politics and education, to industry, values and culture. Thank God it's happening. We are sick going to Mexico and put iodine on our body, with that to become tan, you know, all we start mixing with tans and become in between. You know the girls are doing so much to stretch their eyes, look at the Japanese they have already stretched eyes, nothing wrong with that, we tolerate that. Yours...

Student: (----)

YB: Oh yeah in the boys, let me mark it, you are there, that is special. Oh this I saw, that part I said (?), in the group picture I have seen, yeah that I know. They told you to show the teeth.

(Students laugh)

They asked you to show the teeth. No kids they picked only there is a one girl who is not, he is smiling but not laughing, but they are all showing their teeth. This girl had terrible teeth.

(Students laugh)

Yeah, now you are a international man, because you have come on Time Magazine. Okay. Recognize this, can I keep this, this maybe send into the archives with a note, to be recorded.

(Students clap)

This will be in the reference library in archives of the Sikh Sikh Dharma A living experience of values as taught in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib. DharmaSikh Dharma A living experience of values as taught in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib. Dharma A path of righteous living. It is both an ideal of virtue and a path of action that is infused with clear awareness and comprised of actions that are the soul in total synchrony with the universe. It is action without reaction or karma. , so learn. All right please, make your fingers like a claw, claw. Now, listen this is a exercise for eleven minutes, I am not going to extend it, but you can suffer, if you don't do it, in the sense that in the future time, if you ever, you will have the development of possibility of a heart attack or arthritis you can heal now, it's a installment, it's not something, that you should be afraid of it, but you know as we grow in age, things happens to us, there is nothing wrong. Make these two hands like a eagles claw. Eagle has the capacity to carry three times in weight more things, than its own weight, you understand, and just make your fingers tough, you will feel they are separate, in this position the hand can make you totally realize, finger and your hand and palm of the hand are separate than your arm, they become like a iron stiff rods, if you just make them into claw form, and now please move this way, but do not let the grip go, that's the beauty, there is no big secret about it.

Keep that tightness of the grip and move, you have to move eleven minutes, faster than ever you have done, it should be like that piston engine, you must create that energy, now you will shake like in Heaven and hell, if you do it right, move, move, really fast, very fast, it should be on the maximum, fill up to the rim, brim, you know, but don't lose that grip. There are two secrets in it. That tight grip, that iron grip and the movement.

There is a island down there, where I go teach sometime in Caribbean, what they call it.

Student: (----)

YB: Trinidad. There nobody knows what is a black, what is a (?) and what is a yellow or what is a pink, not at all, they all same. And majority of them are Indian, one what I say, 'what is your name?'

He said, "Nee Hail Singh."

I said, "Nihal Singh siddi gal kar."

(Students laugh)

"Nee Hail Singh, Nee Hail Singh," I said, "What is that Nee Hail Singh? Tu Nihal Singh hai bhaiBhai Brother. ."

"Mai kaya, I know the language."

"No, no we came from India in the eighteenth century."

I said, "You come on the fourteenth century, what difference it makes." But one thing I liked in that island, everybody, they have no distinction. Fast, that doesn't mean I talk and you start slow, see how cheating is, this is called cheating. You are forgetting the basic instruction, you are stalling like a bad car, you know, keep on giving gas, move fast, it should be like this, you just try to understand how much voltage of energy it creates in your chest area and how much your head becomes spacy, if you do it right, you will see it. Power, use extreme sense of power and stiffness, now how can anybody, you think the medicine you think the medicine, is that two hundred and fifty dollars, just a visit, this in eleven minutes you can create a wonder.

Make those claw as tough, the all five TattvasTattvas A category of cosmic existence; a stage of reality or being; a "thatness" of differentiated qualities. In total there are 36 tattvas. Each wave of differentiation has its own rules and structure. The final five tattvas are called the gross elements and have the phasic qualities and relationships of ether, air, fire, water, and earth. will be balanced, if you can do it right. Quicker, faster and strongest. You have done it for five minutes, six more minutes, that's it. Now, look you are (?) what are you doing, faster, that's good. Arey you are not playing tabalas, you are doing an exercise, you look like some of you are beating drums, that's not it is. Keep the grip tighter. Move on, move on, move on, don't slow down, four more minutes, you have come long way, you can clean your nose later, and you are taking too long to clean your nose.

(Students laugh)

Exercise, you think I don't understand, nobody takes three minutes to close(clean) his nose, come on fast, now tighter, do it right, come on, come on folks come on it is all for you, suffer, suffer that's okay.

(Students laugh)

There is nothing wrong in suffer for eleven minutes, big deal, come on suffer. Heavens are not going to fall apart. Earthquakes are coming anyway, one little one just, pass under us for a second, yeah it was good, yeah my heart beat told me, funny and it's a magnetic shift, magnetic shift means, within a short time there should be Earthquake, no that's true. Somewhere on the planet Earth there should be a heavy, because magnetic shift goes like in a Shh, just like that. Yeah three more... no, no, no, two plus ten seconds only, come on now, do your best, this is the best time, honor yourself, do just right, oh my God it's going up, time is moving fast, that watch is doing good. It is midnight in New York, hurry up, burn your midnight oil, do your best, come on quick. Only eleven minutes I, I didn't ask for two and a half hour. You have exact right now, thirty seconds, come on, come on.

Now, can you not put all yourself into those thirty seconds, will you please, for thirty seconds do it right, something. Twenty seconds, fifteen seconds, ten seconds, five seconds, inhale deep, inhale deep, now toughen every tissue of your body holding the breath, entire body, from toe to top, including the hair, tough, synchronize, synchronize, synchronize, synchronize, synchronize, synchronize, let it go. Relax please, absolutely nothing else to do. Well you were fed, what is wrong, you didn't do it empty stomach, now please relax and talk to each other and try to become normal, it will take about fifteen minutes.

(Students discuss)

Hey play very good new tape. GuruGuru That which takes us from ignorance to knowledge; from darkness, gu, to light, ru. It can be a person, a teaching, or in its most subtle form - the Word. Prem Singh, you made a new tape. Thank you very much.

(Tape "Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa, Da, Ne, Sa" is played)

(Tape stops)

Okay now, please choose your partner, hurry up, hurry up, let us finish, well we will not stay here whole night, let's do the job, choose your partner anybody you would like, or you hate, it doesn't matter. Sit opposite face to face, and this is what you have to do, hello, this, this, this, full speed, hit harder, come on, come on, hit harder, harder, harder, harder, quicker, quicker and harder, faster, quick, quick hurry up, hurry up, hurry up, get on, get on, get on. Hello, look what they are doing. Continue, continue, don't slow down, faster, faster, harder, harder. Come on, come on, come on, four more minutes hurry up. What should I say, this is the time, I can't fast the time, hurry up, hurry up, hurry up, keep going, faster you do tension it will take away.

It will be very relaxing if you do it harder and faster, hurry up, hurry up, two more minutes hurry up, come on, one more minute, one more minute, forty-five seconds, bravo, bravo, bravo, keep up, harder, harder, faster, twenty seconds, fifteen, ten seconds, inhale deep, touch your hands and inhale deep, push harder, hold it tight, push, push, no difference of sex, creed, color, anything, push, harder, harder, nail the other person doesn't matter, get going, five more seconds, hold on, relax. Well, well, well, yeah, you both did it very good, yeah nice, nice, now, hey, that will be a day. You feel good now. You know, it didn't take much to become happy. You must understand the happiness and sadness and depression and bad life or good life is not the process. It depends upon how much energy we have and how much energy we have in reserve and how much energy we can spare, that's all.

The human body is just a container of that energy, it's not a big difficult thing, because you must understand in our own vernacular, whatever language we speak, we speak one language for the people, one language for ourself and one language we don't speak, that is the language of real feelings. Our real feelings are the feelings are two different absoluteness. Everybody is a liar, everybody lives a lie, I mean don't misunderstand. I am not accusing anybody, I am not printing a doomsday. You do not live truth at all, because you do not know your real feelings. You have never investigated, never induced, never deduced, never assessed and never projected. You do not know the method, your brain is not set. Tomorrow we will try to do something about it. We will try to set the neurons in a chain that automatically when you confront a situation, you should be in a position to go through all six facets of it. So tomorrow bring the drink of your choice and don't bring a bucket.

(Students laugh)

Because, just remember, whatever you bring, you have to finish it. So shall you sow so shall you reap. So if you bring a bucket you are going to drink a bucket, all right.

"May the longtime Sunshine upon you..."

Students sing: "May the longtime Sunshine upon you..."

YB: Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam.

Students: Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam.

YB: Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat, Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam.

Students: Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam.

YB: Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam.

Students: Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam.

YB: May the peace of mind and peace of being and peace be with you. May you be healthy, happy and holy. May you prosper and be noble. May your dignity come through, your identity prevail and may you feel fulfilled. May this day bring in you the change you require to make and may you walk on your journey unto your home, with tranquility, peace and joy. SatSat Existence; what is; the subtle essence of Infinity itself. Sat Naam , Sat Nam The essence or seed embodied in form; the identity of truth. When used as a greeting it means "I greet and salute that reality and truth which is your soul." It is called the Bij Mantra - the seed for all that comes. Sat Naam , Sat Nam The essence or seed embodied in form; the identity of truth. When used as a greeting it means "I greet and salute that reality and truth which is your soul." It is called the Bij Mantra - the seed for all that comes. NamSat Naam , Sat Nam The essence or seed embodied in form; the identity of truth. When used as a greeting it means "I greet and salute that reality and truth which is your soul." It is called the Bij Mantra - the seed for all that comes. Naam , Nam The manifested identity of the essence. The word derives from Naa-ay-ma , which means "that which is not, now is born." A Naam gives identity, form, and expression to that which was only essence or subtle before. It is also referred to as the Word. .

Students: SatSat Existence; what is; the subtle essence of Infinity itself. Sat Naam , Sat Nam The essence or seed embodied in form; the identity of truth. When used as a greeting it means "I greet and salute that reality and truth which is your soul." It is called the Bij Mantra - the seed for all that comes. Sat Naam , Sat Nam The essence or seed embodied in form; the identity of truth. When used as a greeting it means "I greet and salute that reality and truth which is your soul." It is called the Bij Mantra - the seed for all that comes. NamSat Naam , Sat Nam The essence or seed embodied in form; the identity of truth. When used as a greeting it means "I greet and salute that reality and truth which is your soul." It is called the Bij Mantra - the seed for all that comes. Naam , Nam The manifested identity of the essence. The word derives from Naa-ay-ma , which means "that which is not, now is born." A Naam gives identity, form, and expression to that which was only essence or subtle before. It is also referred to as the Word. .

YB: We will meet tomorrow, God bless you. Goodnight.

(Tape "Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa, Da, Ne, Sa..." is played.)

(Tape stops.)

• • •

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