KWTC Lecture

July 15, 1986
Espanola, NM

.... I mean, I am not denying that we are neurotic sometime and we do things which are not expected out of us but do you understand today when you visited that Temple what we have done in United states? This character to know all is great, the character to know...

Students: All.

YB: Is...

Students: Great.

YB: The character to believe all is all is real. You have one character and that is it is all, but do you believe all is all and you are part of it. Do you believe as a woman you are a total, do you? I am asking question. No, no you are lying.

Students: (Laughter)

I know and listen I have been with you for all these years don't, don't lie with me, I mean to say I am simple, you don't believe you are total and that is your handicap as a woman for which you will suffer and suffering will continue, nobody can take it away because this is called anti-God, God made you what He made you, couldn't make it better, couldn't make it less. If He could have He would have, and do you believe how handicap you maybe I am not worried about that, I am not worried you are born in South Africa or you are born in North Germany, I am not talking of that, it happened to be in America, it's not your choice, but whatever the choice of your existent exist as you are do you believe that you are a one complete unit, it doesn't matter how many Churches we are going to make, doesn't matter we teach under a tent, doesn't matter we say hallelujah, doesn't we will say SatSat Existence; what is; the subtle essence of Infinity itself. Sat Naam , Sat Nam The essence or seed embodied in form; the identity of truth. When used as a greeting it means "I greet and salute that reality and truth which is your soul." It is called the Bij Mantra - the seed for all that comes. Sat Naam , Sat Nam The essence or seed embodied in form; the identity of truth. When used as a greeting it means "I greet and salute that reality and truth which is your soul." It is called the Bij Mantra - the seed for all that comes. NamSat Naam , Sat Nam The essence or seed embodied in form; the identity of truth. When used as a greeting it means "I greet and salute that reality and truth which is your soul." It is called the Bij Mantra - the seed for all that comes. Naam , Nam The manifested identity of the essence. The word derives from Naa-ay-ma , which means "that which is not, now is born." A Naam gives identity, form, and expression to that which was only essence or subtle before. It is also referred to as the Word. , one thing you must understand-no religion can help you, no man can help you, no circumstances can help you, no money can help you, nothing can help you as a person because as a person you are a woman until and unless you do not feel that you are a one complete unit, you do not start as complete, you cannot finish as complete, period. Doesn't matter what you do, I can teach you psychologically, I can prove you logically, I can do anything you want. Life is a alternate with an alternative, isn't that is a subject we are going to discuss.

In psyche of the magnetic field of the unit of projection in which in reality you just understand your mental, physical, and spiritual strength of co-existence in which there is a paranoia, and which there is a situation of thought, emotion and feeling, and which there are fears of tomorrow, and yesterday strength, and today's existence, in that your projectivity has to keep a balance and within (?) balance you have to penetrate through the whole day till you feel tired and at that tired moment you must feel as one, complete, fulfilled, and within your own scope as a woman, handling within you your own assets of grace and individuality. There is no other way, try any other way you want, you will be robbed, you will be used, you will be abused. Beggars have no choices. Moment you do not become a woman you become a beggar, you ask for something, why the damn you ask for anything, whatever God gave you, gave you.

All right, let's not talk God, say Creator, say super consciousnessConsciousness The nature of the self and being. In the realm of nature, awareness becomes consciousness. It is from the being itself. Being is expressed in consciousness through contrasts and sensations, in awareness through merger, clarity, and reality. , say Heshit, say anything, say one; because your nose is your nose you may do a nose job but still your original nose is your original, nose job is not going to alter it, it is going to get some, attract some people, some will hate you, you can do whole thing, you can do all makeup, you try to look very pretty, three hours later you will be tired because half-an-hour and hour and a half you have just spend on your being pretty, so you are late from the party right, then you run, your heel breakup, you stampo(stumble), you tumble, and then you go there and you feel worried and you know whether I am being attracted or not, I am being wanted or not, then you drink too much and then you flip and flop and you know...

Students: (Laughter)

Eighteen years I have seen you, you are your own enemies and your own misery you bring on you, otherwise as a woman God created you in the creative of that essence in which you always will be reality and you always be the future of this world, you always can give love, life, and leisuresome, pleasure some, cozy moments of life. And I tell you something very secret and just remember, no man likes you for meat, or juices, or for sex, take it in granted and I'll sign it, they all lie to you, they all are the best hunters in the world, they get out with their smells, and their essence, and their those whatever they put around neck, what they call them?

Students: (Laughter)

YB: Oh whatever that is, it cost lot of money two hundred dollars an ounce and something and they tie, and fit and all they do is that is the dear, hi dear, dear, that is, that is the dear, that's it.

Students: (Laughter)

And after that, 'Honey, I'll call you and specially don't call me in the office, you got that,' or one day when you are totally emotional ripe up and beautiful, and wonderful they say, "I am just worried you know, I got a letter from a old girlfriend and my wife is asking for alimony and my mom is telling me this," moment this talks starting just understand game is over. Man will never say one word to woman he loves, doesn't matter (?). I tell you one thing, the man love is not real, but it is always a shield and moment you find the crack in shield game is over, it is a matter of six months, or year, three year, you can make yourself fool as much you want, it is up to you. Because the problem which I am trying to bring home to you is the very first day you breathe as a woman, the day you die as a woman you carry the whole world with you, man doesn't. It's not true, he is not made that way, his genes are not that way, his behavior is not that way. You always judge a man I am a person, he is a person, and you want to become equal, you are the biggest loser in this game, you are never equal.

Now honest to God, no woman who has loved a man can forget that man doesn't matter how much intellectually you can block yourself, you cannot ever forget a relationship, you don't have that way the memory, your memory records everything because you are basically a mother and mother has to record every event to nurse a child, so you are given different IQ of the memory than a man, you don't like it, it is your problem, you don't like me, fine, men are against me because I am provoking you, you are against me I am telling you certain responsibilities you are not willing to take, so neither I have that word nor I have this word, but I do believe that if a one woman can become complete and can seek a one man whom she can inspire to be complete and out of that one womb a one child can be born which can save this whole planet, it may not be anybody of you, maybe somebody else I don't know.

I do believe what a woman can give man can't but I also believe woman have to believe that she is a woman because in the word woman man is included, in the word female male is included so you are complete to begin with, that's what they call you better half, they won't call you better half though they don't, these days open your doors, that is something else.

In the biological, in the psychological, and in the magnetic psyche your creativity is acknowledged and accepted, and your attraction is the cause of the pivotic energy which has to go and stimulate the ions in the neurons of the positive and negative side of the brain to creativity stimulate a man to be potentially a potent and that is a scientific truth otherwise the man is impotent, ask him to raise himself his sexual organ he can't, it is a biological medical truth. So what do you expect out of this impotent guy who just hang around, looking, smelling, and thinking, he is going to get this, he is going to get that, he is this, he is that, all his imaginations are there, but who is the source of it? Give me break, who is the source of it?

Students: (Laughter)

Oh come on why don't you now accept the truth the way you are, not the woman, woman has no defeat, no pain, no incomplete, nothing.

I once asked my grandmother I said, "Ma, can you tell me something?"

She said, "What?"

I said, "You know everybody, you are the ruler of this whole thing, all this land belong to you, all this people belong to you."

She said, "No, no, no they belong to God."

I said, "That is all right, I am not questioning whether it belong to God or you don't get me into this, but grandma tell me one thing, whenever they come with a complaint to you, you sit down and you listen and very smiling you say, don't do it." You know a guy comes with a axe on his head he say, so and so chopped off my water, so and so did me this, and he just told me and abused me, I am going to chop off his head right, but I am going to come to you, I am going to tell you this one I am going to do and she will listen very calmly, quiet, and peaceful, and then say, "Fazlay, don't do it."

And he say, "Okay ma if you say so, you will take care of it."

She say, "Yeah."

Then I say, "How can this six feet tall and big besty(beasty), nasty guys who don't, what, what you do?"

And she said to me, she said, "My son, one day I'll be gone and this land will belong to you and you have to learn to be that graceful so that they can trust you." She said, "In life there is no love and hatred, there is no poverty and richness, there is nothing with a man, but the trust he carries." And she said, "Look at me how bony I am, even you can lift me up, but the trust I carry is in every heart."

And tell you one thing more, if a man knows, if I mean to say, big, big as big I you can die (?) I and then big F, if a man knows that you carry his trust, doesn't matter how beautiful you are and doesn't matter how ugly you are, he is not going to go away. You know what a man wants? All right what he wants? Wants a good cook, ten dollars an hour you can get a best cook in house and she can come, well dressed, you know, okay.

Students: (Laughter)

Press clothes, all this central Americans are so available these days you can't believe and they press clothes really so hard that you cannot put even arm through, they really press it.

Students: (Laughter)

They are pretty and they speak funny English, it's very harmonious.

Sex, you might be thinking of sex, right, all right, every girl from Scandinavia who is educating herself in UCLA is available for size,

Students: (Laughter)

Now wait, wait listen to this, don't, don't jump up, for size, shape, and anything you want, you just punch the number, give them the description and they will present it, so what are you asking for.

One thing man cannot get, he needs a pillow and he needs to talk, it is called pillow mate and if you cannot ladies provide that you give him the whole sex, give him the whole fortune, dance around him, cook for him, press his clothes, do anything you want, he is going to dump you if today not ten years from now and that is a bitter solid truth. These men are very funny, God created them funny, and in country like us where we need nationally four divorces a year to buy refrigerators, to buy curtains, new home, and all, the whole economy is based on four divorces. Our economy is sluggish, rate of divorce down, (?) is up our economy goes up, that's how (?) you can measure it. We have nationally accepted this policy and we have nationally accepted the man and woman is going to work and children are going to come 3 o'clock, where they go? Ha, hey, why can't you not speak little louder.

Student: Day care center.

YB: Day care center and why do not you produce test-tube baby and keep them in day care center when they become eighteen years they should be given to you, isn't that a nice idea, why to have it.

The tragedy in my life I have gone through and the incident and accident I have faced on my life I could not have lived one day, one day, but one thing which my mother said when we lost that land we became refugee, we came back and she send me a telegram, 'mother seriously sick, ill.' I came back she was cooking food, she was all right and I said, "Mom, you lied to me?"

She said, "Shut up, lie to you, who said mothers never lie shut up, how can you say, you have started judgmental."

I said, "Mom judgmental, look this is your telegram right, it says you are ill."

She said, "I am not ill, I am sick, I am terrible, I am angry, I am mad, I am going to kill you."

I said, "Wait a minute, what I have done?"

Students: (Laughter)

She said, "You want to hear more?"

I said, "No, no, no tell me."

She said, "I am going to commit suicide and you eat this food and you give me a decision."

I said, "What is it?"

"You go tomorrow college."

I said, "College? We don't have money, we are refugees, we don't have clothes, whole family is in shatters, I am working, I am sending my pay, we are living."

She said, "No, no, no, your father has got the job now, it is okay you go tomorrow college, tomorrow 8 o'clock I have checked it all out, look these are the papers."

I said, "You don't know a word."

She said, "Shut up, I know everything, you are going to be admitted tomorrow."

I said, "Who is going to admit me, who is going to pay my fee, who is going to do this?"

She said, "Crazy son nobody should have."

Students: (Laughter)

I said, "My God you know me more than me?"

She said, "Aren't you the best football rightful in the world."

I said, "Yeah."

Students: (Laughter)

She said, "College wants it, they got it, they are going to pay you rather, you are on the team I have talked to your principal."

I said, "You did it all?"

She said, "That is true."

I said, "Really what you want?"

She said, "Look my son, I cannot live that my son is not graduate."

I said, "I need three days to go back."

She said, "Either go back to God or go back to school."

Students: (Laughter)

I called up; my uncle was the chief engineer of the center PWD and he was the one responsible for the job and I was responsible to get where I got, I called him, I said, "Uncle, this is my mother wants."

He said, "Well I know your mother, but he wants to go ahead everything will be taken care of."

Then next day, true 8 o'clock I was in college looking through the books. You think I am not grateful. When I was fifty years old when I did my Ph.D., just to honor her word, that is how effective a mother is, but just remember she is a woman to begin with, her second role is she become a mother, first you have to become perfect woman, only then you can become perfect mother, or perfect wife, or perfect nothing, choice is yours and it is not that you have to go to a psychological college and learn courses and do all that thing, I think that is all waste of money and waste of time, you have to accept early in the morning, early in the morning when you look mirror or you open your eyes in your own hand and just say, "By the grace of God, or by my grace, or by my intuition, or my thought, or by my breath I am a complete woman," one affirmation only. And just remember it throughout the day; dress up for yourself, work for yourself, be for yourself, and carry yourself, you will never be handicap, life is a...

Students: Art.

YB: To be lived as...

Students: Science.

YB: And that is the success. Life is an art to be lived as a...

Student: Science.

YB: And you have no other option, it is a very comprehensive world(word). You think you don't have weaknesses-you do, but there is no reason to openly expose yourself with your weaknesses. Somebody said to me one day, "Can I tell my boyfriend da, da, da, da, da, da."

I said, "Why you go through this trouble?"

She said, "Why not?"

I said, "Take a flower vase hit on his head, that will be better way to tell him all that."

Students: (Laughter)

She said, "Shouldn't I tell him?"

I said, "Let him find it out."

"He may never find it out."

I said, "God created two things, one He created a snake, second He created a guilt, He put them together."

Because actually you have ten trillion cells and within seventy-two hours all those cells change therefore you totally change, only thing you carry with you is the memory. Drop the memory which is negative, pick up the positive and you are the best successful woman on the Earth doesn't matter how you look, and where you look, and where you are, it is a simple law of science, it doesn't need a constitutional amendment. Your ten trillion cells multiply by three is thirty trillion cells proton, neutron, and whatever you want to call it okay, that change in

seventy-two hours, and when they start changing in seventy-eight hours, eighty hours, and then finally ninety hours, and then it start changing up to hundred eight hours it is called old age. So long they change in seventy-two hours you are young and you are youthful. So at today 6 o'clock in the evening my cells within seventy-two hours will be, it means I'll be totally a renewed person, all I will carry two things my memories and my habits, habit is made of emotions, commotion, feeling, and understanding. First you make the habits, then habits make you, that's it, that is a different subject I'll cover it later, but I am just trying to relate to today to only life is a alternate, life is a...

Student: Alternate.

YB: What do you mean by alternate, please?

Student: (---)

YB: See, see how clever I am,

Students: (Laughter)

After lecturing for all these time I never told you and now I am asking you the word what do you mean by alternate. Alternate is means changing constant consistency, it's a total electromagnetic word. Alternate is when the frequency of the electromagnetic field is aroused and created, it is the current which has to be kept alive to keep it going and it is called alternate creative function and it has a alternative. Things can go right, things can go wrong, but if you keep the frequency at a consistency with your mental attribute and you constitute a rhythm in life, then you can be successful.

Woman without rhythm is a land without water, neither in her life comes a moment of happiness nor in that land grows a thing, it's a desert and that's why some of the time you are deserted, you don't blame anybody, you tell me, telephone me, call me, yell and scream on me I didn't do a thing and I am asking you, accept it, first accept it, raise your right hand and just call on yourself I am a woman...

Students: I am a woman.

YB: And now put your hands down and tell me the feeling, do you really believe it. You did it because I said it.

Students: (Laughter)

I know, and just to tell you I was going to do this is I am a woman too.

Students: (Laughter)

YB: No I am not, that's what you do. I am asking you in reality feel in your capacity a very affirmatively, a very...

Students: Affirmatively.

YB: Because your personality will stop unfolding if you do not believe you are a woman, as a person you cannot unfold your psyche, that is the only handicap which scientifically and in psychology we understand and that is the only problem in all counseling done last eighteen years and recoveries and discoveries I have done in my life. I have found out the moment a woman feels that she is a woman everything opens for her, but moment she feels she is a person, there is a interlock, can't go further, is that real?

Okay there are, there is a one sentence, a man has come, a visitor has come, please receive him, give me a statement, you don't know him, he is going to, "I am Mr. John so and so, I just come to..." you know any funny thing, receive him.

Student: (---)

YB: Yeah, won't work, introduce yourself as a woman at the gate footstep, door is open, you have confronted a man, he is somebody you don't know. Give me a break, come on quick. Come on, what is, what is you are looking, and laughing, and smiling with your teeth inside ha, yeah what is it.

Student: (---)

YB: I am not asking anything do it, what you are going to do? Door is open, man is standing, you are right there.

Student: (---)

YB: Good, thank you, anybody else. You want to know the British etiquettes or you want to know the American way.

Students: (---)

YB: As a British you have to stand up and you say, 'I am Mrs. So and so,' in an American way you have to call whatever your name is, what she did and then you say, "It is my pleasure to receive you and may I know your purpose." A woman who doesn't want to know purpose is ready for trouble, always put purpose before, stop the man right there, his juices will never work and he will...

Students: (Laughter)

Wait, wait I am telling you as a man a secret, for God sake listen to this, moment you confront a man with a purpose one thing happens in the ions of the memory in the right brain, right part of the brain which is this side of a projective brain stops, he has to convert to the left and moment he is man on the left hemisphere of the brain he is non-aggressive and he is a female. In any time of attack, any time of difficulty confront the purpose, there is nothing he can do, the switch will take place and you have three minutes to twenty-seven minutes to run. If you want to escape a situation that is all you can get, you can get always three minutes on a man.

Once I got a very terrible situation; you know this guy had a woman totally nailed down, knife in his hand, I have nothing, I happen one unlucky day, normally I have a security this and that whole thing and I don't know what happened to me I just walked in into the trouble. Now according to my belief I cannot leave, right. Woman is nailed down, according to the police recommendation I should look this way and go isn't that true, right.

Student: Yes sir.

YB: I walked in, he told me, "Go."

I said, "What is your purpose?"

He said, "You have nothing to do with it."

And by that time had judged I was wearing those days, it was very early days, we never has all this ShaktiShakti The creative power and principle of existence itself. Without it nothing can manifest or bloom. It is feminine in nature. shoes I had this Mr. Soul shoes you know,

Students: (Laughter)

That wood stuff, you know, doctor Soul(Sole) and I forgot not that I am a footballer and I knew I am a rightful bag I just satSat Existence; what is; the subtle essence of Infinity itself. down and with my whole force it was right at his shin,

Students: (Laughter)

That whole knife, the whole thing he will never forget it neither I and I told the girl I say, "Get up and run for God sake."

She said, "What about you?"

I said, "Don't worry, you were not with me before, go, you go me. Whatever I can run with those shoes you know I will."

Students: (Laughter)

But I knew that doesn't matter I am a man or a woman, if I am going to tell him the purpose the switch will take place because man's ego cannot confront purpose, he is a game player, doesn't matter what he is doing, he is always alert not to confront purpose and moment you put purpose he has to think and thinking man is non-aggressively mellow.

Students: (Laughter)

Put a man to think, a yelling and screaming all right, all right, a yelling, screaming, husband have walked in, 'hey you where are you God, (?)' whatever you know those, I mean I have heard it myself, I never believe it that this skinny guy can yell that much on the top of voice and his wife said, "Sir, one day you have to be not, you have to be there in the house." So I hide myself and God, it was just like a tank has walked in with firing you know couldn't believe it, all right what you are going to do.

Student: (---)

Students: (Laughter)

YB: Donut is a better thing, but you know these angry guys.

Student: (---)

YB: By the time you will be lying down on the ground licking your blood.

Students: (Laughter)

He is yelling, screaming, he is angry, he is top of his voice, it is called male's confusion. Just remember, hey look you are all married listen to me, when a man comes home yelling, screaming he is asking for the mother's love, not yours; at that time come out with few wise words and don't give him a cake on a plate, plate will go in the sky, cake will go to that corner, and God knows where you will go. There are three deficiency in a male, one is called mother, one is called his imaginative male, cooperative male, what you call it, not female, cooperative mate, sorry the word got stuck, every man has a imaginative...

Students: Mate.

YB: Every mate, mate, mate, mate, mate means female which he has in imagination which can, you cannot wipe out. Period. It will exist. Number one is what ?

Students: (---)

YB: Second is...

Students: (---)

YB: And third is...

Students: (Laughter)

Third is you.

Students: (Laughter)

So never put yourself in place A, you are always in place...

Students: (---)

YB: That mean barely pass. So don't have this ego, my man if I tell him, "Sir, tell me what I want him to do," forget it, I know it as a basic constructive psychology of the cell that man has two more powerful imaginations than with the person female, he lives. If he hates his woman that is called mother you are in trouble, if you do not fit his imagination of the female you are in trouble, and third if you are foolish you are in trouble, so there are three troubles. How you can avoid all three in one stroke?

Student: (---)

YB: No, no, no, be yourself graceful, already admitted slaves, graceful, what do you mean by graceful? You are graceful that we said yesterday.

Students: (Laughter).

Never agree that you are not graceful, never ever agree, it is the direct insult to God who created you or it is a direct consult(insult) to your identity of the Id personality into reality never ever imagine, think, agree emotionally, commotionally, feelingly, or anyway that you are not graceful, you are...

Students: Graceful.

YB: Yeah, how many have not said it, hey say and you are afraid to say it, Daya Kaur have a mercy, come on, you are...

Students: Graceful.

YB: Why, why you are yelling? Say it like, say like a woman, you are...

Students: Graceful.

YB: That is better.

Students: (Laughter).

That is better, yelling and screaming is just to encounter violence, doesn't work for you, sorry, two things do not work for you yelling, screaming, and beards.

Students: (Laughter)

Moment you start growing beard you know what a hell happens, you understand and when you yell and scream the same hell happens, it is not your way, your way is to bring balance, try, try this way; if somebody is really off the wall, just talk in a medium graceful manners, it will immediately calm down to bring out the child out of the man is just like this, it is just like this, moment you bring the child out of the man you have him, play them, then he is a yo-yo, if you can't, then get ready to be blue, whichever way you want.

In psychology there are two realities, one is confronting the time and space, one is confronting within you the you, do you understand, no, why not? Everything in life you face, you face within time and space, is that true, I am talking good or bad, I am talking a situation, understood, then when you are confronting a situation, clear, having it, right, within you, within your space and within your timing you are confronting within you, so if the confrontation within you and confrontation outside, if within you the confrontation is successful outside you will win, if within you, you are depressed and you are weak you have lost the game, otherwise nobody can defeat a woman or a person whatever you call it, what do you think?

Oh did you bring the pizzas for these girls and you serve them.

Student: (---)

YB: They are going to have it?

Student: (---)

YB: You promised them that they will get pizza 6 o'clock, is that true.

Student: (---)

Students: (Laughter).

YB: Kiran, you are very intelligent, I am not disagreement with that, but just remember these girls are my personal responsibility I gave my word, so they will get pizza tonight doesn't matter what, okay, otherwise they will pull my beard tomorrow to the extent I can't stand it.

Students: (Laughter).

Okay now.

Life is an alternate with an alternative, it is a combined reality and it is nothing individual because you are a part of the entire psyche and just imagine one psyche, two psyche, three, four, five and they are all interrelated, in communication they all relay the frequencies and in that frequency lives your word you and within you there is a combination of psyche in which come out the word which is you, so how you communicate and how you live is within the electromagnetic field of that totality. We'll bifurcate it tomorrow and we will understand symbolic communication, effective communication, and real communication, I will get to that part, okay, is that fair, so should I let you go.

Student: (---)

Students: (Laughter).

YB: Okay, all right.

Oh my child has come, my married little daughter, hallelujah,

(Class Clapping.)

God, what a sacrifice to leave that young beautiful husband and come by yourself to the (?) my God, look at this most passionate sacrifice, could you stand up and see and let us give her a, let us give her a hand.

(Class Clapping.)

Can't believe it, can't believe it, I just can't believe it.

Well, we have something to do and we'll just do it in three minutes or two, these two knots meets in the center the pinky, the Mercury, and the Jupiter meets like this and these two fingers are held by the thumb, is that clear.

Student: (---)

YB: Okay what is this clear about it, now it is clear.

Students: Yes.

YB: Hey this is that Christian blessing understand but they never do it they do like this because all the Popes are old.

Students: (Laughter).

You know they do like this but this is it and this means, this means, this mean knowledge, this means...

Students: Knowledge.

YB: This means patience and that is the base of Christianity, knowledge and patience is the base of love and that is called Christian mudraMudra Mudra means "seal." It usually refers to hand positions used in meditation and exercise practices. These hand positions are used to seal the body's energy flow in a particular pattern. More generally it can refer to other locks, bandhas (see Mul Bandh), and meditation practices that seal the flow of energy by concentration. . So now what you are going to do, put these two and these two out, this is the Mercury, the communication, this is called knowledge, knowledge and communication, understand the energy, now you got it what I said, okay, fix it and go by it, right.

Now put the tape on and now close your eyes and sing it from navel, navel, navel bring it right from here, close your eyes, be a yogiYogi One who has attained a state of yoga (union) where polarities are mastered and transcended. One who practices the disciplines of yoga and has attained self-mastery. for a minute, don't be hectic, please calm down. Bring it from the navel the basic pure energy.

(The tape 'Rakhay Rakhan...' is played).

YB: (Over the tape) Navel, navel feel it down there at the third ChakraChakra , Chaakra The word connotes a wheel in action. It usually refers to the seven primary energy centers in the aura that align along the spine from its base to the top of the skull. Each chakra is a center of consciousness with a set of values, concerns, and powers of action associated with it. . Get that beat navel beat. Whisper, it is called lovers' talk, whisper, no voice, whisper, create the impact, not the word, whisper, strong whisper, from the navel. Totally we'll energize you. Move the whole universe.

Side - B

(The tape continues)

Silence, in the navel now in total silence pull the navel, let the navel sing it.

(The tape stops.)

Inhale deep, deep, deep, deep, pull the navel to the back of the spine, apply the root lock, pull the first ChakraChakra , Chaakra The word connotes a wheel in action. It usually refers to the seven primary energy centers in the aura that align along the spine from its base to the top of the skull. Each chakra is a center of consciousness with a set of values, concerns, and powers of action associated with it. , second and pull to the navel. At the count of eleven let the breath go; one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, let it go.

Well, thank you very much, okay, you have been doing very well and your prayers have been answered beyond any doubt, I cannot confirm the clouds will be over, but almost there is a possibility and a hope. However, no, no, no don't, don't, never show happiness when God isn't blessing and never show anger when God is angry, both way it is His will and these are two sides of the coin. However, those who believe that they have participated and because of your grace we are still in the forum of honor tonight 9 o'clock sharp on the clock not a minute earlier, not a minute later you shall sit till 11 o'clock in prayer here and that is just to show our gratitude.

What you have done it shall be the history when somebody will write one day and it shall be written with golden letters but we cannot confirm it yet, however the time marked is 9 p.m. to 11 p.m., not to disturb our neighbor (?) let God hear it we shall sing it in whisper, understood. And to this great task I invite everybody of you who has blessed us, who has participated us, and your heart has called on God in many ways. And when we came back from Taos there was a call waiting and at this time GuruGuru That which takes us from ignorance to knowledge; from darkness, gu, to light, ru. It can be a person, a teaching, or in its most subtle form - the Word. TeerathTeerath Sacred place. Singh is working so forgive the gentleman for overwork and take care of your situation as it is and my love for you is ever, but just understand we'll do everything to keep things within the realms of the truth, but we also want not even the enemies feel bad when things can be done right.

So have a pleasure in joining us in the prayers at 9 p.m. sharp and not like the caravan went today, we were twenty-five minutes late and we were seven minutes in starting and then every red light we patched up for three to five minutes, but we came in time, right, we are very good, we completed well.

Thank you very much.

The class sings: "May the long time sun shine upon you."

(Students stop singing)

Students: SatSat Existence; what is; the subtle essence of Infinity itself. Sat Naam , Sat Nam The essence or seed embodied in form; the identity of truth. When used as a greeting it means "I greet and salute that reality and truth which is your soul." It is called the Bij Mantra - the seed for all that comes. Sat Naam , Sat Nam The essence or seed embodied in form; the identity of truth. When used as a greeting it means "I greet and salute that reality and truth which is your soul." It is called the Bij Mantra - the seed for all that comes. NamSat Naam , Sat Nam The essence or seed embodied in form; the identity of truth. When used as a greeting it means "I greet and salute that reality and truth which is your soul." It is called the Bij Mantra - the seed for all that comes. Naam , Nam The manifested identity of the essence. The word derives from Naa-ay-ma , which means "that which is not, now is born." A Naam gives identity, form, and expression to that which was only essence or subtle before. It is also referred to as the Word. .

Student: SatSat Existence; what is; the subtle essence of Infinity itself. Sat Naam , Sat Nam The essence or seed embodied in form; the identity of truth. When used as a greeting it means "I greet and salute that reality and truth which is your soul." It is called the Bij Mantra - the seed for all that comes. Sat Naam , Sat Nam The essence or seed embodied in form; the identity of truth. When used as a greeting it means "I greet and salute that reality and truth which is your soul." It is called the Bij Mantra - the seed for all that comes. NamSat Naam , Sat Nam The essence or seed embodied in form; the identity of truth. When used as a greeting it means "I greet and salute that reality and truth which is your soul." It is called the Bij Mantra - the seed for all that comes. Naam , Nam The manifested identity of the essence. The word derives from Naa-ay-ma , which means "that which is not, now is born." A Naam gives identity, form, and expression to that which was only essence or subtle before. It is also referred to as the Word. , we will ring the bell at quarter to nine so that everybody can gather under the big (?) we are going to chant with Rakhay Rakhan Haar...

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