Talk to Psychology Group

September 29, 1994
Albuquerque, NM


Speaker: (?) who is a clinical assistant professor (?) and is also director of the (?) three years of (?) and ask him to please introduce (?).

Psychologist: Thank you (?) I appreciate the opportunity to introduce Dr. Yogiji, also known as Siri Singh SahibSiri Singh Sahib Honorary title given to Yogi Bhajan to indicate his role as spiritual leader of Sikh Dharma in the West. His complete title within Sikh Dharma is Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji. and Dr. Bibiji Kaur who are the two our newest and the best psychologists in the states and it's a pleasure to have you here today. They will explain, I am sure their backgrounds in a way that will be delightful to us all and we just briefly give you a little context for us being here this morning. Yogiji who you all may address as Yogiji or Siri Singh SahibSiri Singh Sahib Honorary title given to Yogi Bhajan to indicate his role as spiritual leader of Sikh Dharma in the West. His complete title within Sikh Dharma is Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji. or Sir, I call, is the licensed counseling psychologist in New Mexico, head of the World Council of Religions and advisor and confidante four or five US Presidents hope and many, many international figures and some believe me as a private (?) to the highest authority (?).


And he is also quite a story teller and healer in many dimensions and the only person I have really ever met who (?) Dr. (?) Erickson my teacher originally in these kinds of matters.

Dr. Bibiji Inderjeet Kaur is head of the Counseling Board of Psychology, (?) and is a licensed counseling psychologist and she is a counselor worldwide with people from all over the world. She just came back by the way from Rome last night in order to make it here this morning. Yogiji and his entourage left Espanola at 6 a.m. to be here this morning. So it's really lot of effort to them to be here this morning. Bibiji just returned from the big UN Conference in Cairo, which we have been following in paper, which is the biggest international conference ever held, which addressed many problems, especially in terms of population growth, women, and world peace and health. She may want to tell us something about that. So now (?) you. Thank you for coming and here we are.

YB: You are here from the west and you have a psychological trauma to go through western versus eastern brain. My east is New York and my west is Japan. So I have gone through this story of west and east. Actually originally man started as barbarian and Aryans. That's the two qualities of people they were. You never existed then; you are just a new breed, outcome of that brain development. Aryans started conquering the world and settling. And the barbarians were the originals. They lived by nature, they lived in jungle life, whereas the Aryans started habitating themself slowly into the caves, into the tribe, and to the bigger tribes, tribe conquering the tribe. And this way there is a nation, there are countries, and as we grow from the natural state of living to what we call, quote unquote, "idiotic state of realistic civilization," the pressure and the trauma what we are going through right now is not basically human. We are supposed to walk four miles an hour, we need to walk, we need to relax, we need a vast country, we need to be in nature, we need to relaxed, terminology of relaxation is not what you feel.

Technically speaking if you want to talk to about social life of us, our frontal lobe controls our personality. Now I am coming to the medical side. And our hypothalamus controls our inhabited habits. And any person, who does not have control on these two areas fully developed, shall act wrong, idiotic, commotional, and judgment will be off. Any judgment which if off by two point two psyche into the interwoven strength of the neurons, your calculation will come out about sixteen miles from the point of destination. That's how wrong in life you can be. So what we are doing right now is that we are very commotionally, socially, sexually, sensually graduating ourself and we are actually basically you must have seen that movie Space where that ship goes somewhere all the time and there is a one tribe called "Klingons." You know, those weird guys, that's what you all are. Actually you are the character, the character there of a Klingon is exactly today's human character. We have clung to things and we have put our deeper jaws and the trauma starts from the child. Forgive me.

When twenty-five years ago I came in United States and I started working with young people and they called the 60s, then I became the father of the 60s and father of the Woodstock Nation and try to deal with America as America was then and America was at it was. So was it was and was then, in between I had a very beautiful study, I was actually independent in charge of the whole huge human lab where I had every specimen in the world I wanted, right from President Nixon down to the person who said (?) and his eyes can wink about two hours straight, can you do that? You can't. And there was a high and there was a low and there was upset and there was set ups. However, the wife, the life, the self, the husband, the business, these are the human criterias in which you are developing yourself and as people you are trying to struggle. Sexually, sensuality and all that your at the age of sixty-five to seventy it'll be a remote process of even thought only, there will be no physical endurance for that. Because you have never been trained psychologically basically that you have a x amount of energy and how to budget it. And exactly in your brain's formation you do not know how to manage your thoughts. So you have not been taught thought management neither you are trained to budget your... I mean to say you have a budget as a car-to-rent. You have budget in every life, you have balance in budget in balance sheet, in accountancy... we have learnt everything except anything about ourself. So naturally this brings us to socio-psychological problems and today psychological problems are much more heavier than normally man can technically wants to deal with.

We do not manage our brain everyday and we don't want to do it. It's just like not cleaning your house for one year and then figuring out there will be no dust. And this is how it works. Shashara... This our neuron system in our brain with a intellect, it releases thousand thoughts per wink of eye. And mind you, your whole living experience is based on one thought. That's what you are. You are nothing, I repeat, you are nothing but one thought and you live thought by thought. Thought develops into feelings, some out of zillions and then some into emotions out of millions and some out of desires, in hundred thousands and remotely there is one desire you pursue and that you may not complete either. Whereas comes another desire, it's a cycle, continuous. But the tragedy, which we do not understand, which is socio-psychological system of our human mental pathology is that this thoughts, which we cannot deal with, go back to our subconscious and load it. A loaded subconscious means dreams, but when it overflows to unconscious and unconscious flows to your personality, then you have nightmares and you have sixty percent nightmares, daydreamers.

Hey Dr. (?) I mean, you get up just like a jerk. It's a very mild jerk; other people may not see it. But if you are on candid camera, every fifteen minutes you jerk yourself to reality. One day you should sit on a candid camera and just watch your behavior. Or you are a psychological, sociological and pathological liar. One day put a tape recorder around you and whole day conversation you record, irrespective of what you have to say and what you are saying and at night re-listen to your own conversation through your own tape-recording and then sort it out how much truthful you are, how much realistic you are, how much imaginative you are and how much you are. Your total self will come to be only seven percent. Total self. During the whole day what you call is self-wisdom is seven percent of a adult, well-educated human being. Rest is I'll politely call it gossip. Life goes on, on these self-gossips.

Among children the first trauma is the birth. The very... when I came here and I decided, I became head of the religion, then I became kind of a authority. Then I became his Holiness Siri Singh SahibSiri Singh Sahib Honorary title given to Yogi Bhajan to indicate his role as spiritual leader of Sikh Dharma in the West. His complete title within Sikh Dharma is Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji. BhaiBhai Brother. Bhai Sahib , Bhai Sahiba An honorary title which means respected brother (or sister). SahibBhai Sahib , Bhai Sahiba An honorary title which means respected brother (or sister). Harbhajan Singh YogiYogi One who has attained a state of yoga (union) where polarities are mastered and transcended. One who practices the disciplines of yoga and has attained self-mastery. Khalsa JiJi Soul; used as an endearment or sign of respect. , whatever I am and then I ordered parents that "if you conceive a child every mother and husband will walk five miles everyday meditating on every step with any affirmation, which is graceful. Five miles, otherwise don't get pregnant." I didn't say use condom or not, I was not using catholic language. But I said yes. Child is conceived therefore child has to be trained as tomorrow's perfect human being. So walk that child everyday five miles commonly in sociological environments, with a psychological effect. So husband and wife will walk five miles everyday. When the child is born, it's naturally we do not allow the mother to separate from the child for forty days. Only father can come and visit at a time, after forty days they bring him out and this was not to create that trauma separation. That deep effecting rejection, that loneliness, which he cannot recuperate rest of his life. Never can, never will and doesn't matter what you do with him. So forty days and then two and a half year mother and father and child will be one part of them to be developed. You will be shocked to know our children don't cry much, they smile all the time. They are basically stable. They can take the pressure much better than other children. Because we started a fundamental training in which a child was supposed to be informed that this planet he has to face, he has to walk, he has to feel and he has to be. Exactly for parents was that all the mental thoughts, which are going to be automatically processed by the intellect and... Intellect at the cost of personal intelligence is a very bad bargain. I can't do that. All the time you can't process yourself. And the mind is such a thing, mind is three minds... you have a negative mindNegative Mind One of the three Functional Minds. It is the fastest and acts to defend you. It asks, "How can this harm me? How can this limit or stop me?" It is also the power to just say no, stop something, or reject a direction of action. , you have a positive mindPositive Mind One of the three Functional Minds. It elaborates, magnifies, extends, and assists. It asks, "How can this help me? How can I use this? What is the positive side of this?" , you have a neutral mindNeutral Mind The most refined and often the least developed of the three Functional Minds. It judges and assesses. It witnesses and gives you clarity. It holds the power of intuition and the ability to see your purpose and destiny. It is the gateway for awareness. , but unfortunately your memory works otherwise and when thought comes to you, you immediately have a library of thoughts through which you pick up the references by positive mindPositive Mind One of the three Functional Minds. It elaborates, magnifies, extends, and assists. It asks, "How can this help me? How can I use this? What is the positive side of this?" , instead of thinking what is positive. And neutral mindNeutral Mind The most refined and often the least developed of the three Functional Minds. It judges and assesses. It witnesses and gives you clarity. It holds the power of intuition and the ability to see your purpose and destiny. It is the gateway for awareness. only one in a million person uses. But naturally human process should be mental process should be negative is this, positive is this, neutral is this and the acting projection should be this if you are a clearheaded person. But you are not. You are Klingons. So you get to your emotions, your face goes up and down and you do not know who is talking and if I tell you, "you are ugly, you are dirty, you don't look good," you don't believe it. But you subconsciously believe it; you are ugly dirty and no good. That's why you try to makeup, you are always on a sale-twenty five percent down, seventy-five percent down, this, this, this. This we are all selling. We are never ourself. We have no depth, no root, we have not with any consideration that we are beautiful, we are good, the world circles around us, we don't have to circle around it. And then there are classes, now self-esteem and confidence and God knows what. There are million things to do. But there are simple things.

There are simple things in life that you have to understand, you don't need a makeup, you don't have to please anybody, you have to please yourself. The very inner core of yourself. The importance to you of your inner core has never been taught and never been understood by you, therefore for survival as a human... I mean, I had to do my PhD here "just to sit with doctors," you know, quote unquote. But what is a PhD and what is doctor, what is a engineer, what is a father, what is a mother, what's a husband, what is a man, what is a woman? These are questions, which are not resolved. Therefore we are in a continuous struggle for existence. Hang in baby! You know, have you seen that picture, that poster, the cat hanging on a branch of the tree with its bare nails. Hang in baby! And actually technically speaking, you all are hanging in. There is no way for us. And when we are hanging in, what we can give to our children? What we bring on the earth, where we are, when we are not we?

Last night I was teaching the class and I said there is a most, most powerful word. We! And there is a most pure word in the world is I. Third eye, or eye. Third eye is when these two eyes sees here and understand and process and you see clinically there is a beyond all that there is. Whenever you... you normally say in your expression 'let us read between the lines,' or we say 'let us see beyond our human eyes.' There is some sensory system in you and that is what you call is ultra feeling. That your brain process automatically, if it's not under pressure.

So technically speaking there are few exercises I like to put you through because you are young career so that in your future life you can always be clean. As you take a shower or a bath, you come to work, you are fresh. Well, brain needs you know freshness and I like to deal with you on just those medical clinical basis so that you may find the experience for yourself. So technically you may understand how much over wrapped you are and how much unwinding you have to do for yourself to face a day rather than just clinging to the day. And you must have heard that expression, 'oh I had my day, thank God it's over! I had a horrible dream!'

Where were you? I don't remember, but somewhere. And look at the person get up in the morning sweating. Do you understand life?

My dear friends, you are going to be medical professionals, psychologists, you are going to deal with people. All the way six o'clock I got up and rode here just to let you know to deal with people you have to be people first. That's your ethical duty, moral responsibility, personal venture. If your presence doesn't speak, your words will be empty, and you shall not be in a position to do what's called healing. We all vibrate, we all psyches, and any person a normal person is point eight point seven psyche vibration, if you take a cranial photography of you and sooner or later there will be lot of instruments that we can measure human vibrations that way how much our electromagnetic field frequency is projected at what ratio and proportion to the very triangle of our existence.

We always act in three ways. Me, we, and us. Object, subject and totality. You only know object. Me, this. Not the total subjection, which is all around us and thereafter. I love you and you love me and we are hugging and kissing and going and doing anything, (?) as we have a storm. It's beyond us. You have to deal with it.

So technically speaking, our method, our existence and our projection is from our childhood. When I was not well by overworking and got into a normal situation I was very glad that within my lifetime my wife did her PhD and she studied and my idea was not that... She doesn't have to work and needs for money for existence, she had everything in the world a woman can dream of. But I asked her, I said, "You must excel professionally." And then she was studying with Dr. Kates; out of many people I like him. Few I like, I am very outstandingly outspoken about my feelings. I don't hide them and we fight too. I tell him "this is the way you go," he says, "no, no, slowly, slowly." There is no such thing as slowly and he is a beautiful man and my wife did her practicals with him and found him very honorable but when she was counseling and going through all this, one day I got so irritated, I said, "Hey, come here. Let me teach you what to do. This is one to one basis." I fight with him too, one to one basis, hour and hour, what is this? What we are doing for hundred twenty bucks killing ourself for sixty minutes. That's not professional; it's a damn suffering." So I told her, I said, "Just get the person, put in a abstract trance, just trance and give the idea, burn all the subconscious. Leave it clean and empty and say, "Hey wake up go home. Let the person be new."

Because you don't have to run a clock, so person comes again and again and a psychologist becomes a student, student becomes psychologist, you know, that's not the way to go because inter-exchange of psyche is very interlocking, which you don't understand. We interlock in common movement without any thinking within the radius of twenty-five miles. Absolutely accurate. My movement, my existence affects twenty-five miles. And if my frequency psychosomatic frequency can be measured and in quantums it can be measured in twenty-five miles you will find exactly the same. In thought form we have no limit. We can affect a person. And if we know how to project our thought... People do not understand meditationMeditation Dhyan. It is a process of deep concentration or merger into an object or a state of consciousness. Meditation releases reactions and unconscious habits and build the spontaneous and intuitive link to awareness itself. , when I sometime talk to these western about meditationMeditation Dhyan. It is a process of deep concentration or merger into an object or a state of consciousness. Meditation releases reactions and unconscious habits and build the spontaneous and intuitive link to awareness itself. , they say, "oh I had a beautiful meditationMeditation Dhyan. It is a process of deep concentration or merger into an object or a state of consciousness. Meditation releases reactions and unconscious habits and build the spontaneous and intuitive link to awareness itself. ." Actually meditationMeditation Dhyan. It is a process of deep concentration or merger into an object or a state of consciousness. Meditation releases reactions and unconscious habits and build the spontaneous and intuitive link to awareness itself. is a garbage cleaning, how can you be very beautiful cleaning the garbage? MeditationMeditation Dhyan. It is a process of deep concentration or merger into an object or a state of consciousness. Meditation releases reactions and unconscious habits and build the spontaneous and intuitive link to awareness itself. when you sit down, subconscious release all the thoughts, unprocessed thoughts and you clean them out. That's what it is, so that there will be little space for another garbage. It is what it is. But actually people say "oh I am very high on meditationMeditation Dhyan. It is a process of deep concentration or merger into an object or a state of consciousness. Meditation releases reactions and unconscious habits and build the spontaneous and intuitive link to awareness itself. ." I say, "What meditationMeditation Dhyan. It is a process of deep concentration or merger into an object or a state of consciousness. Meditation releases reactions and unconscious habits and build the spontaneous and intuitive link to awareness itself. is that on which you can be high? Clean your carpet, see how good it is."

Actually technically management of the thoughts is meditationMeditation Dhyan. It is a process of deep concentration or merger into an object or a state of consciousness. Meditation releases reactions and unconscious habits and build the spontaneous and intuitive link to awareness itself. . It's nothing more, nothing less and it's a very technological personal experience a person has to go everyday. Actually to be frank with you, you all want to be sharp. Sensory sharp. I mean to say, it makes me so much effort to know a person, to talk to a person and then... because I have to look normal. Civilized person I am. But normally I don't have to go through all that inter-exchange control system. All I know 'you are this, this is your idiot form, this is your real form, get this, get out system, get into it three minutes, out. Thank you very much, go home. You are done.' And that's how it should be. If your touch doesn't work, what is going to work? If your one word is not effective what is going to affect? Hours and hours and hours of lecture? If a man and woman cannot talk, communicate to each other by existence, all drama, trauma will never work. If your beauty is not in my eyes, the beauty is in the eyes of beholder. All the world makeup doesn't make sense.

You must understand one thing; our projective personality and our reality are two different fake things. I understand if you fake it, you will make it, but question is how long. One day you will be tired. So if you have to reach the stage I reached, all is because all is. So long you are struggling to be not to be, you are a hustler. It's an exercise you can't afford. And finally you are going to say, "I can't do it!" Before that happens, I'll give you a little meditationMeditation Dhyan. It is a process of deep concentration or merger into an object or a state of consciousness. Meditation releases reactions and unconscious habits and build the spontaneous and intuitive link to awareness itself. , a form of self-improvisation in which you can clear your very subconscious. So, if you are sitting on chairs you are most welcome, sit that way but put your both legs together and put equal weight. So your basic hips carry the both weights. It's now we are in a technical clinic workshop they call it. Normally you will pay five thousand dollars each for doing this with me, today it's free. You know, in America I learnt if you do not charge extraordinary to somebody they don't value it, they think it's a joke, but when they pay through their nose they think 'wow! Ooh wow, mama, it's one of the best thing I learned!' It's nothing you know, they learned nothing. People everything you value through money, money is a media. But actually your self is a real value and you will find the difference.

Now please sit straight with a straight spine and see your back with the chair is very straight. Your weight on both legs is set, so basically your spinal column for your gray matter has a correctness so that serum can move. That's what the requirement is. Not that it is a posture. All right? Now hold your hands and lock your fingers so that you can just neutralize yourself for that purpose and now please, because you are starting with me, I'll give you the basic close your eyes to be convenient and as you close your eyes, you put your eyes closed and roll your balls to fix yourself on a chin point. Chin point. Between your eyes and eyebrows is your sun point, which you have never been learnt but I am telling you now, which they call third eye. That's none of our business but today our two human eyes if rolled at chin point and inwardly you are looking at your chin, just that, just that, your optical nerves are absolutely locked in. That's what technical term should be and you will find the frontal lobe will become like a lead. It will start becoming heavy. And whatever thoughts are coming, they are never going to be guilt. So if they come and bother you just say 'Nancy Reagan nay! No. Go away. I am, I am.'

First relationship of man and God whatever you want to call it or man and man you call it or a woman and woman you call it is this minute of yours. This posture of yours. When now you are just you and you are you, and you are within you. This technological effort you are making and the time you are investing, do it with utmost honesty by your standard and sincerity by your imagination and deeply concentrate, that's your privilege. A normal substandard person can totally do this effectively. A normal clear person can do it very efficiently. You have a glandular system and glands are the guardian of your health and all glands will start secreting right now differently because pituitary will be under pressure. And pituitary is the master gland, it tells other glandular system to secrete accordingly and in proportion to what the bloodstream needs so you will have exactly in eleven minutes you can create a new chemistry of your blood. And if your all capillaries are opened, you can feed your entire system with a newness of your self. It's a self-renewing process. It doesn't make much difference to all of us because we don't basically understand how our chemistry works.

Our mind has a great power on our body, our existence, our appearance, our work projection and our reality is based on our mental inner working. Mental projection is a different subject, if I'll get a time sometime again I'll talk to you about that but now we are totally trying to be with our own inner projection and you will have about six more minutes. By my clock at 9 o'clock I'll like to wake you up.

Now this is what is called self-hypnosis. And hypnotize yourself deeper and deeper and deeper and let your body go into deeper relaxation and let the optical nerve become tighter and tighter and tighter and let your eyeballs roll deep down to the chin to see it clearly as they are seeing through. In some cases it will cost a immediate pressure on the front lobe, in some it will be light, some will not feel it, doesn't matter. It depends upon how startingly fixed you are. Just understand Rome is not built in one day. We gradually develop it. Breathe like a breathing like a one breath a minute like twenty seconds to breathe in, twenty seconds to hold and breathe out. That will give you a lot of oxygen in your bloodstream and your lungs will work better. And just remember, the oxygen which your blood takes is in the lower chamber of the lungs, not on the upper, so deep breath with the help of the navel will help you a lot. And if you for eleven minutes everyday like this sit down and change your own chemistry, you don't need to be much worried about the day. You can face a day with very great freshness. Well, this is a practical self-beautifying act of life, which every human is supposed to involve himself or herself for their own projection.

Technologically speaking it is self-hypnosis on self. Your own thought, your own secret, you are not sharing with anybody, but sharing with your own Id. Id and ego are two different things folks, and right now your ego is bringing onto your Id for counseling. This is how you are working right this minute. Because I can see how you are going through it. Have no doubt that exactly after five, I mean, four and a half minute we will come out of it. But make best of it. Let the body go, make yourself still; be with yourself, for another four and a half minute. And if mind varies, just deny it. Mind is given to you. You are not given to mind. Body is given to you, you are not given to body, your spirit, soul is given to you and not spirit and soul. You are still beyond your spirit and soul, mind and body and you are the self. And this is your self relating to its own Id, the basic intelligence through the ego, the effective intelligence.

Use this last two and a half minute for as deep as you can use it for. In this silence you are vibrating. In this stillness you are still moving according to the global study at three hundred and eighty some miles per hour. World is rotating, it is only your routine has come from outward to inward to greet you. For these last five, six, seven minutes what they call it, you have become you, for you, within you because in the beginning it is you, in the middle it is you, in the end it is you. And not to relate your self to you is very criminal situation. Forget about all the world around you, forget it. Forgive all there is and be you.

This is your last sixty seconds. You can do better. Forty-five seconds, you can do what you have all there is. You have just thirty more seconds left. Make best of them. Fifteen seconds, five seconds and standby. Now inhale deep and hold the breath and feel the breath within you and now please exhale, let it go. All the way. Kindly inhale again, hold it deeply in, feel it, and let it go all the way, clear it out. Now this is your last chance. Inhale deep again. Hold the breath, and let it go. Please move your shoulder round and round and make your face and mouth to yawn. And move your tongue around and sparkle your eyes by... And press your lips and feel your cheeks, there are certain points you never touch. Your cheeks, your face, rub it, now Cream of Olay keeps you young, now that doesn't work that way. Actually that cream is so hard to absorb, people end up rubbing their face so much their all wrinkles go away. I mean to say, it is a psychological cream, technologically sold as a youth thing. Actually we are supposed to rub our face for about eleven minutes a day if we want to be young. They call sensories you know. Vagus nerves are there. And we never touch them.

Now while sitting in a chair twist towards the right and twist towards the light, while sitting, twist. Like you have seen those cats twisting? And now stretch your feet, straight toes upward, this is the most clinical thing you can do and move them and make your hands to move like this and you are set.

Thank you and we did it. We took all this in nine minutes. Normally you need to spend eleven minutes on yourself everyday. If you miss those eleven minutes you have missed yourself for that day. And each day your self is built like brick by brick. And ultimately you have to develop a habit when you have to fall back on you, which is actually your strength, you have to have you. But you don't. Whenever you fall back and you start outward rushes them like you take coffee, you eat chocolate, and those kinds of things to just... Or when you have headache when your body tells you 'shut up Mr. Idiot, stop,' you drop in aspirin, Advil the strongest medicine ever there is. And this and that you know. You deal with your brain like it is a punching bag and it has no personality of its own and no theory, which it has to follow and it's amazing when I tell my ladies, you use Tampax Tampon, whatever that damn thing is. You are abnormal insane. And they don't understand and never understood first of all who the hell I am to tell them this. But do you understand women, if there is a outside air pocket in vagina you can't think, it affects the inner vibratory effect of the brain, inner self of the neurons? And have you ever checked clinically what goes on? But our life is so much. And all the outlet of the brain comes through the armpit and we put such a glue on it that that we can't let it sweat there because we have to keep dry. Now why don't you stop the muffles of the car and see how fast it runs?

How can you alternate your body beyond natural system and then you think that you are okay? Who has taught you all that? When you are going to learn that in the womb of the mother you are full-fledged person from the point of your navel and that still exists as a mark to relate to it? Have you ever moved your navel pointNavel Point The sensitive area of the body near the umbilicus that accumulates and stores life force. It is the reserve energy from this area that initiates the flow of the Kundalini energy from the base of the spine. If the navel area is strong, your vital force and health are also strong. , say about five-ten minutes, just to move it so this area is exercised and you don't develop any kind of cancer and other diseases? You don't have time for it. Who is going to live for you? And how much caffeine and Columbian and Turkish coffee you can take to keep going? How much aspirin and Advil you can have? Don't you understand one of the most best thing ever got created on this planet is human body? It recovers, it recuperates and it's by itself. It's not wrong to be old. It's wrong to be senile. It's not wrong to be weak, but it's wrong to be insensitive. Your life is yours, and it's a gift, so don't create gift of life and create a rift with your own life and don't live for time, time shall not live for you. You got to live for yourself each day, each of the day and everyday. You cannot have two opinions about it.

I have never understood who started the bangs, then I research the histories. You know every hair is like this, we cover this area. Every woman does this, these days it's a modern fashion.

Genghis Khan got mad at Kublai Khan. "You didn't not conquer China right." They revolted again. So this time when Kublai Khan conquered it, he ordered every woman will have bangs. It's called Chinese doll cut and every male shall shave their head half. That's all he did. Ruled China for thousand years without any disturbance. Psychological fear complex is only when you cover your frontal lobe. It's not a hair design. The process of the body is known by the person's own personality how that person wants to be seen and that's what it is.

So there are million things, which you technically understand how they affect you. If you brush your hair this way all the time or brush them forward first and backward, it changes. When you are tired and you have headache, well, take a big strong brush and brush your... back and forth, back and forth, three four times, and put some water in your nostril and blow it out, your headache will disappear in seconds. Isn't amazing? You think God has a extra hair bunch of grass, He laid it on human head, 'go baby, have it!' No there was a technical need of it. It's a progression. And all our life we like to sort them out, when we come old we are baldheaded and they are gone. That's the time when energy is not there and it's time to quit.

Life process in a very systematic manner and everything, which has been given to you, has a full-fledged purpose and your mind is so powerful that it knows no limits. Just develop it. I think when you will become professional and doctors and deal with people and people's market the great thing in you will be, you will be personally very beautiful. It is your inner beauty, which will count. It will heal, it will affect.

My father was a doctor and he used to say, I used to ask him, "Sometime you don't give anybody any medicine."

He said, "Don't people get healed?"

I said, "Yeah, that's what I am asking you inwardly, what is it, what you do? And the only medicine you do is 28, that's a digestive mixture I know that British (?) is 28, 27 is (?) for poop..."

He said, "That's all, if a person is constipated, he is sick. Give him 27 and then give him 28 to relax his digestive system, if stomach is working all right and man is not uptight inside, three-fourth the person is healed."

When I studied the Ayurvedic system of India, I found it there is a medicine called Triphala. It's three herbs. They all use it. It's the most powerful tonic and human cleaning thing ever they have discovered. You know how far ago? Three thousand years ago. They understood man has the first duty not to have mental, physical and personal garbage. There is no reason to stink and the beauty of the person is within one's own destiny. So you can travel the distance of life in most gracious manner. Now the house is yours. Thank you very much for listening to me. And that should be enough.

Psychologist: (----)

YB: Well, if you have any questions, I don't mind answering. You can ask any question in the world you want, I have no hesitation.

Psychologist: (----)

YB: All right. Go ahead please, don't hesitate. Now I am relaxed, because your every question has a answer in itself, so I am not to study a book to answer you. Try it.

Psychologist: (----)

YB: Go ahead, today is your day. You won't get this day.

Psychologist: (----)

YB: Oh I can explain to you in one minute.

This science of Tratic is so powerful; it is three thousand year old science. It's very powerful science and Tratic is so powerful, like if you know that science and you can stop anything in the world, you can move anything in the world. Forget about this trauma, drama, that's not a big deal. I have one of my Tantric picture, which I give to my students and instructions with it when they go at distance. And in forty or hundred twenty days maximum, I think it's a very idiot then it takes hundred twenty days, they can talk to that picture, picture talks to them, they ask questions, it answers everything, it's such a communication. It can be established because the optical nerve and the central nerve in the tip of the tongue are the most sensitive thing ever God created. So when technically speaking the eyes are locked, the way you lock them. There are three points to lock the eyes, one is the chin, normally we allow Americans to close their eyes to Indians we won't. We ask them keep the eyes open and look damn thing, and not to spank him on his head, why not. Or in the tip of the nose. That's very powerful when you do that. Because that's called working situation. Once you process in that, you can walk around and do everything doing anything, still doing it and you don't have to go to library book of reference to answer, you get the answer on the spot. 'What's this, what I am doing!' Third is to close the eyes and that point when you were born, that soft little point, they call it the tenth point and going through it. That totally changes the gray matter absolutely and you must understand obsolete neurons is a garbage. That will down and down you so much that that has to be eliminated everyday. Working with your brain is a reality; it's not a proposal. So basically all this eyes and this and that and that...

See I can give a Morse code with eyes, you want to see? Because when I was an officer, you can't do the flag, you can't do the light, you can't do anything. So you want to pass message to the other party what you do? You go on the top of the tree and you with a very strong binocular you touch your point, base point, and then through the eyes you send the Morse code, and they record you. They understand what I am saying; dot dot dot dash dash dash dot dot dot dash... and they write it down. 'We are in acute trouble. Help not needed.' So you do it without giving any initial signal.

So the most powerful point of your life point is eyes, most virtuous point is your nose, most effective point is tongue, and most projective point is your lips. And entire meridian system of your body is in your ears. So basically if you know the science of all these, I don't think you can learn from anywhere better than the Chinese chart. You can figure that out. Or if you give my chief of staff that address of yours, I'll mail you that Tratic exercise, which you can do, you can get rid of these glasses, and everything else. It's very technically true. It's very effective. It's not gossiping but a car coming at eighty miles an hour, by your mental thought and sight you can stop it just like brakes have been applied, within three feet. It's technically true. Power of the human's psyche is more than that of God because it makes the total universe to manifest as mental mind of the man projects into the idioms of life. It's very...

Human is very powerful instrument. Way, way powerful than you can deal with it. It's no limit. I mean to say, you have ten bodiesTen Bodies We are all spiritual beings having a human experience. In order to have this experience the spirit takes on 10 bodies or vehicles. They are the Soul Body, the three Mental Bodies (Negative, Positive, and Neutral Minds), the Physical Body, Pranic Body, Arcline Body, Auric Body, Subtle Body, and Radiant Body. Each body has its own quality, function, and realm of action. . The physical body is just to one appearance. You know. I think within our lifetime in another fifty or hundred years we will have a camera through which we can see all our ten bodiesTen Bodies We are all spiritual beings having a human experience. In order to have this experience the spirit takes on 10 bodies or vehicles. They are the Soul Body, the three Mental Bodies (Negative, Positive, and Neutral Minds), the Physical Body, Pranic Body, Arcline Body, Auric Body, Subtle Body, and Radiant Body. Each body has its own quality, function, and realm of action. , we can understand, that's how we are going to medically heal people. And there will be whole different situation mental to... You know, I am writing a book on DSM3 and I mean it's going to blow it totally off. We are almost on the very courageous level to come through because you label people. Psychiatry labels people. I taught in UCLA for seven years. I mean, you label people, this is schizophrenia, this is fear phobia, this is this, this is this... But what is the root? By your clinical study you brand a person, 'this is it.' Okay this is true, that's it. But question is, what is the root of it. Where he got it? Remove that root, everything will go.

Psychologist: (----)

YB: Different diseases, mental disease have different roots. Those... a doctor, to my feeling, a doctor should teach the root, not the symptoms. And not brand a person only for his knowledge the brand should be there. But basically the person has the basic handicap that should be covered and person will be fine.

Psychologist: (----)

YB: It's a marriage. It's a very sexual marriage. It happens between the religious leader and the students too.

Side B

Because you must understand, whenever a person is within the nine feet of another person intercourse happens. It's not that you have to mentally be ready for it. A psychologist or a sociologist or a doctor or a psychiatrist or whatever that is, has to involve his Id and develop his Id so you can totally... your brakes have to be abnormally correct, otherwise anytime there can be a slip. Because when you concentrate on a human, it's a meditative concentration. And a person, who receives it, is fulfilled by that psycho projective magnetic effect. After all, you are humans and then the secretion of the glandular system goes different, hormones change. And later on they all regret, this is what I counsel people and they come to me with you know confessions as I am the priest for that but question is it's better to qualify yourself before this. Otherwise if you think that that relationship will never happen, it's absolutely a lie. So technically, morally, ethically, sociologically by rules, by professional rules, whatever we say is a different situation.

There are two powers in us, which are overpowering us. One is our hormones, this most of time do not obey us. And the second is our body cells, our body changes in seventy-two hours. Our cell... our cell... our body has... this body of yours has seventy-two hours life. After seventy-two hours your cells will replace themself. So these are two automatics in us. But as a professional if you just, if you just give yourself a consistent thought 'I am to heal this person,' I think as a psychologist or a sociologist or a doctor or medical, whatever you are and you can be much better and there will be no trouble. But professionally you will be very effective because you can watch things then impersonally. That's beautiful. Otherwise what I am looking and seeing, and I am dealing... It was my specialty so what I hear is... yes.

Psychologist: (----)

YB: No, no, no, no, nobody hears anybody. No, no, I explain, let me tell you step by step, nobody hears anybody and your effort to hear first should be that you hear that person first. Normally professionally we are so dead wrong, we want the other person to hear. First you must establish that you are a bigger ocean and grab that river in you, hear that person. Question is the inner hammer of the inner ear, which is also the balance of your personality and of the other person. That must be rhythmic. So there is no message you want to give to that person. Suppose a person has come to you in a fear, person is afraid. What you are going do with that damn fellow? Keep talking to him, listening to the story? No, no, no, put him just in a trance and tell him to create the sound 'Hum.' Hum means we. And if he can do... and he will do it eleven minutes. He will be healed. You don't have to worry, you don't have to hustle, you don't have to give him any message, his own message. Moment his inner balance hear inner hammer, the inner bone will start balancing him total self his fear will be gone. And moment he receives that moment, that there is something weird and now is not, he will stick to it.

You have to adapt a patient; he doesn't come for a lecture. It's not a university class; he has come to get healed. All he has done is brought himself to you. He has done his job. Rest is all you. And it's always wrong to start with long history and start talking and conversing and knowing two hundred fifty pages, I have seen people doing, they bring this thick file. This is my record. I say, "What the hell I should do with this? I have never read a page in my whole life. You keep it, you just lie down, I know what it is, I'll take care of it." And they are surprised because there is nothing wrong with anybody, just things have gone off. And just put them on and the deal is done. And when you do fast then they can ask other people to come. Rather than hustling with somebody thirty-six years and thereafter still the person is where they started. Otherwise if you try to make a patient hear you, it is first habit of a psychological patient that you should hear him or her. That's why they are patient. I wish they should have learnt to hear things. Our psychological balance is based on the fact we don't hear. Do you know that? Our technical psychological problems are we refuse to hear. We don't. You know, how many people hear? And moreover your physical capacity is such after fifteen minutes you are bored; you don't want to hear anything. So it is just clinically I will ask you to be just put a person and receive him, welcome him, make him laugh, make him walk in the room, when you know a person is in fear. Let him lie down, let him relax and just tell him, first get his body limbs to respond to your command. And moment his command center or her command center starts hearing your voice sound system and technically your brain starts processing your sound you have the patient, and you can heal him as soon as you want. But if you start doing this normal therapy, forget it!

Bibiji: And that is the time when we put them into trance...

YB: That's what she does quick.

Bibiji: And then go to their childhood (?) they can go through mentally but with your dialogue going from (?) of this and that and we start solving their own issues whatever is going (?) spiritual healing, spiritual healing (?) depending on the person's belief system, whatever they believe, create that kind of a imagery, healing imagery, so they come out with the (?) process and they come out beautiful, they come out solving their own problems and experiencing themselves what went wrong and pinpointing where is the problem, so then we have the sessions (?) and it works very fast.

Psychologist: (----)

YB: First there are lots of things, which bring a person to you. But when a person comes to you, it's called nudity. It is called nudity in self-psyche. Person shall come and will not stay with you, if they don't decide to be with you. If the tenth body, the shield will not come down, person will not stay. If a person stays to that, it is just like person is nude. Now, if a person mentally nude himself or herself to you, it's a total openness and if they receive satisfaction that they are little better than what they came for, they will stay.

Must understand, for a person who is not well, for him the most meditative point is to get healed. He is looking for health. Personality comes later, but according to our western thoughts, we feel personality is very effective because we deal with the personality to personality. Actually that's not true. Need is effective and need has its own personality, own identity, own frequency. And if you understand what the need is and serve the need, you are fine. And it's very good. Every doctor... I mean, there should be exactly clinical examination for before giving you practical license to assess a patient's physical need of health. I mean to say, I think in hundred years or so we have to change the entire system otherwise we can't sustain ourself. I mean to say we are therapists, you must understand and for hundred twenty dollars and eight hours a day you can't get sick. It's not worth the money. It's the most inhuman painful way of earning money, livelihood. I have never seen, I mean to say you people who are volunteering yourself are more than angels. You do not know what you are getting into. I have counseled thousands and thousands of people I know, I understand. I know what it takes. This is (?) this we are doing about, it's a very heavy process, I mean, he is a very qualified doctor, I understand it. I mean, it's needed in the sense I understand that but question is you understand one hour, you get under the skin of somebody else, wow, can you believe that how much difficult it is?

I went once to my neurologist and before my attendants could talk to him he wanted to test me all out. Well, he did what he did and charged me about three-four hundred dollars for that day. I told him, "If somebody gives me a million dollars per minute I'll not do this work what you have done for me." I said, "Forget it." That's the way it is. You can't help it and he sees, say, about fifteen-ten people a day. Our Dr. Fox in LA is a gynecologist and he is Hollywood gynecologist, so one day I met his wife, we are family friends. I said, "How is doctor?"

She said, "Put a sheet on you..." and that's what she joked. And that was his wife. And I said, "Dr. Fox!"

He said, "Yeah, yeah, she wants all the money, all the comforts and I am hustling and now she tells me put a sheet on."

But you know, after all, what you expect of that fifty-five year old doctor who has seen almost every twenty minutes a woman, eight hours a day. So when he comes home he can't forget that sheet. And that's how life becomes. It becomes a systematic routine for which it takes lot of personal effort to get out.

Psychologist: (----)

YB: Oh this is our, we have three selves in us, the beast, the human, the angel. The angelic self. We have a higher self to help others, communicate with others, serve others, go to others. It's a very powerful urge. I have seen people, nurses, you know, this is a very... it's not, a ordinary person can do it. It's not a day-to-day game that everybody can do it. Dealing with another human is not substandard situation. It's very, very righteously religious and highly angelic. I mean, it doesn't matter how stupid we think we are and how down the hill we are going and whatever you call yourself, name yourself as worst as you can. But still you are a superb human being who has undertaken this journey. It's not a small thing. Shaking hand with somebody is difficult. You know, you understand what I mean? What is... how much costly is a friendship? It's horrible. And you are here for what? What we charge? Hundred twenty dollars, two hundred and fifty, three hundred dollars and sick with somebody's garbage for a one full hour? When I needed money and I used to teach in Hollywood if somebody comes and tells me and I'll keep on raising the price, I said, "If you give me more garbage, you have to pay more."

Psychologist: Yogiji, one of the things I found is I've done (?) I am less tolerant than accepting garbage and... more I enjoy myself or focus on things that feel good in the session... (?) once said that (?) the best way you know (?) good session is to get a good time in the session and then maybe at the (?) that also that's (?). You agree with that you shouldn't (?).

YB: No, my question is you should be very humorous. Comedian. You should be very humorous; you must humor yourself with the whole thing. If you take it seriously, you know, moment you start this (?) you are dead. This is it, that's it. I mean, you are dead. That's it. You are nobody. If you say 'hello, welcome, how are you,' you get over...

Psychologist: (----)

YB: Funny times.

Psychologist: (----)

YB: Yeah, this is true that you have to laugh, you have to joke, you have to, now I have a congregation everywhere and you know, people have problems and when I go somewhere touring, it's not a dearth of people who come and call on my time. And God, you see me acting and normally I am very personally reserved, I am most shy person, nobody knows this. Nobody knows this. I am extremely, extremely individual. I am so individual you can't believe it. God couldn't create another one like me. I am so individual and I am very personal. But you see, if I deal with my originality, today you would have found a headstone here, not me in person. That sensitive would have killed me long time ago. No, I just I am very, very professionally a good actor and I smile and laughe and go along and listen a lot and say few words. Or right away I start yelling and screaming and tear him apart and that's it. Done. Whatever it suits at the moment you do it. Question is what it takes. It's just a deliverance, it's not a, it's nothing to it; your personality has to be always a separate thing. Professional identity, you know, when I was a uniformed officer, we used to put (?), we put five stars here, one, two, three, you know whatever your rank is and you go with the day. Doesn't matter how the world treats you. We will say, "well, it's the President getting the abuse, not we." Never personally identify itself totally, because you are never a person.

Have you ever understood how beautiful person as personally you are? Oh wow! You know who your maker is? They call Him God. Amazing! And that damn fellow couldn't make anything more beautiful and perfect than you. He could have and He should have. But you never take a risk, moment to research. You search out the whole world. No, no, no, you are one of the greatest specimen on the planet. That's how you are and personally everybody is just very beautiful. It's only the problem is professionally... you know what I mean? When you go out in the world, then there is a war. It's inter-exchange of psyche. And that's where you have to deal impersonally. Effectively, personally and impersonally. These are the three personalities you have to deal with and some people are multi personalities and I don't think we have time to go into all that... there are subjects after subject, which I have taught and I have studied and I have understood. Finally I have understood that understanding is to stand under one's own self. It's very beautiful, yeah.

Psychologist: (----)

YB: When you work with a child, just remember doctor. You are remembering there are these personalities you will deal with, be serious about it. One is the parents, right? And other is the environments. Environments you must be very careful what while doing the history I'll advise immediately, that's why I am interfering because that's my special subject. You must know who the nurse was. Yes sir, which hospital the child was born, who the nurse was and what the personality of the nurse was. Whatever that child goes in forty days that is the bundle he is or she is, the child. Child is not self.

Psychologist: (----)

YB: Yeah.

Psychologist: (----)

YB: Oh it is a very... you have to have... well, I can come down one day, give you a clinical adjustment with few children and it's very easy. You have to change their serum system of the spine and the gray matter in the brain faster than normally it is. Otherwise you are, it's not going to work. Because child has... there are three people, which you cannot deal with when they don't want to be dealt with. Child, woman, and a king.


As a man I am not talking, I am telling you the fact. Balhat, Rajhat, Triyahat. These three identities when they don't want to deal with, there is no system on the planet to deal with them. And your child is child, if child doesn't want to deal with you, you have nothing to go into until you change the neurons and if you just rotate the gray matter you had the child. Then it works like... it's just few steps and it's done. You know it's just very easy, it's so easy. But if you can't do that, it won't work.

Psychologist: (----)

YB: Well, you just have to put that child... you know I do it all the time, it's very simple, put the child over the lap right here and just start relaxing and then both side of the spine you start going up neck, three, four, five times till the child starts, immediately they will start snoring. It's very fast system and then just give that moment and wake the child up and start talking. You will be talking to a different person altogether you will be shocked. First you say, they say... "okay sit down, sit down..." you know this you are talking with a bear or you are talking with a dog. You see? You will find a child totally systematically and symptomatically a animal. Because that there are tons of split personality. You are not... you are worried about looking at one child, that child is not a one child. It has ten split personalities working at the same time at each other. And he is seeing you as enemy. You are trying to get into it in the middle of the fight. They don't want another outsider, you are a alien. But if you just do the thing you can do it on a table, you can do on a... so you got to... you got to get to the body first, you get to the system of the child first. You got to have one child to deal with you; you can't deal with twenty-three children. Not possible. Otherwise as a young man you will grow so old so fast, you can't believe it.

I have just dealt in sixties, you know, when I came. Everybody was nude... when I told my wife to come along with me and she saw about four thousand women without bra or without panties walking around and she said, "What is this?"

I said, "This is where we start. I mean to say this is it; this is United States of America. That's where we start and this is our tomorrow." It took me seven years to let every woman understand that wearing a bra is a necessity. It's not a fashion. It took me years and years to tell them to wear panties with pad so that they cannot have headaches. And I clinically lectured, you know, it was twenty-five, thirty thousand, forty thousand people in one of the (?) you know I had a good time. But I told them the basics and out of that we grew. And today everywhere, even our President is one of the yuppie. So hippies, yuppies and now it's a whole America but basic teaching... I meet people, "I met you in nineteen seventy-two, I met you in nineteen seventy, I met you..." you know the whole world met me and I met them. Because my fundamental point was look this is not the way to go. Let's stop it. And if you can't stop somebody you can't go home and say, "Wife don't fight with me." Tell her "let's go to a movie, I have a great urge, I can't...' She said, "I got to talk to you John. You son of... this morning you..." It's okay.

"It's okay, but when I came I had such a urge to go to the movie, come on let's go first." After that she will forget everything, what to say.

It is not right to confront, a human has no right to confront another human. Two Gods cannot fight. Two people must not fight head on. Some has to give in, some has to takeover and it's moment to moment. All children who come with you are in a personality conflict war and they are the byproduct of the circumstances. They are innocent, they are not at fault. If you just technically relax them and physically give them oneness you can heal them in weeks, five six days. I did it en masse, I mean to say I had, I had a wildness you can't believe what I dealt with and if I would have started clinically understanding whole thing, I mean to say, I had no even sheet to give them cover. We used to take long cloth and tear it up and just cover the people. It was a wild, wild world. And today they meet me with three children and Rolls-Royce and driver and say "hello sir!" (?). And I know how this Betty was when I saw her first time. It's not that I am not aware of that. But you know things will change.

So technically you are to reprocess the clay to reshape the psychological personality of the child. And don't misunderstand that you are going to find one personality, it's not true. It's a bundle there. First is to unwrap the man and unwrap the bundle. And the original will come out. Deal with it, you have done it. No fault on your part. But if you run around with every personality you will end up with a war. Can't afford it. That's how we do. I mean to say when I teach my class, I go for ten fifteen minutes to give a preface. Then I tell them exactly this is what I am going to teach, this is what I am going to do, this is what I am going to affect and that will be the result.

Psychologist: I want to add a clinical testimonial I saw. I haven't seen (?) do this with children, children but I think in several adults patients of mine (?) clearly, profoundly depressed people who had horrible time (?) and he did a version of this, with them which involved physical touching and a kind of hypnotic trance and then the next day I had to see them and give them very positive kind of hypnotic (?) till the (?) one problem of (?) and they stay undepressed for four, five months before (?) it can't be seen and witnessed Yogiji...

YB: It's very workable situation because depression is, when you do not have your own impression about yourself. That's depression. It's a void you create. If your self is your self, there is no depression. And children are very innocent and if you just, just change the psyche, just, just little change, just touch and it...

Psychologist: Did you bring up your children this way? Did you? How do you (?) children, how do you bring them up to be...

Bibiji: (?) yes we did, but our children are so strong. Lot of self-esteem, self-confidence they are very (?).

YB: Over self-esteem, overconfidence. I mean to say our children, actually unfortunately our children are gone very unfortunate time when came to America. When they were in India, they came here. They were the children of a great, most powerful, well-respected, his lordship officer who everybody bowed to. So there was a very different circumstance. When they came here, they actually had nothing. It was such a tragedy of circumstances; they brought one pound of salt each one from India thinking they won't get it here. So it was such a trauma for them, it's unforgivable. But we two both worked and gradually and slowly and in forgiveness for ourself because there was a problem, we both had to deal with tons of people and then we had to deal with our children. I am not denying it that they felt very neglected and undermined and angry and they had everything you can put on the list. But right now at this minute after twenty-five years they are realizing how great parents we are, after twenty-five years. But you must understand we stood our position, we took them, I mean to say, I told them I said I am a most neurotic idiot father as far as you are concerned but for the whole world I am a great man. But one day I'll compensate you.

Yesterday I was talking to my son in India and he was very appreciating me. I said, "How come this, I mean to say how come Mohammad has come to (?). What's the big deal! You are so appreciating of me."

He said, "I have realized how much world loves you."

I said, "Don't you love me?"

He said, "First it was not that real because I was very angry, but now I am very relaxed, I really love you."

I said, "Don't fall in love too much, you have wife and children. They need your love, not me. But keep going and this is the time for you to transform yourself to understand that in call of duty sacrifice is made. And I did made a sacrifice my family and you are the holy lambs, which I sacrificed for the youth of America and today if I am father of America, that does not I was given, bestowed this title, I earned it and one day you will earn it too."

So I was very correctively very statesmanly, very positive with him. But one thing that what we raised them as littles in India, that strength stood with them and that I exploited to be very frank. Because when she told me that "you are not giving too much attention to your children," I said, "I am not going anywhere, don't worry about it. They will be right."

Because how many parents have raised their children throwing children when they were about this little twenty-five feet across? Just imagine this one. Could you stand up please for a minute? Just watch this woman, in this height, hundred and eight pound, that's all she was and I was six two and hundred sixty as skinny as I am, now she has gone in Cairo she is twenty-five pounds more. And we used to take one son of our right here, I used to just pick him like this and throw it across and she knew it if that guy is going to fall, his head will be totally smashed. So she used to catch it and then return to me. Now how much that children can go wrong? We took among them sociological pressure of any possible fear of even death. We technically raised them. My older son was absolutely not in a position to speak and he was totally retarded by his birth. I corrected him in about four-five months. I took care of it. And that I can do, there are things, which I can do. There are things, which I can't do. I won't do. But when things, which I can do I do it very fast, quick, one, two, three, done. Thank you. That's the way it should be. Psychology is just a cover. Reality is you.

Psychologist: Thank you very much.

YB: I think we have done our time. I am very glad I was here with you. And please invite me whenever you can. I think I'll be available next year. But it will be a fun to meet you who are to go in the world and thank you very much for...

Psychologist: Thank you Yogiji and thank you Bibiji...


• • •

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