Healer's: Psychologiststs - Day 7

May 28, 1989
Rome, Italy

(Student Translates Yogiji lecture into Italian)

Well, we do so many things; let us start doing things, which make us strong. I believe only in one thing. Happiness is my birthright and there is no substitute for victory, period. And those who do not bring courage to their life, even per chance they achieve everything they shall lose it. I don't want to go before my Creator whatever that thing is and tell Him, "Papa I failed." I am not that stupid, neither you. So join me our everyday, our every hour, our, our every minute, our every second we can tell ourself 'I am successful.' I did it the will of God, I am I am. That's all KundaliniKundalini Comes from the word "kundal"; coiled energy; the creative potential of an individual. Kundalini Yoga It is a Raaj Yoga that creates vitality in the body, balance in the mind, and openness to the spirit. It is used by the householder, busy in the world, to create immediate clarity. The fourth Guru in the Sikh tradition, Guru Ram Das, was acknowledged as the greatest Raaj Yogi. (See Raaj Yogi.) He opened this long secret tradition to all. YogaKundalini Yoga It is a Raaj Yoga that creates vitality in the body, balance in the mind, and openness to the spirit. It is used by the householder, busy in the world, to create immediate clarity. The fourth Guru in the Sikh tradition, Guru Ram Das, was acknowledged as the greatest Raaj Yogi. (See Raaj Yogi.) He opened this long secret tradition to all. is about. The excellence personified in absolute harmony and victory, it's a science, it is an art and it is the secret of all success. We will meet tomorrow and enjoy the session. Thank you very much.

(Students clap)

(Students sing, "May the longtime Sun shine upon you...)

(?) emotional involvement for social purposes making other people life better if you do not follow the rule, your life may be very, very, very, very, very difficult. You will end up as a (?), with no strength for further. You shall be consumed by your own profession, it's a serious profession. It spares nobody. You may not believe in angels, you are. You may not believe in God, you are. You may not believe in spirit, you are. You may not believe in miracle, you are. You may not believe in anything, you are the best (?), because you have to deliver the passenger person must come to you in confidence.

You have to realize your responsibility, your integrity, your strength and your duty and duty has to be above you. Therefore your commitment has to be above you. Therefore your efficiency has to be precise and your achievement has to be totally recognized. Therefore you have to be totally involved and absolutely uninvolved. You have to do all in one shot. So need your body, you need your mind and you need your spirit. Do you understand with your positive or negative mindNegative Mind One of the three Functional Minds. It is the fastest and acts to defend you. It asks, "How can this harm me? How can this limit or stop me?" It is also the power to just say no, stop something, or reject a direction of action. and neutral mindNeutral Mind The most refined and often the least developed of the three Functional Minds. It judges and assesses. It witnesses and gives you clarity. It holds the power of intuition and the ability to see your purpose and destiny. It is the gateway for awareness. what I am saying? Do you understand me professionally? Do you know the fundamental of counseling or therapy; you can call it anything you want. For you it is a trade, which has its own traditions, its own territory, its own touch, its own turbulences, turbulences, its own tenure and you have to trace all that as a one unit. It's a highly professional job.

You are dealing with a human life. You have no choice but to be excellent, less than excellence nothing will work. You have to be intuitive, highly skillful, absolute intelligent, sharp, cute, pleasant, mannerful, extremely moralist, highly inspiring, sophisticatedly guiding, you have to look extremely, perfectly assuring because not only you have to win the confidence and the trust. You have to give it back so person can take his life easy. Do you under frame understand the jurisdiction of your job? You have inside to be very united, very one pointed, very together and excellently effective, do you understand? It's not just going to the university, getting the degree, hang the degree on the wall and start collecting money, it doesn't work that way. Degree does not teach. It only certifies that you can teach. You got the degree, you teach. Art of teaching is yours. Science of teaching is the university. Do you follow the rule? You have any question up to so far?

Student: (------)

YB: It is, this you have paid for, this is your job to find it out. A person can tell you what his problem. They will like to take care of it, then what are you needed for? Actually in psychological therapy symptoms are different, root is different, cause is always different and effect is different, it's a chaotic social integration. There is nothing straight, nothing straight. You have to find out where the root is, where the cause is, where the seed was, where the root is, where the trunk is, where the branches are, where the leaves are falling and with what you have to clean it? So that it can be a lively tree of life again. You do not deal with a person, you deal with life and you put your life at stake. It's a very serious game, which you play or you don't play. But it's your job to find the problem and heal it.

Student: (-----)

Translator: Was destiny to follow the roots?

YB: Well, therapy, social therapy or psychological therapy or family therapy or drug rehabilitation, all social sciences have their fundamental rules, certain fundamental requirements, fundamental attitude. You cannot be less than that. You may not be more than that but you can't be less than anything. There is a certain basic standard, which you have to perform and follow; because once you leave the basic standard you create a problem for yourself.

Student: (-------)

Translator: How can you disassociate yourself from your profession (?)

YB: How you disassociate yourself with a driver and how you disassociate with a car, you don't take the car into the living room. You leave it in the parking area. You don't put the car key into your nose and start it. You disassociate when you have to. Actually as a therapist sometime you act as a thief and you steal away individual's individuality because you have been trusted or you have been trusted to be confined with. You have absolutely, absolutely no right to be personal except to do the therapy. That's a absolute law, no nonsense. No, may be, may not be, how, why. There is no confusion about it. You are allowed to use your personality and technology and technique, thus I think we are teaching this course so that you can mentally be very strong. Today I am going chapter by chapter. If you have question please ask, then we will go to the next chapter.

(Students laugh)

Let us start strength and communication. In Kinesiology your body is divided into ten parts, five left and five right. As a female you have both parts of the brain function as a alternative. But as a male you have only the left brain functional, right brain is only subjective. In other words, as a male you don't have the right side of the brain, independent, is subjective. That happens to everybody who is born because when you go through the acid bath in the seventh month, acid bath. It is decided then you can be a male or a female. If you start developing the male organ you lose the right independent side of the brain. If you became female, you will have both.

Student: Why?

(Students laugh)

YB: You have to ask God why? That is how it is. When you become a female you have a breast and I have a chest. Parke, Parke.

(Students laugh)

I have a beard and you don't have Parke, I have a penis and you have a clitoris Parke. You can get pregnant, I can't get pregnant Parke. We are both human, you are a female and I am a male Parke.

Student: (------)

Translator: (----)

YB: This should be taught to you in the third standard. This is you learn in the third class. You should be seven year old, you should know all this. You should know about yourself.

Student: (------)

YB: Aah you have two parts of the brain and brain will work in a pattern of the neurons. There is no nervous system to pass message from one part to other, to other, to other, to other like that. It is the neurons pattern and their colorization and it activates the action nerve system, it computes for you, it regulates for you, it works your senses, it works your muscle and mostly things are automatic. Which are not automatic are objectively subjective and highly integrated. Emotions and feelings play very, very, very important part; but everything is a computer. How you compute things, how fast you compute things, how perfectly you compute things then you are something. Otherwise in the society they call you insane.

What is insanity? Because of emotions and commotions, fears, phobias, angers and reaction and anti-reaction you lose your computing capacity fast enough. You get struck. Therefore you create patterns in the neurons, which are called set patterns. Moment you develop a set pattern you are confined. That is the end of you. Then you are just a doldrums; we will call you human, we will see you as a human but you are a human just wandering in the dark. You have to understand something. You are called Human. Hue means halo. Mann means mind, active mind. You are the halo of the active mind. You talk human being. You are halo of the active mind for the time being. That's your original name. You as a identity, subject to time and space. Your mind is not or your soul and spirit is not. You have infinite energy. But if you don't connect, you are very limited like the house we live. It does not have a direct water. So every night we have to bring the bundles and put it up because there is a shortage of water supply and more use. World at large is a supply and demand.

Student: (------)

YB: Do you understand what he said?

(Students laugh)

YB: World is nothing but supply and demand.

Student: (-----)

YB: Your sugar is low, you can eat carrot.

(Students laugh)

Eat your carrot. This universe of ours individual universe 'I' is like a stock exchange. It is open in the morning with certain values, it closes with certain values. Life is like a stock exchange. Values goes up, goes down, we lose, we gain, it's a constant evaluation. Nobody is free of it. If you want to be free of it you have to be a man with a gambling capacity and with tons of money to play stock exchange or you will be totally withdrawn in a hermit because you don't want to play it or while playing it you do not know why you cannot determine the value of your life? Purpose of life is to totally, individually evaluate our life.

We have to have actions and reactions; plus and minus known to us. If you do not know for action A what shall be the reaction you will never know how to act or counteract. If you do not know in your own case you will never know how the others will do. Seventy percent is the psyche and is a frequency, twenty percent is your mind and ten percent is the objectivity, identity. So either you can grab the seventy percent and evaluate yourself as rich or you will remain mentally poor. But in your profession you have no option because you have two things. You have to organize, you have to stimulate, you have to correct, you have to do everything to give that person what that person needs fast. Just understand the other person is a person and you are a person. Therefore you have to deliver another person, which you sometime could not deliver to yourself. It is so challenging, it is beyond emotions, feeling and a belief, it's a profession. Have no doubt about it.

I don't believe there is anything in the world. But individual commitment and character to one's own profession. That's called expertiship. Once you become expert things are very easy professionally. If you are not you have the most difficult job of all jobs, because you will be entangled in emotions and feeling of others; you will start seeing yourself into others and them in you, you will create a mess. So we need mental polarity, clear personality, correct technique, highly individual computing brain, absolutely intuitive knowledge to deal with another individual professionally. So are you ready to just participate in certain little things, so you can feel you have achieved something. Is that permissible? Right? Okay.

We will simply experiment. Please take these three fingers and just put this finger here and put this finger over it and try to put these three fingers straight. Normally when you bend this finger, this finger bends automatically. Try to see down. Some can do it, some can't. Some can do half way. Yeah that is the problem. That is how it should look. This is the problem. Moment you bent this bent, this goes like this, they are sisters. You got to do like this. You have to stretch this and connect this and do this and this (?) with it, lock it. Lock this, it works out if you do it right. Come on. Okay do your best.

(Students discusses)

All right do your best and then put this here. Correct. Yeah. He has not slept all the days, I am here, so it's okay. This is almost how it will look minus this, this, this, minus this, minus this, something will be adjustable individually. Everybody will have different. You all can do it correctly, few can do correct.

(Students laugh)

All right, just like that and please close your eyes, close your eyes and from the closed eyes concentrate on the tip of the nose and pump the navel, we will give you music;

Har, Har that thing. Yeah eight beats.

We will give you eight beat music, so that you can pump the navel with it. If it is wrong, it is all right. It will all adjust itself. In the beginning it is a trouble.

(Tape Har, Har, Har, Gobindey. Har, Har, Har, Mukundey. Har, Har, Har, Udharey. Har, Har, Har, Apaarey. Har, Har, Har, Hariying, Har, Har, Har, Karying, Har, Har, Har, Nirnamey, Har, Har, Har Akamey ...is played)

(Over the tape): Pump the navel powerfully.

(Tape stops)

Inhale, relax. You see these little children are doing it and they are doing it very good. What this will give them and give it to you. You don't need a intuition. You need a intuition what you hear and what actually it means what you hear. What it means into the relationship of a person who is saying it, what it means to you what you are hearing about it. You have to also intuitively know what you are saying. You have to compute that. You also have to understand the body, touch, feeling, emotions. All you are doing is taking your Id, connecting with the Mercury, bending the Mercury finger so that it can disconnect with the three and then you are pumping the belly with the rhythm of the eight beats, so that your organs may have automatically strength of intuition. Understand? Here we are doing something for us. We are getting little better. It's a workshop, do it strongly; so if there are some blocks within you they can breakdown? Set and go.

(Tape Har, Har, Har Gobindey. Har, Har, Har, Mukundey. Har, Har, Har, Udharey. Har, Har, Har, Apaarey. Har, Har, Har, Hariying, Har, Har, Har, Karying, Har, Har, Har, Nirnamey, Har, Har, Har Akamay...is played)

(Tape stops)

Inhale deep, deep and hold, hold tight, let it go. Inhale deep, deep and hold it, let it go. Now inhale deep, really deep, hold it tight and contract your body; every molecule, muscle of your, bring it to absolute zero command and contract it, every part of it. So that the energy can be even, relax. You are very good. You have intermission and if you don't want to go, go to bathroom anyway and you have to try to release water out of the body now. It is not a optional, it is required. We can do it. Hello! If you have any doubt about whether this theory about the brain is true or not you can find it from the medical association, it's true. This exercise, this exercise, which I am going to ask you to share is very, very important, to me if it is not to you. Somebody told me yesterday a joke about Italians. They say if they kill God next day they go, say God we killed you, we are sorry, we confess. That's all right. Find out what I said? But anyway it was a joke. Now they say, they say if one is a real Italian...

(Students laugh)

What happened?

Translator: (------)

YB: You tell the Italian to... So I don't want you to confess anything; I just want to do it. Because sometime by habit you believe more in confession than doing it. The question is the first psychotherapy started by confessing. You go to a Padre; you say Father, father I have sinned, you tell him what you have done, he gives you few Hail Mary's and you feel satisfied. That was a simple world. Now the world is highly complicated. There is a tremendous tension; national, international, personal, impersonal, family, municipal, local, every aspect of it. Now if I discuss it, I have to be here for one month. That's not necessary. Let us energize the electron and neutron, so our neurons can just do a better job, that's easy. Do you like to participate? Okay we will put up a music and you have to put your hands like this and you have to dance your finger, your arm; from shoulder onward, from shoulder onward; you have to dance your hand to that music and no other part of the body. Is that understood? You will dance your fingers, arms, hands, elbows up to the shoulder. But not the body, not the legs. You will just sit still steady with a absolute smile. You will close your eyes and you will concentrate on the tip of the nose, something like that. You can laugh, you can smile, you can weep, you can let emotion go out as they release. You shall not hold emotions.

Anything good. I am bountiful, beautiful, that will be...

Student: Halo!

YB: We are starting the music in a minute.


(Tape "I am beautiful, bountiful and blissful" is played)

(Over the tape): "I am beautiful, bountiful and blissful" that's all it says. Keep on changing the tunes after a while. Finally bring it to that music of drum beat.

(Yogiji discusses with student)

(Tape stops)

(Tape, 'Har Singh, Nar Singh...' is played)

(Over the tape): Up, up there.

(Tape stops)

Continue, continue, continue we are changing the tape, we are not stopping and keep your hands above shoulder, it will heal.

(Tape is played)

(Tape stops)

Keep up, keep up, keep up, keep up, not yet, not yet.

(Tape "Har, Har, Wahe Wahe Guru , Whaa-hay Guroo A mantra of ecstasy and dwelling in God. It is the Infinite teacher of the soul. Also called the gur mantra. GuruWahe Guru , Whaa-hay Guroo A mantra of ecstasy and dwelling in God. It is the Infinite teacher of the soul. Also called the gur mantra. Guru That which takes us from ignorance to knowledge; from darkness, gu, to light, ru. It can be a person, a teaching, or in its most subtle form - the Word. ..." is played)

(Tape stops)

(Drum is played)

(Over the drum tape): Come on everybody, participate. Now is the time. Now

break the deposits in the shoulder, the arms, the finger. Let it go. Come on...now please stop...

(Drum tape stops)

(Tape is played)

(Tape stops)

Inhale deep, put your hands across your heart center please and exhale. Inhale deep, hold the breath and pump the belly as fast and as powerfully you can do, powerful. Exhale. Inhale again, pump harder, let it go. Inhale deep, pump harder, release, release, hard. Let it go. Inhale again, harder now, pump harder, let it go. Inhale again, pump harder, put your hands up and clap as hard you can.

(Students clap the hands and crazy noise)

Inhale, relax. Just really relax and put up on your face a absolute perfect smile. No laughter, no sadness, put up a smile. Thank you very much. You have done more than what we expected. We are very glad. We can help you in your professional endure and we very politely confess that... and we hope till we meet next your time and your profession will flourish. Thank you for participation, self-realization and improvement. You are a good bunch, carry on the noble job. Thank you; gracias!

(Students clap)

I have one announcement to make. Many of you are from this city, but many of you have come from outside. I am very grateful that you took all this journey so we can create a better environments for working. You must understand there is no more noble work giving people happiness. It is our profession. If we fail lot of people shall suffer. If we succeed it will be good for us and for all of us. Therefore keep on this noble work and just remember, "Isn't the life that matters, it's the courage you bring to it." Courage, courage, courage leads us to victory. Courage comes to us when we call for it. It is in us always, was, is and shall be; you have to just call. Courage is yours. I say to myself sometime if I cannot live absolutely graceful life, I have the right to graceful death. This very thought is base of the courage, base of the strength, base of the victory. No bank man can subdue another man. No man can shatter your dreams, nobody can steal your prosperity if you have courage to hold yourself. It comes to you when you put yourself on simple line; give me the honorable life or give me the honorable death. It is all you who can make it happen. You can do so good to so many people in a simple way. They shall be grateful to you as they live. Please don't stop your whole work, add more courage to it, it will be beautiful. If God willing, we happen to come back this way again, we shall meet you and share with you all what we can. Up to that time thank you, adios!

(Students clap)

Students sing: "May the Longtime Sunshine Upon you..."

• • •

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