Barcelona Lecture - A Course in Healing

August 18, 1985
Barcelona, Spain

... We are teaching a course here in self healing. The law of self healing is that if you can relax the area you can heal by the healing system of the body and people have experienced miracles. But we do not say that we know the art now and moreover, we should not use this art anymore. Because basically we are very emotional and corrupt. Healing art is the energy of the soul from one person to another person and then there are certain meridian points in the body, if you touch them, you you heal the person. Why this art has to go away and we have to use the local medical system because our mental emotions, they keep us overexciting and when you are mentally overexcited you are unhappy to begin with.

Actually now a person is mostly unhealthy. The definition of a healthy person now can be like this, person is sick but not seriously sick. So basically, the qualification of a healthy person then doesn't exist today. Today you have headache you take a pill, you are itchy you put a cream, you are depressed you take an upper, you are aggravated you took a downer, you drink a coffee or lemon juice. Just as it comes so you go. It is called living. It cannot be considered healthy living. Majority of the people are not healthy, they are aware of it. They can't do anything. Healthy man other than thick cotton cannot wear anything. The maximum facility he has to wear silk over thick cotton so that the skin can breathe. Now take the whole world; how many people wear that?

So basically we understand our way of living is basically unhealthy. Our food is totally a commercial thing, it has nothing to do whether it suits you or it doesn't suit you. You have to understand when you eat, there are certain juices in the stomach and certain saliva in the mouth and certain amount of it have to mix to reach the colon, give you what you need, plus there is a glandular system, which must secrete to add to the time and situation. Majority of the people they get cancer in that what they call no, no down there, prostate, prostate cancer is known and now as it takes four percent, I mean twenty six percent of the cancer of the male and prostate cancer will never happen to a person who after any sexual intercourse will go for urination or to any female who will within the hour shall urinate. Now we get, what we get, we get cyst in the ovaries, in fallopian tube, emotional reaction even in making love. It's, it's more done as, as a act of what we you call is satisfaction.

If you have taken food, within four hours you perform a sexual act, you bring one year old age per act, per act and all stomach problems so far known and discovered are the outcome of having a good food and having a good sex, because what has to digest is the activity transformed to different area. When you eat your stomach has to act. When stomach act, you feel very relaxed in your head. But when you perform sex you act very actively in your head. So it is a reverse action. Our glandular system which is the guardian of our health, the chemistry of our blood which is the base of our life, plus our nervous system is a total sum of what you call is life.

The sensitivity of the skin is so important that when a man has to be attacked, normally within the area of the eyesight as my eyesight can look, if I find a danger to my body within the area I can look, my skin should tell me that I am in danger, not anybody else, not telephone call. Now how many of you have that kind of skin?

The most biggest organ, most effective thing ever God produced, the basic stimulant of the entire human activity, something which can make you sick and make you disease is your skin. What you wear on it, how you wear on it, what, how you use your skin, how you deal with it, that decide your years to come. There is one very popular saying in the healing. If you do not take care of your skin, it will skin you out. So basically, I like one volunteer who thinks he is a very he or she is a nut you know, health freak, health freak, not you, you don't need (?) somebody who just feel they eat right, they live right, anybody of you is just of that capacity? How old you are? Yeah, how old you are? Twenty; from which country you are? Italian and why you have come here? Meet me? That's not the reason, I don't think any woman has that capacity, come, come here, lie down here, lie down here. Head this way, go to sleep, go to sleep, try to sleep, try to sleep. Feel relaxed? Not there, she feels relaxed here.

Now what we did is, we relaxed her stomach, we relaxed her total nervous system from here, then she was thinking, then we relaxed from here. Actually, this is how it should be but the guy couldn't do it perfect (?). Now with all that, the tension is here, which is the main tense point in body, but if we massage it here, it will be a temporary gain, but we will go here at the base meridians. These are two base meridians, do good and feel good, tell them, feel good? These two points if massaged are better than any point you massage it all and there are two points right here which can be done alternatively, feel good, because you have to understand this is the base of the sciatica to split into two and these are the two points which are actually connected with the lungs. So moment we relax the person here the more consumption of oxygen will take place. The blood will start changing its chemistry and that is where person starts feeling the change. Thus the process of healing has begun. If person is extremely tense, I'll use the solar center and the temple of one side and just give a massage. You understand that what I am doing now?

It is not that you have to force a person into life. People are very, very rebels, every part of the body is independent. Every organ of the body is independent, very sovereign and they like to rebel. Don't misunderstand body, body has its own kings and queens called glands, own capital called chakras and own unit structure called county. It is a whole city divided by different laws with a compromise to act together. Body can survive individually unit by unit. It has been seen the brain is dead, heart function and lungs breathe. It has been seen the heart totally doesn't function. But person is active, alive, so basically the independence of the organs has been established. But it is so rare that we call it miracle and mostly, these days the doctors do not understand the importance of the ribcage. Ribcage is called the piano of the body. If the joints where the rib bones meet the main bone, one inch from there, if you massage the body back and front, you give the chance to entire glandular system to re attack itself to normalcy and plus you go beyond here to her kidneys she doesn't eat drink do you drink lot of water?

Student: No.

YB: It cost money, it cost money. She doesn't drink lot of water, so it is going to just hurt little bit, sorry to do that to you girl. Because her kidneys are totally inflated inside and relax. Well okay now you come, pick up her hand here and separate her (?) and go in it, look good, it's all right, mama call mama, that's good music, (?), this side is better, it is okay, okay, now here put your finger here, here (?) and one hand here, massage, go through. This goes opposite, this goes this way. Good bring her foot up here, keep it bring that here yeah now put the heels together, press it down let it go, it won't break. Keep it there. It hurts?

Student: (-----).

YB: How you feel? Now, now just jump up, just jump up to get up.

Well, this is a simple normal way of getting up and this is a very simple way of daily routine one should add to his life to relax. Major areas in the body do need relaxation. What we do, we damage our body, we do exercise and then let body relax itself. Actually, we should relax the body and then do the exercise. Watch this; bring that guy up. Stand, give twenty five sit ups, one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty, twenty one twenty two twenty three twenty four twenty five. Lie down head this way, legs this way here. (?) belly up. Check his pulse, do it clockwise the navel pointNavel Point The sensitive area of the body near the umbilicus that accumulates and stores life force. It is the reserve energy from this area that initiates the flow of the Kundalini energy from the base of the spine. If the navel area is strong, your vital force and health are also strong. and reduce it, breathe through nose, come on go fast and deeper, breathe through nose. Relax him totally.


Because this was to control the energy to calm him down, this was to initiate the sexual energy to excite him. So relaxation and exertion put together because this goes ups. He is now very excited. That exercise didn't do anything, that didn't excite that much that brought only the pulse to the normal beat but there was no excitement. But now it is excite, excitement is there. Feel good? It's very difficult to excite, man, male get excited young as he is, very difficult to bring him to calmness. Human body very powerfully responds to emotions and emotion when constituted together with feelings makes the effective behavior and the effective behavior is responsible whether you are rich or you are poor, effective behavior is responsible. So if somebody is poor, somebody is not poor that God made him poor or he cannot do something. One is poor because his effective behavior has no margin of tolerance. If you have an effective behavior by the physical body which does not leave a padding of a normal behavior, you cannot be trusted. Therefore you cannot capture an opportunity. You can blame on anything, but basic blame lies in you. If you're your emotional feeling and emotions are not constituted rightly and acted rightly by your nervous impulse,on something you get excited. When you get excited you cannot give due judgment to that situation, or you get scared. You cannot then handle the situation. You get emotionally involved, you go blind to the pros and con of the situation.

Life is based on the pulse and the impulse of the human being and that is what real health means. If you cannot control your pulse and impulse you cannot enjoy your own very life. You are not healthy. Then you live day to day, week to week, month to month.

What did you eat today?

Student: Two croissants, two coffees, one apple.

YB: What is the combination of coffee and apple? Now you should have eaten and taken today carrot juice, orange juice, why coffee? What was the situation?

Student: (----).

YB: And you cannot wait?

Student: (----).

YB: You can't wait. You couldn't calm yourself, you get overexcited, you took coffee. So you put a balance on over excitement in your body. Why you did that? When you take a coffee you should go in bed and lie down. You know, naturally you are supposed to balance the energy. Instead of balancing the energy you put (?), you put that, you put coffee, you put apple, you put the whole thing push, push, push. But what do you think you are? You are a cannon? You can go and fire everything up and up nothing down, down, down? The act that we excite the body and do not counterbalance it, is a damage to body to begin with and it all starts emotionally and then the feelings come in and then after the feelings you start eating sugar, you start taking coffee, smoking, drinking, cocaine, then everything else. Because body as a system does not take the abuse to begin with. Moment you abuse the body, it start abusing you.

Did you ever take eggs sometime?

Student: Yes.

YB: How many? You have heavy cholesterol, he looks like, looks like he has tremendous amount of egg as a food because he is having cholesterol even at this age, otherwise normally the pulse should not be that hard. Now it's okay, thank you.

Don't eat thousands of eggs. He likes that.

Student: (----)

YB: Oh yeah, because he eats without hunger, he eats as a habit, as a friend and eats that he is not going to get tomorrow anything. So thyroid sometime, his thyroid sometime secretes, sometime refuse. But he has a healthy thyroid, there is nothing wrong, medically there is nothing wrong with his thyroid, mentally his thyroid is not his. It is a guest, it does what it wants to do whenever it wants to. There is a possibility in the future his thyroid may say good bye. But at this time medically his thyroid is considered to be perfect. But functionally it is not...

Side B

It may look normal. But basically his cholesterol will be heavy as the age will go up, because it has started acting on the arteries to harden them, but it will show later. Healing is to check your health before it get you. Not to become healthy when you are trapped in it. That's why we sometime go on a water fast for a week or so, not more than that and that too mineral water with lime and honey and that kind of stuff or we go that you know that melon, watermelon, that kind of fast to cleanse the body. We have that whole system of cleansing the body, making it healthy, going thorough it and once a, once a year, for a month or so, if you do that it will be enough to keep you going. You take melon, watermelon, you take papaya, you take honey and lemon water, then only lemon and water, then water only and then reverse it, it works very well. Normally the health needs a moment in life when you can balance yourself. Majority of the people don't give that minute to themselves. Let us see, get that guy with it. Now he looks normal to you, that is the most abnormal situation you are going to deal with, lie down. Where are you from?

Student: (----)

YB: Berlin. You speak English little. How many times a day you eat?

Student: Five times.

YB: Five? How many times you drink?

Student: Not very much

YB: What you eat?

Student: (----)

YB: Croissants and what, how many croissant each time?

Student: Today one.

YB: With what, tea, coffee? Direct dark coffee?

Student: (----)

YB: Watch this; how old you are?

Student: Twenty eight.

YB: Twenty eight year old Berlin man, put your hands up I'll put it down and don't let it come, ha. Meditate, try and do everything to keep it there, resist, resist, get strong. Now that's the massage of the liver. Okay now ready, ready? Come on, once again ready, ready okay? Now put it up. How much coffee you have in twenty years you have drank? Lives on coffee nervous system is gone. Okay now, ready okay? Good; you change your food now. You don't eat vegetables?

Student: Few.

YB: Few, you don't eat fruit?

Student: Yes I do, I do.

YB: What? When you ate your fruit last time? In the whole month of August how much fruit you ate?

Student: The bananas and the oranges.

YB: (?), which was the food at the tantric yoga? You should start eating more fruit and more vegetables, ha, I am going to cure you just now, I am not a healer or a curer, I don't take responsibility but I feel sorry for you. Because you are developing a disease for which there is no cure. Your nervous system will start breaking very soon. You are not feeding your lymph glands and it can be any disease concerning the lymphs, or the nerves. So please stop eating wrong, okay, promise? Now it is going to hurt. So clench your teeth and your tongue and don't cry. Don't eat wrong right, feel good? Raise your legs up slant, slant, little more, keep it there. We will watch, now you know all these friends, call everybody name and promise them you will not eat wrong, call everybody, call (?).

Student: (----)

YB: So it is your moral responsibility to save him as a friend and don't let him do wrong. Okay thank you.

Our nervous system is a very important part, because not only our nervous system give us sensitivity, it give us combination and when the body is not sensitive then our senses are not sensitive to things. In (?) where I live I went to the seaport that day yesterday and the fishing nets were there. The smell was so impossible, it almost nauseated me. But there are people who have no, they have lost the sense of sensitivity of the nose totally. So that part of the body is gone dead, it has no reaction. There is a one corner there where they, they roll this chicken, they roast them, smell is so terrible that you can't even, you can't pass from that corner, that's it.

So actually the senses are there to help balance and augment the life. But sometime, our behavior and our environment, kills those senses. Similarly we eat things. I tell you how sensitive my body is. I drank today coconut water, coconut were all right, but one of the coconut water was fragrant; it should normally not bother a person. It affected me so heavily I felt dizzy, felt drunk, felt pain, total body reacted in absolute rebellion. There was nothing I could say to it or to listen. It was just like I have (?) my own body, it's angry, mad, yelling, screaming and I became a prisoner in my own body. I told it I am sorry, I didn't smell it. It said, that you had a good nose. Why don't you do that? Why you put it in me? So I missed my lunch and I had to let everybody go out of the room and I have to do a fish pose which is just crawling like a fish to secrete my glandular system and force it to equalize it. That was quite a experience for what you call it half a cup of that drink; but body's independence was established. I told it calm down, calm down, it's all right, it's not big deal. It was not a liquor, why you were so upset. Didn't work. So basically, your body is the banner holder of your own health. Don't try to conquer it. The worst thing you do, when the body says no, you say yes and finally you defeat its own sensitivity and its own intuition and this way you set the goal of self destruction, physical self destruction.

Now you can have interval and go to the restroom and all that (?). You can take fifteen minutes off...

... and should exercise when he has to in other way comfort or soothe another person is to make a person lie down and make him feel relaxed, not that he is going to get relaxed. Make a person to relax, make him, command him to relax and then ask the person to breathe in and out long and deep as far as possible. It will take five to fifteen minutes, you may be successful. Keep checking the pulse, pulse should be very slow and soft. That in itself is a healing. Then mentally concentrate the person, ask the person to feel involve with you and then let that person let you know where it is hurting; touch that area and raise your hands an inch above that area and concentrate and ask the other person to concentrate. You will surprisingly create a circuit of healing energy. Anybody wants to volunteer? Come on, inhale, exhale long and deep, breathe all the way up to here and breathe out. Healing is between two people. It is the highest love energy. The second grade love energy is communication, third grade is the love physical and fourth grade is romance and flirtation and whatever you call it. So basically this is the systematic symptom energy. It's not some outside energy which comes and heals you. It is same energy which makes you sick also. When it is not in harmony you must get sick and you must know emotionally people get, emotionally people in love and relationship and divorce and marriage and all that, get upset, get sick.

Most emotional sickness is common cold. Common cold, sore throat, clogging of the nose, headache, high breath, shaking of the legs and hands, blinking of the eyes too much. All that is nothing but a emotional symptom; if not body is not made to relax immediately, relax, then you can't respond to anything else and it become a disease, because in your body the lymph area but your mucus glands and mucus membrane is the first which takes the brunt. If it goes beyond the mucus membrane possibility then you get further sickness.

He is such a mental situation now. He can't relax his mind, come on now get up, relax, breathe deep up to here and back here. Don't pull your belly up you are not pregnant, breathe in chest, here, here breathe here, no here. Let the baby come here, breathe here. Now look at him, here, little bit better, now exhale, exhale, then you go, let it go, go, go, go, breathe here. Get down again, now breathe, very good exhale, now I will catch the kidney with it, exhale, come, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, now keep your mouth close, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, now deep inhale, exhale, deep inhale, exhale, deep inhale, exhale. Is there any part of the area where you feel you need energy?

All right now inhale in the upper, stop here, here, go down, now you do it on individual, okay, you correctly behave, yeah inhale, yeah like a man, you are becoming a woman, something wrong with you? Sex is changing? Exhale, now he is serious. Now inhale more, you have to open up your upper lungs, exhale. All the way down let the air go. Inhale, very good, exhale. It should take fifteen minutes to relax a person and it takes about eighteen minutes to put your hand and make a person continuous breathing of that area, right, feel good, feel good? Ha ha he feels good. Come on now breathe, no not here, here, fifteen minutes to relax and eighteen minutes total just to breathe and contact that area. A contact will take place automatically, you don't have to do anything. Just about one inch above, there is a popular saying, the man has power of God to heal, with breath of life and you explain that line that's what we are doing right now.

Come inhale, strong here, here, here, here, deep, yeah deep out, deep in, deep out, deep in, deep out, deep in, deep out, deep in, deep out, deep in, deep out, deep in, deep out. Now his personality will be totally changed. All his friendship watch him. Deep in, deep in, deep out, deep in, very good, deep out, deep in, deep out, deep in, this is the moon center, the chin. And pituitary projection is the third eye, combine it. I am combining it with a Saturn finger, normally you combine with this because you don't have the experience. By index finger and by thumb if you put the moon and the sun together, make a person breathe, whole thing is balanced. I am doing something else just to make him something better, so just excuse me for doing that side by side. Breathe in deep, yeah, good boy, breathe out, like a man, come on quick, it should be very powerful. Now in again, yeah and now out again, show your strength, now show him, very good, very good, pull the navel and breathe out, continue out, hurry up, very good, in now, all the way out, all the way out, let everything get out, all the energy in, hold, pull navel in, hold pull, pull it in, raise your heels, hold the breath, hold, hold, hold, relax. Done for the day.

Was it nice? Was it nice? Now everybody pickup your partners and do the homework. Take fifteen minutes of just breathing in and out, long and deep and eighteen minutes of breathing, angling this area and that, maximum breathing in and breathing out. That was for him, his upper rib area was caved in, if that continues you get pleurisy, you get tuberculosis, you get all that, so I had to take care of that. The whole area, this ribcage has to expand but from the navel pointNavel Point The sensitive area of the body near the umbilicus that accumulates and stores life force. It is the reserve energy from this area that initiates the flow of the Kundalini energy from the base of the spine. If the navel area is strong, your vital force and health are also strong. , base is the navel pointNavel Point The sensitive area of the body near the umbilicus that accumulates and stores life force. It is the reserve energy from this area that initiates the flow of the Kundalini energy from the base of the spine. If the navel area is strong, your vital force and health are also strong. , yeah, yeah, pickup your partners, you go, what we do? Who is in charge here?

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