Business Course - SSS to Akal Security - Sales and Client Relations

December 9, 1988
Espanola, NM

.... So what we got now. The subject is...

Student: Sales and client relationship.

YB: Sales and client relationship. First I have some question to ask. Yesterday we talked right.

Student: Yes sir.

YB: Give me the summary to understand what you understood yesterday.

Student: (---).

YB: Yeah.

Student: (---).

YB: You know how many years? Forty years ago, yeah, I am, I am fifty-eight, I was twenty-one-year-old when I went to officer academy. This was exact repeat the same lecture which I got, how many years ago hey..

Student: Thirty-seven.

YB: Thirty-seven-years-ago. You will be extremely wrong I am not using the word stupid but that's what he used. If you do not give instruction to your officers in the field and break away, never talk to your subordinate to make a impression, always talk to your subordinate to make impact. If you ever talk to your officer to order him around, or impress him, or threat him you are working with a deadly snake who will betray you at the moment when you don't want to be. In my life I have never met a more stupid man than one of my private you call him GI, we call him spy, he was stupid of the whole universe, highly intelligence, uniform man, everybody wanted to dismiss him, everybody; it was a unanimous decision this man should be dismissed, court-martialed and shot. Oh that was all right for us, all we have to say is he doesn't done duties, he neglected this Baba under section, whichever section we apply in one section and what is a court-martial, junk some few people, they get sitting there and just trying to decide to please the commanding officers so things can be right. When I heard that I'll say, I am sad, we were sitting in a officers' meeting, and I said, "I am sad." So what I heard is next day I was told he is reporting to my command, I said, "Hallelujah look at this." None can have him now what I am going to do with him, we are intelligence unit, we are supposed to be great, he came I ask him I said, "Okay well I have to live with you."

And he said to me he said, "What I can do for you?"

Can you believe, I was twenty ranks up. He was the only man I saw who can look at my face, only one person. Here my deputies and all that, yes sir, and that's it because I realized when I resign my job I was not getting my clearance from service, I went to the director I said, "What is happening?"

He said, "Well the file is not complete."

I said, "My service file is not complete what's wrong with it?"

He said, "You don't have your sketch there."

We call the deputies superintendent in charge and I said, "What is happening, put a sketch there somehow get it."

He said, "What should I do, nobody has looked at your face all these eighteen years you are served, who can make a sketch."

I said, "You do it."

He got up, left the paper and pen and told the (?) you do it and walked away.

And I said, "Wait a minute come in here, what is your problem?"

He said, "The man I have revered and respected for eighteen years as my mentor I am not going to look at your face today, I want to have that feeling, that image which is in my heart and sir don't let me do it."

And he walked away in tears. If it is for me I'll take it.

(Student's laughter)

You understand, there is only one dead ever who can bother of fear. So I said to that person, I said, "What do you want me to do for you?"

He said, "What I can do for you?" He said, "Just don't let me order to kill you because any defiance working with me shall be subject to court-martial and punishment is death you know that, and I am taking you as my personal orderly, period. You will work with a nine foot difference of between me and you and also I am going to give you my own revolver so that if you end up mad and shooting me then you will shoot with me with my own revolver, I have that satisfaction, I know you are stupid head and this is not going to change your attitude at all, but I am going to try."

He looked at me and he said, he said, "I'll give my best shot." One day in the counter exchange fire when things were bullets were allover us and we were pinned to death, we were pinned to death. And our wireless got blown up by the shot, we do not know how to ask for help and death was only couple feet away almost, and I said, "Now what we have to do is to face it all force once because I knew it in seven minutes firing power with us we will be out of ammunition and after that you know get caught, and get butchered, and (?), and it is a hell of job who wants that." Men who work they work, he just asked me I said, "May I have your attention."

I said, "What is happening?"

He said, "Simple, you know one day you told me I should not die because of you."

I said, "Yeah."

He said, "Today is day for me to live forever and I am going to take a very daring step for my officer commanding and I am going to inform the head-quarters and I am going to slip away. And do me a favor don't shoot me with your revolver because I am going to do it anyway but if you cover me legally and order me to do it I'll feel honored, you don't have a choice." And I knew I didn't have a choice I have two orders, one is that we just crawl and keep firing and see if we can make a impact and we live again or finish our ammunition and they walk over us and they kill us like worms under their heels kicking because I know when they kill people like us they do not shoot, they want to give a pain and the only thing is they start kicking, make a football of you, nailing to you with a riffle, injuring you enough, make you to bleed, and then start physically irritating you and I know the kind of death we have to face.

However it was very surprising he crawled fast, took one minute, got into a ditch where we have left the wireless, somehow fix it in other minute and third minute we knew that we have been received at the head-quarters that we are in trouble. We slowed our fire because now it was not a death and life, it was just gaining time. In thirty minutes we knew that we have the reinforcement, and an hour later we were all safe.

So the most stupid man in your organization sometime can be the most wisest man because metabolism changes, vibration changes, thinking changes, dependable can become treacherous, treacherous can become dependable. Never judge things on emotions and feeling just judge things at the demand of action. There is one thing I want to advise you in your life is that when you are grown up your age demands you to act different way and your desiring personality ask you to act in a different way and that is the cause of unhappiness among the people who are in officer cadre; act calmly, quietly, listen to your subordinates, talk to them affectionately, never lose temper, never try to punish because you are in a position to punish, try to uplift people, there would not have been high rise in the world if we would not have found the lift.

I did my Ph.D. in communication of psychology and my formula was simple, poke, provoke, confront, and elevate.

Always lift people, give them a lift, let them get to their potential, let them be touch with their higher self and it is very important when you are in the field of the clients because client is always right and you are always wrong though he is totally dead wrong, just remember that about a client. Client is a clinging pain in the middle of the nose which can stop you breathing, client is nothing but a tread which you can never trust inspite of trust you all know. But just remember it is the client who pays, it is you who draw and there cannot be two opinions about it. Always start with the premises, when the client is client is always right and we are going to be the best because we are very, very, right and we right on it, never try to defend your position you stupid head you do not know, what are you telling we checked your thing last night if it is all fine, you look into your own people what are you talking about.

Three things with a client will work-a respectable language, a effective language with etiquette, and effective language in reassuring, and don't play wishy-washy with a client. Also when you receive a complaint write the complaint, repeat it word by word to the client, reassure him that you have taken the complaint per verbatim, and also if you can use a tape-recorder you can also tell him I have written with my hand and I have also tape-recorded it so I can listen to it again, and you can reassure him that you have got the complaint and you are going to do your best very fast.

Number two, whether you do something or not, within twenty-four hours you must talk to the client one who complained to you that you are done that much and that much is left and you are still doing your best, but if any complaint in security can hang more than seventy-two hour you should resign, before we dismiss you, that means you are a hopeless, useless, stupid, unwanted, unrequired, not fit to be a commander, do not know anything what to do, you will only put on your head your socks and you eat in your shoes, have I counted nine, yeah, that's what they talk about officers who go wrong. I mean I know that other language not in inspiring language, but other language I know better than anybody because you cannot be officer commanding, they ask you to be on a camera and talk and you know the Sargent language, everybody knows how horrible that is, but they talk like that and these instructors have actually counting words da, da, da, there you go, so with a client it's not a relationship of love, love without trust is a river without water. Where there is no goodwill there is no God's will. And remember the beauty is in duty and duty is a direct and between two points there are always one line which is direct, everything is zigzag, don't play zigzag with your clients, never.

In your life God which can rotate the Earth can take care of our routine, He is know-all but your problem is when you (?) like this there where you mess up your most precious life, zigzag, straight three words, straight, simple, straight, simple, and caring, straight, simple, and caring, SSC, is that true SSC it mercy that's how your eyes should be. They could have manufacture other words there but they called it caring because when you say SSC that it means you have to see what you are doing then you have to be SEE, if you SSC and you see, SEE then you will have a personality like a CSCA vast, beautiful, bountiful, you can go rich, competent, fulfilled, your life will be better.

I came in United State with thirty-five dollars in my pocket from Canada. I still have those thirty-five dollars with me today, exact the same dollars. I do not want to tell you how rich I am by almost that many thousand I pay income tax I think one way or the other. If I can do in twenty years you all can do but you have to work as hard as I worked. And beautiful thing is in twenty years I have built an empire and I gave it to those.... I am very grateful to my wife when we decided the will, we decided to give it to everything to DharmaDharma A path of righteous living. It is both an ideal of virtue and a path of action that is infused with clear awareness and comprised of actions that are the soul in total synchrony with the universe. It is action without reaction or karma. she gladly signed it, normally women go berserk you know what is for me and what is for my children, what is our future, you know all that stuff.

You all have a potential. In sales never make a sales talk but normally sale talk you will say something which time wants it or you badly want the job, you want to push your luck, but just remember, you have to deliver it also. If you make a sale talk, procure the contract, be very happy, and then not deliver it and the words get out you don't deliver, you are like a woman who does good sex, gets pregnant, and then aborts, you will be absolutely have never a family or a children ever, you know what I am saying. In other words, in a simple English you will never grow and one who never grow goes, that formula is always effective, one who never grows goes. One who stick stinks, these are fundamental law of psychology, they can never change, they are all above you, they govern you, you don't make them. In sales sell and sell every minute of your life for profit. Life is to sell, life is given gift sixty-five years, or sixty-two years, or eighty-two years doesn't matter, what we do with life? We sell it, some sell it for sex, some sell it for attention, some sell it for glory.

I have a friend, he has more money than you can count, his accounting office which take care of his money only has six story, six buildings. Can you believe how much staff is that, and it is a computerized word, he is a international trader, you know what he buys and sells-companies. One day we satSat Existence; what is; the subtle essence of Infinity itself. across and I said, "Hey, what are you up to, Mr. Shah, what are you up to, you have bought that bank, you have sold that, you have done this, you have done this, now you are after this airline what, how much you can earn?"

He said, "I am not working for earning."

I said, "What are you working for?"

He said, "Just, just to feel I can work or not."

Nothing else, he was bewitchly, absolutely lunatic who just wanted to do things which nobody else has done. We get into a point to touch the frontiers where nobody has ever gone before, you see that movie the space ship, what they call it?

Student: Star Trek.

YB: Aah.

Student: Star Trek.

YB: Yeah, to go and explore the frontiers which nobody ever gone and done. Even you are in life a playboy or playboy or playgirl don't let people know it. I am not teaching you the moral or the ethics but I am telling you the practical aspect of life. There is nothing secret under the sunshine and if you do not know how important in your life is your reputation, then you do not know how important you are. You may not say that moral reputation means anything, and I don't mind if right in the office in the table you can have a sex and I may not know it but I can tell you one thing; you morally will not have strength to command that outfit.

Demoralized man will never prove to be a successful officer because success does not come, because you are intelligent though it is a essential thing, success does not come, that you are a good planner though it is a essential, success do not come the wind fall of the luck touches you though it is also required, success does not come that you are in the right spot for the right time for rod situation, success my dear only comes if you have a character which has a deeper commitment than anything else, and I give you one example, take a tree, cut it, from the top, from trunk onwards, it will grow again, and may develop not being that big but something, but they get tree and cuts its roots or instead of giving it a water put oil in its roots, tree will die and so you as an officer if you do not have a deep moral commitment; if your subordinate does not know this thing that you are a saint you have already lost the game. It may not be important to you, but it is very important to your subordinate who he is following. Remember it is not the money, it is not the uniform, nothing, no man born of a woman or no woman born of a woman wants to follow a man for whom they have reservation in moral character.

Weak ethic is lethal, it takes away your longevity, it takes away three things, longevity, success, and your own happiness, therefore please remember, you can make a sale and you can deliver it and you will grow automatically if you are trusted in the market, it is called goodwill. What is a goodwill? God's will. People should trust you as a saint. I have never taught for two years, I couldn't. Now they are telling me I can't, yesterday I came to lecture with you, I was also at that time ready for a major heart attack, my condition was medically very serious, but I decided I am going to see you, I am going to be with you, and if I get a heart attack they had all the arrangements ready to pick me up in the ambulance take me where, what to do, all was set, I knew it, I was told, but I decided I will not cancel my meeting with you, that was my commitment. I teach classes now, I don't have to advertise I want students, must they know he is teaching they come, what is that? A goodwill, goodwill of what?

I deliver goods, when I do something I do, if you do not mean what you say you are the meanest man on the Earth, write it down in your heart, in your head, on your arms, tattoo it, 'In the beginning there was a word, word was with God and word was God.' And the reality is you are only known by your words. If you deliver it you will be tolerated, you will be admired, you will be loved. You know woman goes through a labor pain and then she delivers the baby, everybody celebrates. Have you seen anybody has seen crying on a delivery, only the woman who delivers. You will receive the cash on delivery, don't they say that. Delivery is very important and for you all deliver yourself to the job, job will deliver to its promotion, a simple law to remember, nobody can promote you, you want me to promote you, no. You want me to help you, no. But if your job is right and job wants to deliver it, I can't do anything, I have to go with it. I can favor you, yes, yes, I can say, (?), give this guy another chance, I can do that. I am the chief management counsel, my advice must prevail and defiance mean dismissal on the spot with three weeks notice, I know my law, and I know my power, I know that too but can I do that, no I can't.

Side – B

Because I am a human being, I am a conscious being, I put people, I can tell GuruGuru That which takes us from ignorance to knowledge; from darkness, gu, to light, ru. It can be a person, a teaching, or in its most subtle form - the Word. Tej just it will be enough as a commanding officer you reprimand him on face value and see and most of the time I trained GuruGuru That which takes us from ignorance to knowledge; from darkness, gu, to light, ru. It can be a person, a teaching, or in its most subtle form - the Word. Tej in one way, if anything goes wrong I tell him he is wrong.

He said, "Wait a minute, wait sir, wait a minute oh (?) please, for God sake listen to me."

And I said, "Whom I am listening? You."

He said, "(?) I know but I don't know anything about it."

"(?), you are a commanding officer, your command is no good, the guy is sleazy, he is no good, he is this, he is that, I know it, I had a report on such and such date, file number such and such, my executive secretary told me (?), why don't you pick up a phone and straighten it all out?"

He said, "What I can do look at this?"

I said, "Oh I have no time but you are wasting my time."

And sometime we fight, and I ask him, "Are you the officer commanding or not?"

He said "Yes sir."

I said, "Then it must be done and must be reported, my executive secretary (?) tell me tomorrow."

He feels heartbroken and mad and angry and he wants to pull the telephone from the wall, he wants to go through the wall himself, let him kill himself what do I care. I have no, no sympathy, I am management, why should I have sympathy with my officer command am I officer command? No. He wears the color, he delivers it. We sit, we talk, we stay together, we juggle.

Once a while you know just to give vitamins to Daya I give him a social call hi how are you?

"Oh sir glad to hear from you."

And then I say, wait a minute I am not going to tell him anything wrong, I have to be very nice; once a while, but every time forget it. You think people work in the corporate office are just sitting there, attended. Look at this, man doesn't have a chance in his bed, it rings anyway. You might be under the misunderstanding that people who work in corporate office are just bosses, yes they are bosses, but they have to deliver to a man who they do not know how even to get by. They work far harder than you even know.

In our rank and file in the upper management we have no one thing-called mercy because we are the mercy. And our mercy is we have to mercy ourself to deliver what we have deliver, it takes sometime twenty hours a day, we have to deliver, you must understand why? Because we are the growing people, we have a future to catch, therefore we can't stop. For us choice is do or die, if you want to live you want to live. Look at it we are called cotton heads, we are different. We are the biggest minority in United State and we are the highest, sharpest, most intelligence people ever America to be produced in sixty's. We carry the United State, United State doesn't carry us, twenty million youth revolted in United State, one million survived, we are the leaders of that one million, we are the yuppies, we are flower children, and our fragrance has effected America so bad today we have got totally, ethically, absolutely total hundred year backward in America because sixty revolution shook America in its bones.

America will never be the same. So what we are doing now we want to be absolutely inward, there is no chance for the liberals because we stretch it so much in sixty's that we were falling in the ocean. And now we have got so much conservative that we calculate if the yellow stone burns how much money we'll spend and we let it burn and let it grow how much we save. That much conservative a country can go to, why? Because that is the way we are now. America is nothing but fads and trends and fads and trends in America has no end, that's why we are not consistent. We are always sad, and sorry, and depressed because we do not stick with each other, reverence is gone, it is so cutthroat out there, you can't believe it.

Sometime I wonder how people can make it and how people can't make it. Our company policy is the person who wants to excel should be given all helping hand. In outside normal world when you start excelling over your boss they get insecure and they start cutting your roots, it doesn't happen here. Secondly, we are very compassionate and we are very kind people, call it hypocrites, call it religious, call it anything but our main policy is err is a human and God gave us a chance, why not we give everybody every chance in the world, but that does not mean that you can portrait us absolutely stupid.

We also remember that we are very loyal to the job we do and we want to create a very effective image, that's why we are looking for. I understand there are certain complications which has been very broadly noticed by me, one is the training. I know that and I assure you that we will not lack in that at all. What has happened in the past has happened in the past, its training schedule will be regular. I also understand that some people among you are hesitant to make sale, I can tell you, you can make sale while walking unto a restaurant, and sitting, and eating there and there can be opportunities, look for any opportunity where you can get an account; you will be considered if not a very perfect wholesale sales person you shall get what they call it find his fee, that can sometime be good amount. And also we would like you to understand sales have certain criteria's, first criteria is profile,

These eight criteria's are written before you even say hello to somebody you want to sell.

What will facilitate your sale-your goodwill, your reputation, your commitment, your character, your public relation, your mental satisfaction, and your satisfaction which shines from you in your face value. What will not sell? When doing the sale or organizing the profile of the sale you create the doubt in the mind of the client. When you want to go for a sale, don't go for sale, go for victory. Win, there is no substitute for victory. We are not sure actually to be very honest who shall be with Akal Security or who is going to leave, who is going to threat us, who is going to walk away, who we can hundred percent trust, who we can't, but we are coming to point, we are going to find out what we are going to end up with. But one thing we want you to understand; don't wait you should make a sale or not, if opportunity come contact can be made, something can be done, just report it to the sales management.

We are added Surya Kaur, Surya has been working with me for eighteen years, flawlessly and more sacrificially; the idea to add to the corporate office of her is very simple, she is a very project person. If you bring and she is also your welfare secretary, farewell secretary, whatever they call it....

Student: (?) for relations.

YB: Some relationship, I mean you have a relationship with her and I tell you how you can use her, if you bring something to her notice, now that is her permanent weakness nobody can change it, I couldn't so how can you do it, if you can bring to her something to notice either it will be done, or the person who won't do it will be miserable.

(Student's laughter)

There is nothing in-between. And I tell you if you want to know how miserable she can make a person you don't want to know it. In my life she is nothing more than a badger and I can't fight her, that's why I gave her the job of the client relationship as well as the employees relationship, call it a bogus, call it real, I don't care, but one thing I know; all she needs is a slip of paper where something is written and after that hell can go cold and heaven can go warm, something must be done and she obeys none, she can cross any barrier, that is her beauty. Because there is not hotline which anybody else knows except she. She is also my resident secretary. I don't get call at 1 o'clock, I forgot to tell you about the Akal Security, at 1 o'clock she knows at 2 o'clock I sit and meditate there is still an hour and she can disturb me. I couldn't give you a better gift this year than her. And after that if you still say your complaints are not answered, you have not progressed, and things you wanted couldn't be done, there is something wrong with you, not with me.

Hari Har Kaur who is at this time working in the huge bigger structure at administrative office was approached one of the regional commander and there was some possibility that he has been ignored, not properly assessed, not paid bah, bah, bah, I assure you for one week neither I could have lunch, nor dinner, not anything and our computer was down, we didn't have the budget, we didn't do anything. I had to act on a ad-hoc information basis spontaneously and it was done.

If you think there are people in this organization who don't care it's wrong, sometime we have work much more than we can do, sometime we have much low sales than we should have, sometime our training, and organization, and impact is much not good that we can have lot of client relationship and lot of things going for us, maybe sometime we don't have money, cash flow problem. Because when we sit there we feel how much Santa Fe is earning, how much Albuquerque is earning, how much Houston is earning, how much this is earning, how much that is earning, how much overhead we got, how much we have this.

We (?) situation by region wise, by unit wise, by person wise and as total, we sell you bill of goods too and we expect a performance. We expect from you also that rear in your mind you should understand if you even give us a information where we can find a job and we get that job you shall be rewarded. There is no reason why not, but just understand we are young company, we are trying to know what our limits are, we don't want to promise something, right now in the spell of the moment and not deliver it, what we are telling you to do we do it ourself. But there are certain thing in sales, what is you call is don't give impression to people always you are good, create an impact you are good, that will generate goodwill.

I know we have difficulties, I am not willing to deny to you that we have everything what we need, as you are growing with us, we are growing with you. If we can start with nothing and become something you can start with us and become everything, we are progressive people. We may look different and we look like we are some cotton head, different, berserk, alien type of people but just understand we have the guts to look like that and we don't care, we mean what we look like and we have the guts and the courage to deliver what we look like, we are believers, and we have the moral strength of a believer, and we can't change.

Number two, we are very family people, we love families, and we have no bias what religion anybody carries, or what religion one doesn't carry, how beautiful you want to look, and how not. I tell you what I look for, we look for one simple thing-are you near to a reality or not, your reality and realism an asset to you and that is all we are looking for, we are not looking for whether your nose need a nose job or not. We want you to wear a uniform having our symbol, we want you to look smarter and better than the other. It hurts us morally very much when you wreck a car, it hurts us morally badly when you drive through a red light.

I tell you something very funny and it is very private, a most senior officer of the Akal Security was found by the policeman, patrolman, highway patrolman in Santa Fe driving at a speed of one hundred and four mile an hour, you know what that officer did, he called me in Los Angeles I don't know how, how, how he got the number and he cut through every formalities, you know how much formalities to reach me security, personal secretary, my executive secretary, my program secretary, my fixing secretary, my unfixing secretary, my mushroom secretary, my banana secretary, (?) whole secretary you know, he cut through everything, and he introduced himself and he said, "I know you don't know me I am a little fly, but I know you." He said, "You know why I didn't chase her," he said, "The speed was so much that I would have in danger, I am a family man, but I think you treat your people like family."

I said, "Yeah."

He said, "Then better do something to stop this."

I said, "Done."

You know I could not chop off the foot let but I made it possible that it looks very reasonable to drive fifty-five, I made it happen and look how efficient he was. One day he crossed me again he met me, I said, "Hi so and so," because I recognized now the face.

He said, "You are really a holy man, you really did a job, I am very satisfied."

I said, "I maybe holy but you are a saint because you trusted me."

He said, "Oh wow, you know I, I, I couldn't believe it that I can chase that situation and not meet an accident. Did she live?" he asked me.

I said, "No she is alive and well, she is not driving anymore, don't worry, you won't have a problem."

(Student's laughter)

Can you believe wearing a uniform of the Akal Security drive one hundred and four mile an hour, when we are known in the entire state? Do you know how much I can get hurt, that's why I get heart attacks, I can't even believe it. Somebody who have to do anything with me have that kind of reputation. So what I mean to say is the one thing which will help us in sales is the goodwill, and goodwill is also to drive fifty-five miles an hour and goodwill also not driving on the patrol and calling your girlfriend and going into the ice-cream thing and chuckling there and talking, and talking very shitty language and do all those rotten things, I get that, I get the information next day before 11 o'clock, this is a very small town and so every town. Just remember so shall you sow, why don't you say that,

Student: So shall you sow so shall you reap.

YB: Remember that, and if per chance you are unhappy, poor that you got to look within and see what you are sowing and if you are sowing something which is just spoiling your green lawn what they call it, (?).

Student: (---).

YB: Something like that cut it out. We got to make ourself a international company, we got to make ourself personal security company where there is a money and if they want to give those jobs to those dependable and trustworthy officer of ours, so they can really enjoy, you shall have the priority, but remember on the other hand, don't give us bad time.

Subject today is sales and...

Student: Client relationship.

YB: Aah.

Student: Client relationship.

YB: Sales and client relationship you have never to learn. Every spermatozoa knows how to reach to the egg and every egg knows how to get to spermatozoa, that is how this universe is, that is how we are born, so we always know that our spermatozoa knows when it reaches the egg it has to take eight circles to penetrate, that's why I say,

'Bij MantarAntar , Bantar , Jantar , Mantar , Tantar , Patantar , Sotantar These describe the sequence of creative expression from inner essence to full manifestation. Antar is the inner essence and being. It is before form. Each essence has an associated structure in time and space, a dimension to it, bantar. This structure is fulfilled by an appropriate matching set of qualities, jantar, which has a unique sound resonance, mantar, and a distinct visual form, yantar. This form and energy interrelate to the universe, tantar, creating a projection and track as it threads through time and space, patantar, until finally achieving its liberated form, beyond time and space, sotantar. This form creates a neutral point that ties together many of the polarities inherent in Prakirti to embed and express the essence of the antar in creation. Sarb Ko gyan.'

'Every seed knows it has a tree in it.'

Sales and client relationship has one base on which it sits. Do you want to be prosperous or not? Those who wants to be prosperous shall have the best client relationship and best sales manners, that is where the profit is. Their profile will prove profit and remember that is as simple as we knew how to crawl, as we knew how to walk, as... you don't have to potty train in this thing, it is a natural instinct which you can develop, and if you don't have that natural instinct, ask yourself early in the morning I want to be profitable, I want to be comfortable, and I want to be able. Able, able, profitable, and comfortable; these three letters can make you best client relationship and best sales person, able, profitable, and comfortable.

Aval (?) Karchal (?) Charlie, you remember that everybody knows it, able, profitable, and comfortable, so when you will have a conference next year we'll like before that to teach you very detail. I have got my chief (?) general and head of the person who deals with you on accounts and business and figures, she has a very special subject to teach prosperity and other things. I hope you will listen to her and learn from it because we want you to also understand we are interested in your life too.

We are not interested only in your job, we are not jobbers, we are very living people like if somebody is just on a diabetes, marginal overweight, and make excuses like me as I do to my doctors, well, you know I ate too much today, I wanted not to what should I do, I had a party that day, oh I couldn't do it, I mean, you know all that and I know as myself as a patient what I do with my doctors, they don't care, they see me, touch my pulse and they are hundred twenty dollars, they will put a stethoscope here then another fifty dollars, they know and I know it too but I have to decide with myself whether I want to live or not and how much risk I can take and just write down this few lines of mine, last line so you will remember, if wealth is lost, if wealth is lost nothing is lost, if health is lost something is lost, but if character is lost everything is lost...


12/09/88 (YB-074-1)

ã YogiYogi One who has attained a state of yoga (union) where polarities are mastered and transcended. One who practices the disciplines of yoga and has attained self-mastery. Bhajan, 1988

YOGIYogi One who has attained a state of yoga (union) where polarities are mastered and transcended. One who practices the disciplines of yoga and has attained self-mastery. BHAJAN TEACHES CLASS

December 09, 1988 (YB - 074)

Sales Akal Security

Tape – 2

Transcripted by Shanthala

Corrections by Vijayalakshmi

Second proofing by Pallavi

Side – A

But I have to decide with myself whether I want to live or not and how much risk I can take and just write down these few lines of mine last lines so you will remember, if wealth is lost, if wealth is lost nothing is lost, if health is lost something is lost, but if character is lost everything is lost and I tell you if you have a character of a salesperson and a client relation are best in your manners and etiquette, you shall never be poor. To be rich is a itch but that does not mean if you become rich you will be happy, just remember happiness is not for sale, and there are seven steps to happiness, they are never six and never nine, first is commitment, that will give you character, character will give you dignity, dignity means you will be understood better, you will be kind of trusted, worshiped, all that, it will give you Divinity, Divinity does not mean religion, Divinity mean you have no duality, that's what Divinity means.

It will give you grace or radiance, just remember when your personality doesn't work, your talk doesn't mean a thing, that is called grace. And grace will give you power to sacrifice, power to leadership, power to command, power to manage, power to control the expanded horizons, that is a sacrifice. When a man can do things for others and that is happiness. Happiness is when I can let myself be and do something for other which normally is plus me, if I am minus what I can do for others.

Let me tell you something finally in my today's talk, I came here and took a risk of heart attack for one reason only-I am going to change the whole character of this company and I want to push it to the hilt, I have one attitude in my life, I get what I want, otherwise I never have to touch it again. With me there are no second chance, I never forget and never forgive, because if I forget and forgive and forgive fault will live forever and I can't afford that, beyond me, beyond me how I feel, how I understand, and how I want, there is a more powerful thing how it should be. I'm a man of knowledge I have served eighteen years in service I know all the tricks of the trade. Even you go today to India you land in airport, people doesn't know me at all, they are young officers, recruited now, I have left India twenty-years-ago; at the airport they only happen to know that you know me they will respect you because I am in that whole service a legend.

I have left behind me the legacy, we started this company out of a joke, GuruGuru That which takes us from ignorance to knowledge; from darkness, gu, to light, ru. It can be a person, a teaching, or in its most subtle form - the Word. Tej wanted to go to the police academy, he was A-one plus, plus, plus they say, they can't take him because he is a Sikh. We were sitting in the living room, remember that day and he said, "Well, this is what they said,"

I said, "Forget it, we'll have our own police company which will be better than all and remember man if we work hard we will make it such a success that it will be forever, we don't need these guys."

Yes we started, we have gone through lot of ups and downs, we hope that we are on a position now to move forward, to look forward, we are not a international company, we want to be, we have resources and contacts and this time we want to be comfortable because we are trying to expand and that is where money lies, and that is where people who work with us so far we can reward them, otherwise it will be a routine job, keep one going morning, evening, afternoon and hello, hello, how are you, may be, may not be, and I don't think that, that will work for long run because you might have started young with us or middle age, you got to grow, we have to find out how many securities we can give you, how much comfort we can give you, what we can do for you, we have a hell of a job waiting in front of us which we know we have to deliver, therefore we want you to deliver first because just remember, we are management, we are the top, you are the bottom, if the bottom start shaking, top cannot stay.

If the deliverance under you all commanders and officers is become solid, you will become solid, if you will become solid we'll become solid, then we can comfortably decide what best we can do for you.

If my sales talk is no good I like to be forgiven, but I just want to tell you we have one relationship, it is not a client relationship. I believe in a relationship either nothing or forever. I never walk away from any job and I never turn my back on anything. If I have to do something, I do it myself and I expect from you to do the same way. I have not to fit in in your shoes, you have no choice you have to fit in in my shoes. I a very alien immigrant story of success, you belong to this country, you are here before me, you must succeed also, if I who came from Canada to United States can succeed so well you are no dummies, take a chance, go for it. If anybody of you ever think that he is competent to do better serve us anyway with anything and needs a help, feel free, we'll come through.

Just remember the word business, business is nothing but a busyness for accumulated profit through which man can require for himself services, and the goods. Money is nothing but money does, money is a token through which we give services and then we buy services, it is a exchange, it is not real. So let us get to the bottom of the business, you all want more facility, more money, more comforts, more security, more assurances, we know all that. To do all that money makes the mayor go. We need money to provide you that and money is not that we can go and take the gunmen and rob a bank, money comes out of the profit. When your fault will be less, your working will be complete, your impact will be better, and profits will be high, don't worry, all we do is put it into the dough and share it among all of us.

So I feel that it is a great privilege to work for the Akal Security or any such company which we run because we give back what people give us because for us it's a religious belief to live by the sweat of brow, we don't live off each other, we live by our own work, by our own sweat, by our own self and I know you all believe that way. So what is a idea if one man is standing on a guard duty, he hears, the neighbor wants a security company to take care of security of them, if that person just write a note last night while on duty I heard our neighborhood apartment, or neighborhood company, or neighbor office they needs and somebody may explore and if that can explore that person is entitle to (?). We must work that way.

What time you make?

Student: (---).

YB: You have few minutes of asking any question and after that you won't have a chance, so feel free, feel free, what you are loving? (?).

Student: (---).

YB: Yeah I feel better, I have done my job and I'll go home and have fun, but you know I come to come to New Mexico it is my home, I have gone allover the world, everywhere name it I am there except communist country which I don't like to visit, not that I couldn't. I don't feel anything, any place is better in the whole world than Espanola, so blunt. People are peaceful, New Mexico is a very beautiful place, it is more beautiful than anything you can believe in. They are kind of Mexican not Mexican, Mexican are beautiful because in the sense you know in Mexico I tell you what I get there.

A man may be millionaire he is my student, I go there, he might be wearing two thousand dollar worth of a suit, well dressed, and perfect, first of all he will drive a car, he will see me he'll stop the car, he will come out and he will kneel on his knees may be ruin his pant and suit but those are the people they do that way, Matray Grando, that's it and I have to do nothing there, I am very happy, all I have to touch and say, "Bless you," that's it. God knows what happens but they get everything answered that way. Here is who are you, who am I, what we are doing, and all that kind of stuff.

I have lived, gone, travel, stayed all over but Espanola is very healthy, also yesterday I was feeling if I have to die let me go home that is much better than in Los Angeles though it is a city of angels but God it is smog.

(Students' laughter)

I can't stand it, but I have to live it because I have to earn, what should I do, there are doctors there, facilities are better, hospital facilities are better, everything is fantastic, so I am stuck there, but forget it. That's why I wrote my poem about Espanola, it is in the governor's office, it is in the mayor's office Espanola, it is all over the world too.

Yeah since yesterday I fortunately feel better why I don't know, nothing much is done, I think it was a reaction of something flu and it was reaching to a point but thanks to that flu medicine I think the virus has left, it is just like yesterday it happened, after I left there I was very uncomfortable, I am not denying that, but when we went from here to this gallery and from there we went to office, something happened in office, it looked like something has just left me and leave me free, something. I am fine, today I am as normal as I could be. Now my heart may not even beat I am, I am okay, not mad at it, it is all right. So George you are going to smile, haa?

Student: (---).

YB: Aah.

Student: Sir.

YB: And making him smile too. Good God. Yeah.

Student: (---).

YB: We are in very much pain and that we get kind of a people walk in and walk out. The situation is why it is happening is the first of all we are not in a position to pay people such a attractive salary that should stay. Secondly security job is very boring and monotonous. Security work can only be done by people of a special quality, it is not a job of a ordinary common human being who does not have nerves to stand alone at night thinking that he is, he is the highest of all doing the lowest of anything.

So understanding the psychology and the situation we are trying to find a way where we can expand enough. I don't say that we will pay everybody great but at least those who will stick with us we can make them very comfortable, that is the immediate goal. I don't think that this turnover will change because that kind of job it is, it is a job where girlfriend is arguing with you and you know you have to go for a patrol, God can you believe that, so I have done this job. I was the officer commanding of the (?) security. I know how monotonous, lonely and nerve wrecking it is.

We are trying to create a comradeship, we are trying to also create a better client relationship, we are also trying to see that people have a comfortable feeling about us, we do not know whether we will succeed or not, we are trying because we also know some people are very extremely neurotic, they just want to come for few minutes, do us in, kick us up, show their face walk away, not worry about it. We also know some people come and they do not know how important it is to keep awake on the duty and be alert, and be methodical, and many more things and we also know some people hate to still like a staff and a stake at night, whole night doing nothing, there better be go sailing and be in Hawaii rather than here standing in the cold around is cool, watching ghost at night.

I thoroughly understand both sides but I think the practical way to get out of this is to make life little more comfortable than expected by the individual so that he can feel and reaching back quick so that he can feel that somebody is working with him, not at him, that is the only practical possibility.

I have a bad day but I am hoping for a better tomorrow that, that's all I can say. I know I am very much tired myself of when I go to the office I see some people have gone and some people got left us within our own presence. I used to say, I never hire, never fire, but it didn't work, they fire themselves, what should I do, can't hang with them. I keep nothing under my sleeves if somebody has to leave after that they can leave. You know normally we can do anything we want and by the way we have provided you with the counseling also, we have a psychologist on staff, we want you to, and most compassionate, highly motherly Ph.D., in counseling and sometime you don't take advantage of it, and what better I can offer you she is my wife too. I mean to say, how near in my ear you can whisper than her...

(Students' laughter)

I mean just understand sometime I dreadfully do not want to acknowledge it but fact is anybody who has counseled with her next day I have to tell her I have taken care of it, otherwise forget it.

(Students' laughter)

And now I am taking excuse with her, wait a minute you are the company's employee and I cannot listen to you all the time. I'll get the report through my secretary and it's a secretary or no secretary are you doing it or not, period. You understand what tied hand I feel. I am very glad you are not taking advantage of her at all because..,

(Students' laughter)

That is one thing I least expect but once you can get to her ears she gets to head my head faster than anything and either they are in trouble or GuruGuru That which takes us from ignorance to knowledge; from darkness, gu, to light, ru. It can be a person, a teaching, or in its most subtle form - the Word. Tej is and God knows who but somebody and first of all Siri Karam will have a bad day that day because instead of telling me through list what I have supposed to answer I tell her in my list what has to be taken care of and it is pretty good. But if you have a problem, family problem, something this, something that, please don't hesitate, her job is to keep client relationship secret but she also has a very deep client relation secret with her husband so she doesn't tell me what it is, but she does tell me it should be taken care of, can you understand what a dilemma is that when I do not know what I have to take care of.

(Students' laughter)

Can you believe this how it works, it works, oh by the way (?) in Akal Security is there somebody with this kind of, this kind of name working, I mean she knows, she has a file, everything. I said, "May be, what is wrong with now?"

"Well you got to look into it."

I said, "Why I have to look into it, they are looking into it, you know sitting corporate office everything."

"No, no I want you to look into it, could you."

I said, "What is the name, say it again, all right give me in writing, write it on a pad."

So next morning I have, I keep those slips I am very good they are always in my phone book that little book that's why its binder always tears up because there are more paper than its original paper, so I pick that up and say, "Siri Karam, (?) Bibiji is on my back," she said, "What for sir?"

I said, "Well there is some of guy your, there is some problem, investigate."

You understand investigation done on a corporate level it has to be decided within hours and that's how fast it works. I mean on our side we think we are, we are doing our best to reach you. I understand you don't know us and I am not asking you to know us, but all I want to tell you we know you and we also know that there is no comfort in our life if you are not comfortable, we understand that and we stand under that, it is not that we are doing lip service or sympathy with you, we fully understand and least and last one thing I will never tolerate if you want to see where I cross all lines and border when a man tries on duty or otherwise uses anything to coerce or convince a woman that other than job she has a obligation to the man and all of you officers must understand if I ever get a report from any woman that you have cross what is called the line of decency you shall not have a minute with me forever and I'll cut you through in a second and I'll meet you in the court if you ever claim anything.

I have absolutely no respect for that man who uses his office for anything towards the indecency towards women, just understand. It is not a restaurant where you can punch the butts and get away with, it is a uniform here, here women is very simple and I give you my personal impression you don't have to follow it, but damn you if you ever cross it I'll never leave you where you are. I am born of a woman and I respect a woman and whosoever shall cross it shall have no chance. If you ever want to hear a warning that's the only warning you should be very worried about and I have got very, very, very long hands, if I like to reach your neck I can make it anyway because I have survived well in twenty years in United State and look how funky I look.

(Students' laughter)

And I am very different, but I have very one attitude, I do not tolerate women to be insulted in any form, shape and a degree on work or in our association. I'll uphold that at any cost. I just wanted to let you know. That is one area in my life there is no appeal against and just remember buck stops here and don't have any misunderstanding. I want you to, all those who work under your command let them know it. Because I feel that if you can wear a uniform and you do not upgrade the dignity of that uniform and use it for something which is not required to be used and to the extent that you take advantage of something you are not to, then with all force of the establishment we the management have to enforce it as a law; may be it is not a pattern to be liked, may be it is not a question to be asked, may be you can tell me woman is a bitch, she is a whore, she is a junk, she is a dunk, whatever you want to call it and may be you have the guts to say anything you want, but I tell you one thing you can say what you want, but you will not work for us, that is period, straightforward line.

If woman is bad and she is not a woman we'll have a procedure in the manual to deal with it, but if you ever found out exploiting any weakness like that or trying to trade in your dignity and your officer ship of command to understand they go for, I am not saying it doesn't exist, I am not saying it is not a problem of every company, I am not saying anything, I say, we won't tolerate it, that's it. And when I say we won't tolerate it I say with a T capital. I don't want a rude language in the office, I don't want any joke which is considered to be sisterly and indecent, I don't want to take any latitude, yes, you want to invite your house somebody and you want to shoot him, or shoot her, that is your problem, and if she goes and get shot I'll just send flowers on the deathbed, but as far as duty concern area patrol or anything just forget it.

Just stay clean of this fatal attraction. I know we are men, I know we want every woman, more impotent we are, and more after women we go, and I am, mind you I am a psychologist so there is nothing more naked before me a human behavior than anybody can think, but is not that it is my religion, it is not that it is my psychology, it is not that.....

Side – B

Personality with me it is a simple thing and born of a woman and it is obligatory that I must pay tribute to her. And it is not a good thing to insult a woman. So please stay clear of that virus, that's why we are trying to call not each other by names, hey John, hey we call by a rank. We do not want to take unlimited liberty to become personal and get involved personally and then do those kind of funny things which we normally do when we don't wear a uniform. I want my officers to be well behaved, well disciplined, and morally a good example. I used to say and say it to you all, it is no good to be good if you don't look good. And we are willing to help you, we are willing to serve you, we are going to come all the way out for you, just tell us your problem.

If you have a psychiatric problem or psychologic problem please let us know we'll see what a company can do, but don't you ever feel that behind the shutter what is going on we don't know. I have been intelligence officer myself for eighteen years, I have all the tricks of the trade and I know well, and I do my homework very well. I don't go on a hearsay or what I see, I experience it.

So if you want to hear a management word I just tell you, treat every woman graciously doesn't matter how obnoxious she is, her obnoxiousness we can deal later as per procedure, but taking law in your hand and trying to do things and especially in security it's very difficult you take a officer in uniform, and go on whatever, I don't want to say it because it is supposed to be within our range but I just don't want even to give you example, I just want to tell you that I want my officers to be very stay clean in a (?) area. You want to get married you never get girl tell me, I'll, I'll hunt out a girl for you and I'll, I'll even rent out what the matchmaker or something. I can do anything you want me to do but for God sake don't do on job anything dirty, ugly, and unwanted.

I want men to know it once for all, keep your status clean. I don't want to ask you, you are supposed to open the door for them it is your courtesy, and your manners, and your etiquette, but I definitely want you don't shut gate hard at their face. I do not know it may be totally wrong, you may not understand but I know when a man is rude to a woman, he is actually rude to himself and I know psychologically that man progresses nowhere, that is a total waste of life.

So please men, take a very proper view, treat woman like a client, and sell her the decency if you have any, but stay away you know it is not a good news, let me put it in simple in the language of Americans, it is not a good news to view yourself that you can do something which is not good to begin with, but I so far I know is the some people are very, very gentle people they are good life going and I hear lot of good things about you sir, I don't think I have to say anything. I can't tell you I, I was shocked (?) one thing and just didn't feel good, but I, I had to act. But my action was as a chief counsel I didn't interfere, I didn't stop.

Student: (---).

YB: Let us understand we are here for love, affection, promise for a better future, for a good life. I made it for me and I want you to make if for yourself. If on the way there is any help please don't hesitate, call and there is a very caught, shut I mean to say, shortest root for people in Akal Security. All you have to do is call the personal relation and lay the garbage, it will reach me before the date changes and by the next morning before the noon somebody will be working on it, that is how fast it can be. It is within the discipline, you are uniform officer, you are supposed to go through the procedure right, but that is a direct procedure we have had a hotline for you. If your family is in trouble and you are in emotional trouble which has nothing to do with the Akal Security you are in problem, you want to consult a very good, very qualified psychologist to help you out, please do.

With these words and at the nod of 4 o'clock I thank you again, and I hope we'll continue and meet again in different atmosphere so we can sit and socialize, and crack jokes, and do other kind of things, but this was just a purely job related meeting and I made it as pleasant as I could, we have lot of work to do, and if we won't do our work we don't have anybody else who is going to finish it, so as a corporate we are going to work harder, and better to serve your future better, that's all we morally feel we can do. We think, oh by the way suppose this guy sticks around with us for another twenty years what we have to offer him, you know what I mean. And those who are in the management must also understand if they don't deliver they go too and it is not something it is only for the subordinate and middle rank, I think it applies to all including me.

Student: (---).

(From here voice is not so very clear.)

YB: Oh you have come for that, oh it take my pulse, (?) thank you very much now I am under medical supervision.

Just imagine twenty years ago while she (?) men landing with thirty-five dollars in his pocket received at Los Angeles by a friend came to visit to see United State for three days for a special occasion. (?) from India to Canada, to set up a most important course in the world even potential through (?), didn't work out, and unfortunately California was very hot and warm whatever (?) when I landed in Canada, it was very, very, very (?). So (?) California but luck wanted something different and the hand of God brought me to New Mexico, I can say that I have (?) problem in the world, seen every place, but I still say, God (?) everywhere but in (?) home is Espanola.

(Students' laughter)

YB: I never deny that, that's why I (?) ever think of you (?) our corporate office from (?) home because that is a (?) and (?) to tell you long story but I am to tell you something. I am internationally known as a holy man, I have met (?) met whatever you (?) in the highest, living branch of the holy people and we do very commercial things (?) because they think we are hear on the earth, guiding people to heaven and lot of you relate to us that we are very divine because we are not, we pretend to be very divine and I think it's a very commercial exploitation with all men of God and look good and talk of God and understand (?) but one part of me is I am a great (?) and I went for a search. I wanted to search my soul and I wanted to search the one who gave me my soul and I started talking to myself.

When I came to New Mexico it was one of the time in those days and I wore a uniform for eighteen years, it became a part of me, as a uniformed officer I understood that the entire harmony and the happiness in the world is uni form, one form. There's one God and one form called mankind and also realized the highest virtue in (?) is kindness and compassion and I wanted to feel the people who believe in honesty, integrity and they want to have a job that they could be proud of, we should do something and we did it.

Don't misunderstand me because I have gone through.. I have gone through deadly cold nights, standing, lying down in the most remote field, in the dirt with all my men for full night. Looking at stars and making pictures and paintings and thinking that we are in the lush world of our self. Let me tell you that all these years, that with all that my heart doesn't permit me physically to be here. My heart was so much (?) that I decided to seek (?) medical advice (?).

I tell you how important you are in my own language, there was a one very remote place it was being guarded by one single man in that deadly cold night when somebody came and wanted (?) the security (?) the officer responded, in the counter attack, he put his life on the line and finally the event didn't extended longer than that he closed his eyes and (?). But when he woke up in his subtle bodySubtle Body See Ten Bodies. (?) and he recognized himself nothing and he said, "Who are you?" The (?) replied, "I am the God." (?), "I don't deserve it, how can be I can be taken from a human body by God Himself, I don't believe it." Then (?) said, "I am the God."

"Where are you taking me," he said.

"I am taking you to heaven, to sit by my right side."

He said, "What I have done?"

He said, "for the security, safety and happiness in the deadly cold night you sit awake another day and you have done the greatest prayer and meditationMeditation Dhyan. It is a process of deep concentration or merger into an object or a state of consciousness. Meditation releases reactions and unconscious habits and build the spontaneous and intuitive link to awareness itself. on the earth and I thought why don't come through and pick you up then there shall be no God."

Those who stay alone in the simple isolation of the moment in the most winter cold nights, into the utmost alertness and protect the property of others with honesty, integrity and Divinity are the parts of that almighty God which prevails everywhere and it is this positive spirit which bring peaceful night and tranquility and wonderful dreams to those who have to rise next morning to keep the society and the world and the politics of the world going.

We who belong to the God and pretend to belong to God spend hours and hours on prayers. Sometime we have to (?) smallest in the court of God and you who are karam yogisYogi One who has attained a state of yoga (union) where polarities are mastered and transcended. One who practices the disciplines of yoga and has attained self-mastery. , who live by the act, reality and the truth are the real things doing the duty of a soldier. The process of life, the (?) to live like a saint and act like a soldier who practice this and we prove this Wahe Wahe Guru , Whaa-hay Guroo A mantra of ecstasy and dwelling in God. It is the Infinite teacher of the soul. Also called the gur mantra. GuruWahe Guru , Whaa-hay Guroo A mantra of ecstasy and dwelling in God. It is the Infinite teacher of the soul. Also called the gur mantra. Guru That which takes us from ignorance to knowledge; from darkness, gu, to light, ru. It can be a person, a teaching, or in its most subtle form - the Word. that is why I am here to (?) you and say my prayer, may God bless you, as you stand (?) all deathlessness, may that be your proforma, may that be your privilege and may that be your right to right.

Those of us who pray hours and hours and pretend to be (?) and try to impress people and do lot of those things because we (?) are in no way better than the one solitary soul just the affirmation of his own dignity and (?) stand outside somewhere at the dead of the night, alert and awake to protect and (?) the security, safety of that one who is sleeping at that moment. It's the moment to (?) and (?) come at heart and I feel it's a very, very great (?). But just on the other side of economics I just want to tell you when I decide to make my home in Mexico I found out it's very costly to live here and I worked outside to bring money into the (?) and I am very proud for the management and the people in the management of the Akal Security.

They are spending (?) to bring bucks from other (?) to keep New Mexico (?) and good and my only process is I do not need a very long time when we shall be international security, capable to secure anybody because the (?), the quality of men is outstandingly excellent. I trust you that as I have left India twenty years ago, if you just go there today people who do not even know me, never met me (?) as third generation (?). (?) at airport they will greet you and ask you for me and as that is a legend I think wherever you serve, don't become a (?) there become a legend.

People live by memory. Jesus is a memory. BuddhaBuddha An enlightened one; founder of the Buddhist faith. is a memory. Mohammad is a memory. GuruGuru That which takes us from ignorance to knowledge; from darkness, gu, to light, ru. It can be a person, a teaching, or in its most subtle form - the Word. Guru Nanak First Guru of the Sikhs. NanakGuru Nanak First Guru of the Sikhs. is a memory. So (?), so powerful that he is guiding us today and God is just three letters GOD, check your telephone number sometime. GOD when you total it up it become thirteen in number. I was talking to somebody, I said, "Lucky thirteen" and the child replied, "No, thirteen is unlucky." I said, "This is the future of God," and what I feel that we are very proud today we generated something in New Mexico, we organize it, we destroy the insecurity of people so that they can be at peace.

I am very grateful to each one of you who has served in this company and in the banner of the security company that we (?) to find ourself fast expanding company but we are very proud today that we have not only expanded in quantity but we are very solid (?). Thank you for the harsh training you go through and I know most of the time some of you (?) but I think the very impact of you can speak for itself and we have many honorable guests here, many (?) and many of friends came here and I am very proud to tell you don't stop at this. Keep going, keep going and keep up.

Life is very short leave behind great memories and satisfaction and fulfillment that we got the privilege to get (?) and right to be alive and (?). Thank you very much being with me tonight, this evening and I am grateful to you and it's my prayer that we could serve you with better prospects, better privileges and better conditions so that we can be very proud to be part of

This house. Thank you.


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