Business Course - Success and Failure: Causes and Options

April 12, 1984
Los Angeles, CA

... This I am not start teaching yet but this is what I am teaching you it's unofficial but it is official. It's unofficial because I am a holy man I am not supposed to talk like that, it is official because that is the real word and I take no responsibility simply it is coming through me and I am passing it on to you understand that, so ask me no question.

(Students laughter)

Have you ever seen this figure before? Then none of you has done ever any business, this is a business Jantra, trust no one but the fish. That's what I say I am not supposed to teach this course that's why I am teaching you off the record because I have not taken responsibility for all what they teach but I have to share with you, this is the central sign of the fish, this is the sign of the boobs of the female when somebody takes your blood as milk, this is the fish and then everything gets to be a square nothing is for you have you seen these three aspects? Now in simple terms when your most trusted beloved wife becomes prostitute, when your father is a gang smuggler and when your son is the greatest crook of the world and when anything you touch as a gold is nothing but potassium cyanide extreme circumstances, if you do not take them all into consideration then you cannot enter into the business world, business world is to built trust but not to trust isn't something very unnatural, business is busy ness there is no friend in it the only friend in business is profit everything can turn it to be fishy everything has to be investigated if turns to be fishy where you stand, that is why this is how they do, you know what this is? This is the eye of the fish but it is also the pearl that thing which they open what they call that thing?

Students: Oyster.

YB: Yeah and then this thing is also made that way and this thing is made that way and when things get topsy-turvy and then poop starts coming down and that is called the dead fish, it's called the fish reed, fishery I am teaching you fifty thousand years how people understood business, so don't misunderstand that our ancestors were idiot they did, they were businessmen they knew it is okay what is this spine of the fish reed when this thing which is holding up it is up, it's all up, this is down right, where you stand, whatever it is, whatever it is, this is business, whatever it is, what is the up of it and what is the down of it meditate first, you get to know it first before getting into be a director and corporation and a partnership and commodity is a commodity, to run the commodity in a business world there is a person and every person has his up, his down and his neutral.

If you do not have a moral sanction against a person you are dealing with just a commodity that is why the Japanese made the family business and they call it Japanese way because they created a social and moral sanction, social and moral sanction of the Japanese system is so strong that it is almost a religion it's believed more than a religion. Company law is so powerful in that country and everybody is now realizing and actually oriental world was the only world, the oriental way of business is, business started with Ganesha it's all right you understand? What is this? This Ganesh chakar you will never find any business starting in own Hindu language Lande they call it Landa, Lande, Lande, you know how Lande (?) and this is like this, they are dots and dots like a code kind of thing they can write millions of figures in it and all the language and it's perfect but they never lift the pen, it goes on and on and on and on and this is their Ganesh, Ganesh is kind of a chakraChakra , Chaakra The word connotes a wheel in action. It usually refers to the seven primary energy centers in the aura that align along the spine from its base to the top of the skull. Each chakra is a center of consciousness with a set of values, concerns, and powers of action associated with it. is this, if you want to look at it, it is a cutter, and it has four eyes these points which I have made here are the four eyes highest aspect, the lowest aspect, the aspect you can handle, the aspect you cannot handle and it is not true that the highest aspect of everything you can handle and it's also not true the lowest aspect of everything you can handle that's not true.

The problem with you is values whether they are higher values or they are lower values what you can handle and what you cannot handle you have to understand in your capacity it cannot be somebody's capacity so business is just a business you understand okay what is which sells in business can anybody tell me please? Come on you are all business people right? What sells in business?

Student: (----)

YB: Ah?

Student: Service

YB: No, service doesn't sell in business.

Student: Benefits

YB: Benefits don't sell in business everybody know business means benefits, so doesn't sell.

Student: (----)

YB: No.

Student: (----)

YB: Ah?

Students: (----)

YB: Profit, trust anything else?

Students: (----)

YB: Demanded supply, demand.

Student: Product.

YB: Product nothing, nothing sells in business.

Student: (----)

YB: Ah?

Student: (----)

YB: Ideas won't sell in business either they are just part, you are talking of something, what sells in business?

Student: (----)

YB: Landscape.

(Students laughter)

Anything which sells in business is a landscape it's a whole packet it's whole thing, it's all you don't understand you are so foolish why don't you go to a ordinary (?) restaurant, ordinary restaurant which is a very ordinary restaurant put a damn menu on the gate that is a landscape don't you understand the only thing you live for is your belly and when you go to a restaurant first thing they give you a piece of paper which has all food, moment you start reading is not smelling and you start watering. It's a landscape and what is the landscape ah salad with this and over this and under this and this way and you know have you seen that whole thing? It doesn't say salad number one, salad number two, salad number you say that but there is a detail that's the landscape of the salad, salad doesn't sell, hotel doesn't sell it, waiter doesn't sell it you don't eat it if the landscape is not proper I have seen food so landscape when I come to you, you great when you eat is (?)

(Students laughter)

But you have already bought it sometime you end up eating it sometime you say oh God what I have got it, business is nothing but a wholesome landscape. Total sum it has to be that juicy, so people come with ideas and with Performa's and with facts and figures and all kind of things so they make a bouquet, what that bouquet wants? Tell me, your purse, nobody wants you everybody wants your bank account this whole world is after that which you have not what you can have or what you had that's not the way of business, don't be so idiot and just dumb, business is after what you have all this big companies (?) company (?) what has all those stores they make fool of every woman sometime they make a bra they cut it wrong they say this is a special bra it was cut wrong and these idiot women they just buy it they never knew what their actually breast need. I have not seen one woman who has honestly checked it out what she needs, she doesn't understand the bra is to hold her breast, she has been sold a, a what you call this idiot idea this landscape that bra is used to make her young and beautiful now can you believe that?

Bra doesn't make her young and beautiful, bra makes her sick and she gets her cancer of the breath because if there is anything which you are wearing as a bra or not bra and create a resistant in those muscle it will end up creating the cancer doesn't matter who you are or which religion you belong to so you have to have a kind of bra which has to hold that breast of her tight that is business but nobody knows the business inside open, outside open, inside lace, outside lace, inside ring, outside rings God you know the world has been sold today and that bra is making more money and woman is paying more money without getting any benefit of it, one example I can tell you where things have been exploited out of scope totally inner cut bra, outer cut bra, back plastic, out plastic, shoulder less, shoulder with this you see those ad, you see how much money the advertising company makes one damn bra with which half a yard of cloth, that's all it is about, if you want to look at it fifty dollars, hundred dollars, hundred twenty five dollars what else sells?

Pocket books now is pocket book a thing to sell where you put your own money when you have a pocket book then you have gloves, you have shoes, three thing, plus belt four, plus color in the cap, plus this, plus that it's a landscape, the whole complication in the trade business is how much good landscape you can make out of what, what you need a purse for, pocket where you just put your few dollars and one check book and a pen and write something what you have to write nobody cares for that. Commodities and needs are simple, commodities and needs are simple landscape is very complicated and without landscape nothing sells.

You know my basic idea was to give people a perfect BanaBana , Baana One's outward projection, often refers to a specified clothing that projects a consciousness. , perfect BanaBana , Baana One's outward projection, often refers to a specified clothing that projects a consciousness. and let them decorate this BanaBana , Baana One's outward projection, often refers to a specified clothing that projects a consciousness. as might they can after that they have some point of saturation one point of saturation in life when a person can come if a person come in his own wear, point of saturation he gets courage that is why in army there is a one uniform and that's it. Uniform in army is not that you cannot have colored uniform, you cannot change uniform, you can read there is a whole paraphernalia but the principle behind that thing is this is me, this is my identity and the rest of the energy goes into building your identity, personal identity not the physical identity but mental identity, mental identity to spiritual identity, spiritual identity you have the microscopic and telescopic identity, you want to see not with these eyes what you see you want to see what reality is, what you see is not worth what you hear is not worth, what you know is not worth all that has no worth at all that is just information the experience to see, you know you go to a goldsmith and you may give him anything because of his seeing eye will tell you it's a gold and it's not a gold.

It's very funny I took one day diamond and (?) you know that thing they make and give it to one friend of mine I said, check it out he just looked like this then close it two three times he did like that then he put it on a final paper kind of a cloth and then he brought the thing and he picked up the diamond and put it one side and pick the (?) this is not and this is it, it didn't use loop, I asked him how you can make this distinction he said, just an experience I know I am not wrong then he checked up under then he took all those three, four test we are required to take and he was right but his very incentive eye it's called incentive eye or you call the knack of it. You as a businessman has to learn the knack of business and that is you have to see things beyond landscape.

Landscape is very attractive for everything that's why you see, you go and buy something what they did wrapping very fancy wrapping, so similarly when you meet any friend or a person he is very well wrapped up in his ego and could you unwrap him and see what is it and do you want to see when somebody tells you what the profits are what great are, what things are ask that person when the loses are when treachery happens when betrayal happens you know what they say to you? Well there is an agreement, well to explain an agreement to the court it takes six months, to get it explained by the court it takes (?) after a year you have already spent fifty thousand dollars for thirty thousand lawsuit. If agreement has not to be broken it will never be broken if agreement has to be broken doesn't matter you write in how many languages if somebody doesn't want to honor a agreement you there is no power you can force, what is an agreement that you can go to a judge and tell him that there was some kind of negotiated settlement that's it, if the person says yes, I made this, these days is a very funny word, these days every settlement, every relationship even in 3HO oh when I joined in 3HO I was in innocent now I am grown up. If you are grown up, you should be wiser now, now she is foolish (?) I want to know.

Everything is a mental brainwash anything which you can't handle. You know it is very funny I have to give you this example I know this girl I love her she is a very beautiful daughter of mine and if she needs my life I will give it to her but these days I am not talking to her so anyway when she looks left I look right, when she look that way, I look that way so we played this game for a year so one day we had a confrontation so she said, "You don't love me anymore."

I said, "No I don't love you anymore at all."

And she said, "Why?"

I said, "Why I don't know why you know."

She said, "I don't know you know."

I said, I don't know so we did that whole you know thirty four question answer business we went through that whole session and she said, "What I have done wrong?"

I said, "Actually fact is you have done nothing wrong there is nothing wrong" and she said, "Well you know what I mean I must have done something wrong."

I said, "Yeah you have done something wrong I am not going to tell you" and she said, "How can you are so compassionate how can you be that cruel?"

I said, "How can you be that naïve?" So whatever she says I will escape and we played back and forth, finally she asked me she said, "Well sir, just tell me what is wrong with me?"

I said, "The only thing wrong with you is you are healthy. When I picked you up you are the most crazy, most naïve, most negative but now you are healthy, you are positive, healthy, wonderful."

She said, "Then what is wrong with that?"

I said, "But you do not know how to handle it, because you are not humble if you are successful and you are not humble whether you are social personal business and anything the greatest thing which makes you enjoy the very concept of your own life is higher you are, humble you are," it's the most successful concept.

I have seen a businessman and he grew it from nothing what was his secret he will go for morning walk and he will pinpoint from this house such and such is my laborer you know he had a, a boy, coolie boy who used to come and wash bathrooms and other places and was kind of in charge of cleanliness. This guy walked one mile one day to his house and on the way, you know in India those poories and breakfast is available on the shops so he told one shopkeeper take away as much breakfast you can cook so the guy was ready so he said, sir for fifty people he said, bring it over so he brought fifty people's breakfast to his house to his neighbors to everybody and every child who came out in the street to greet him he give them one rupee, stayed there for about half an hour went back total expense was fifty rupees but he bough that guy for five hundred years these are the gestures of business, these are the real investment for business you go out of the way to protect the adversity and I asked him that question I said, why have you to waste two hours in the morning why didn't you go by a car, why he said, all this could not have fit in plus and minus and this is it.

Things can go adverse, things can go best, thing can be as they are but just understand you have to meditatively know about it and first principle of that is now I am giving you the principles first principle is whenever you start anything, Om Ganeshaya Nameh this is the oldest rule meditate Ganesh is representative of happiness, meditate at the happiest aspect of it then Om Lakshmiahya Nameh this is Laxmi prosperity you can always win people telling them how prosperous they can be being your friends or being with you, now prosperity, happiness these are the two things which you can meditate upon, but there is a one thing which is very beautiful that is shaktiShakti The creative power and principle of existence itself. Without it nothing can manifest or bloom. It is feminine in nature. that's the self, self is very important and can anybody tell me what self means here or anybody knows define self, you have yourself okay I agree what is self means otherwise come on?

Student: (----)

YB: Creative capacity of God that's a good definition.

Student: (----)

YB: God manifest in me, very good definition. It fits I am not denying it (?) no okay GuruGuru That which takes us from ignorance to knowledge; from darkness, gu, to light, ru. It can be a person, a teaching, or in its most subtle form - the Word. Shamsher no?

Student: (----)

YB: No, no, no you are too fast for me to understand you, yeah,

Student: (----)

YB: Super ego.

Student: (----)

YB: Yeah in PhD in business administration what self means?

Student: (----)

YB: Outstanding commitment of yours whatever your outstanding commitment is known to me is that is the self I know of you I will never rub you on that self in business world is only your outstanding projection of your commitment that's all doesn't mean nobody knows whether you have money or you no if you are outstandingly generous person you just come out at times when it is needed to be everybody knows you are outstandingly generous or if you are very disciplined or you are very this, you are very that, that outstanding feature of you it is a self known to me as your employee, as your friend, as your colleague, as your boss all that. That is how it works.

Once in my government job I was given a letter or likely were to be given a letter that I have embezzled twenty seven rupees of the government twenty seven and the officer who was to sign that letter refused to sign it and the man who was investigating he said, "Sir you sign it we will serve on him then he will reply" he said, how can you do that? Twenty-seven rupees he can't embezzle millions then he, he is good for millions no twenty-seven business.

He said, "Sir it is a written record, it is it look this is his order, this is what he ordered, this is what actually he got paid, this is actually it's unaccounted for and this is the money which he swindled, so this is it and this is a charge sheet you sign it."

He said, "I am not going to sign it." What he can do? So he said all right tomorrow I will sign it you leave the papers with me let me look at it how, how you are figured it all out he said, what figures we investigated it I mean to say for him it is a great feather in the cap to get Bhajan on a charge sheet it was, wow, wow, wow you know wow once a while the crocodile has come in the own teeth you know that, that was kind of a feeling very satisfying, so I was on a tour I came in and my inspector saw and his hands was just like this, I said, "Hey what is wrong with you,"

He said, "We are in trouble."

"What trouble well how can we be in trouble, trouble what trouble we save people from trouble you say we are in trouble."

He said, "Well there is charge sheet sitting for you up there."

I said, "What charge sheet? What we took away his couple million dollars (?)"

He said, "Twenty seven dollars."

"Hey shut up it can't be"

He said, "No it's true, you have embezzled twenty seven rupees of the government."

I said, "What I took away some posted tickets home or what?"

He said, "We do not know but there is a big thing sitting up there and they were looking for you and they wanted to sign it and serve it on you and something like that it is stupid thing and the boss doesn't want to do it and there was a argument so they called me in and they asked me I couldn't explain it looks, it look they are right, we are wrong."

I said, "You don't kwon about it too?"

He said, "No it's very puzzling it's unbelievable what they have figured it out."

I said, "Well if you do not know about it then there is something serious must have happened because you are the one who work I am the one who signs so somewhere I must have signed where you have worked wrong."

He said, "I don't think so."

I said, "Okay we will check it out." So I went up and we satSat Existence; what is; the subtle essence of Infinity itself. down and he say "Well, Bhajan I don't want to disturb you" blah, blah you know all that preface "but there is a situation if you can look into it."

I said, "What is it?"

So he gave me the whole thing I looked at it and I cracked up, he said, "You mean this is wrong?"

I said, "well question is embezzlement of ten cents is bad and it looks like that it has happened he is very proving it, but simply because you have not signed it I can tell you something, we did pay that what we draw."

He said, "Then where is the fault?"

I said, "Fault is what we requisition, what we draw and what we spend it's not in the register which he is searching there is a supplement register which he doesn't know."

He said, "Okay, okay bring that register right now" anyway register was brought figures were tallied matter ended there was no problem all twenty seven rupees were there, signature was there what was paid was there it's all fine and he was a kind of a relieved and he said, "Well you couldn't have send the paper to me we would..." He said, no, he is said, "something in me told me not to sign it" that is called outstanding impression that is self when you can against every factual fact make the other person belief that no, no it can't be so and so that is yourself it takes time, it takes sacrifice, it takes endurance and takes patience, it takes everything.

First meditationMeditation Dhyan. It is a process of deep concentration or merger into an object or a state of consciousness. Meditation releases reactions and unconscious habits and build the spontaneous and intuitive link to awareness itself. which is called success meditationMeditation Dhyan. It is a process of deep concentration or merger into an object or a state of consciousness. Meditation releases reactions and unconscious habits and build the spontaneous and intuitive link to awareness itself. it's very simple this is a my, this is my left hand it is just like a cup type and this is my right hand and I sit it comfortably where it sits and then I go like this. It is called thought clarity process one hand like this left hand right hand over it, it is, it is Shiva Mudhra by the way if you want to understand we don't touch like this and I will do just simple, it's simple thing, you stand like this and you start clearing yourself of all thoughts no thought at all, no thought at all spine straight your stead (?) yourself straight, no in your hand that hand will sit look at this see this is my hand, this hand sits in here and then I hold it and when it sits here and hold it here then I look and then I like to have thoughtlessness I don't want to think try that way, head is slightly back, because your spine has to grab, the chin just has to be little up it is just like self righteous self kind of projection you love to give it to yourself and have no thoughts feel no thoughts feel thoughtlessness.

This process if you do everyday it will give you at moment those thoughts which you need not those which you don't need it will, it will what they call it ah redistribute your strength at the knack of time you will have deep thoughts you need but see the hand which is center is Shivam, this is Shivam, Shivam is, this hand is Shivam like it's just like this and standing hand on that is simple like that, that your hand...,so actually this is Shivam, Shiva Lingam standing in the yoni the female ShaktiShakti The creative power and principle of existence itself. Without it nothing can manifest or bloom. It is feminine in nature. , Shakta basically it's the same story it is simple, you are doing like that but if you just concentrate in that thoughtlessness, thoughtlessness, thoughtlessness, thoughtlessness do this and entertain no thought, experience it for couple minutes let no thought bother you and fingers and hand should be straight and avoid thinking, avoid don't bother. Okay how you go about it? Open your eyes and let me, let me feel how you go about it.

Side B

How to go about it, what you feel about it?

Student: (----)

YB: It is, it will do you favor, it will just when you do this for any project you have to go through you have to do it, it will give you what you call it intuitive sensitivity which you need to read between the lines you know this is the line there is written on this like anything and this line will written in between, in between you have to read right here for a successful business try to read in between the line, you have to understand that business cannot be presented to you as straight I am not saying that you should doubt everything I am just telling you a simple business fact business comes with this landscape, landscape is there to confuse you there is always a one acre house and fifty acres of landscape around it damn thing when you go through those fifty acre you are so tired you do not know in which room you are what are you doing, you do the business with Japanese they will give you that damn drink smells like rice what is called that they will make you drink their mid of night when your eyes will bulge out because they don't believe you can be honest so when by the midnight you are almost dead they say, well what is the contract terms now you are contract term you do no know what he is talking about he does not know what you are talking about and they feel good about it it's the funniest way of dealing with them once these Japanese wanted to do a business with me I told them I said, we can't sign a contract he said, why not?

I said, we can't because you are going to drink saki and you want midnight to talk to me and question is let us start now or never talk he said, yeah, yeah you are a holy man it's all okay but we have to know our way. I said I know your way I am not ready for it. If you want me to come I will come take care of it what I said is okay but if you don't trust me you have to trust with that drink then I will suggest somebody else, we couldn't do it because they want a person really dead and then talk now question is,

(YB's laughter)

Question is how they managed it? I think it's their tradition for centuries that they must have been doing it, but it is a tragic situation they let out everything on that drink that it's a rice drink isn't it? Oh it stinks something.

Student: (----)

YB: Something whatever, but the idea behind them is for which you are in this business that business have to be looked into, into the into of it business has to be looked into, into, into of it so their theory is that you are dealing with a devil to begin with to put that so much devil into his belly that he has no resistance and then he will come out of it, it's a old Japanese tradition, their tradition is find the worst in the man before you can do business with him that is their business our American business is find the best of a person and do business we are just opposite.

A Japanese firm will never do business with you until they know what is your bank balances are, what's your habits are, what's your family habits are how many member in the family you trust you deal with what you do, what you, you can't believe it they will investigate you so thoroughly that they will have your total personal record before they will say hi Mr. Bhajan how are you? That is their way of business, the business is ready for the worst hope for the best.

It's very funny once I saw a Japanese firm selling something to Indian firm but there was always a very funny note with the whole invoice in case you don't want to buy it, we are ready to take it away, now my idea was this guy is selling making money every time he writes this what is this going on so I asked simple out of curiosity to investigate the whole thing do you know they were doing business with this man but they had another businessman ready in case this man does not buy they will sell the whole business to the other person and out of their profit they were paying ten percent to just hold on that firm too, business with this firm never broke went years and years and years it was fine one day just sitting on a kind of brunch I asked that Japanese guy, I said, "Why you are losing ten percent of your profit?"

He said, "No we are not losing ten percent it is in our business he said, I don't want to lose my shirt." So he created a competition with his own client he created a total and that firm was always hungry when this guy is going to supply us he is never going to supply them, never, but whatever he supply to this firm A whatever the profit is on they are paying ten percent to the other firm and that is their business tradition, because in case they lose in one, one party they have a second party already lined up ready one, two, three they don't want to wait and I told him this is your profit he said, no this is business, business profit this is the way the business is.

We first we develop a product, after going through all the hassles of ego we have a product then we start thinking how to sell it, after going to all paraphernalia how to sell it then we think how to finance it, after all finance comes clear then we think should we do the business or not isn't it a reverse thinking, there are so many products we have you know one thing if all the products you produce in 3HO you can combine them under one organization like semi organization get under one umbrella and you can have a joint sale organization, you know how rich as a whole community you can become, somebody is hassling with his potato chips, somebody is hassling with his chews, somebody is hassling with his granola, somebody is hassling with his this everybody is hassling with one part and one part is taking that total energy and if all that part by part is part together you know what a huge thing you can have, and that in business is called multipurpose corporation.

We will have couple minutes of rest and then we will get to that other topic of multiple corporations and then after finishing that I will share with you meditationsMeditation Dhyan. It is a process of deep concentration or merger into an object or a state of consciousness. Meditation releases reactions and unconscious habits and build the spontaneous and intuitive link to awareness itself. to clear your thoughts and then I think we will be done, right. Ah you must have heard the process of called there is a, there is a situation which now we are entering in the world is multipurpose corporations and one corporations in self is not complete one corporation as many subsidy corporation and then there is a hoarding corporation and then there is a master corporation and then there is a financial corporation and then there is a financial house holding corporation and then there is a share dividend holding house corporation and it is such if you want to look into the whole thing in the simple word and technology it looks like a very odd mechanical situation but fact is thousands of years this used to be exactly that way, simply now we put everything on a paper and do this and protect this against this and that.

In old days it used to be there was a one rich man he will give the money ah I give you ten thousand dollars go do the business this man ten thousand dollars he will put five six business with one thousand keep two, three thousand just to support them and then ring the bell keep going and then like this and like that and like that and like that it used to be, because there used to be respectability to earning what we have lost in attitude is respectability to earning, earning was considered a respectability not possessing it, if a person couldn't earn he could not feel respectable, work was not only a worship work was very satisfying to people now actually we talk of retiring you know we want to retire, we don't want to work, we want our money to work actually that is true these days and it is always true when the money, when your money earns the money then you are comfortable, but over and above that when your good will earns the money you are rich you know these movie stars and all that they just lend their name to something this actress Jane Fonda, she got into forty year old she knew that she will what will happen to her so she got into this exercise and this size and that size she opened up Jane Fonda work out and then now Jane Fonda sport clothing and tomorrow there will be Jane Fonda babies and they have to God knows what?

(Students laughter)

So it will be everything Jane Fonda, it doesn't make any sense ah even that work out tape I saw that day I couldn't believe, we know better exercises sets than that but they are not Jane Fonda, what sells is Jane Fonda not the exercise first of all out of all, all actresses she is the only one who did that so she earned respectability in the field of exercise, you understand that? I mean there are lot of computer programmers, I think you can everybody is dreaming and there are some computer programmers who have made made millions but look at this our guy Sitara Singh in Chicago he has become star overnight without letting everybody know the way you handle it I am not going to give credit to Ram Das Kaur because she should not feel that she has done a spiritual prayer for him but fact is the basic idealistic situation with him was that he had that capacity of what you call it a faith the guy is believing only what I am looking tomorrow is that if he can suppose tomorrow we come with a computer program that doesn't matter what you are thinking if you are depressed if you go through those that program for fifteen minutes you not only become aggressively competitive and self relying but really up and up suppose he can come up that kind of education program it's called let me built in you, it's called built in program supplementary program some computer program you can put these this and you can go through it ah, you know how wonderful that will be?

It will be marvelous or we can make a program through which we can make people so intuitive that their IQ can go ahead or we can make a computer program that we just a put a kind of a, kind of a thing around our body or somewhere where it can pass few current through certain meridian points temporarily may be for three minutes and it can give us a supplementary energy for six hours this is going to sell, this is going to be the trends you have to be little comforting to people in business if doctor Browner soap could have changed his bottling.

(Students laughter)

There is nothing in the world like it you can't be stuck with things you have to come out in business to be out, you have to come out of your life to be out but remember when you are out only you must know that you have to have a base that is the only wrong thing can ever happen in a business you come out and you lose the touch of the base, therefore please understand the most powerful aspect of your meditative power is that you must be aware that in adversity you are only genuinely required that's one point is very important and that's my closing point today when there is a adversity in business then your genuineness is required without genuineness you cannot come out of the adversity of the business, business can't go down in spite everything given right, but if you apply your genuineness you can always find the fault you can come out of it, so don't just a if the trend flow is upwards the business goes on it pulls the tendency and lastly this is the one last meditationMeditation Dhyan. It is a process of deep concentration or merger into an object or a state of consciousness. Meditation releases reactions and unconscious habits and build the spontaneous and intuitive link to awareness itself. which I like to share with you. It's called law of life.

Law of life in business is very simple this is ocean and from there comes the cloud and it rains and each drop has to take the shape of a river and go through the passage and it's to end up in ocean back again, got it? On the way, it gives water to the earth some people put capital into the business and eat it all up now business life cycle is this ah it comes through this, if it is goes in a subtle form it must come in a solid form. Any business, which is in your head is subtle, but it must become solid when it is practical and practical business is that which makes profit am I right?

(YB's laughter)

You don't believe in it arrey without profit even you cannot give one dollar to Siri GuruGuru That which takes us from ignorance to knowledge; from darkness, gu, to light, ru. It can be a person, a teaching, or in its most subtle form - the Word. GranthGranth Literally: knot: book. , but where you are going to get that? So let us sum it up, the law of the trade. First of all trade must have your respect, second it must have your impact respect and impact are very important then it must have a flow that everything can go long with it, if it is a business which nobody can understand nobody wants to do it (?) it is ultimately not going to do anything. Trends and time it is your genius-ness your intelligence here and then finally is the process, processing the business is a continuous business, you must process your own business which can include all sophisticated advices, legal aspects, personal aspect and what not, you must understand that trade is individual, is national, it is international and it is cosmic. Life is a trade and trade it for profit is the principle of life open for questions, um.

Student: (----)

YB: Multipurpose corporation is owned always by the directors I mean to say you have to understand when we bought this oil business scent oil it was about four thousand dollar in debt and one of the business which was unfortunately bought by our family from a family member and later on it was found out there was thousands of dollars debt which was never told and you know later on business even could not pull his, pull its feet. I couldn't believe how that guy for years have been doing a business where he was in the hole so deep that it was unbelievable and this oil business when I looked into was when I got into this business I looked into it and when I told it should be bought and it was unbelievable it was going to the dogs, now this business one day we have added products we have added lot of things, we have added packing and it's, it's, it's substantially there is a possibility to grow similarly we started with the that bankruptcy to Wahe Wahe Guru , Whaa-hay Guroo A mantra of ecstasy and dwelling in God. It is the Infinite teacher of the soul. Also called the gur mantra. GuruWahe Guru , Whaa-hay Guroo A mantra of ecstasy and dwelling in God. It is the Infinite teacher of the soul. Also called the gur mantra. Guru That which takes us from ignorance to knowledge; from darkness, gu, to light, ru. It can be a person, a teaching, or in its most subtle form - the Word. chew and from Wahe Wahe Guru , Whaa-hay Guroo A mantra of ecstasy and dwelling in God. It is the Infinite teacher of the soul. Also called the gur mantra. GuruWahe Guru , Whaa-hay Guroo A mantra of ecstasy and dwelling in God. It is the Infinite teacher of the soul. Also called the gur mantra. Guru That which takes us from ignorance to knowledge; from darkness, gu, to light, ru. It can be a person, a teaching, or in its most subtle form - the Word. chew now we have other things we are going to make and if those things are put in market properly and people get to know the taste of it, it can go on and on but also there are individual who can always develop products and kind of a... and proportionately people can share the profits and in general way having a common stock for things and common for advertisement and common this and common that you know what I mean?

That way we can save money so that is the purpose of things that way it, it does not give individual that, that basic individual security which sometime like a children we need but if we look into bigger maturity it is, it's, it's a lot more easier and profitable business to do that, there is nothing wrong with it, I wish somebody should be in a position to teach Tantric course somebody say I have to be very honest if it would be given to me that I can train somebody and somebody can do all that I would have done longtime ago, it's a, it's a most beautiful and very effective science but it is very confining, it is extremely confining I have to be physically present that's not what I think is wonderful not at all you understand something, something so good and so great but also is so confined but I think now what we are experiencing in the world is that people are pulling their poor resources their things together to get to really a success and we allow people to sit down and discuss and get into partnerships and corporation all that because it is good to do, yes?

Student: (----)

YB: Well, our generation has been hating multipurpose corporation because America is run by them and we from the flower age children you know we think my God these are the one who make big profits and drink booze and you know what is the image of a multi corporation is which is eating you up right but that's not true I mean to say people are not vegetarian and not nice and they don't meditate and all that stuff but multipurpose corporations are those who have survived America otherwise America would have dawned in the longtime ago as we have exploited our natural resources we were, we would have been totally down the hill but what we did is because of multipurpose corporation we have exploited other resources so we have become now expert exploiters that's okay that's the purpose and that's it serving. We are messing up things politically but you know we can only (?) you are in good shape, yeah?

Student: (----)

YB: Ah I tell you something every man has a basic quality and if you ever want to be associated with somebody who has different basic qualities like yours you are just getting along with a wrong guy.

Student: (----)

YB: Oh yeah, yeah hundred fifty thousand dollars from you and hundred fifty thousand dollars from him and his bank balance under what they call is security and yours under security if all equal or equal then game is fair but if you are going to put the money and he is going to put his expertiship he can take away the expertiship and your money too plus your wife to if wants to these kind of businesses are always mess up like that. You know, I have seen in lot of businesses where as a man has a partner and he is married and the other guy who is a partner is a single and after couple years the single has become married to his wife and this married guy is living in a restaurant.

(Students laughter)

Well then you are a married you have two children you start business also with a married and two children person so at least if he take yours you can take his.

(Students laughter)

(YB's laughter)

But problem is he can take yours and you can't take his, because he has nothing and that's a wrong partnership. Yeah.

Student: (----)


Student: (----)

YB: Um?

Student: (----)

YB: Other people talent you if you pay properly and respect properly and use properly can be very useful, but basically then you have to, you can partnership is different than talent, talent you can hire and fire or use and abuse whatever that's a different relationship but partnership is where you are stuck. It's very easy to get into a partnership is very difficult to get out of it, you can always dream to ride a tiger but it's very difficult to get off it because you get off a tiger and tiger is hungry all will find people with your skeleton and that's happen in mostly in partnership and businesses you take a dumb person for exploitation he gets up wiser and he takes you for a ride and then you do not know what to do, so basically I think caution and inquiry and survey and everything known in the world is required so you may not be sold on a scene rather knowing what the scene is about some people are very good and very expert and they are very they can live their life to you and sometime you do not value them you lose them or sometime there are people who look very valuable and everything they take you for a ride and you do not know what you are doing so there has to be a genuine effortness that how you choose your partner, yes, oh you are a accountant yeah go ahead.

Student: (----)

YB: In ashramAshram , Aashram A community of practitioners who come together to live conscious, mindful lives. , in everything wherever you have to deal you understand productivity must bring profit it's same law what is a ashramAshram , Aashram A community of practitioners who come together to live conscious, mindful lives. , ashramAshram , Aashram A community of practitioners who come together to live conscious, mindful lives. is the most beautiful thing in the world, ashramAshram , Aashram A community of practitioners who come together to live conscious, mindful lives. is what you call it's a automatic educational system where you have to learn to behave in respect to other people. AshramAshram , Aashram A community of practitioners who come together to live conscious, mindful lives. is not something very harsh and rude and all that, ashramAshram , Aashram A community of practitioners who come together to live conscious, mindful lives. actually tells us tolerance, tells us diplomacy, tells us humility, tells us progressiveness a, ashramAshram , Aashram A community of practitioners who come together to live conscious, mindful lives. is a very, it is, it is the best inter exchange in a possible available conditions, otherwise as a individual you be, you will never know who you are so ashramAshram , Aashram A community of practitioners who come together to live conscious, mindful lives. living is a very profitable living I have seen children who have developed in the Hacienda de Guru Ram Das , The Ashram The grounds of Yogi Bhajan's traditional home and ranch in Espanola, NM, as well the surrounding businesses, gurdwara and langar hall. ashramsHacienda de Guru Ram Das , The Ashram The grounds of Yogi Bhajan's traditional home and ranch in Espanola, NM, as well the surrounding businesses, gurdwara and langar hall. Ashram , Aashram A community of practitioners who come together to live conscious, mindful lives. they are very, very fast maturing children than those who are in individual homes they are neurotics mama, mummummum, because anything other than mama they see the shrink they do not know how to deal with it, they do not know what to do children who had developed in the Hacienda de Guru Ram Das , The Ashram The grounds of Yogi Bhajan's traditional home and ranch in Espanola, NM, as well the surrounding businesses, gurdwara and langar hall. ashramHacienda de Guru Ram Das , The Ashram The grounds of Yogi Bhajan's traditional home and ranch in Espanola, NM, as well the surrounding businesses, gurdwara and langar hall. Ashram , Aashram A community of practitioners who come together to live conscious, mindful lives. are quite fairly are in a position to handle any social situation, so there is definitely advantage of that disadvantage is that you can't have total privacy or you can't have total control or, or ego control I call it that's not ever so. Any other question? Thank you for the day God bless you.

(Students' clap)

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