Los Angeles Lecture

August 27, 1985
Los Angeles, CA

...Married men sing in dreams. Where is your wife?

Student: (-----)

YB: Oh, how is the husband? Keep it that way, great husbands are normally problems. Oh my ShaktiShakti The creative power and principle of existence itself. Without it nothing can manifest or bloom. It is feminine in nature. , you have to work with me tonight, could you open this for me.

The course we are starting today which will complete in the end of the fall is 'sensitive and insensitive love,' you talk of spirituality and spirituality says those who love they get God, one who gets God... Prime purpose of getting God is to get everything. If, if you know God is limited, you will not love Him at all, I know you, so there is no big deal. The idea the man thought of a God, the Infinite God and love Him and get Him and once you get Him, then you get everything, it is a very basically a selfish purpose but of course, when you relate to God, the problem that you have is that, oh, oh, oh, wait, wait, wait, wait, let it come in slowly out, baby boy, it's clam, oh my God! Okay, golden pitcher, happy birthday Yogiji, huh, that's nice thank you and put it back in the altar okay, God bless.

The purpose that there is a God, big huge, does everything, does nothing, there is no God. So there are different people, different claims, different conceptions, different projections, different purposes.

Some worship God, okay, my foot is in the mud take him out, thank you very much God, sometime they say, "give me everything," sometime "give me nothing." God is very funny phenomena, it's a human play, it's a human game with his own unknown. The greatest problem which we had in the modern society, today's society and specially with the western society that we accepted in the west that we have to find God and moment you accept you have to find your child you have to go out for it. But if you understand the guide, the child is in your own home you are not going anywhere, simply you call, talk to him, please with him and everything.

In western society it has been accepted the God has to be found; which is highly irrational concept but for thousands of years it has rolled over us so heavily that we do not know what to do with it. And now if we say God is inside us and I am God and God is in every cell of me, then I do not know whether I am a Pagan or a Heathen or whatever, you know, what anybody is going to tell me. This Christian idea that if you do not toe the line, then you are absolutely no good, so I mean, how many Christian are there, including Jews and everything, and Moslem, it makes about two billion people, almost and the concept is Moslems' God is very definite, very merciful and very nice. So they can kill anybody else, it's permissible. Christian God is very special and but that God everything is shitty. Jewish God is a chosen one, come specially to (rode) the whole thing, so you have to work your self up to it. Hindu God is in everything so, it's so confusing, nobody knows where to find it and Buddhist God neither exist nor not exist, that's the problem and Shinto God is so much spread that it's impossible to put it together.

In every reed of the leaf of the self of the self, God has to be seen, worship, understood, too much, it's brain racking. Oh God, what else is? Sikh God is, there is a God in your own creation. Now here you depart from every religion and you are a part of, you are one of the eighth religion but it is very difficult to play your role, there are ten trillion cells in you body, so if you understand word 'Ek Ong Kar,' which is the opening sentence of the Sikhs, that means you have a ten trillion living Gods in you, because that's the line GuruGuru That which takes us from ignorance to knowledge; from darkness, gu, to light, ru. It can be a person, a teaching, or in its most subtle form - the Word. Guru Nanak First Guru of the Sikhs. NanakGuru Nanak First Guru of the Sikhs. said which you have to understand;

Eh Jag Sache ki hai kothri, isme sache ka hai vas.'

This, this world is the house of the truth and truth lives in it and God is truth, so each human being is made of ten trillion cells, so each human being is ten trillion Gods, dancing, living, being together, that much God is in you, it's not outside of you. Nobody has found. Hey, you can't even find a man outside of you, forget about God. Until love of a man is not in your head and heart, there is no way you can make it.

Mother said to the daughter, "You got to help me today."

And the daughter said, "Not today, over my dead body."

She said, "What is the wrong, you love me so much."

She say, "I have date with my boyfriend, got to go."

And mother said, "I will do everything for you, just today."

And daughter said, "Mom, no way," because there is a pull of sensitive love. Love for mother is there but it's insensitive, it is not emotional, it is subtle. Emotional love is blinding, sensitive love is very blinding. That's why I say, "Love is blind." Love actually should open you up, open up your eyes, you should see the unseen, hear the unheard, know the unknown. Oh my God! That doesn't exist. Or like a Hindu God, just make a stone, make it to God, call it Thakar, create it God out of it, see power. Any object...

Hindus even today cannot explain Hinduism, I will tell you Hinduism what it is, any, take any object, this is Hinduism. Take any object, meditate on it and create it to God, make it God out of it.

There is actually no word Hindu, Hindu means a thief and the Turks who conquered India, they start calling it Hindustan, the place of the thieves, because they came and stole everything and they call them thieves, that's normal. Actually the place India by the Turks were called Sindhu because after Sindh this place existed, so that from there it became Hindu because when they conquered they call it Hindustan, place of the thieves, so they stole everything from there and they call them the thieves and then it came Hinduism. Actually the religion is Aryan way of life. Religion is a Aryan religion, it's most beautiful and well founded religion and the base of that religion is you meditate on everything and you will find it is God and project it so. That's why wife tell the husband, "You are my lord God," and the man tells the wife, "you are my world and Infinity," same thing. There is no blunder, there is a error in human relationship but there is no blunder. Sensitive love and insensitive love are two things. When you are not sensitive to sensitive love and when you are not conscious of insensitive love, you go crazy, doesn't matter who you are.

The concept that you love somebody is not enough, the act that you love somebody is not enough because don't be foolish, face the fact that you do not love yet your own self. When you have not loved your own self and you have not conceived, perceived and experienced your own self, how can you be with somebody else? Arey, hey, you are hungry and you are inviting others on feast, how it's going to work out? Sensitive and insensitive love are the balance of the conscience, otherwise love when become passionate, it become into senses and it is not fulfilled, it turn yourself to in a fear, un fulfillment, depression, phobia, anger, hatred, nervous breakdown.

Somebody said, "Love is love, but it gives you either mental insanity or physical disease."

The other guy said, "My God, love is so good, so wonderful, how can you say that?"

He said, "Look at the entire world, everybody is suffering with only one disease called love."

Some people are wanting to love, some are unloved, some got betrayed in their love, some got hurt in their love, some are loving, not getting anywhere, some's love is not responding. If you really want to go to the nitty-gritty of any life, the bottom line is somebody are cooking love, somebody is already cooked love, somebody love is burnt out, somebody is going to burn in it, it's all love problem and tell these guys, "What love is?" They can't tell you. I feel for, I feel, now feeling are intense, that is not love. No, what do-they take German gold and call it twenty-four carat, that's not possible. Intense feeling and emotional concentrated projection and a need and a want of a union on the physical nervous level in consequences is not love at all. It is just exploded union of the juices and needs ejaculation.

If a man at twenty-fifth year is so much in love when(then) why not eighty-five year or ninety-four year old, he is that, same human body, same human being, it's a game of the juices, they called Rasa Ritu, KriyaKriya Literal meaning is "completed action." A Kundalini Yoga Kriya is a sequence of postures and yoga techniques used to produce a particular impact on the psyche, body, or self. The structure of each kriya has been designed to generate, organize, and deliver a particular state or change of state, thereby completing a cycle of effect. These effects have been codified and elaborated by Yogi Bhajan and form the basic tools used in yoga and its therapeutic applications. . In scriptures lovemaking which you call here is called Rasa, Ritu, KriyaKriya Literal meaning is "completed action." A Kundalini Yoga Kriya is a sequence of postures and yoga techniques used to produce a particular impact on the psyche, body, or self. The structure of each kriya has been designed to generate, organize, and deliver a particular state or change of state, thereby completing a cycle of effect. These effects have been codified and elaborated by Yogi Bhajan and form the basic tools used in yoga and its therapeutic applications. . The Rasa mean the juice of the blood, action of the juice of the blood, it is literal translation. So basically, love and affection and hugging and bugging which I call bacteria exchange you know, is just kissing or... First of all, here is very funny situation, everybody comes and leaps on you and kiss you. What do you mean by that? It's so informal kind of a kiss, it takes away the real meaning of the kiss. We have become so commercial in our exchange of, ha, sometime I wonder the people on the road who curl around like those medical snakes, you know, going through the stick, have you seen sometime, they don't care where they are, wherever the time gets them and passion overtakes it and you see them going back and forth, over and under and everywhere, could you ask these people what this exercise is? No, there is a meaning for it. It is insensitive sensitivity, it is trying to make another partner feel, it is gaining the confidence, it's a communication, it's not love, it is biological, physical communication and it is nothing but it is called love.

Sexual intercourse is nothing but the central nerve system relaxation. It's no big deal, the pituitary starts sending the signals, blood start rushing down, thoughts do it but what creates that thought, it is the psyche of the body. All the relationships are based on the psyche of the body. Actually this body is shell and muscle. The pearl in it is the psyche of it and the shine of that pearl it what creates the world of a individual and can you believe those people who have not yet made the pearl, they are just living by the mussels? There is so much insensitivity to one's own reality that one even does not understand where one stands, forget about the God, the total Infinity, part of one's own self. Ask a person to relate to ten trillion cells of his body, there are...

Once somebody told me, "This man has a another identity in it, another being in it."

I said, "Well he has ten trillion beings in it."

It's a, human being is a combination of ten trillion beings. Each individually complete by itself, each cell of you is total complete trigun-positive, negative and neutral. Triguna and by the touch of the PranaPraana , Prana The universal life force that gives motion. It is the breath in air. It is the subtle breath of the purusha as it vibrates with a psychophysical energy or presence. Praana regulates the modes and moods of the mind. life is lived, food is consumed, juices are made and then man want to extend the joy, he gets into intercourse and he wants it to be extended till Infinity.

Now just understand this, that's very Divine thing which I am telling you but it is has to deal with sexuality, so don't become horny and passionate right now. Try to see the essence, which I want to bring you. You get into intercourse, where male gets intercourse with a female, they enjoy it. You intercourse harder and harder and you make love harder and harder but actually what you enjoy both is the optimum point and ejaculation which is just a second to ten seconds long, you can work it out for hours and hours.

So basically what you life is enjoyable in your life is the release of that relaxation, not the action. Action is to that relaxation, accomplishment, fulfillment, done and what is consciousnessConsciousness The nature of the self and being. In the realm of nature, awareness becomes consciousness. It is from the being itself. Being is expressed in consciousness through contrasts and sensations, in awareness through merger, clarity, and reality. ? Done, I am, I am, done. You don't need any knowledge, you don't need anybody, you are by your own virtue free and exalted if you totally believe, understand, that you are, you are. Love yourself. No, you don't love yourself. Mostly you feel you are ugly, you are insensitive not only to you, you are insensitive to your beauty, you are ungrateful to the creator who created you as you are. If you start accepting the fundamental of your behavior toward God, you will jump in the ocean, doesn't matter how polluted this Los Angeles ocean is. I mean, it's very risky to take a bath there and now specially if you take a bath in the ocean they say you get AIDS, so I don't know how the, how the, this park department is going to maintain those oceans, the world is out now that if you go to the ocean you get AIDS, period. Don't go to the restaurant you get AIDS, I mean, it is such a phobia, God knows what kind of AIDS they are going to get but it is something which everybody is freaking out.

Well, what is your relative self telling yourself? First of all, if man is sensitive to God, man shall prepare for God, not for job. When you are sensitive to job you go for a interview, you prepare for the job right, you prepare for interview, you want to look good, you look at the mirror, see it right, 'Honey am I okay, do I look right, have you understood, (?) ha,' and then you stand before the mirror talk:

"What is your name?"

"Sir, My name," you make your lips down.

I have seen people doing it, you know, I used to recruit people and people used to come and I will sit down and... Somebody will sit like this, somebody (?) and I used to say, I say, "Wait, once I was a recruit like you, don't worry, you know, just sit down and let me see if you are intelligent or not," I say, "I don't care how you answer me or how you look and all that."

"Oh, Sir it is very important."

I said, "What is important, if I select you I am going to put you in the ground before a sergeant and I make a man out of you, doesn't matter what the hell you think you are, it doesn't matter and after that I am going to tell you what to do so good that you won't forget it. So that's not important, important is only that whether you can take a command and your conception is confident enough that you can carry it."

Don't find a person as friend who does not have the will to carry your friendship, don't even talk to, don't waste your time and enerygy on anybody who doesn't have the basic habitual will, habitual sensitivity to carry the thing through for God sake, understand that, bodies come and body goes, people come and people go, that's not the problem. And I used to say, "Hey, mister, all I am going to try to know in five minutes at my disposal, which is very short time, whether you have the capacity, are you ready?"

And he will say, "Yes."

I say, "Which way is the north?"

You say, "This way." It may be south, I say, "Right," but this is south, but your north is this way, I believe you but at least you have the capacity to show this way, you are better than those, who said, "(?)." If somebody does that, I have no purpose with that guy, I don't want to somebody who can round his eyes, I want somebody who can act. Right and wrong, it is secondary question, first is that whether you have the capacity to act or you are a yoyo sitting (?).

Have you seen people, you ask them a question, immediately their face drop like... What is the different between a baboon and that man, nothing, not at all. Have you seen sometime say, "Hello, how are you," I am all right, look like the baked potato. These are called social criminals, already preconvicted, they have no concept, one smile can take you million miles long. Insensitive to themself and to others, only sensitive by their own commotions, by their own emotions and by their own feelings. That is not human. Sensitivity when projected unto others to create a feeling of Infinity and Divinity. The touch when protects and projects the grace and the world creates the loftiness and the purity, human relationship is established. You don't have to do anything in your life, just learn to act sacred to yourself and to others. You will become the temple of God and don't answer back, they will say, "Hey you are absolutely dhu, dhu, dhu."

When a dog walks behind the master the street dogs bark to just exercise their lungs, so try to understand your commitment, your creativity is you and you alone in your own sensitivity and therefore be not insensitive to your own love, the whole world will love you.

Hey, why I should not give you my own example. Sixteen years ago I walked in here, I never knew what is a freeway, somebody said, "We are going on the freeway."

I said, "What, what is a freeway."

He said, "Which road which goes over everything."

I said, "Well, what a road."

It was a fun, really the road goes over homes, over other roads. The guy who never knew freeway, knew how to be free, never had a friend, never knew anybody and actually to be very truthful never wanted to know anybody. I started talking, people started yelling, screaming, questioning.

Somebody said, "What you can give me?"

I said, "Everything."


I said, "I will tell you how you can give to yourself, nobody is going to give you, nobody gives anybody anything, you give yourself everything, when you freak out and you mismanage and you don't give yourself a even a chance, that's where you create the mess."

I called somebody today, I said, "Hey, how are you?"

"I am very depressed."

I said, "How much?"


I said, "Be super depressed and be dead, thank you."

He said, "I want to talk to you."

I said, "How come, you are depressed, depressed people don't talk," I said, "Very good you are depressed."

He said, "Sir I want to talk to you."

I said, "Well, tell me how you became depressed."

"I don't know."

I said, "What is I don't know, tell me what is I don't know."

"I hate myself."

I said, "It's very fortunate, congratulation."

He said, "Why?"

I said, "At least you are trying do something to yourself, you are better than those who do nothing, why you hate yourself?"

"I don't know, I just, I am angry."

I said, "That's most wonderful, it's such a superb thing to hear, you are angry at yourself, right, why you are angry?"

"I think I am getting mad at myself."

I said, "Marvelous, this is one degree higher, anything else?"

He said, "I think I, I feel, I have a fear."

I said, "Marvelous, now you are really, psychologically almost PhD in Psycho analyzing yourself, what it's all about?"

He said, "I hate myself."

I said, "That's better than that."

"Sir, why I am talking to you like that?"

I said, "Because the telephone company has to live, if fool like you do not exist, how this telephone company is going to make money, go ahead, it's going to cost a lot but let us see."

"I hate myself."

I ask him, "Why?"

He said, "That makes me not responsible."

I said, "You have spoken first time direct truth."

People who depress themself, who hate themself, who fail in their career, who do all those kind of neurotic things which you know are just do not want to be responsible because responsibility is 'show me state'. You know that there is a state in the mid west.

They say, "Prove it." And life is there to sensitive enough to make a individual to prove it to the individual itself, the self love and self success. Self love and self success we'll talk tomorrow, I don't want to get into now and put you in the middle of it, but basically the sensitivity and insensitivity of love is always considered not to one self but in relationship to others, that's not true. The frequency of psyche in the projection of the frequency in the centripetal and centrifugal force is so adjusted that it always demonstrates projectivity of a definite angle under a definite projection and it is always in balance, in the totality of the coexistence of the entire universal enerygy. But however, individual has his own polarity and in that, the sensitivity has to be creative and it has to be sensitive and insensitive in total balance in which a individual is exalted all the time. It all went over you. That's how insensitive you are but you take these lines, write it down, figure it out and you will find it's a very simple bottom line I have said, love yourself, the whole world will love you. What I have said before, it is for our children who will be here two thousand year from now, they will not understand your language, they will understand the language of force, the balances, but you don't. For you, it's simple thing, if you love yourself the whole world will love you.

(The class singing 'May long time sun shine upon you...')

YB: Now we hear the song of Himalaya and you will have the celestial movement with it to relax yourself, okay. Those who do not know can watch and the, those, those who know should participate. Is that little leader here who goes out and relaxes everybody? Come on here. Oh, she is good, oh, oh, oh, oh, wonderful. Now watch her and everybody should sing and participate with this, okay, clean and pure.

(Class is singing 'Bring your----')


(Singing stops)

YB: Well, this was a celestial communication when you cannot take care of your neurosis by any known method, just few minutes of doing it, it is a, there is no power more than the power of the word and when the word is performed through the body, the entire being is purified, relaxed. If you are a Christian, you are a Jew, you are a Moslem, you are a Hindu, you are a Sikh, you are a Buddhist, you are nobody, you are everybody. Science is science and living in the twentieth century and seeing people talking to themself on the road and making a telephone call, drinking cup of coffee, reading the newspaper, driving the car and mostly being who they are and not being who they are.

Something has to be given to the mankind to excel, come out of it without much cost and that is what we have done. We have transformed our songs to the strength of the communication of the celestial communication technique which is ours, which is our gift to this world through us and through our children to follow, it relaxes the ten parts of the brain through the nerve, nerve connections of the tip of the fingers which are the main active part and ingredients in this being because when the fingers moves with the PranaPraana , Prana The universal life force that gives motion. It is the breath in air. It is the subtle breath of the purusha as it vibrates with a psychophysical energy or presence. Praana regulates the modes and moods of the mind. to communicate this cantaloupe becomes human brain and the tension of the neuro pattern is revealed into relax pattern of its own originality. It's a very fantastic release, we practice it at the woman training camp and this time every woman who came in the city from that camp could not adjust in the house, it's I, I understood, I never said that to you but I knew that when the angels will reach and meet the martyr, it will be impossible to adjust and I wanted to see that without doing a thing how much we can do and we did it, and we did a wonderful job.

Every human has the capacity of creative self and no person is weak or condemned in the eyes of God and something which I actually do not like here, when in my presence people put down other people, oh I have the right to put down anybody I want because I have to snub, root coop and push a person up, it's called giving directions, you have to poke, provoke, confront and elevate. You have to go through the procedure but reacting to people is not what you need, directing people in the essence and making them understand is a very simple known fact in the school you go, they teach you alphabet, they direct you to say, 'A the B the C the D the E' and you say it, that's how you learn. In a learning process if you make an atmosphere that between two friend communication to teach and taught understood but in the eyes of God all are equal. Some are relaxed and some are not relaxed, physical relaxation is not that important as the neuro systematic relaxation is. That's why the celestial communication system it work wonders with all people from all religions and from all places. It's a methodology which will give you a tremendous amount of relief in your inner being. For example, let us see the next, promises.

These people are getting shy because they are forgetting, I know and now they remember oh, oh, oh, put it on and men can do it, it's only not for ladies, it's for you too.

(The tape 'Promises are hard to make without...')

(Singing stops)

YB: Creativity when combined with physical, psychological concentration and mediation is very helpful, it balances the human energy and it gives the strength to the radiant body and this way prosperity and success comes to people, people who against all odds can smile, against all provocation can peacefully talk and against all obnoxiousness can beautifully behave are bound to be very successful. There is no such thing as defeat for them and the neuro chemical in the brain have the capacity to relate and interrelate these people's strength of their own existence to be temperamental, calling wolf all the time, being emotional, being neurotic, being critical, being a slanderer, being gossip spreader and all those kind of multi-qualities are very self destructive and time has come then we should voluntarily get out of all that.

The most beautiful act you can do to yourself is, don't listen to the garbage. Friends bring gift to each other, they do not bring their own garbage and lay it on the house of a friend but you are such unfortunate that you have no sensitivity to even understand the mental garbage is a worst than the physical garbage. For a physical garbage a truck will come weekly and take it away. Mental garbage is hundred twenty dollars an hour sitting with a damn psychiatrist and trying to get rid of it and it still doesn't go because perhaps its brush is okay or not and it may give you an AID which you cannot even cure. So basically, situation is getting very sensitive, so please try to understand, those two cities in the Bible, which name I always forget.

Students: (---)

YB: Well, you can call it Los Angeles and San Francisco, New, New York or Boston, it's the same thing. New, New Orleans and Houston, it's no difference but there is nothing new, it was in the time of Bible, it was before Bible, it is after Bible, it's now but what we have to do it to come out like a lotus out of the mud. That's important, important is to do something and that's why sometime I use two hundred, why there are twenty-four hours, eight hours to work, eight hours to yourself and eight hour to rest, enjoy and be together. So there are lot of hours, can you believe, sixteen hours to yourself and eight only to work, no big deal, you can all handle it. But what you do is, eight hours to work, eight hour thinking you are going to work and eight hours thinking what you have worked, that is where the mess is. If you just go and work and come back and forget about it, it's wonderful, but you can't.

Let us see how we can project a Infinite reality in our own activity, all for you. I just want to rehearse them before they totally forget it and if you by the time you are not perfect when I come back, you have done three mistake, I have counted.

(Tape, 'The only education...' is played in the class)

(Tape stops)

YB: Fortunately we have a video tape and you can all sit before it and correct yourself, we are trying to transform as many musical songs we have into the very play we want to go through to express. It's like a time capsule, songs in music are like time capsules for coming generation to follow, read, sing and enjoy. Tomorrow morning we have a yoga class, we like you to come and after that I have to leave and when in my journeys I happen to pass through Los Angeles, I'll be available, I'll like to be with you as much as I can, I have never experienced August in Los Angeles, I think this is the first year I happen to be here and I never knew Los Angeles is very hot, it's amazing, so it's good to have a experience of hot Los Angeles.

That's why sometime people are the way they are. So those of you who have been in Espanola and have seen those beautiful blue skies and wonderful dry wind and there was no dirty beaches but a very Divine beautiful land on which you walk, traveled and educated yourself to become pure women and train yourself to be strong, unfortunately this time because of certain courses I taught, you became little celestially elevated and when you come back home the reality of Los Angeles and the gray smog of Los Angeles and the routine having a breakfast in the morning and thinking of dinner at night and forgetting to chop off onions and all that stuff seemed little heavy but you can adjust to it, it's not very difficult.

I was figuring out, there was a time when I used to work twenty to twenty-two hours and not feel tired and now I work sixteen to seventeen hours and sometime I wonder why to work, then I look back and see well, everything is a work, even to relax these days is a work. The most precious thing in the world which is missing these days is relaxation, so we thought let us come to the nitty-gritty, let us come to the root of tension and that is the brain and there is no way to use it except we know how to. And in ancient time they use to have the rosary or Mala what you call it, to go through the Japa to relax, to reach a point. Modern man came out with a bio feedback to listen to that two tu-tu business, electrical sound system, no comments, I pass, I pass everything else what everybody learns, teacher does you know I have nothing to do with it. So we thought let us get to the point where every human being by its own right can put a tape into the, what they call, RC or RV whatever that is?

Students: VCR.

YB: VCR something, that little thing, it goes in and on the screen comes these girls doing all that and one can just not fully aware can just put fingers through, it will do more good than you can even realize, I, somebody send me twenty-five dollars tape as a gift and it has messages, what kind of those messages are, you know, these, these tapes are running around, to me it looked like somebody is broken glass of water and it is all spreading everywhere and, and I was supposed to that day not eat, I end up five meals and I couldn't believe it, so I was, I was so irritated with that sound and subliminal, whatever those was, just I never experienced headache but it was almost something like that, I couldn't believe it and I got so hungry and I call that person I say, "Is it the right tape," Hamm well, she said, "Yes, it is," but I doubt it, I, I mean to say that's a very qualified science people have been selling so much, it must be wonderful, good and they promise everything, now you can have first grade, you can be top on the world, you can, you can have wings through your armpits and you can fly and everything. But I am very orthodox, kind of non-believer into too much quick benefits. I believe one should just fall, fall, fall and fall and after many, many, many, many falls, one day one will rise, that will be a much beautiful experience than just rise. There is nothing than patience and it pays.

Thank you very much for coming today to class, it was a hot Tuesday and we'll meet again and talk and see what we can do for each other, okay, thank you, God bless.

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