Healer's Talk - Traditional and Alternative Medicine

March 19, 1983
Albuquerque, NM


It's a great tragedy that the way we have plundered United States in two hundred years that can we ever be forgiven, that's the idea in question. It is not the question of you love United States and you love yourself being a American or not, but the basic tragedy is we have the greatest opportunity to live healthy, happy, holy, creative. We were not supposed to be a country where people look at us and say, "Well, these are bunch of gays and these are bunch..." I am not against gays, I am telling you the remarks, which you hear it in the outer world. "They are bunch of perverts. Americans are mentally sick, can't stand any this, can't stand, can't be friend to anybody." It's in political world.

Our country has doled out the maximum amount of money to the world at large and we have the minimum friends and it's a fact. The money we have given to all the countries in aid, if we would have been put in a bank, at ten percent it could have given three thousand dollars per American adult, for the rest of his life or her life.

The fact is, are we unhealthy that we are doing these kind of idiotic things? Even with due reference to the AMA and medical profession what we have brought down to the point of medical healing is very shameful. If you understand the medical science the holistic healing is not the word we have to coin today, it is from the time infinite. Doctor will go, visit the patient, talk to him, discuss him, he was kind of a psychoanalyst, he was a diagnoser, he was a investigator. He will go through the whole rigmarole and feel very personally, it was not now order three hundred tests and in the end find out nothing.

In one of the patient's case, nine thousand dollars were paid in going through all the tests and they couldn't cure the headache and six days celery juice fast, did it. Now that is the combined combination of our modern theory and mostly the tests are taken because malpractice suits, that we did we do this, so actually the medical profession has come to be very scared and not very together. Doctor is charging you that much money, I have never seen a doctor flying over everybody. They are sued after on average after three to five years and leveled off. It's a great tragedy in this country to understand. There are five to six systems of cure or healing or what you call it.

Fortunately when was, I was teaching applied, science of applied yoga into the medical profession in UCLA and then continued for seven, eight years, because I wanted to get open some of the medical people, my class was supposed to have twenty maximum students and we never had less than thirty five or forty five, something like that and there was a great competition to do that, finally my schedule could not permit me to be with that. I still love to be there and I still like to let them know.

I am a son of a doctor, medical general practitioner who being the eldest son I saw him practicing and I saw him practicing then and I see people practicing now. There is a whole different relationship. Family doctor, family priest, family banker and family dog were all loved together. But today is not the case. My doctor knew all about me more than my father knew about me. He can come and visit me, "Hey, last year you had three cold, huh, you had that, you have that, you have that and this year you got this, this, this and let me pull out your chart, okay, in the last four years you got this, this, this," and it's a matter of whole history and right there. It's not now.

The most ancient system of medicine is the Vedic system, it is called Ayurvedic system, it's a system to diagnose, system to know and system to treat. It's a beautiful system but it's very slow. It is a healing system rather than curing system. You root out the disease right from the root, not you go by the system of what, what the symptoms are and heal it for the time being and follow the path that body will take care of it. That's not the system.

Ayurvedic system is to go deeper into the self, what caused it and block the cause first, then the effect. Person gets common cold very often. They understand, they understand in Ayurvedic the cold and cough and all this does come and you believe me or not, all the medicines are there to work on lymph glands, work on liver, work on digestive system because they feel the system fails before the disease happens. Uneasiness, disease, dis-ease. Easiness is gone. The life has to be healthy per se.

The Ayurvedic system was very successful all times. Then Alexander the Great brought with him a new medical system called Greek system and unfortunately in Greece there is not that system, but India it's a full-fledged medical system practiced even today. Marvelous achievements, marvelous achievements. Unbelievable. They will take your pulse, they will study the three pulses and they will start writing. No X-ray can catch it. No test can prove it and there is a one man, just his hand on your pulse and he reads the disease you can't believe it. And they are sometime so accurate and so pinpointing that it astonishes lot of people. Not only that. In India the woman doesn't come to a male doctor. So what they do? They tie a string at the pulse, pull it to a certain point and then they play it and from the sound of the string they diagnose her. It is true.

Today Humdurd Dawakhana, Humdurd means one who is very helpful to you, medical house is a huge hospital, it's a huge pharmacy and people come all over the world to get cured, healed healthy and they are fantastic, unbelievably fantastic. In Germany now I have, I have visited it many times and there lot of doctors are my friends, holistic health they call it these days, it is kind of a very natural system, they are all naturopaths in Germany and it is surprising, they have a huge wall like this filled with medicine. You can't make head or tail of it. It is their medicine. Patent medicine. Just like regular medicine. It's total different. Funny part of it is, the friend of mine had a terrible angina and they were going to give bypass but they found out that he is terribly diabetic and it is very difficult to heal, first his diabetes must heal and then dah-dah-dah, one thing led to the other, surgery was not possible and four bypass was supposed to happen which is the maximum and I talk, one day I was just talking to that doctor of mine friend, very young man, I said, "(?), isn't all this medicine you have something?"

He said, "Angina that little thing?"

I said, "This is not little somebody who is in pain and blood is not going to his heart and arteries are blocked."

He said, "Oh no. Has he got the bypass?"

I said, "No."

So he pulled on one bottle and gave it to me and he said, "Tell the gentleman don't take more than fifteen drops."

I give this guy, he is hale and hearty. He has no symptoms, sign of any kind of angina. And there is a whole science about it. And funny part is, this is how they diagnose you. They put your eyes through a some kind of big, huge scope, not etiology but little more complicated than that and after that reading they take the, it gives a film, the film gives reading, the reading gives the symptom, the symptom gives dah-dah-dah, and it tells the medicine. It's so computerized it blew my mind when he did that. Then comes our allopathic system and finally you know surgery. But there is a one doctor, which is not here today and we forgot to bring him. It is called grandma prescriber. That is the real doctor. That actually... I can understand if grandma medical center lives in a home, doctor shall live faraway.

For example, "if you take one raw onion a day, you shall never have a cancer, period." Raw onion a day keeps the cancer away as one apple a day keeps the doctor away. And over and above all that, fifteen minutes of breath of fireBreath of Fire Also called agni praan. It is a rapid, rhythmical breath pattern, generated from the navel point and diaphragm with an equal inhale and exhale and usually done through the nose. It is both stimulating and relaxing. It heals, strengthens the nerves, and clears out old patterns and toxins. keeps the whole world away. I am not telling you ridiculous I am telling you if you count all my personal diseases and make a list you will have a shock of your life. I worked twenty hours, I am totally fanatic workaholic, I don't listen to my personal doctor at all, he runs with the stethoscope after me that you can't believe it and he is mad at me that you can't even ask him. Ask him sometime Dr. Soram, "How is Yogiji's health? He said, "Oh God, it's useless to talk."

And I don't have time sometime to do exercises and I have exercised all my life so much I want to go Home and I don't want to stay in this world. And this is a war between me and God, God wants me to stay, I want to go and God knows when the permit will come, it's a permit system. But I have seen whenever I am very unhealthy and I teach Tantric yoga, which means cleansing the subconscious taking the entire garbage and live with it.

Also in psychoanalysis and communication there is a one tragedy. You can have a communication established with your person you advise you can open up the subconscious of the person and can counsel him correct but if you don't close the subconscious that your person will bleed with it and in psychology yet they have not understood what a havoc they are playing. I am not going to tell them either. It is the counselor's problem, not mine.

Because you have to understand when you enter into subconscious fear of a person and he shares with, that's why in counseling area you will feel lot of practices, which are unethical. Because when a connection between subconscious and subconscious happens, lot of things can happen which are unexpectedly should not have happened. That's why highly the doctor was a kind of an ideal person, health giver, very respectably looked upon and very family, very loving. Actually that is the forty percent of health.

You know, what is the forty percent of health? Doctor has arrived. That's it. It's an insurance has come, health has come, medicine has come, things have come, because the hope has come. And without that there is no doctor, a statue has arrived. And that's very fundamental, that's very classical. And that's very fundamental in that profession. And it is going to be revived now, it is not happening from the last fifty to seventy-five years. The medical profession has become a single because I understand the money they have to take, the loan they have to take, the interest they have to pay, the clinic they have to set up in private practice, some of them cannot even afford to talk to a patient as a family doctor should.

In the Ayurvedic system it is basically the herbs and not only the herbs, then second to that is Rasayans and there are things called Kushthas, very important, very important. If you understand the dose of it, it is very negligible, you can't even feel it. The effect of it, it takes minutes. It's a very prominent scientific, totally worked out situation, they have come to the point of resultant they call it. And the most powerful system, which Germany developed and all over the world people are practicing these days is homeopathic system. And if you can exactly study the diagnose and your diagnose are correct and you prescribe those few sweet pills, you are out of it as fast as you got into it. So what I am trying to tell you is that holistic healing system is not only medicine. It is lot personal and it is more mental than physical. That's the point I am making. Healing is more mental.

I went to India last time and normally I am a very guest of honor and I am supposed to eat in many places. And in an Indian house if you refuse the food, it is the biggest insult you cause to somebody. I can't do it, I am a religious man, too and I have to visit people. Mentally I asked myself that I must not take weight over. When I went and I came back my weight was not even one pound more, rather it was one pound less, but in America with dieting I gained ten pounds. I honestly dieted, didn't cheat, no pizza, nothing. But throughout in India I ate everywhere but mentally I was so meditative not to gain weight, body did comply.

The mental strength, the mental character that you want to be healthy, you want to be alert, you want to be radiant, I am not giving you religious sermon, excuse me. From my side drink as much you drink and hangover after hangover and do anything you want to do. It's not my problem. I am not interested with those who run around sexually, sensually, periodically they think they are human. I have no concern with that kind of garbage. That is your American gift and you can have it and live with it. It's not my problem. My problem is those who fundamentally feel they are human and I feel once you know you are human, you can conquer any kind of disease.

It is very surprising, a girl came to me and she said, "Do you know Yogiji, I have got cancer."

I said, "It is all out now in the paper?"

She said, "Yeah."



"Any cure of it?"

She said, "No."

I said, "What about chemotherapy? What about this? What about that?"

She said, "Well, I have gone to Houston, I have gone to Stanford, I have gone to this place, I have gone to that, I have discussed this, this, this doctor and they say this is a rare kind of cancer. I don't think anything you can do about it."

I said, "All right." I said, "There is a one bread."

What is the name of Karta Purakh that bread we make it that...?

Students: Comfrey...

YB: Comfrey, fennel and parsley and something. It's a heavy-duty bread.

I said, "Well, can you do one thing? Take this comfrey tea and live on this bread and go to God in peace. After all, they have given your four months to live only and.."

She said, "Any kind of meditationMeditation Dhyan. It is a process of deep concentration or merger into an object or a state of consciousness. Meditation releases reactions and unconscious habits and build the spontaneous and intuitive link to awareness itself. ?"

I said, "Well, I am not into that trip with you. MeditationMeditation Dhyan. It is a process of deep concentration or merger into an object or a state of consciousness. Meditation releases reactions and unconscious habits and build the spontaneous and intuitive link to awareness itself. I teach you and you meditate and you don't, but this is a solid meditationMeditation Dhyan. It is a process of deep concentration or merger into an object or a state of consciousness. Meditation releases reactions and unconscious habits and build the spontaneous and intuitive link to awareness itself. . Get on this bread and this tea and do nothing else."

She was given four months and maximum six. I think now it's the fifteenth or sixteenth month, she is hale and hearty, she is working and now they say the terminal condition is over, her cancer is very rare, it is receding and they are attributing to the fact that it can happen. And I know it can happen. And you all know it can happen, because body, which can bring disease can reverse it too. How you apply your mind to it, that should decide the fact.

The greatest medicine of all times is what you eat. The greatest medicine of all time is how you breathe. It doesn't matter, watch my words, it doesn't matter how much you eat and how much vitamins you take and I don't care who you are. If you do not, breathe deep and well and slow to purify your blood for half-an-hour at least, you don't have a chance.

There is nothing more purifier and more energetic in a human body than the human breath itself. It's a fundamental medicine. It keeps you alive. Without breath of life you can't even live for five minutes. There is something to it, which works. It's the most ancient way and I studied once how to cure all kind of diseases with different kind of breathing techniques. It's a very powerful systematic situation, but in the modern society today the fact is we don't have time.

And thanks to computer, tomorrow we can do one thing that man maybe asked to lie down and computerized breathing can be done with the help of outside machine. Otherwise I don't think anybody is ready today to sit down and even breathe. And specially I have seen in Los Angeles people hate to breathe. And even I have to come to New Mexico, so sometime you think I am crazy, I love New Mexico. I love New Mexico because I can breathe here and I can drink water here.

I don't come here spending two hundred dollar each time that there is something special I can go all over the world and I am needed at so many places but I have made it a point that once a month for even two, three days I come to Espanola and you know how much water I drink and how much breathing I do? Enough for another thirty days. There is medicine in sunshine, vitamin D, there is minerals and vitamins and water. There is a life giving medicine, it's called ion of life in breath. You can purify your blood to the strength that it can fight every disease, provided you are oxygenated properly everyday and carefully. When you are sick, your food and your mental food can give you health faster. I believe it is the fundamental right of every individual to live healthy, to live long, so that one can feel creative, fulfilled.

It's very funny, the gentleman was sent to me by a friend of mine who was my friend and he is a medical practitioner in UCLA and he telephoned me, he said, "It's my personal request that you will see him."

So I said, "All right, I will."

The guy has gone to, I don't want to name these psychologists and experts on sex. It was a case of temporary impotency and he was feeling terrible, he thinks his wife is having a terrible time and all that. And I said, "Why you are so much worried about it?"

He said, "Well, you know."

I said, "What do you know? I know. It's just a temporary situation."

He said, "I want to get out of it."

I said, "Look man, there are so many cows and goats and sheep sitting in you, they are all scared to death and your food and all that has brought this. It's a very ordinary thing, it can happen after thirty six years at any time."

He said to me, "I'll do anything, you tell me and I'll do it right now."

When you catch an American by the horn, you really love it. They are good students when they are in trouble. They are totally bad when they are out of trouble.

So I said, "Okay, now you are in trouble, now you will do anything what I say."

He said, "Anything. Get me out of it."

I said, "It's very clear to me, I'll get you out of this trouble and you don't promise me to put me in trouble again."

He said, "Sure, sure, sure."

I said, "All you have to eat is the greatest luxury of your food is artichoke. And that one artichoke a day plus you have to make pakoras of," you call it eggplant, in India they call them baingans and everybody knows eggplant is the most potent sexual God's essence on the earth. It's known fact, it's not unknown to commoners and I said, "One pound of those pakoras you can eat during the day."

He is still grateful to me, he lost forty pounds, his sexual life is so perfect that his wife called, is there antidote to it? Now if you want to talk to the medical journal and All India Medical Association of United States of America, the eggplant can cure temporary sexual disability, they will laugh at you. But I want to tell you one experiment. Just eat eggplant for one week without putting lot of oil and all that kind of stuff in it. With the most potentizing garbanzo flower which is very good to clean the colon and make the all the properties, that's why we made it into a pakora it gives you reasonable oil, it gives you, pakora is you make the better of garbanzo flower and put that thing whole and deep fry it and it's ready for you.

It is amazing that people have not realized that what is a medicine. A synthetic made medicine was basically an essence of herbs and what is a herb? It is something, which was supposed to be added to food. It's very funny. When I came to United States, it was a tragedy. Everywhere drugs, everywhere people falling apart, sexual orgies. In these states of New Mexico, we used to go out and collect dead bodies and used to bring them to the police station and police say, "What should we do with it?" That is what I did in '69, '70 and '71. Being sick of all that drug and trying to cure and we have in Tucson drugless drug rehabilitation program which is recognized in all United States of America and now the blue shield and blue chip and whatever all that is, they recognize it too.


What I am trying to, blue cross and all that stuff, they recognize the treatment too. And it is very surprising. One day I was addressing common kids and I remember they were not more than sixty. Anyway they were less than hundred. I said to them, I said, "Let us go on a treatment and let us breakthrough anything which we are suffering with, everything."

They said, "Everything?"

I said, "Yes, everything."

We had a camp. We lived on nothing, but a simple food. We lived on wheat berries and we didn't have heating arrangements. All we did is, soak them for four, five days, we wanted to boil them and make them soft, but in those days, forget it. We were just a kind of very poor type of people. Hog farm people joined me and Juke Savages joined me and this and that joined me and we put them on a simple diet. YogiYogi One who has attained a state of yoga (union) where polarities are mastered and transcended. One who practices the disciplines of yoga and has attained self-mastery. tea and wheat berries soaked week over and all we did is, we make one pot here and another, another, another. After forty days, we were all healthy. We all left and eighty percent never went back to anything. It was a classic result. It is a simple medicine, soak the wheat for one week, let it rot, it smells bad, I know that. It's nothing do it. Drink that water and chew that wheat and then over and above all the time, twice or three times as much you can afford, drink YogiYogi One who has attained a state of yoga (union) where polarities are mastered and transcended. One who practices the disciplines of yoga and has attained self-mastery. tea. You will be shocked how fast you can be cured. I am not that seriously that I want to go on this treatment but one day I will. I'll be all right. It's so simple.

Life is so simple. Things about health are so simple. I know when we call people to meditate, they think it is a medicine, they don't want it. But in you, there are three elements: One is your body, other is your mind and third is your spirit, will to be and will to be comes from the soul. When you eat right, body is all right. But what is the use of that body when you tell something it cannot immediately compute and come with an answer?

Mind is dull. Mind becomes very sharp with meditationMeditation Dhyan. It is a process of deep concentration or merger into an object or a state of consciousness. Meditation releases reactions and unconscious habits and build the spontaneous and intuitive link to awareness itself. . And the will to live comes from the soul, from the spirit and there are seven laws of happiness. You must commit, you must commit, it will give you character. Character will give you dignity, it will give you Divinity, it will give you grace, it will give you power to sacrifice and it will give you happiness. What is happiness? Happiness is to give. Happiness is not to take. God gives and idiots take. That's why we say, "Earn it, don't take it." In this country people do not understand the difference in earning and difference in taking. Life is based on act of fact and the tact of fact. And basically it is the fact of life which can be with you or which cannot be with you. And it's very fundamental.

In Boston, I met that lady in Washington, she came to see me. She prescribes for everything wheat grass juice. Period. And I told her, I said, "I agree with you hundred percent. I am not disagreeing you are perfect. But to grow wheat grass and then juice it, what a poor man will do?"

She said, "Americans can afford it."

I said, "American can afford it one thing better than that. They all love to drink that stinking drink called booze. Why can't they not drink that stinking wheat rotting for seven days and eat it?"

She said, "It smells bad."

I said, "Not more than booze."

And write down this recipe and I am going to close my lecture after that. It is a recipe, which made my family members live over hundred years. I don't intend to live hundred years, that's why I am not going to take it. So it is only for you. I had enough what I have. But I want to give you a recipe for your health. And it's very simple. Take wheat berries and put six times water in it. Just remember, six times water in it and then for every pound use one ounce of cardamom, and what they call that sticky thing?

Student: (----).

YB: No.

Student: (----).

YB: Cinnamon, called sticks, those little sticks. Cardamom, cinnamon and black pepper, cayenne, powder ginger, powder garlic and four ounces of powder onion. For six times water is that if you take one pound, one pound of wheat berries then six pounds of water and then this goes by the ounce one-eighth, ounce is one-eighth of a pound. When you finish with that, then you have to do put four ounces of vinegar malt. And keep it out for a week and take the water out and take the water out for seven days and add the same stuff, double it and keep putting water and keep putting after one week the same amount what you have done.

Don't throw away what you got as your base. That's the, base becomes mother culture and it includes the homeopathic value what they call it, the potency. And when it becomes potent and potent, because you understand one impotency is multiple of it and it is lower and each time you drink this, first week you drink as a glass of water straight from it, second week you add water to it little bit, one-fourth, then you add water half to it and keep on doing. You will be shocked what it can do to you. Shocked at the results.

It's a very simple thing, my wife is sitting here, she never wants to like to make it for me, but out of the wheat we take the wheat base, the cream of the wheat or the essence of wheat called Nakhasta and we can prepare with that or with the garbanzo flower we can prepare things. Simple food. It's a simple food. There is nothing energetic in the world like that. All you have to eat it, soak at night these black garbanzos are available and take them, split black garbanzos, look at this, it's something fantastic to deal with and take them, soak them in milk for three, four, five days, it is, it is a potency system, nothing big deal. Garbanzos are otherwise are useless, just for one meal they are all right, but when you soak them in the milk, their potency increases and then you fry them. All right, crush them. Make a flower out of them and then put them into the coconut, seal the coconut, put little hole, put all this, seal it. Then deep fry it. Then again make powder of it, done. After that, put all these seeds, the seeds, sunflower seed, this cucumber seeds and watermelon seed and melon seed, those four seeds, equal of that powder weight, done. Then put some sugar or candy, maple syrup, honey, God knows if you are 3HO you don't like anything other than honey, but whatever, make it reasonably sweet and powder it, put the whole powder together and fry it on a low fire. When it is all brown, keep it and take two ounces of it at night and soak it in milk in the morning, drink that milk and eat that stuff in it.

I understand potassium cyanide can kill you, but God won't let it happen. It gives so much the body system the strength, it makes you so immune to disease, it's unbelievable. We don't have time here to sit down and do it. In India it's very easy. Tell the wife, "I want it." She will produce it whether she likes it or not. Here there is no such system. Here there is a trouble. Let us tell you something very simple to Mexicans. In the entire ancient Vedic rule, there is a one simple way to eat. Take, [quote] "take," t-a-k-e take, turmeric and sauté it in oil. We normally use common oil or almond oil and if you can get olive oil, it's very good. Sauté in olive oil turmeric. No big deal. And take whole chili, freshly crushed, say, take pound or two pound of those crushed chilies, take pound of the turmeric powder, take oil enough to sauté it, sauté, done. Take about five, six, seven pounds of onions, put it in, mix it. And soak it, put enough extra oil, raw oil, not, you need not have to heat that oil and put it in a kind of any pot or something. In Summer Solstice and Winter Solstice, that's part of our food. We do give that. I will love to see if any 3HO person who has totally attended, I am not talking, I am not boasting on this fact, everybody who eats everyday, I am not worried about that part, but that 3HO person who has attended that Winter and Summer Solstice continues for his life, if we can ever get a news that he died of a heart attack. The entire electromagnetic field of the body and frequency of it and its connection with the working capacity of the brain and body nervous system, sympathetic, parasympathetic nervous system, they can take any pressure and still come through it.

You know, to a good Hindu you can show him a bullet he won't run, you show him garlic, he will run. Garlic is bad, it is sexual, it doesn't let you meditate, it makes you overactive. Even here in certain yoga classes, I am just surprised they allow people to eat meat because they have dollars, but they do not tell, allow them to eat garlics. But I am going to produce garlic pies in United States of America, believe me or not and I have whole formula and theory of it. I am going to say eat the garlic pie and live very high. That is the slogan I am going to give. And I am going to go blow everybody's mind that out of all the income I am going to have, I am going to donate those garlic pies to terminal disease cases and I'll see the termination terminated. And I give you the recipe that too. Make garlic, milk and rice pudding. The beauty of that is, put less rice than normal. Don't make rice pudding, you are making garlic pudding. So major part of that is garlic. Peel it, put it, boil it and keep on a low fire till it becomes a pretty hard paste and the rice will give its thickening effect, so your pudding is ready. Then make the crust and fill it up with maple syrup. Don't use honey or sugar. Your pie is ready and put few red cherries and all black cherries and whatever on it and make it a showpiece and eat them.

Now you won't smell. But one thing I am not sure, if you ever go to next day bathroom and you have a bad colonies of bad bacteria inside, couple of days you won't like to go to bathroom. You will smell, not that, there is nothing wrong with the pie. There is everything wrong with you. Because the food provides catalyst for antibodies bacteria from the colon and (?) to come out and then garlic kills it and throws it out. It's a very disinfecting system. And there is a one line, which I'll say and I close myself.

Garlic pie, I am translating it word to word. Garlic pie will show you the God sitting in the sky and still you will live on the earth as the healthiest man, by your own will. I feel and I fully understand, we are only sick because we don't take care of ourself and we don't have time. It is just like having a good Rolls Royce and not serving it for a long time and then blaming it on the manufacturer. I do lot of rotten things to my body and my mind goes through hundred thousand painful moments everyday because I counsel people and I have done my psychology Ph.D. in communication, I am a very beautiful American who knows art of communication and I know communication can heal and I do it on telephone those little miracles, I don't believe in big miracles, little miracles. And in spite of all that what I go through, I should have been dead five years ago. But little meditationMeditation Dhyan. It is a process of deep concentration or merger into an object or a state of consciousness. Meditation releases reactions and unconscious habits and build the spontaneous and intuitive link to awareness itself. , little food...

It's very funny. Sometime I'll take off my clothes, put the apron, go in the kitchen, cook myself. What? Nobody knows. What I am going to end up with, nobody knows. And I don't care whether anybody appreciates or not, but when I'll eat it, I'll feel good. And I know I can go on for one more month. The amount I travel, the jetlag I get, the negativity I hear, forget about what I do about it. That's another part. The negativity I hear.

Yesterday I had to act to yell at somebody who thought he can yell, you know, big, loud, big bully, big loud, angry like in hell. I had to yell back at the same frequency. You know, the road workers outside stopped the work, they thought something has happened. I yelled so loud, penetrated, shocked the total sympathetic nerve system. I can read the auraAura The radiant field of energy and consciousness that surrounds the physical body and which holds and organizes the seven centers of energy called chakras. Its strength, measured by brightness and radius, determines the vitality, mental concerns, and psychophysical integrity of a person. I knew it. Guy was calm, beautiful like a lily flower, totally silk.

Communication has more power, in the beginning there was a word, word was with God and word was the God and that power of the spoken word is very powerful and when you totally combine the tongue with the upper palate and create the sound you want to create, you can penetrate into the arc line and the auraAura The radiant field of energy and consciousness that surrounds the physical body and which holds and organizes the seven centers of energy called chakras. Its strength, measured by brightness and radius, determines the vitality, mental concerns, and psychophysical integrity of a person. and you can heal or you can make somebody very miserable. It works both ways, it is energy. But good people use it for good purposes. Bad people use for bad purposes. And all your diseases comes talking badmouthing. That is the only sacred thing to know. Badmouthing and hearing bad, when you hear bad thing, the central ear goes out of balance. It affects the brain, ion don't communicate and parasympathetic goes more active and sympathetic does not cooperate, it is activity and inactivity and imbalance and it gets to one or the other organ which is always weak in our body and our disease starts ultimately becomes ailment, it becomes serious condition and ultimately we quit. Power of the spoken word through prayer and through abuse is the cause of all illnesses, known, unknown, in existence ever to be found and discovered. Thank you very much.


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