KWTC Lecture

July 25, 1984
Espanola, NM

.. We are almost two hours late. And this two hours late is no guarantee that we will be in time ever because what is happening is God is not listening to the appeal, it is only twenty-four hours in a day and we want about twenty-eight hours. It's not happening. Isn't that terrible? When I take time to try to know the Lord a little better all I have to do is search my heart. It's written. Oh well show me the (?) oh these are two beautiful women New Mexico could produce and let us see what the democrats have in their faith. They are trying to (?) another third woman but... if Reagan's jelly bean do not reach them they will win but if somehow makes it he makes them eat his jelly beans, that's the end of democrats for another four years. My position with you is that it depends on the circumstances what I am going to achieve within these few days but I need lot of your prayers. Somehow in this old age I have started believing in prayers.

(Students laugh)

Isn't a good idea?

Students: Yes sir.

YB: I don't think so.

(Students laugh)

How are you Alaskan? You are pretty haa... six months you see your husband, six months you don't. Oh sometime tell the girl how to live not seeing a man for all these days and what you do behind the curtain you know.

(Students laugh)

She is pretty interesting girl. I couldn't sit and enjoy with her, when I was in Alaska she was really humorous, funny, I like her. She is quite a thing if you try to know certain secret call them 'Alaskan Secrets.' She is good at it. You know my situation I know lot of things. Certain things I know to experience, certain things I know I meet lot of people, certain things I know that comes in my way, certain things I know intuitively, certain things I know through meditationMeditation Dhyan. It is a process of deep concentration or merger into an object or a state of consciousness. Meditation releases reactions and unconscious habits and build the spontaneous and intuitive link to awareness itself. , but the funny part of it is that Siri Hari is here. That is... that I do not know why it happens and why she left me when she claimed "I am in love with you" and yesterday I couldn't even track her down.

Student: (----)

YB: You?

Students: (-----)

YB: Quite a favor, very favor, it's a great favor. It is favored. I am going to build a box of Cedar Wood which nobody can eat away and I am going to put you in and I want to lock it. Then I am going to get a very hefty kind of black guy who can carry you in the back. And people will say what? We will say it is a special equipment, and we write on the wooden box, "CIA."

(Students laugh)

So no custom will check. You like the idea?

Student: (----)

YB: Today we are starting one of the greatest subjects in the history of the man, which man tries to learn and always was foolish and brought him the miseries and out of those miseries came the birth of the religion. There was no religion to begin with. Man had only one religion to live. That was the religion. And because the man did not know the psychology of communication and could not keep the tab on it, it created miscommunication and misunderstanding. The net result was the chaos, out of the chaos man wanted to become wiser. To become wiser man wanted to know, to know man wanted to experience. Then man made certain ethical laws, certain moral laws, certain spiritual laws. All those moral, ethical and spiritual laws when we put together they became the religion one way or the other. And then afterwards man looked at those laws and looked at that religion and those practices which gave him the experience like United States of America.

We had the best constitution, best human rights, best everything. We can't live it. So man made such a beautiful, bountiful religious pathway but he could not travel. That is the lump sum story of the man. Knows all, builds all, does all, but does not know how to live to it. Man could not live his own rules. Man cannot stimulate his own glandular system. Man cannot upkeep his own nervous system. Man cannot keep his circulatory system. Man cannot produce his own priority of his own blood, which feeds his body through which he lives. Do you really understand what is going on? That's the fact. Don't misunderstand that man cannot go to the Moon. Man has gone on the Moon before. On a single chair. Those Vabaan, those aeroplanes and whatever they were, they were just like cars, they used to run on what you call is mercury vapors.

Mercury will transfer itself in mercury vapors and mercury vapors will transfer itself in... mercury will create so much heat and generates so much energy that man could fly five thousand miles per hour in a single little aeroplane, which goes to space, visit other stars, I mean that was just like let us go to Espanola, let us go to Matilda, right? We say sometime, right? That's how they used to say. Let us go to the underworld, let us go to such and such star, let us go to such and such place. It's not religious myth, it's a reality, it's the experience written in the scriptures. There was a power, there is still that power and there is going to be the same power. It's not going to be taken away from man because God is complete, God is perfect. So is the human. Perfect cannot create imperfect. Perfect?

Students: Cannot create a imperfect.

YB: So nothing in you is perfect. It can't be. It's not possible. You understand? Perfect could only create perfect. Then from where the imperfect came? The imperfect came when we lost track of our originality, when we lost track of our simplicity, our own reality. Who am I? I am three things. I am a Bhajan, I am a YogiYogi One who has attained a state of yoga (union) where polarities are mastered and transcended. One who practices the disciplines of yoga and has attained self-mastery. Bhajan, I am a Bhajan who is Siri Singh SahibSiri Singh Sahib Honorary title given to Yogi Bhajan to indicate his role as spiritual leader of Sikh Dharma in the West. His complete title within Sikh Dharma is Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji. . Right? You follow? Now that's not enough. I am a father, I am a friend, I am a boyfriend, I am a girlfriend, I am a man, I am a idiot, I am a great, I am a butt on which everybody has to put is shit, I am the greatest man who has to be worshipped, God knows how many facets I got developed into multiple facets and there sits a one simple thing.

Very simple thing, Bhajan. A identity, a creature. But you want to look at me, you can go miles and miles for positive and miles and miles for negative and in the end you say where we are, who is this? And that's not a confusion about me, it's confusion about all of you. Your greatness and your smallness of belittleness is so vast that it can create the gulf, which can contain the entire planet in it. Idea is what to do? We have religion we cannot live up to it, we have discipline, we cannot make it, we have personality we cannot express it. We have position we cannot stand on it. God we have everything and we can't use anything. So what we have to do? Talk not to talk, talk to communicate, first rule. Talk to?

Students: Communicate.

YB: Now let us communicate today, that's the workshop I want to go through. I need volunteers one after the other, I'll give the subject. Anybody can stand up. But one at a time. Make up your mind. Okay, so be it. In fifteen lines communicate that you hate me the most, and I am the ugliest person on the planet. Don't waste time. I don't see it is very difficult to say. Law of polarity says whosoever is positive is equally negative. And that is neutral. I know you are emotionally devotional and you are devotional... you go on the mike. Yeah, yeah. So I'll pick up a subject, which you have to work on, right? Say fifteen lines, which should convince this audience that I am the dirtiest person on the Planet and you are the most graceful woman on the Earth. If you say dirty things, which make you feel and look ugly then job is not done.

(Students laugh)

Student: (?) possible sir.

YB: I can give you an example. You love me very much, I am going to tell you, you don't, I am going to not look ugly, and you are going to look bad. And don't take it personally, okay?

Student: Okay.

YB: I have seen you somewhere do you know where?

Student: Yeah.

YB: Can you tell me.

Student: Right here.

(Students laugh)

YB: Yeah, that I know you will say because you do not want to share your past with me, is there some secret or something which you don't want to share?

Student: I think you know it already.

YB: Well, I think you are very defensive, you are putting on me and I know you do not want to know certain things but I will like to know things, which are in the past and which you know and I know. Can we share openly where did I meet you the first?

Student: Well, physically in Washington Tantric Course, nineteen seventy-two.

YB: Oh, were you doing something very inhuman those days?

Student: I don't know. In those days it didn't seem to be inhuman but they seem close to it now.

YB: All right, fifteen sentences have gone by, all I have done is created a doubt. Do you watch it?

Student: Yes.

YB: Do you all watch it?

Students: Yes.

YB: First thing when you want to ruin somebody is create doubt about that person. First I am telling the negative communication so that you always know so that you can always be aware what is happening. Psychology of communication, first law is never say anything directly negative about a person but in communication create doubt. Create doubt called duality. Okay? Now second part is called challenge and indirectly challenge the situation or the personality. Indirectly challenge situation or... all right, that you can do. You have heard lot of slander about me; just make a little polish and go ahead.

Student: Oh boy! They say a lot of people who have been your students and it seems that many people have left these days in the last six months.

YB: Oh yeah I know that too.

Student: These were very intelligent people it seems that...

(Students laugh)

Some of them were PhDs and...

YB: Yeah, thank God they left you know. Sometime intelligent... yeah they were intelligent, I miss them. But I am happy they have left because they will take their intelligence with them and go...

Student: They seem to be unhappy they have left also that they have very...

YB: Oho, that's... they are feasting everyday. Some of them even have gained weight; I get good news about it. Oh they are happier than lot and they are having all kind of feast and they are every evening as a gala evening and they are dancing, drinking, enjoying everything in the world, sharing the most precious and trusted things called relationship... they are extremely in ecstasy, I know that. You are right. I am glad you have started learning about it.

Student: Fair enough.

(Students laugh)

YB: No, I am just, I am rebutting, I am rebutting in, I am butting in and the negativity is my part of understanding that negative duality and the challenge and there are two ways of challenge one is to just rebut it out, outright and one is going politely around it, politely going around it makes you miserable and rebutting against you makes you strong. What is the choice? You understand? You rebut, if you rebut any negativity don't rebut it, but butt in, remember this law for a one... that's the secret. Butt in but never rebut. Because once you rebut you have to take the entire burden of it. But butt in, you can always win. I mean to say what makes the woman miserable? Rebuttal. That's not your cup of tea. And whenever you are going to rebut you are going to either have tears, you are going to blow over, you are going to be angry, you are going to be evincive, you are going to be rude, that's all we can do. Because that's not your thing. You understand? But if you butt in and put a humor with it, as I was doing it you are always safe and the person will not talk wrong and nobody will make any sense out of it either.

(Students laugh)

So when somebody challenges you, create duality because to do a duality for anger, for slander, for that is, its own death. Don't let it hit as a solid piece. Go ahead, say certain things.

Student: I have some friends who are... who they don't know (?) who they are, is that possible?

YB: You have some friend?

Student: They wonder if you know who they are even would ever like to spend any time with them. People in 3HO and wonder if you are too busy perhaps.

(Students laugh)

YB: Friends are friends. What is your definition of a friend?

(Students laugh)

Student: That's a good question.

YB: You have to see that I am cornered, in communication you have to see that I am cornered and I have to see that you fall flat but not hurt. Just remember that communication is so dangerous to the self in which you hurt somebody. That's the worst for you. Communication should be a communication in which under no circumstances the other person can feel hurt. Therefore if you are going to divide the person in the arc of duality you tear him apart, do everything but do it in such a humor that you always put a pad under. Go ahead talk. I can explain you one example, which happened to me in my life. As a anchor person, I am most experienced in TV to make somebody so miserable and nail people down to the extend that it's impossible to bypass my stinging nature. If I want to sting somebody on a TV show I don't think the world has a man of my caliber and I may not know the subject, that's the pity of it.

(Students laugh)

So just to test it out how good I am a TV station, where it was a YogiYogi One who has attained a state of yoga (union) where polarities are mastered and transcended. One who practices the disciplines of yoga and has attained self-mastery. Bhajan show and those days to get popularity and go through the shows was there was... there used to be time. There was a time when we used to have a time, remember those days? Funny days, right? Will never come back again but anyway... those days we had time we used to work this YogiYogi One who has attained a state of yoga (union) where polarities are mastered and transcended. One who practices the disciplines of yoga and has attained self-mastery. Bhajan Show and there is a gay center in Los Angeles, so they wanted to be interviewed and this station promised them to come by. Okay? And there was a man who was a professed gay, director of the gay center, Los Angeles, and there was one woman who called herself 'The Queen' or you call her lesbian or whatever that is. And I had to interview them half an hour and they didn't let me speak one word. Let me know how.

Student: That's what... they told you what a great holy man...

YB: No, no, they said, "Your eminence if there is any fault in us and you believe in God it's all Divine."

(Students laugh)

And I talked about reproductivity and then they bring in the... it's the will of God, they bring in the scripture, you can't believe it, they hung me with your eminence so bad...

(Students laugh)

I am just explaining to you. They were extremely courteous, absolutely fluent, and totally confusing. And that's an art of communication. You should be totally courteous, learn these three things. You should be totally?

Students: Courteous.

YB: Extremely firm, you should know what you are saying. Your courtesy should not look like surface. It should be with absolute training and etiquettes, and you should absolutely be confusing to another person. If you cannot confuse a interrogation you have already lost the case. Remember this. Yeah?

Student: (----)

YB: Say it. You say it. You say anything I'll confuse you. Make any statement, doesn't matter.

Student: How come you don't believe that boys should be circumcised?

YB: How can we not believe that boy should be circumcised? What is there to believe?

Student: Because it's done (?).

YB: It has been done for many years, it can continue for any reason, what is there to believe? You want to believe, I mean circumcision is not something worth believing.

Student: (-----)

(Students laugh)

YB: Oh your mother said it so, your father said it so, I mean to say everybody will say it so but what is there to believe? You want to believe that boy should be circumcised? Ask the boy, why the mother...then circumcise the mother!

(Students laugh)

Got it?

Student: (----)

YB: Don't offend people with whom you communicate, doesn't matter how neurotic they are. Confuse them. There are two things you should do, the communication, which you don't like, don't make it a fight, confuse and defuse people and their personalities. Now we are learning not the spiritual ethics and morals, we are learning the psychology of communication, you understand? Ethics and moral are man-made laws and man made them wonderful and they are high as they are perfect. But if you cannot confuse and defuse a person in communication, then you will end up fighting and that is not ahimsa, ahimsa is not to pick up a fight to hurt. And communication is the worst hurt; it's more than a sword, more than a knife, and more than anything. Okay anybody else? Okay come in. With you! Yeah, (?) you put, yeah, what are you afraid of? Don't take much time walk in quick to the mike. We said we run the workshop, let us live to it, let us all participate, let us have a joy of it. Okay? Go ahead.

Student: Am I supposed to slander you that... what you still want me to do?

YB: What she said?

Students: (-----)

YB: Say anything, whether you want to praise me or you want to slander me or you want to appreciate me or you want to communicate with me, we are two people meeting for the first time right now here and it's Street 505, Southwest, Santa Fe... whatever.

Student: I recognize you from some place sir; don't you teach Yoga classes and help students here in United States?

YB: You are very sweet but you are very fast.

Student: Okay.

(Students laugh)

Student: I would be interested in taking Yoga classes from you sir. Can you tell me where you teach?

YB: You are interested in Yoga? Is that true?

Student: Yeah, I heard that you teach Yoga classes. Isn't that right?

YB: Oh yeah, that seems to be right. Why you want to learn Yoga from me?

Student: Well, I heard that you help people very much through Yoga classes and I would be interested in learning from you.

YB: You want to really learn Yoga?

Student: Can you teach me Yoga?

YB: Well, if I get a chance I'll but question is what makes you to motivate towards that end?

Student: Do you think I have the capability of learning from you?

YB: Well, I don't know, capability is always with people and you are one of the people.

Student: But you know so much that I thought you might be able to see that I have that capability.

YB: I can't even see you dear girl, I only look at aurasAura The radiant field of energy and consciousness that surrounds the physical body and which holds and organizes the seven centers of energy called chakras. Its strength, measured by brightness and radius, determines the vitality, mental concerns, and psychophysical integrity of a person. . I... that's the only misunderstanding people are having about me I am kind of blind... born blind...

Student: Well, you should be able to see me even more clear that way...

YB: Do you really feel I am that good?

Student: Yes sir... I have heard that you are.

(Students laugh)

YB: Then let me tell you one first lesson in Yoga. Don't trust anyone but your own consciousnessConsciousness The nature of the self and being. In the realm of nature, awareness becomes consciousness. It is from the being itself. Being is expressed in consciousness through contrasts and sensations, in awareness through merger, clarity, and reality. . Work it on it until we meet again.

Student: Yes sir. Am I finished sir?

(Students laugh)

YB: Is it not the brightest way to cut the conversation without any offense?

Students: Yeah.

YB: Next? Come in. All I am trying to tell you if you just understand consciously communication is the highest art and don't be extempore without watching it through conscious mind. Just don't communicate without conscious mind. Just don't. It will create trouble to you and to the other person. Yes?

Student: (----)

YB: Because you may not... you may not end up with blue face and insulting words and your reputation may not be "You are a bitch" and all that nonsense, which a woman is alleged to because the fact is once you talk emotionally or with anger, you do not have the conscious background with it and you don't supervise the communication and then those communications create lot of fuss, which I am sick and tired of having woman to go through that suffering. Naturally I didn't do PhD to just sell oranges; I did my PhD in psychology of communication that one day I am going to teach you how to communicate, period. And I am going to use this whole week for that technique to teach you the art of communication or today in the workshop I am telling you experimenting it so that you may know about it that there is some other way to talk also.

People are sent to the diplomatic school for about five years to learn how to talk diplomatically and they end up as a mess. But I think basic psychology of communication is that do not create offensive attitude in the other people and in you and still you can communicate. Not to talk cheap, not to talk deep. Talk just to communicate. Deep talking is sometime very dangerous and they bring lot of pain to people and cheap talking is waste of time. So we must communicate to communicate. Go ahead. I'll be with you, yeah.

Student: (----)

YB: No, conversation is always schedule and it is always reasonably sincere. What is sincere and what is not sincere is just a judgment, you can't pass judgment. Art of communication is to communicate. Sincere and insincere, ethical, moral, personal, impersonal, deep, cheap, all that are the facets. But communication is an art in which offense should be eliminated. Both ways. To offend somebody and to get offended. The impact of communication is either you get offended or you end up offending. And that is the greatest human tragedy. Lack of communication. Don't we... oh communication failed. Between the (?) somebody maybe dead. What we are trying to organize now to just let us have the art of communication so that we can talk, we can know, we can feel, we can understand. Go ahead.

Student: Could you give some suggestion sir on how to best direct an ashramAshram , Aashram A community of practitioners who come together to live conscious, mindful lives. ?

YB: Yeah.

(Students laugh)

Student: Could you share some ideas with us?

YB: Nothing much to share, simply help people to elevate them, serve them to elevate them. Serve them to serve them.

Student: What are some ways in which we can serve?

YB: Whatever they want.

Student: Whatever the students want or the people in the Hacienda de Guru Ram Das , The Ashram The grounds of Yogi Bhajan's traditional home and ranch in Espanola, NM, as well the surrounding businesses, gurdwara and langar hall. ashramHacienda de Guru Ram Das , The Ashram The grounds of Yogi Bhajan's traditional home and ranch in Espanola, NM, as well the surrounding businesses, gurdwara and langar hall. Ashram , Aashram A community of practitioners who come together to live conscious, mindful lives. want?

YB: Whatever student wants to be served with, serve them but just understand you have to serve them the truth. Dish it out!

Student: And if they are not cooperative?

YB: They should not. How many people cooperate with the truth? When did you hear that everybody cooperates with the truth? People don't cooperate with truth at all. Why are you seeking cooperation?

Student: I guess because it makes that easier.

YB: It becomes business. You serve them and they cooperate with you. It's business. Service, which is a business is a profit and loss. That's not the Hacienda de Guru Ram Das , The Ashram The grounds of Yogi Bhajan's traditional home and ranch in Espanola, NM, as well the surrounding businesses, gurdwara and langar hall. ashramHacienda de Guru Ram Das , The Ashram The grounds of Yogi Bhajan's traditional home and ranch in Espanola, NM, as well the surrounding businesses, gurdwara and langar hall. Ashram , Aashram A community of practitioners who come together to live conscious, mindful lives. . AshramAshram , Aashram A community of practitioners who come together to live conscious, mindful lives. is to serve them to just serve them.

Student: Thank you.

YB: That's all?

(Students laugh)

Okay, next? Come in. Aah now it's a fun!

(Students laugh)

YB: Okay.

Student: I have heard you people like to send your children away on the other side of the world.

YB: Oh yeah! You mean other side of the world beyond the Earth or within the Earth?

Student: No, specifically I have heard that you send all your children away to India.

YB: Oh when did you hear that?

Student: Oh I have just... I have been around the Hacienda de Guru Ram Das , The Ashram The grounds of Yogi Bhajan's traditional home and ranch in Espanola, NM, as well the surrounding businesses, gurdwara and langar hall. ashramHacienda de Guru Ram Das , The Ashram The grounds of Yogi Bhajan's traditional home and ranch in Espanola, NM, as well the surrounding businesses, gurdwara and langar hall. Ashram , Aashram A community of practitioners who come together to live conscious, mindful lives. and I have seen people they tell me that their children are gone...

YB: Gone!

(Students laugh)

And did they tell you why they are gone?

Student: Well, I asked them if they miss them?

YB: No, no, no, wait a minute.

(Students laugh)

Wait a minute, wait a minute. First you heard that children are gone. Don't we agree to that?

Student: Yes.

YB: And did you hear why they are gone?

Student: No, can you tell me why they are gone?

YB: Oh no, ask them!

Student: Well, I wanted to ask you because...

YB: I am not gone, I am not a child.

Student: Well, I can't afford the airplane ticket to ask them children so I thought I would...

YB: No, no, ask the parents from where you heard.

Student: Well, they got the idea from you, so I wanted to ask you.

YB: They got the idea from me?

Student: Yes.

(Students laugh)

YB: What was the idea?

Student: To send the children away.

YB: No, we didn't send them away. Children are very much with us.

(Students laugh)

No, no, my dear sweet lady please for God's sake our children are with us very much everyday, every minute of the breath. We love them, we have them, we are very good parents.

Student: Well, I just think that this is such a great country that I just don't understand why you want to send them where everyone is poor?

(Students laugh)

YB: Our children are with us, they are very rich, they are in a very beautiful environments and they are very rich and they are very great Americans. But I don't think people should not have the right to visit. They are just great Americans have the right to visit, don't they?

Student: They do but... but I think they are going to get brainwashed.

YB: Oh thank God, with what?

(Students laugh)

With soap or with... brainwashed with what?

Student: You know brainwashed where they won't have the same American values as great people in this country.

YB: Oh yeah? And people get brainwashed here? In America is there is a place for brainwashing here?

Student: No, we are a free country.

YB: That's what it is. They are free children, nobody can brainwash them.

Student: But did they really want to go?

YB: That it seems to be a situation of reality but do you really think they have gone?

Student: They seem to be gone!

(Students laugh)

YB: Well, basically you can live with your misunderstanding and please understand our children neither are gone nor they are gone to be brainwashed nor they are gone away from us and the basic idea is that we wanted them to be grown as great people, they wanted to be experienced, they want to run around, they want to see the whole world and they are just here.

Student: Okay, you can have your feelings and I mine.

YB: That is true! And perhaps one day as a mother you will like to request me to send your child on the world trip too.

Student: Oh no, I would miss them too much. I... they need me!

(Students laugh)

YB: Well, you must understand some people are like kangaroos.

(Students laugh)

And they keep their children with their belly bag and some people want to give them values that they can grow and be strong and walk their own foundation and feel themself and I think that's what America is about. But I never knew in America lot of kangaroos have taken birth in human bodies. I am pretty confused.

Student: (----)

(Students laugh)

YB: You said something I didn't hear.

Student: Oh, it was insulting to me that you were saying I was like a kangaroo because I...

YB: I didn't say my God... please lady I said some people are like kangaroos. I am (?) please that's not the idea, you are not kangaroo, I mean you are not... I can see you are a beautiful lady!

(Students laugh)

Oh you know what I mean is some people are like kangaroos. They feel that they have to have a belly bag and keep the kid in that and run around and...

Student: Well, that's the natural way to keep your children with you, God created a (?) children.

YB: My basic idea is why to deliver them after nine months, why not deliver after six years? It's a matter of thought you know, it's a matter of feeling... my personal feeling is a child is born in the grace of God and has the domain and has the destiny and has to walk and has to be and all as parents we can do and keep him in the love and keep him in the bondage of our own love and affection and vibration and keep them wherever they are, they are within the reach of our prayer and they are within reach of our projection we are very beautiful people. But we are not kangaroos. We are not. We want our children to see the whole planet. We want the children to rule the planet; we want them wherever they go they spread the light. They are the most innocent angels of God. We don't want to take away their right. They are all over the world. I think somebody might have tried to listen from you.

Student: Thank you for enlightening me.

(Students laugh)

(Students clap)

YB: Come on, come on it is your day. Take any subject, don't worry. Communication is an art; there is no reality in communication any way.

Student: SatSat Existence; what is; the subtle essence of Infinity itself. Sat Naam , Sat Nam The essence or seed embodied in form; the identity of truth. When used as a greeting it means "I greet and salute that reality and truth which is your soul." It is called the Bij Mantra - the seed for all that comes. Sat Naam , Sat Nam The essence or seed embodied in form; the identity of truth. When used as a greeting it means "I greet and salute that reality and truth which is your soul." It is called the Bij Mantra - the seed for all that comes. NamSat Naam , Sat Nam The essence or seed embodied in form; the identity of truth. When used as a greeting it means "I greet and salute that reality and truth which is your soul." It is called the Bij Mantra - the seed for all that comes. Naam , Nam The manifested identity of the essence. The word derives from Naa-ay-ma , which means "that which is not, now is born." A Naam gives identity, form, and expression to that which was only essence or subtle before. It is also referred to as the Word. sir. I would like to talk to you about your weight.

YB: Oh sure!

Student: Pardon me?

YB: This morning my weight was two hundred and thirty-three pounds.

Student: Hmm... how tall are you?

YB: I am six foot two inches.

Student: I think around the belly...

YB: I am thirty-three inches... thirty-three pounds overweight.

Student: Yes, how can... I would like to put you on a program. (?) mind your diet and get smart exercises for you.

YB: Oh for that you have not to bother, you have to call Dr. Soram, he is my medical doctor, talk to him, he is really investigating in things that you can really help...

Student: But that doesn't matter because if you don't have the commitment to do it doesn't matter what Dr. Soram says.

YB: My commitment is within me and plus the help of my doctor, that's a fact.

Student: But he is an excuse at this point. You need to just lose the weight.

YB: No, no, it is a reality.

Student: Pardon me?

YB: It's just reality; I am very serious about it.

Student: Then why haven't you lost the weight? I think you should get to another doctor or...

YB: Basically what I want to explain to you... this is a fact that I have been to another doctor too.

Student: Oh yeah, who is that?

(Students laugh)

Student: Which doctor is that?

YB: And I am also... I am also met a third doctor also these days.

Student: And they don't seem to make any difference. I think you should entrust yourself to me.

(Students laugh)

YB: The best fact of the situation is that I am just working it out; it is not my weight, which is in trouble...

Student: Oh what is in trouble?

YB: It is the jetlag!

Student: The jetlag! Well, see, we can take care of that.

YB: How?

Student: Through your diet and exercising... I think you probably said a lot about it you could do more things on the plane, isometric type exercises to lose weight.

YB: Well, you are absolutely right.

Student: Yeah, so when could we... do you want to discuss now how we are going to do that?

YB: It is absolutely up to you. I am just... any good suggestion will be so wonderful.

Student: Okay well I have...

YB: You mean I should start flying on the magic carpet?

Student: No, I think you should fly in the planet but I think that you should get some weight, ankle weight and free weights to work on to lose the weight.

YB: You mean put two pounds on the ankle to walk?

Student: And do hundred and eight leg raise, hundred and eight...

(Students laugh)

YB: To be very honest with you this morning I did five more than the hundred and eight.

Student: Five more? I think you should do three sets of a hundred and eight. You have to let that muscle burn.

YB: You mean to say I was one hour late I should have been two hours late?

Student: No, you should keep your responsibilities but you have to be creative, when you are counseling people and things you do here.

(Students laugh)

YB: You mean to say when I counsel people I should stop doing...

Student: Exactly. Healthy and fast, that you need to do.

(Students laugh)

YB: That is a fantastic idea.

(Students laugh)

That I'll be extremely impressive. I do my up and then down and then start talking?

Student: Yes. Yeah, and as you gain your stamina you will be able to talk without any problem...

YB: Well, that is... that will take care of all the counseling I can assure nobody will ever come to get counseled. And you want to give me a title of a jumping YogiYogi One who has attained a state of yoga (union) where polarities are mastered and transcended. One who practices the disciplines of yoga and has attained self-mastery. ?

Student: No, not at all. I just think that it would help your image a lot if you would streamline your physique a little bit.

(Students laugh)

YB: You mean I should get to be skinny?

Student: No, lean and mean!

(Students laugh)

YB: What she said?

Students: Lean and mean.

YB: Lean and mean! That's very affectionate. Lean and Mean! Like that of a meat?

Student: No, not like meat.

YB: Like a avocado?

Student: Yeah, lean and mean like an avocado. Without the pit!

(Students laugh)

YB: Really you are very suggestive and your understanding is very affectionate.

Student: I have your best (?).

YB: Oh I know, I know. I know. I will do my best to carry your best interest, I agree hundred percent. Very sweet of you!

Student: Thank you.

YB: Keep talking dummy!

Student: Keep talking dummy? Okay.

YB: You did so well... you should not come to thank you, you should try...

Student: Well, I appreciate the compliment because I know that I have lot of talked to you.

YB: That is the other way to shut you up.

Student: I think that I am still talking. But I would like to set up a schedule and six days a week exercising and Sundays you can have off.

YB: I basically will agree to that in the sense you know I have a secretary and if you train her into it, it will be a great communication and I shall be personally very grateful.

Student: Oh she is not the point, you are. I don't think I need any go between.

YB: No, no, it is not a question of going in between but it is a question of she will keep the record. I mean she is also...

Student: Have your weight and measurements?

YB: Weight and measurements and then run all that program you are running and the best thing will be to convince her you can put her on that program she can have that perfect personal experience.

Student: I would like to know how long (?) before we take the thirty-three pounds...

YB: Oh till my death, I don't mind!

Student: But that's too long I mean you...

YB: Or I'll take the moment I see my secretary getting skinny...

Student: She wants to see you getting skinny; you are going to inspire her.

YB: Let us not get into the Catch 22... the fact is that if you can get her to be skinny...

Student: But you are trying to change that...

YB: No, no, I am along with you I am not... no, there is no difference of opinion at all. Problem is the secretary.

Student: The problem is with you... it's all...

YB: No, no, I definitely agree with you as far as I am concerned I want to be lean and mean and green and all that...

(Students laugh)

And I'll be just talking, sitting, standing, jumping, whatever you want, but if you can give her a little experience that way then all the time she will be just an inspiration.

Student: I think your staff generally looks very good.

YB: They are?

Student: Yeah, they look pretty healthy.

YB: I am the only one who looks bad?

(Students laugh)

Student: That thirty-three pounds.

YB: I think you have to change your opinion little bit.

Student: In what way?

YB: I think I do not look very good but I don't look very bad either.

Student: No, you don't look bad, you have a good stout physique but I do think that there is some way.

YB: Oh how you know I have a stout physique?

Student: Well, because I can see.

(Students laugh)

Student: I have been trained to see that kind of thing.

YB: Is that true?

Student: Yes, it's very true.

YB: So what you intend to employ that if I lose all the weight I have to lose and I do what I have to do, in which way you can help me?

Student: The way you will be helped is you sleep better; you will have more energy...

YB: Oh I sleep well, I sleep well, there is no problem with my sleeping, with my eating, with my traveling.

Student: There is no problem...

YB: No, no, problem is my problem is I need somebody trained to remind me all the time.

Student: I'll be happy to do that for you.

YB: Oh (?) you know SatSat Existence; what is; the subtle essence of Infinity itself. SimranSimran A deep meditative process in which the naam of the Infinite is remembered and dwelled in without conscious effort. ?

Student: Yes I do.

YB: Get on her.

Student: Get on her about what?

YB: Training her.

Student: Training her to do what?

YB: To keep me reminding, inspiring me and just if she loses thirty pounds I'll lose fifty.

Student: I'll be happy to train her sir.

YB: Thank you.

Student: Thank you, SatSat Existence; what is; the subtle essence of Infinity itself. Sat Naam , Sat Nam The essence or seed embodied in form; the identity of truth. When used as a greeting it means "I greet and salute that reality and truth which is your soul." It is called the Bij Mantra - the seed for all that comes. Sat Naam , Sat Nam The essence or seed embodied in form; the identity of truth. When used as a greeting it means "I greet and salute that reality and truth which is your soul." It is called the Bij Mantra - the seed for all that comes. NamSat Naam , Sat Nam The essence or seed embodied in form; the identity of truth. When used as a greeting it means "I greet and salute that reality and truth which is your soul." It is called the Bij Mantra - the seed for all that comes. Naam , Nam The manifested identity of the essence. The word derives from Naa-ay-ma , which means "that which is not, now is born." A Naam gives identity, form, and expression to that which was only essence or subtle before. It is also referred to as the Word. .

YB: Again you have stopped!

(Students laugh)

Student: Well, I (?) just say I am satisfied. We are going to get the (?)...

YB: Without offending people you can satisfy them in shortest possible time but the greatest mistake is don't make them go satisfied in a small phase if they want to take a long phase. There are three ways... okay thank you.

Student: Thank you.

YB: There are three ways of communication, short phase, long phase and the medium phase. Short phase, long phase and the?

Students: Medium phase.

YB: So if a person wants to go with you on a medium phase you will put them on a long phase it means boring communication. If person wants to go on a medium phase and you want to put him in short phase it means cutting, interrupting the communication. If a person wants to be on a long phase and you want to really put on a short phase it means forget it. So you have to totally gear from the flow of the communication at what phase the other person is and act accordingly. You might be thinking communication or talking was the only subject we were expert in and now it has become a difficult job, haa? That's not true. Communication is the highest power God has given you, it is the strongest weapon you have. Yes my dear?

Student: Could you please give me your definition of communication when you say... when you speak a communication...

YB: Between two people whatever is exchanged is communication.

Student: Anything...

YB: Anything. Communication is based on everything. It's a body language, it's a personal language, it's a sign language, it's a circumstantial language, it's a environmental language, anything. Between two people there is only one link it's called communication. Two or many. Do you understand that?

Student: I hear what you are saying (?).

YB: Then where is the difficulty?

Student: (?) different levels of communication.

YB: Doesn't matter. We are defining communication not the levels. It doesn't matter what level somebody talks and what level you talk. If the level and the heights of communication will be different, it will be a miscommunication. There is no problem with that. Everything between two individual or many individuals, between one and many and many to one, any act is a communication. Is there any specific thing you want to say, which I want to clear?

Student: I feel that what would possibly be (?) that the communication is being going on although it is communication within your definition would (?) is more of a game, it isn't really...

YB: Mostly people mostly communicate... people communicate as a game. It's just you want to please somebody it is a game, you want to click on somebody it's a game, you want to pull leg of somebody is a game, you want to ridicule somebody a game, you want to control somebody son of a bitch is a game. You make somebody look like a lofty and high like a God is a game, communication is a very rare and most precious subject. It's very rare and very precious. Everything else is a game. That's what I want to do all this workshop and let people know what the game is, from which center they are talking about, what they actually mean, what is going on, you know we have to do lot of... we have to cover lot of area. But if you have any misunderstanding that communication is not used as a weapon and a game you are wrong, it's a war game. It's a game to win, it's a game to lose, it's a game to be, it's a game not to be, it's a... that's the only thing we have. We do it very often. That was just not one example you will find million people talking to you everyday just as a game. What else?

Student: I feel the highest form of communication is not a game (?) if you really want to send out an honest message to someone it has to be done (?) sounds good...

YB: That is not... that's a matter of opinion, what highest message you are going to send and whether somebody can receive it or not that's between two people. They have nothing to judge about it. But highest message is also a game. You mean highest people in highest office do not exploit... President of America does not exploit Americans?

Student: I wasn't referring to the (?)...

YB: I am talking of the spiritual. Spiritual people exploit worst than political. There is no dearth of exploitation, it can go on and on, it's a question of who is talking to who? Exploitation... game is what? Communication... normally any communication, which is for the profit and the gain has to take a tendency of exploitation. It's as simple as that. It's a tool. Why people do not like 3HO discipline? Do you know that?

Student: (----)

YB: Why 3HO... many people in 3HO do not like 3HO discipline? Do you ever know that?

Student: Why they don't like it?

YB: Yeah.

Student: Because of the discipline.

YB: Because of the discipline. And what is the discipline? We want them to grow. And we want them to grow so that we can grow and it's a exploitation. And they do not want to take the responsibility, they do not want to grow and they run away. You know lot of people say, "Well, 3HO is nothing but exploitation, it's a control thing, it's a organization." Question is very simple. We want everybody to get into the discipline and grow enough that they can be helped. Not that hang on me and you and them and some people do not like freedom. They want to hang on, they like to sit rest of their life like babies. They will never grow. I have seen lot of people in my experience; you tell them, "You are this."

"Oh you are, you are cutting me out." Cutting you out for what? What cutting you out? I am explaining to you this is you are and you grow and be so and keep going. People do not want to change because they feel insecure. And we cannot also hang on with people. We want them to grow. That's where we started based on that, that we will create teachers; we never started that we will have disciples. Some people came to be students and they still want to be students. And when we tell them that they are not students, they are to be teachers, they don't like it. Yes?

Student: Is it possible for two people to communicate on the same (?).

YB: When motive and the purpose is the same, people don't utter a word. Talking is done to convince each other. When motive and purpose is the same you will not sight people uttering one word. I remember there was one girl; she ran out of the house, she registered herself in a motel. Somehow we sent the security out and we wanted to find out what has happened and found out she is in such and such motel and room number such and such and I called and she picked up the phone and I said, "This is me."

She said, "This is me."

And I didn't... and then she said, "I can go back right now, I can go back tomorrow."

And I said, "Wait for the escort."

She said, "Thank you."

I called her husband back and I said, "Go and pick her up."

And he said, "May I... may, may, may I..."

There was no communication with anyone. There was absolutely communication with her. His question is, "Should I should I not, tell me?"

I said, "Just go, pick her up, bring her back home and ask her to call me."

And with a hesitation he went and he brought her back and she called me. And then next morning from the office he called me and he said, "I am..."

• • •

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