Meditation Course - Day 1

December 28, 1992
Miami, FL

Is it okay, are you here in the back?

Student: (----)

YB: What we are doing is doing a kind of workshop. I will need simply your cooperation, I am not going to teach you philosophy and tell you how good I am, neither I am going to tell you how bad you are and you know I don't do that guilt number and it's a just a simple psychology and science...

... Say I know, she gave me the title.

(Students' laughter)

And normally I am supposed to be taught what I am supposed to teach, how to eliminate fear and stress. You can't. You can't get rid of your fear and stress and specially you are not taught to how to, you have been asked to be afraid, very first day you are born, your training is that way, to be afraid and go and get it. Am I right what I am saying? Can you relate to it? And your parents taught you don't, just say it loud don't.

Students: Don't.

YB: Just feel the fear of it and how many years you have been taught this word don't.

Student: Don't.

(Students' laughter)

YB: I have worked in United States twenty-five years, I know you better than the nails of my finger, now I really travel because I have aged, one of the reason of my ageing was my own too much working habit, the other was your pain. Seeing you looking so beautiful and so stressed out and I didn't charge much of money, I should, I should have because you spent lot of money on your looking beautiful and pretty and convincing and you are on the sale all the time and in exactly in five minutes everybody knows that you are scary or you are scared or you are unhappy. You know I am not making the long list but it doesn't take, I do psychoanalysis with people and I take about three minutes to know everything on the table so fast. It blows my mind and you guys are God knows who you are but these guys are egomaniac successful people who normally will not like to talk about themself. So much success what do you call is the cost of the success you pay is the unhappiness you contain and the fear you have and stress it causes to be very frank it's not worthwhile.

I know one of a girl who takes chocolate as a matter of habit, you know what I am saying and I don't have to ask her not to take chocolate. She takes one day chocolate for seven day, her face is filled with pimples and she knows it and sometime just to tease her I just give her a chocolate, "Hey, that's very good."

And she said, "No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no because she knows in seven days she has to stand before a mirror and go like this."

(Students' laughter)

And it's going to be so painful, it's not worth it. Life is very happy, we are very happy people, our life standard of life is good, money is good, our fashion is good, our, we can totally change our skin every six months if we want, face lifting is available, nose job. I mean we are not started changing eyes but it's okay and our hairdo and our trend of the clothes and our cars and everything, take it out fast how happy life can be but because of fear and stress you have nothing with you. I mean you should not admit it, that's not a good idea. Just say, I am great. All right just say it, I am great.

Students: I am great.

YB: And see how phony you are, don't you feel yourself, not me. I am not a part of it. So I am not a preacher, who is going to come you and give you the affirmation and make you happy and then go away home and sleep and have curse on my life that I stole the money and I didn't do the job. So I am going to put you through a trance, whether you like it or not, I don't need your cooperation and then you can play your number. I know you don't agree with your parents, you don't agree with your neighborhood, you don't agree with yourself. I know you very well but still I am going to do it, because I can and then I transfer your hemisphere and I am asking your cortex to change this frequency, so the neuron elements can change, so you can have less fear. Little more vitality, little more understanding, little more your own feeling, you may know yourself little better, you have not ever realized just like me, I am very, very sick right now, extremely ill, I should not be moving but I am happy.

Happiness is not sickness, happiness is not poverty, happiness is not your heart broken and your relationship is gone, happiness is not in this. Happiness is you are you and you know you are you. Happiness has nothing to do with your paraphernalia and what you have been taught and what you know and what you understand and how many degrees you have got and how many people respect you and what you represent and what your clothes, jewelry and your makeup is, that's not happiness. Happiness is your that strength, ultimate your own strength, that nothing can shake you. Now you understand what I said?

Happiness is a personal endurance. It's not a religion. Thank God it is not, it's not a guilt, which you spread all the time or take it all the time. It's also not your language I don't know, which normally you say it is called escapism. Happiness is not what you want. Hah, hah, happiness is what you are. What you want is not a happiness. Because your wants change with seasons, with place, with circumstances, with environments, you change every minute, your thoughts change every second, your commitment changes every hour.

I know a person once a while I go with her to restaurant. "Okay, I will have a salad."

"No, no, I don't want this salad, I want that salad."

"Okay then."

"No I don't want this dressing, I want that dressing."

So I always end up saying the waiter or waitress what the case is stay here for half an hour and you will find wonderful, she will have a salad but God knows when and where and with what dressing. Normally, in this case, we have to tip her more than the salad and our bill, because no waitress can stand that torture. "Okay bring me this. Oh no, no, I changed my mind, could you take it back and bring another one." You know so majority of the time restaurant know whatever they bring, we will pay, whatever is return back, they can add to our bill, what to do, that's kind of person we all are. What we want, what we don't want.

Some people take fifteen minutes to dress themself up and half an hour to forty-five minutes to find which shoe they want to wear. I mean to say, I know you inside in your closet, in your bedroom under your bed sheets, I have been with you. You are very naked before me as people, extremely naked. I know your habits, I know your projection, I know your sentiments, I know your neurosis but all that knowing has provoked me to the point to work but it's unfortunate, everything has its time. I did work twenty-five years very hard, went around took care a lot of people, I am very grateful, that I have more friends than enemies but I am also very ungrateful to myself that with all my knowledge, I couldn't do what I can do.

So tonight is our first night and we go through the psychosomatic, para-systematic change of the neuron frequency for a one point two, which normally you are to one point five, if we can match, if not then we will sit whole night, somewhere along the night and midnight or sometime, if you do it fine, do it nice it will happen fast and my job will be done, you can go home and be comfortable but fact is I have to be comfortable with myself that we do a job for which we came, all the way to Miami and technically speaking you all can do it, you don't need a preparation for it. All right, is that a deal?

Student: (----)

YB: Yeah but let us do it, let us see how bogus I am and how real I am and I let me see how, how good you are and how good you are not, it's a kind of situation we should do. Come on now, sit down properly and if you are sitting on chairs put your equal weight on your both legs that's all I need, nothing more and there is no. First of all, let us see, whether you have a magnetic field or not. Now you must understand the life is not, you this, you that, life is your electromagnetic field in proportion to the sunray and in direct in proportion to the magnetic field of the Earth and there is a word in English, they call biorhythm. You know biorhythm? It's not a gimmick, it's a real thing.

Take your hands like this and wipe it out like this, you might have seen masseuse do it but I'll like you to ask do it yourself. Just out, just out, very forcefully and then stop, use your parasympathetic rhythm system as you are getting rid of something. No word spoken otherwise you will become a religion and it's not a yoga. That you are just splitting something by your force. Your force against you have willingness not to do it, you watch this. It will bring in you so much agony soon, that you will start hating me. Hah, hah, that will happen, I can bet on that. Once you do this, create a split, use a force and moment you cross three minute, you will say, 'what the hell I am doing,' you, you watch.

(Students' laughter)

That is, that is a reaction in the head starts happening. Moment they start happening you are in good shape. Split it, split it by force. It is better than a screen therapy where you pay two hundred fifty dollars for night and you have to scream yourself, that, that's not good but sometime you need that. Split it right from the center where you balance yourself and split it by force. Put it outside and then you will have a little bit hurt here and your elbow will start hurting, it mean your digestive system start changing and with your shoulders, it hurts too much then it mean circulation here is not right. I am just giving you the physical symptom and cut it, cut it really, don't worry what age you are, you got to do it first of all this has to be very tight and it has to do it because all five forces Mercury, Sun, Saturn, Jupiter and Id has to be utilized, it mean all nerve ending has to be functional.

Now don't do like this, we are not doing, reading a Koran, sit straight, this is what they read Koran, this is what they start doing, we are not doing that, just like this. Be a person by your right, do it strongly. I know it's a miserable exercise, that's what I charge for.

(Students' laughter)

I wish I should give you some good small talk and happy, and make you very happy but that doesn't make me happy. You know what is the idea teaching philosophy having a Church in every corner and spending tons of money on spirituality and people still suffering. You need inside change and you need a change in a psycho magnetic field, that's what it is and now folks whether you like it or not, you are getting little uneasy and now you will do two things, either you cheat and not do it,

(Students' laughter)

That's one way, then you can prolong your sickness or you start confronting it, facing it and doing it. If you are Jewish, then I am going to tell you, it's a horrible, if you don't do it.

(Students' laughter)

If you are Catholic, I say it is a sin, it's not money worth and you are wasting, then you will do it. If there any other religion I tell you just do it, if you don't you will burn in the hell or something like that but fact is you do not want to do it now, as much time passes, you will hate it. Can you believe what we are doing? We are taking our electromagnetic field and we are causing a forceful split, with this causing a split, our body is reacting, our nerve system is reacting, just while doing that, it's a simple exercise, it's not something very which you can't understand.

Now there will be a pain, with the pain there will come grief, with that grief will come anguish and with anguish will come misery, watch it, this is how stage by stage you are going to go. I wish every psychologist you do it rather than putting people on the sofa and say, haha, huhu, heyheey, what are you doing? Haha. Then what do you mean to you haha? This haha, this means has to stop. So we are actually teaching new psychology to people so that people can be really happy in future. Now if you are tired still do it, if you are miserable still do it because that come with it, it's a part of the territory, God knows how many of you will come tomorrow but at least today you have stuck here.

(Students' laughter)

Let us take advantage of you. Yeah, yeah, hurry up, hurry up, you have three more minutes to go there is nothing I can do. Once a while be honest and successful and say, hey I did it and use force, as much force you will do, it was good for your cardio vascular activity also. Good for kidneys, good for stomach what else you want? Harder, harder, I have to inspire you now. Come on two more minutes, harder. Break the segment as lethargy, break it. One more minute, last minute though. If you have cheated all these time before it, do it now.

All right inhale. Put your left hand at your heart center right here, the center of it like this as you take an oath and put your right hand just straight like this and close your eyes and meditate and don't do anything whatever comes in the thought, just don't relate to it, hands which is straight, make it straight and make it straight tight, let the energy flow, as you are blessing somebody. Just feel you are blessing the planet Earth or blessing Almighty God and blessing anybody, your all glandular system will go through such a change you will have a new blood chemistry right now. If you have a backache just stretch it up, so that give yourself a chance, if your eyes are hurting, close them tighter, so that you can have lot of blood there. Any part of the body, which has a pain right now concentrate on that and keep that blessing hand very firm. It's good to become a saint for a few minutes. Don't worry you are not, pretend it and now comes the D-day eagle is going to land.

Take your first most important fear of life, without uttering a word, whatever you are afraid of and put it before your forehead. Sort it out and confront it and then bless it and let it draw through your fingers. First most important fear, then second, then third, then fourth, till you cannot find any fear, it hurts. Now you are going para-scopic psychological fear regression, you are getting rid of it, body will hurt, it will tell you not to do it because that fear is a part of you. You bring it one by one, hell or heaven, stand your grounds and let it slip through your finger, if you know English, they call it let it through this, slip through my fingers but do bring it before your screen, that is your forehead. Face it for a second and then let it go but your capacity of what you are creating so far by exercise and other more one minute, you cannot keep on doing it for a whole night. So, hurry up, figure it out, sort it out and let get rid of the one you have.

Hey, don't bent your elbow, be steady, you are blessing, come on. You have thirty seconds. Now bring that hand which is blessing now back to your heart center and take the other hand and stretch it out and then now count your blessings. What is your biggest blessing you have and face it and kiss it and get it in. Your blessing, your merits, your virtue, your strength. One by one fill yourself up. You are very friendly, you are very noble, you are very truthful, you are very (?), there are million blessings, you have to be honest, choose which is the best of your, let it come in. Let it fall in your lap.

Many of you are doing wonderful, just concentrate little more, you will be fine. Wow, thirty seconds only left, that time passed very fast. Now please inhale deep and open your eyes and fold your hands like this straight in front and just make a solemn face, which should say that I am stronger than anything in the world around me, look straight learn to look straight, learn to look into the eyes of the straight of a person. This is a most balanced situation you have got and make a virtuous, elementary declaration you are stronger than all there is. And now close your eyes and now speak after me, I am stronger than all there is.

Students: I am stronger than all there is.

YB: I am stronger than all there is.

Students: I am stronger than all there is.

YB: All is my confrontation.

Students: All is my confrontation.

YB: That confirms my victory.

Students: That confirms my victory.

YB: I am stronger than all there is.

Students: I am stronger than all there is.

YB: All is confronting.

Students: All is confronting.

YB: That makes me victorious.

Students: That makes me victorious.

YB: I am stronger than all there is.

Students: I am stronger than all there is.

YB: I am.

Students: I am.

YB: I am by the will of God.

Students: I am by the will of God.

YB: I am by the will of my right.

Students: I am by the will of my right.

YB: I am by the will of my breath.

Students: I am by the will of my breath.

YB: I am, I am.

Students: I am, I am.

YB: I am a part of the universe.

Students: I am a part of the universe.

YB: Universe is part of me.

Students: Universe is part of me.

YB: Now meditate on this. Now start raising these hands upward as they are and make a connection with the heavens by a self-hypnosis, that you have put your hands like a plug into the heavens and let the energy flow through you. Let it flow by your will, it's coming through the tips of your fingers, it's going to the Earth through the tips of your toes. As we get married, we take these ice and throw it backward, same way now pat your hands and put them backward as you are blessing yourself and you will break and please relax. All right relax now, now you can talk with each other and have few minutes of fun till I cook you again.

(Students' laughter)

We have to do three exercises tonight and then tomorrow we will go into subconscious elimination and that's all it is and that's all was the time available. So just feel relax right now and talk to each other and don't talk become meditative, normally you will not like to speak. Talk, talk, discuss movies whatever.


Hey talking machine. You have to talk and talk and talk. She has her own mantraMantra Sounds or words that tune or control the mind. Man means mind. Tra-ng is the wave or movement of the mind. Mantra is a wave, a repetition of sound and rhythm that directs or controls the mind. When you recite a mantra you have impact through the meridian points in the mouth, through its meaning, through its pattern of energy, through its rhythm, and through its naad - energetic shape in time. Recited correctly a mantra will activate areas of the nervous system and brain and allow you to shift your state and the perceptual vision or energetic ability associated with it. . Hey, could you tap her back. Hey here.


(The tape, 'Every night is a bless to me...' is played)

(The tape stops)

Okay, come on now, hello. You will again get a chance, you will again get a chance to talk. You know pleasure and pain goes together. So just walk in back to your seat and have a chance. Now what I am going to ask you today is a very simple theory. It's a theory, which is very cheap, doesn't cost much. It's a discipline, which you can learn, simply I have to encourage you to do it and the fact is, if you do this for thirty-one minutes everyday in your life, you will never need me or anybody else, you will find yourself.

My idea to teach these things are that I don't want a clientele, I never came in United States to have students and I never wanted to be what I am today. I am a simple scientist of spirituality. I know God, I don't have to find Him, I don't have to worship Him, I don't (?), I am not, I don't believe in all that what believe but unfortunately I am a head of the religion, I have to say those things too, they did me in now because of that. So I got stuck with this old nonsense, there is but one God and He has to be worshipped and be nice to Him and you know the whole thing.

Actually fact is that as a human there is nothing you can do, God does everything. Simply it looks like and see how idiot we are, it looks like we are doing it. I mean that's that I hate Him for. I tell Him all the time in the morning, I say, "What the hell you are doing? You are Doer of everything and you create all this gimmicks and now you are telling these people, you are the one who make them miserable, they are not, they didn't apply for being miserable, it's nothing." If you look at the reality of life, if you have a time and look at the reality, your all pain is your caused, your all insanity is your creative. You are never truthful, you are never honest, you are never straight. Now what do you expect the reaction will be? We all lie to each other, we lie to ourself why? Question is forget about speaking truth to somebody, you lie to yourself, you deny yourself what you are. How anybody can help you tell me? There is no psychiatrist or psychologist, I have taught in UCLA, I used to tell that in (?), I said, 'collect your money,' you can't help anybody, you can't even know anybody, you ask a question, they give you an answer, answer is a definite and protective lie, it means answered because you don't want to tell yourself who you are.

I am sixty-three year old and every student of mine knows that I can read an auraAura The radiant field of energy and consciousness that surrounds the physical body and which holds and organizes the seven centers of energy called chakras. Its strength, measured by brightness and radius, determines the vitality, mental concerns, and psychophysical integrity of a person. and I can read him like an open book, there is no use of lying in my front, they sit in the living room, talk to me and they lie at my face and I said, 'haha, you know you are right and it looks like that but there is something more to it,' just to be polite, I can't say, you son of so and so, you are lying at my face, get out of here, this that, I can't do that, it's not my privilege. So I say, 'haha, yeah, I think so. Really you feel that way, or there is something else behind it.' So it's a clever way to slip the person in and in and in and in, to say, 'I can't say it.' You have to bring a person to that point in self-confrontation. Any person who knows how to confront oneself can confront God as a friend and can create prosperity like anything else, otherwise all the wealth you create will be useless to you, it will be your enemy, all your (?), all you have sex, all your life, all your friendship, everything will be your enemy, it will never be your friend because you never created as you.

You liars number one, you created (?) somebody else, you predicted something else, you presented something else and you got rich then what, it's not you and you know it, as a truth and everybody knows his and her truth, you don't have to learn from somebody else. All this façade, all this mask you are wearing and all this amass you are collecting, it's not making you happy. We know that and there is no therapy because anybody who will do therapy to peel you like a onion, knows that in the end, nothing will come out of it, so even the therapist.

I was just coming here I was very upset myself, I have a child of mine I told her I said, "Don't go skiing here," "Well we got a program, we got a ticket, we have, you never told me this, you never told me." I said, "I'll pay for anything come with me to Florida." She said, "No." I said, "Come to Santa Fe" "No I got to go." And I was just telling her, "See you didn't listen to me, now I will go through the hell for six months and get your surgery done tomorrow and six months now I have to carry you broken person."

"I will never agree, I promise, I never ever again disobey you."

I said, "This is the hundredth time, you will never disobey me again and it's a over hundred time."

"They are not, this time is a final please."

(Students' laughter)

I said, "Yeah, it is a routine video tape, set records."

"No, never again." And next day it's the same thing because you want to do what you want to do. Actually, if you want to look at the fact, you want to find yourself, you want to find who you are, you want to be who you are but there is no chance. Everyday you promise you are going to diet, you are not going to do it, everybody you are going to eat healthy, you are not going to eat, everyday you promise something and you break it. Actually promises are made to satisfy you the moment and then you enjoy breaking it. Actually that's your only happiness, that's your victory, that's how you feel victory, that's how you fell winning.

I have known some student of mine, when they leave they become later on very bitter. They go to a psychologist and they go through that and they said, right back to the master and letter comes its first sentence is very affectionate and loving and later on it is such a dirty, ugly garbage, what we do is we put it in the archives, so the garbage list is getting better and better you know but the fact is, this is their in reaction, how much a person hates himself and how much a person cannot keep a discipline and normally majority of the people leave me and they should.

Normally I can't say, 'okay, I am not your teacher, get out of me,' I am not teacher to begin with, why should I have not your teacher, I don't initiate anybody. I have no obligation but there is a one thing in me, which is horrible, terrible, miserable, person cannot stop with me, if they come and say, "I am this." I said, "Well, little better than that will be that." Fact is, our improvement, our power, our beauty is as infinite as God is and just to accept on my part that one person is okay, he is not okay, it is not my job. They want satisfaction, they want satisfaction which their father didn't give it, they want satisfaction which their religion doesn't give it, they want satisfaction which society doesn't give it but they are all bogus thing what they didn't get, didn't get, all they are getting satisfaction but they couldn't give to themself, that's my subject.

Do you give yourself the satisfaction, which you should not given to you, this subject nobody teaches you folks, that made me to run United States to United States, I came to Canada actually made me run to leave India because they knew I know. Parapsychology, scopic strength and whole thing, they knew it I am a scientist. I was hesitant to teach the communist world, which I am willing to teach the Western world. Because I knew it at that time there will be no communism because communism is a stateism and stateism never exist. No individual can have a individualism because we are interrelated psyche, we are like a corporation, we need cooperation, we need to find ourself and be honest with each other, that way we will have permanent friendship.

I remember there were two, three friends and one day we were going somewhere in Canada and this girl came one hour earlier. I said, "What are you came for?"

She said, "Master I just want to know, you know the third person going with us."

I said, "Yeah. I have to go drag her from the bed, make her ready and give her a cup of coffee, wake her up I said, you look like you are going to pull a dead man from the grave."

She said, "Exactly what I am saying is right."

I said, "What's the problem?"

She said, "She will never gets up before one o'clock." She said, "When she comes to yoga class, she is so active and bright and big eyes and bah bah bah." She said, "Yeah."

Teach a yoga class at ten o'clock and find what comes in there. I said, "Oh she is a night person."

She said, "Restroom and now we are going to do. So I was going to tell you if dragging her out I can be late, expected. You were one hour late," she brought her in, she was in the back seat like this. SatSat Existence; what is; the subtle essence of Infinity itself. Sat Naam , Sat Nam The essence or seed embodied in form; the identity of truth. When used as a greeting it means "I greet and salute that reality and truth which is your soul." It is called the Bij Mantra - the seed for all that comes. Sat Naam , Sat Nam The essence or seed embodied in form; the identity of truth. When used as a greeting it means "I greet and salute that reality and truth which is your soul." It is called the Bij Mantra - the seed for all that comes. NamSat Naam , Sat Nam The essence or seed embodied in form; the identity of truth. When used as a greeting it means "I greet and salute that reality and truth which is your soul." It is called the Bij Mantra - the seed for all that comes. Naam , Nam The manifested identity of the essence. The word derives from Naa-ay-ma , which means "that which is not, now is born." A Naam gives identity, form, and expression to that which was only essence or subtle before. It is also referred to as the Word. , SatSat Existence; what is; the subtle essence of Infinity itself. ...

I said, "Hey, Mary it is you?"

"Yes sir."

"What happened?"

"Oh I didn't sleep last night."

I said, "You must have slept sometime."

"Yeah, it was a good movie and that's a three o'clock and then I thought mediation time is there, then I meditated."

I said, "Who the hell has told you to keep awake three o'clock and then start meditating?"

"Well I taught is I am not going to break my routine, I am meditated."

I said, "What time you slept?"

"Five o'clock."

I said, "Didn't you know that we were going to go today?"

"Yes sir."

Okay we left, we did everything and we have a dead log with us and no coffee could break it and no massage could do it and nothing, sit down, sit down, get up, get up, it was a strange thing I saw. It took me couple weeks to break her habit that she has to come down at least sleeping at one o'clock, early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. Because those who have to face a day next day has to be smart, has to be real, it's not something very important what I am saying and unfortunately if you care not to understand this, in the early morning you always get nightmares, dreams and everything between four o'clock and seven o'clock with the time. When your nervous system is eaten up by subconscious garbage and it makes you very weak. But this something which you are going to do today right now and if you do it all the time in your life, you will never be weak. That is breathing yourself three breath a minute.

I will do it with a simple thing. Take the sun finger, the ring finger and put it together. Ring finger or Sun finger is only one finger, rest of the finger leave it alone. Their tip should not meet, they may bent in that's okay, this is all the bent we look and this is together. You know like this. Right. And put your eyes at the tip of your nose and as low as you can and then just time yourself to breathe in and hold and breathe out. So in another words if you take, you have to breathe three perhaps so you need twenty second per breath. So if you take seven minutes to breathe in, seven minutes to hold and seven seconds and fifth, six seconds to throw it out, that will make twenty seconds and estimate yourself, time it yourself and three breath a minute, go through it and see what that does to you, be your own judge, not that what I say. Three seconds or five seconds or twenty seconds is not a particular thing in life is just a seconds goes very fast, as you count one, two, three, four, five but if you just breathe in and then very kindly hold and breathe out and you will bring three breath a minute and God willing you will be totally different.

Look at the tip of your nose that will stop the optical nerve and moment you will have the control of the (?) you will control your mind, your brain will start resting, it will start energizing itself, it's better than taking all the vitamins and second just breathe three times a minute. Time it, it will change your life. You don't, you don't need anything because if a person have an habit to breathe three times a minute for thirty-one minutes, the entire biorhythm and metabolism changes to the best of the health of minds, spirit and soul and the body. Therefore, kindly concentrate and do your best. Sun finger is the lifeline energy, the contact is to create in ourself to renew our cells of the body and be afraid, you will relax too much in this exercise and don't start sleeping and don't falling apart, behold.

... Regularly this exercise you do it and do it honestly and regularly in hundred twenty days, you will find your mental capacity is very stronger than any therapy or any practice you have practiced and what is hundred twenty days it's four months? So if you start your year with this and say, 'well, till the spring I am going to do it and I am not going to miss one day,' you will be surprised. After all if you do not have your inner vitality, you cannot even hold virtues, you may go after them. So you need something, now you are going to relax and you don't want to do it, it is the opposite of the other one but yawn and relax but still keep on doing it. It will take away the stress, the inner stress, the real one. Your nerves will be relaxed, your body will be relaxed, you will yawn a lot, you like to sleep and you don't want to do it, there are three things happens in this but just hold on your grounds, hold on well.

Lock your eyesight at the tip of the nose so that they. Come on, come on, there is a one of the ornament and sensation is one the beauty, is the one jewelry, your whole life you can have it. This decoration you need it for yourself. Time is right just breathe in, hold and breathe out.

Side B

... Come on, come on, be powerful. Hold your grounds, hold your grounds, keep up. Come on see that, come on. You have all the strength, there is nothing to worry about. Come on just do it once and you always wanted to be excellent and better person just do it like a part of your life, like a part of your routine. One is every breath of life, there is another one, you have nothing.

(The tape, 'God and me are one...' is played)

YB (talks over music): Little loud and clearer. Little louder.

Keep up, keep the posture, keep the rhythm. Concentrate, concentrate your eyes at the tip of the nose, make your posture solid, stretch up, don't (?). Inhale deep.

(The tape stops)

And now please put your both hand straight and go sixty degree as you are blessing the universe and close your eyes and bless your ancestors, bless your family, bless your friends, bless your enemies, bless your neighbors and bless the most bankrupt Nation, United States. Four trillion dollars debt, three hundred billion dollar interest, they can't even pay. Bless President Clinton that he is going to sit on chapter eleven and he should do something good for us, otherwise we are going to jump into the ocean. So, give your best blessings and feel divine and feel great, you are just blessing, it's not that you have to be great to bless, get out of this guilt and fear, just bless and bless and bless, be bountiful, be blissful and be in blessings.

Exactly you have three minutes of blessings, hold your grounds under all circumstances and serve your nervous system what you can give to your nerve in this three minutes, you can't give anywhere and this is a self-hypnosis and therapy and you have to do it yourself I'll just help, bountiful, beautiful, blissful hurry up, give them some strength, otherwise, they will freak out in a minute. Come on boy always helps them.

(The tape, 'I am bountiful, blissful and beautiful...' is played)

YB (talks over music): Please be strong, strong, strong. Bless, bless, bless. Powerful it needs your strength. One more minute to go, don't give up. Use your entire strength, you need your nerves, you need all the system, parasympathetic, sympathetic and action nerve system, you need to be new, now is the chance. Thirty seconds hold, thirty seconds hold tight. Inhale deep and hold tight.

(The tape stops)

Hold tight with a cannon fire let it go. Inhale again deep, hold strongly, hold. Squeeze your body tight, tight, cannon fire breathe out, breathe in tight all the way, fill in your ribcage, hold tight, squeeze yourself from toe to top, hair to hair, just go, go wild. Let it go and please relax. We have done the job, you will never be the same again. Hah, yeah, it's not a very popular way to teach but this is the only way we can do something and rather than talking and bringing through logic and reason and convincing you, which is a hard way to go, take centuries. This take short time and cut through right to the bones and change the electromagnetic field and change the psyche and thus change person, his vitality and you are at your own.

Tomorrow we will go into the deep inner fears and phobias and phobic neurosis and what not. So I will prefer all of you come and bring with you pineapple juice because it will be a hot stuff and also bring little extra for there maybe somebody who walk in tomorrow and may not have it. We will also try to provide but I will prefer if you bring for yourself pineapple juice. You know pineapple juice, it's available here? Yeah, yeah please bring it and we will go through it God willing pretty but we will need pineapple is called ananas, ananas means ana means, which causes death, nas mean which destroy what causes death, it's original name is ananas. So it's a very powerful fruit, it's a big fruit on a small plant, it's very powerful fruit and it's properly ripe and fresh, it can help a person and if for couple months you take fresh ananas juice or pineapple juice you (?) in the morning and mix it with they call it here, what they call it fennels, fennel tea you can make it a fennel and boil fennel at night and you take fennel in the morning, forget it, it will change you inside out, it's very powerful thing. Fennel is a very sexy thing, it is better than the rhino's horns.

(Students' laughter)

There are two things in the vegetation which are powerful than anything, one is the fennel and the other is the cardamom, most powerful thing don't misunderstand me and this is a gimmick that you buy thousand dollar an ounce a rhino you will be very sexy and horny, forget it, it's not true, this is not better but when you mix it with a pineapple juice, it totally make your cell young. It's very useful formula, so you can dry takes pound of fennels and put it in a water on a low fire, leave it on the fire at night and let it, so let it boil, let it come as a very beautiful thick canopy kind of, it will give you liquorish smell and then you take put it in a freezer, make it just Saturday when you are off or Sunday and make it for a week and then take about four, five ounces of fennel juice and take four, five ounces of pineapple juice mix up in the morning and just drink and if you feel hungry then you take this sour yogurt what they call buttermilk, then you take buttermilk and put pineapple in it and blend it and then go ahead and if you are young, take dry pineapple, you know those, disks available, take that and for God sake do it and for every woman, one banana in the morning and at four o'clock a tablespoon of raisin is a must, it's a national requirement, raisins.

Four o'clock by the strike of the time, you need for your surviving as a woman. One banana in the morning for the potassium and four o'clock for your iron and etcetera, etcetera, one spoon, no big deal. There are few things in life you have to do to survive and medical and things are going to be very costly. There is no doubt about it, you have to start grandma recipes and you have to do preventive precaution for your health. Whenever you go in the office to wash your hands in the office or anywhere, just put a cold water on your eyes and just take a Kleenex and clean it, you will have long way young eyes and you will not have big numbers, rather than when you are forty or fifty and you start putting, pouring water all the time in your eyes and feel dry. Why not to just make it habit, when you go wash your hands, also wash your face and just clean it doesn't take much.

There are some simple things to do in life and there is a one very simple and cheapest thing is called turmeric. Take a ounce of turmeric and take olive oil and sort it in it and put some onion, garlic, ginger whatever basil, oregano, rigno, trigno, pigno whatever, whatever you want to and just make a rice and have a homemade yogurt and just eat it. There is nothing more powerful on this planet than that, nothing. Nothing. And this herb is not very costly at all, it's extremely cheap, all this face complexion and inner sicknesses and all that. It cures, it heals, it warms and it makes if you take for a longtime, it will give you a new liver absolutely.

If you feel sometime very busy and very weak, there are very young zucchinis available I do not know they are available here or not but they should be, you produce in Florida everything and take a young, a young zucchini young small and wash it up and just eat it raw, chew it raw. Develop a habit, just see what happens, but be afraid, it sometime give you wings under your armpits. It makes you very, very up and up and sometime you can't handle it. So if you feel all the time over there then stop it for a while then do it, just a raw young with skin, no cleaning business, just wash it very clearly with a soap, so that if there is anything outside is gone, don't steam it, don't do anything, just take it and just like, just put in your mouth and chew it, you will have a fun of your life, there are certain simple things.

Like if you have a sleeping problem, you take lettuce and make a soup at night and just then try to wake, forget it. Moment you hit the pillow, you will be gone it has, it is the only one thing which has point two percent opium natural, it's totally put you out and it will give you such a deep sleep and such a relaxation at night, next morning you will be young and what is the problem? It's not much. If you really want to be healthy for say about a month or so, formula is very simple.

You know spaghetti sauce, you know that? Make a spaghetti sauce very good spaghetti sauce as you want it and take a full lettuce and put in a pressure cooker and really cook it nicely. Bring it out like a turkey and put it in the center and make into split into two pieces and then put all the sauce on half of it and sit down with a spoon and fork and whatever you call it knife and just eat it, as it is. Just see what happens. Just see what this simple thing can do for you and sauce must contain tarragon, oregano, lot of basil, cumin, cardamom and you must have to have good tomatoes and you know how to make it right? Some olive oil and Nirinjan has a recipe, she is here? Yeah. She is a Italian, she has a very good sauce recipe. I think you should write it tomorrow and give it to them, don't hold on and being Mr. Special and if you can make that kind of sauce and rather garbing with it that wheat, pasta you call it as, maybe whatever you call it. Try this, it will blow your mind and if you are feeling kind of tired. You know what is a tired is? Tired is a tired and you can feel tired, there is nothing wrong to feel tired and there is no ridiculous thing to say, I am not tired, you can be tired.

Take eggplants and cut it in four, five sides of it and bake it into this, you have that thing in the kitchen, you put it on a plate and stick it in and microwave (?) this stuff underneath, which has flame, top and bottom, what do you call it?

Students: (----)

YB: Broiler. Yeah and then it will come out very well done and you can remove the outer skin if you want to, if not, it's very healthy, normally sometime it burns you like to get rid of it but it is a best carbon dioxide you produce ever, we call heavy carbon dioxide, very good, so good you can breathe. But anyway, so this thing will come out like a lump done, you know what I mean? So put it on a plate, chop it up and have some rice around it and put this spaghetti sauce on it as good as you can make thick sauce, eat it couple days, then write to me. You are what you eat and these recipes are very fogged. Eggplant can give you absolutely, absolutely new brain, you know they call it, "But what happened to your car?"

"My engine burst down."

"And what you did?"

"Oh I changed the engine, it runs very good now."

That's how you will be. But if you go on a eggplant and this recipe, don't go for a week at a stretch, then drop it, give a rest for a week, you don't need that extra strength. Sometime we overdo things and if you do not want kidney stones, then when you boil artichokes, take all the water and drink it, it breaks all stones in the body. If you take a onion a day, you will never have cancer, if you take an apple a day, you will never have a problem with your blood and if you take a pear a day, you will not develop extra fibrosis and stones and these are not bad things to eat.

These are not bad at all. You should take vitamin C as much you can but there are natural ways to take vitamin C and one of the most natural way is, take a lot of lemon juice, lot, just like a glass about eight ounces and take a straw and just straight sip it. Just one, two, three, straight but for God sake, don't ever take it with without straw, otherwise it will cost you a lemon (?) that you cannot break it. Just straight, juice it up and there is a Saturday and I want to be, I want to be and take about by measurement about seven, eight ounces. Oh JiJi Soul; used as an endearment or sign of respect. , see how it goes inside and you will feel it and when it come out, you will see lemons are falling apart, it's very funny experience.

(Students' laughter)

Extremely funny experience. What lemon juice does is it totally goes in the digestive system, it challenges the colon so badly that she has to really it look like a bride, perfect. It totally marries her and creates a baby right there and it's called beautiful health but it has to be about eight ounces minimum, I know one tablet can give you lot of vitamin C, it's not a vitamin C, it's a lemon, straight lemon juice, you mean straight about eight ounces and stick a straw in it and whatever your God is take His name and just get it in.

(Students' laughter)

But for God sake don't let the teeth touch it, a common body of vitamin C is okay and everything is fine but lemon is very powerful and once it goes into the stomach it creates a havoc because there is already hydrochloric depository in your, in your stomach and it reacts with that, it trains the lining, it does the whole thing, then it goes with the colon and forget it. Colon knows no other way and one little start going into the system and your day will be very different than normally you expected. Do it in the morning and do it when you are just getting up. First thing, it is amazing.

Once a while boil a coffee, coffee, you know coffee?

Students: (----)

YB: You all know coffee right? Yeah and put some skim milk in it and do the enema, enema is a bottle available for few dollars and you can fill it up and stick it in and let it go into the system and keep your legs up as much as you can hold it in for a longtime and this damn thing which normally causes lot of stress is very useful, extremely useful for the (?) and you have lot of know nonsense and trouble and the ladies have to once a while do hygiene's that formula you can ask some girls, they all know it. So all this medicine bushes you have got and then end up with lot of problems, try to become natural.

You know, it is a time to take care of your health because you want it. Once a while in one Saturday put couple pounds of yogurt in the tub, five, six, seven, put one pound of turmeric in it about six, eight ounces of lemon in it and mess it up and just from top to bottom become a yellow like Hanuman that's monkey God, God which is always yellow. Now listen to me and let it dry up on you. Stay there. If anybody comes in by mistake will runaway, don't worry about it.

(Students' laughter)

Yeah, use in your inner organs too, let it dry up on you, when it dries up, get under a lukewarm shower and then when the time to get rid of it. What your skin will come out of it will be unbelievable. So these are few things, if you can do in your life, prolong your good looks and good health. Now we will do a kind of meditationMeditation Dhyan. It is a process of deep concentration or merger into an object or a state of consciousness. Meditation releases reactions and unconscious habits and build the spontaneous and intuitive link to awareness itself. and it is just like that and put like this and lock this please and you will sing may the longtime sun shine upon you as many times, till I tell you to stop it, all right? All right, start.

(Students singing, 'May the longtime sunshine...')

YB (over the song): Hey stop this, start louder, this is may the, I know you are relaxed.

(Students singing, 'May the longtime sunshine upon you...')

YB (over the song): Higher, higher. Wake up, wake up, meditate. Guide. Guide your way on.

(Students stop singing)


Students: Saaaaaaat... Naaaaaaaaam...

YB: Blessed God, give us peace, give us the power to be for the peace, give us the strength to practice these in our dealings, in our feelings, in our projections, in our regression and our acts and objects and subjects, let the motive be the peace, tranquility, make us beautiful, bountiful and blissful, so we can carry our life as Thy star in the horizon of subjects in our life. Give us today, give us tomorrow, (?). SatSat Existence; what is; the subtle essence of Infinity itself. Sat Naam , Sat Nam The essence or seed embodied in form; the identity of truth. When used as a greeting it means "I greet and salute that reality and truth which is your soul." It is called the Bij Mantra - the seed for all that comes. Sat Naam , Sat Nam The essence or seed embodied in form; the identity of truth. When used as a greeting it means "I greet and salute that reality and truth which is your soul." It is called the Bij Mantra - the seed for all that comes. NamSat Naam , Sat Nam The essence or seed embodied in form; the identity of truth. When used as a greeting it means "I greet and salute that reality and truth which is your soul." It is called the Bij Mantra - the seed for all that comes. Naam , Nam The manifested identity of the essence. The word derives from Naa-ay-ma , which means "that which is not, now is born." A Naam gives identity, form, and expression to that which was only essence or subtle before. It is also referred to as the Word. .

Students: SatSat Existence; what is; the subtle essence of Infinity itself. Sat Naam , Sat Nam The essence or seed embodied in form; the identity of truth. When used as a greeting it means "I greet and salute that reality and truth which is your soul." It is called the Bij Mantra - the seed for all that comes. Sat Naam , Sat Nam The essence or seed embodied in form; the identity of truth. When used as a greeting it means "I greet and salute that reality and truth which is your soul." It is called the Bij Mantra - the seed for all that comes. NamSat Naam , Sat Nam The essence or seed embodied in form; the identity of truth. When used as a greeting it means "I greet and salute that reality and truth which is your soul." It is called the Bij Mantra - the seed for all that comes. Naam , Nam The manifested identity of the essence. The word derives from Naa-ay-ma , which means "that which is not, now is born." A Naam gives identity, form, and expression to that which was only essence or subtle before. It is also referred to as the Word. .

YB: Thank you. Now you are stretched out, don't try to hurry up, normally it's our habit to get up and run, just slowly stretch yourself, you are not normal, you look normal. So just stretch your hands and stretch yourself and this and that and move little bit and slowly, slowly wake up and go home.


(The tape is played)

(The tape stops)

• • •

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