Health Talk - Addressing Stress at Khalsa Clinic - Part 1 of 2

June 6, 1994
Los Angeles, CA

I have been in United States for twenty-five years. If there was no stress I (?).

(Students' laughter)

Come on, come on, I can give you something, you won't cough. Thank you. Here is a little, little (?) and that will take care of...

So if there was nothing, stress was the way. I wanted quick buck and I wanted to save the Woodstock Nation, and we were twenty million Americans. We revolted and we went our way. And when I came you can see the drugs as you can see a winter chimney. People were naked, and there were young people dying. I didn't come to America for any reason but for a visit of three days, I never went back. And I got so passionately involved in this whole thing that I got into stress and I got arteries clogged up and Dr. Soram is my doctor and we did everything in the world to heal and cure and what not. Finally today I went to Dr. Kapoor who is my cardiologist, he said, "You are healthier than me." And finally it was decided.

All of a sudden something happened and there is a naturopath doctor and he is a MD, and he was looking at me that I have a diabetes. But he always said, "Is there your family history, you have a diabetes?"

I said, "None."

Terrible sugar, isn't it? Two hundred thirty to forty, which is not very healthy, very alarming. And sometime controlled, sometime not controlled. So he flew in LA, we met at La Scala, we had a lunch. And he took some test and he said, "The water of United States doesn't suit you. Take this little vitamin and everything will be fine."

Since I am taking that nothing, no big deal! And plus few herbs, which I take to myself as a supplement food. We record everyday the sugar, the blood pressure, the test and this and that and things are very normal. So there is a lease for few years to live but sometime people like our nature, for them life and death does not mean anything. All it means a purpose.

There comes a moment in life when purpose is superior than even living. So I told Soram, I said, "Why not we (?) we will like to talk and share with people something." Because stress is eating you up. Now you will say what stress? Stress is a normal way of life. Sexual sex. Sexual-sexual sex and sexual-sexual stress is affecting pituitary. Pituitary is not down there, pituitary is right here. Sex is down there. Stress is here. Action and... emotions are not in your hand and in your feelings. It's the command of the sensitivity of all the elements here. Sex is controlled here. Man is controlled here. You are allowed to live here.


Thirteen, some said thirteen is a bad luck. You have nine holes, two hands and two legs, total comes to thirteen, you are born with thirteen, you live with thirteen, you die with thirteen. Thirteen is not a unlucky number, but what they say why thirteen became unlucky. Because you don't take care of the thirteen, you are unlucky. That's actually it was, so they forgot about the care. Care is left to doctors. Now how much you want us to take care of you? Actually this is what we are starting a new era, we are your partners; join with us to take care of yourself.

Now you want to know how stressful you are right now? You want to test it out? You don't test. Right? Put your hands like this like I have put them. Just simple, simple exercise, no big deal. And do this. First put it down, then put it up and then open it up and then put it down and then see you do it correctly. Consciously, control your nervous system. Just, just that. And just start feeling how it does to you. A simple exercise where your Jupiter, your Saturn, your Sun and your Mercury antenna with your ego Id, can be brought into action can change your whole attitude and whole sensitivity. That's how easy it is. It's not very psychologically wonderfully required that you have to stand on your head for rest of your life to get something done. There are very simple things.

Now there is another thing about stress. Put your hands here please like this. I am teaching you few exercises and stretch out and stretch out, no, no; you have to give jerk here. Electric, it's electromagnetic field. Just, just... Forcefully; it won't go off and then relax. That's it, not too much.

What I am doing is very little things. But these things are experimented from last five thousand years and they work. It's not that you require to be a great human. But there is nothing, which can stop you to be great. No, I show you something very simple.

Now you sit in chairs and don't cross your legs and put equal weight on your both legs. Simple, it's a very simple exercise. You don't have to sit on the ground. Nonesoever. Correct? Now, close your eyes. That is simple and we will count the number and time. Now roll your eyeballs to focus at the chin. And your fontal lobe, which control your personality interior-exterior projective depth and its acceleration and its fantasies will start becoming heavier and heavier. More you will do this exercise, more your frontal lobe will become heavier but one day it will break. That is the day you are master of your own destiny. What a gift!

We will make you do this for only three minutes. Your eyes must be rolled downwards from the closed eye and you must concentrate at the chin, which is a moon center and nothing more, we are not asking you to do anything. If you can breathe long and deep and consciously, that will be additional help. You require it for three minutes only. It doesn't take one century. Neurons in the brain are the fastest thing.

As a reception should watch the time, more than three minutes let me know. Already I think we have done for half a minute.

I think we have done it for three minutes. Open up your jaw full. Open it, keep it open. Keep it open. Nobody will know it, you can do this exercise in a bathroom, nobody will find it, keep it open. Breathe deep and breathe out. Breathe in deep, open full jaw. You can control so many diseases for nothing and breathe out. Breathe in and breathe out.

Now open your eyes and relax. Assess yourself. Don't ask me. And you are not anybody's disciple or anybody, all you have to become your own disciple. You have to become your own master. And all you have to say is, stress is a natural way of life and I have to naturally combat it. Stress is a?

Students: Natural way of life.

YB: Natural way of life. And there is no need and yelling and screaming and crying and being emotional and 'I love you and you love me or not.' You are not going to find anything like this if you just be and just be, everything will come to you. There are two ways to look at life. Run after everything and you have to find two million things, find them or be somewhere and let two million things come to you. Make a choice and make it once that choice. Union is between Atman and Paramatma. Union is between your soul and your self. That's your God, there is nothing outside.

God is three letters. G O D, generate, organize, and delivers or destroys. The ancient call it BrahmaBrahma The Hindu God of creation, one the three primary manifestations of God. , Vishnu, Mahesh. We Christians call it trinity. Father, Son, Holy Ghost. Call it anyway. Aspirin is aspirin, label it anyway you want. It will not make any difference.

What is the test that you are divine or you are not? Can anybody tell me? What is the test of a human that you are divine or you are a devil. Let me put it bluntly that. Can you answer me? There is a one word only, which makes the difference. Should I answer you for? Compassion! Against calamity, odd, cheating, betraying, lied to, yelled at, screamed, wrong, right, dah dah dah, dah dah dah, you remain compassionate. Action has a reaction. Resurrect, that's the compassion. Rise little above it. "You son of so and so. You..." that's all it takes.

Giving is God, giving is for giving, forgive. Forgive without anybody asks you to forgive. Being kind, compassionate, and caring are three aspects in which man's Divinity is established. And where there is a Divinity, there is a royalty. There is a Infinity, you will get...

You know, I came in United States I didn't know one thing. I didn't know difference between a boulevard and highway, freeway; I don't know what they are talking about. I know whole United States today. Why? Purpose was to care for people. Now just do this little exercise.

Put your... lock your three fingers, this is a Jupiter finger, mind you, nobody believes this as anything to do with Jupiter. All right, it's a index finger. It's a very powerful finger. If you raise the other finger and not this finger, you know what that means? You understand? Don't think fingers are ordinary. You raise this finger, you raise this finger, you raise this becomes victory; you put this, put this down, somebody will never spare you for life. You say this way, they say "hell with you," you say this way, it's okay. It's a body language.

So right now lock this and put this. Watch this, children do it, which you forget as adults. Now do this. Round and round, round and round. Mark the time, three minutes and look at the finger moving. Put before you the hands, move the fingers, no, no, no, no wrist, only finger. The index finger, the Jupiter finger, control your nervous system and look at it and move. And in three minutes we will ask you to stop. You watch what it does to you. Your own finger. Round and round, please move. Make a magnetic field. You don't have to go to astrologer where your Jupiter is. It is in the fourth house you are lucky. God, it is in twelfth house, forget it. But here is the man's power to surmount the difficulty.

This Jupiter finger of yours like this, if you can move three minutes in your life daily, daily, it will make a change you can't believe it.

Now tell me what is three minutes. Moment there will be three minutes, they will tell me and I'll tell you, don't worry about it when we are going to stop.

(Students' laughter)

Possibly fingers are hurting, I know. We are not that very strong. We don't know which part of our is very much with us or not with us.

Nobody wants to eat a onion, right? It smells bad! And there is an ancient scripture they say, "onion a day keeps the cancer away." Nobody wants to do it. Garlic bothers, ginger nobody likes, now they have a formula that turmeric cures all bad bacterias, moment you cook anything with turmeric it is clean, healthy, wonderful.

I was getting a medical report Boston University or something. Now they are chanting, turmeric has been here the day on the earth is there.

Done? Isn't three minutes over yet?

Students: No sir.

YB: Okay let them keep doing, they are already trying to stop, I know.

Done? Relax.

Now you might understand you have seen these Tibetans, they move like this. You think they are meditating? No, their brain... A neurological systematic affectionate introduction to their own inner brain where they verbally chant and the upper palate and the tongue creates a rubbing through which the hypothalamus sends the message and the brain in self becomes calm and quiet.

Aajao, aajao, aajao, Dr. Kapoor has arrived. See, after me you will start.

Now you are very stressful, right? A situation happens to us. Correct? We are very stressful. Very stressful. You want to yell and scream and you want to go out of the window. Is that right? Take your both hands please and put them here like this and press hard. Hard, now hard, as much anger you can show, go ahead. Put pressure there. Now you want to break out of the window, you want to jump out of the window, you want to yell and scream, now yell and scream at you, nobody will see it. Harder.

When one minute is over let me know. One-minute honest pressure. All we ask for a one minute, sixty seconds, but it has to be sincere. Done? Is it not yet? O God, minute becomes longer? Try, try, keep it.

It will change your breathing, is it done or not yet? No? My God. Minute gets longer. Harder! Done, relax.

This much only it takes, it takes sixty known seconds. If you can take under this base of the palm your both ears right here, because the inner ear creates your balance. If you press it like this for just one minute, you will be balanced. It doesn't take much to be under stress. Also it doesn't take much to get rid of stress. I'll ask Dr. Kapoor now to talk to you. Thank you.

Student: (----)

YB: Yeah, yeah, you kindly come on there, Soram you come here.

Student: (?) Dr. Kapoor is a noted cardiologist who is coming to join us here at the clinic, he was the director of interventional cardiology at (?) director of interventional cardiology at (?) he is an associate professor at UCLA, (?) cardiology and medicine, he's written many books, six to seven books on cardiology and heart transplants and I am very excited and delighted for our office and for all of us and for (?) that he is going to be joining us and (?) starting together (?) idea and guidance (?) by my center which is going to be (?) to integrate these modalities and get the word out on things that we could do (?) general public, so (?).

Dr. Kapoor: Dear Siri Singh SahibSiri Singh Sahib Honorary title given to Yogi Bhajan to indicate his role as spiritual leader of Sikh Dharma in the West. His complete title within Sikh Dharma is Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji. , Dr. Soram Khalsa, my new friends and group of people here. Thank you for waiting for me, I am kind of late. I needed that I was under maximum stress and...

(Students' laughter)

I had to do some emergency procedure on a patient in Long Beach and I had to rush and you know, how our four-five... I was looking for at least (?) in the parking lot.

Yeah, this is a unique opportunity for me to associate with Dr. Soram Khalsa. Dr. Soram Khalsa is a noted functional medicine specialist. He is the only expert in this area that I know of and for me to associate with him would be an extra bonus. We are going to venture into a special medical management practice. It is going to be the new wave of medicine in the future. We have been treating people with drugs; give prescription, when you go home you will be fine. I don't think that has worked. I as an interventional cardiologist put in the (?) arteries and come back and read some (?) problems. So we have not really solved the problem. Something is lacking in our practice. In fact we have not even, we've been doing it, for twenty years. The incidence of heart disease has decreased. The mortality has also decreased significantly. But the number of episodes keep on same I'll give you every minute; somebody in the United States dies suddenly. Every minute. That's five hundred thousand deaths and that happens in the prime of life. People who are in the fifties and trying to enjoy (?) settled (?). There is a sudden death. And we have been trying to put our emphasis on control of blood pressure, which is fine, it's excellent, control of diabetes, stop smoking; we have not tackled two things. We have not tackled mind and stress. They are extremely important because for the outcome there is no surgery for treatment of stress. You cannot put a knife and treat stress. You cannot give medicines to treat stress. There has to be a mind body connection and interaction on that axis because your body is very intelligent. All your systems are very intelligent. Your cells are intelligent, we think only the brain is intelligent. Please don't give all the credit to the brain because it is our immune system, which has its own intelligence, it has been now established that there are biochemical pathways and neurotransmitters that connect the mind, body and the cardiovascular system. You can tell your heart to go fast, it will do it. You are just sitting here and you can tell your heart to go fast and, and get angry just like Siri Singh SahibSiri Singh Sahib Honorary title given to Yogi Bhajan to indicate his role as spiritual leader of Sikh Dharma in the West. His complete title within Sikh Dharma is Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji. was saying just get very angry at somebody or inside and burn inside. What happens is once you do that, there is activation of the neuro endocrine system, you release, adrenaline, you release cortisol the effect of these two very powerful agents, very powerful chemicals, I will just sidetrack.

The human body is the biggest pharmacy, it produces lot of pharmacological agents, which we have not used or touched. Like when you go and jog and have a high, there is a release of good hormones, the pleasure hormones, the endorphins. They make you feel great or when you get a high, you go in the ocean or you get a high because there is a release of the good pleasure hormones I call them or endorphins in chemical terms and those are very important, much more important than morphine. That's what they are recently discovering that milligram to milligram they are about ten to twenty times more important than opium and morphine. So we are not using utilizing that because we are suppressing and shutting off that system all the time.

Now I think we have to have a new kind of medicine whereby you have involvement of the mind, body and your disease process. And because of that the outcome is going to be different, the life of science, the science is different. Because it does have the interaction of both the mind, body and soul.

What does it involve? What is so different? Conventional medicine is excellent for controlling few things. I think it's good for fifteen to twenty percent of the things. That cannot be done by a body a lot. So if you have conventional medicine and interaction of integration with complimentary medicine, the combined effect of these two will have a wonderful effect. We give patients chemotherapy, they don't do well. Once they do well, have group therapies because they are using their mind and there is some group interaction there and those patients do extremely well. The guys who have given up they are angry, they are sorry, they have given up. But they want to die they do terrible. It's same amount of chemotherapy. This study was done at Stanford and they found that these two groups just did differently. Because the group therapy and psychotherapy and you are giving positive feedback all the time and biofeedback that group did much better. They live ten years longer; this is the best cancer patient. They live ten years longer than that another group that was just left to medical therapy. Same medical therapy, there is no difference.

What is the difference? Sometime it is spontaneous regression of tumors. You people have said that, "Oh I give up on this patient, this end stage, (?) I can't do it." That guys says "no I am going to (?) I am not going to die." And he may develop a strong immune system to fight those cancer cells and not (?) cancer by own pharmacological events in the body.

I don't want to take too much of your time but there is a saying that the mind is capable of having a conversation with the body that ends in the death of the body. There are people who say... I'll tell you I had an episode two days ago on Sunday.

There was this lady, eighty-three year old and she says, "I have lived all my life, I want to go."

I said, "No, you have not, you are still young. Your body is still good."

"No, time has come for me to go."

And she was having chest pains and all those things and I said, "You know what? We need to do something because having chest pains all the time (?). We have booked you for an angiogram."

Sure I can book her for angiogram. Eight o'clock was the angiogram Sunday morning, seven thirty she had a massive stroke and died. On her own.

I don't know. And there are people who say "I am going to die," and they will die. That is written because you are requesting the death and death comes to you. But if you find it and you take care of you, then I think it takes a different pathway.

I also want to bring to attention that we all might live in optimum lifestyle. You must have optimum health. The first thing is to find out if you have optimum health. You may have to undergo some profiling, risk profiling and do some diagnostic evaluation to see where you belong to the normal risk or you are at higher risk. If you are in the high-risk category then I think you have to be tackled aggressively before you have the sudden death syndrome or any other kind of event. So it's important for us all to know actually I have also gone through this (?) myself to make sure that I am not in that high risk category. And if there is some problem there, like your cholesterol is high, it needs to come down. If your weight is high, if you are heavily stressed out, you need help because stress kills people. More people than any disease process. It is with stress that once you have heavy activation of the adrenaline and other systems, they have an effect on the vascular system. They damage, the soft inner lining of the vessels in the heart. And once the damage is done, then if you have all the things like high cholesterol they start depositing. Along with this thing there is high levels of stickiness of the platelets and they can plug the arteries. And that's what when you have heart attacks there is a complete blockage of the artery because of there is a plug buildup there and then there is a final event is a blood clot and it blocks the artery and people have heart attacks.

I don't want to take much time, I would appreciate any questions you may have, I would again like to say that this is the first clinic of its sort, or the center of its sort in the United States that's going to address the issue of heart, body, and mind together. And that in association with functional medicine. I think we will do a great service to the people around here and I am sure this clinic will spread beyond dreams because it is so cheap, we don't require CAT scans, MRI's and other things. The heath care cost would change.

I hope I can convince President Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton, to listen to us and change some and put some emphasis on this aspect of life because everybody is ignoring it. All the medical schools are ignoring it. They are not paying any attention, now this is for the mistakes or this is for the weirdos, I don't think it so. People are coming around; we are living in a age of consciousnessConsciousness The nature of the self and being. In the realm of nature, awareness becomes consciousness. It is from the being itself. Being is expressed in consciousness through contrasts and sensations, in awareness through merger, clarity, and reality. . The level of consciousnessConsciousness The nature of the self and being. In the realm of nature, awareness becomes consciousness. It is from the being itself. Being is expressed in consciousness through contrasts and sensations, in awareness through merger, clarity, and reality. is going up and up. And it is game with your mind. So I am very positive what we are going to do is going to mushroom and would be very helpful to the whole community, thank you very much.


YB: Now you have any question?

Student: How is your cardiology practice significantly (?) than other cardiologists?

Doctor Kapoor: So far it's for same.

Student: (----)

Doctor: Because I have taken a round turn now. Hundred and eighty degrees turn. I was an interventional cardiologist. I take care of heart transplantations; take bytes of the heart (?) do the angiograms. Do all kinds of stuff. And I think (?) and it is so expensive and yet the outcome is terrible. The outcome is not as far it should be. And if we tackle the front end of the disease, like a person forty-five year old guy who is (?) little stress, he smokes a little bit and his cholesterol is two hundred and thirty or two hundred and forty, that guy is not at low risk. He is at a moderate risk. And that guy should tackle it in front end of the disease rather than the end stage, which becomes totally difficult. Our old practice is here to tackle the end stage of the disease process because that's when people come, they come with a heart attack or a stroke or something damage to an organ. Then I think it's kind of late even for any kind of medicine to work.

So if you start early on, prevention is better than cure, I think that is where it lies. And everybody is prone to it. There is so much stress here and it's unbelievable that you can accumulate stress within seconds. You go on the streets, there is a red light and somebody shows a finger or something like that, the stress level goes up immediately. It's unbelievable, it happens and if we live in this environment, the environment is very conducive for stress and what we do, we build up the stress, it keeps on building inside and it chews us inside.

In the olden days it was all the phenomenon fight of plight. If there was a danger there, they would fly away, run away or they would exchange blows. They let off the stress. Here we can internalize it. We do not (?) the next car ahead of us who is doing something funny to us, we can't (?). We just internalize, we shout a little bit but we internalize mostly. And that internalization is causing damage, it causes ulcers, it causes headaches, it causes heart problems, (?) damage to the entire lining of the going to the brain, going to the heart, going to the kidneys, going to the ears, so there is a problem there. So I think people are realizing that stress is a very important factor and we should know it. Now you can use stress to make it (?) stress so that it becomes helpful to you. You can convert the same stress, which is injurious to your body to make it helpful to you but you should know how to change that and I think it's going to help you to do that, if some people have stress. Including me.

YB: Aah now you have... some people have shoulders together?

Now sit down properly and see which is your neck shoulder. Put your shoulders together. After all, it will be all in twos, right and whichever the two shoulders are meeting, put your both hands up and lock in your fingers. Up, up, straight. Up straight, up straight, yes, yes, yes, yes. I have to give, they have to help this couple and it will make me a sense. Lock it. Please. Good. Now, you all have to do this. Now please close your eyes and pull these two up. Don't worry about it; nobody is going to get hurt. Stress will disappear and it never...

You are alone, somebody I should send you? Is there any volunteer there available? Come on quick. Nobody should be without this. Come on, hurry up.

Give everybody a hand, nobody should be single. Get the scene together. Now, pull that out. Now it doesn't cost anything. It's free, right? Close your eyes and pull that hand up. Two energies when pulled together will send a signal inside and the brain neurons will ask the pituitary to send a signal and defense it. Union shall take place, doesn't matter how much you hate. Come on, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, put your force. Now it's a stressful exercise isn't it? It's going to make you very healthy, come on, do it right. It's not very not stressful, it is, you have never done it. Pull up. Now please relax.

Aha, see. See what a minute can do. You know what a minute can do. That's what a minute can do. And this was stressful. Have you ever understood that two dogs can neck at each other and live longer than human? And if you just play with each other neck only, just neck, with this simple hands, we can take away all the systematics science of the body, which is dying to healthy body.

In our village when a person goes nut and a very stressful, they will not beat him, they will take him and tie down with a river, half water, half body, they put a pole there and stick the guy in and come next day, how you feel! How much he can feel, he says "let me go." "No, no, no, there is a food for you." So they will feed him and then go away again. I have never seen that guy being stressful or being neurotic or whatever you call rest of the life.

(Students' laughter)

Everybody knew there are only three poles in that river and one is going to belong to it. So everybody will come, everybody is quiet, everybody knew it that cold water is a cold water, it's a flowing water and this guy is going to be half water, half outside and totally tied down to that pole. The very stress of that moment because one is tied down, is terrible you can't sleep, there is going to be a night, the very stress becomes totally a systematic system to stand any stress. Then they test the guy, they bring him out in the village and then they tease him to the extent that normally he will jump up. 'No... I am going to do anything... I am all right. You guys, you are wrong, no, no.' Because he remember that one is worst.

So we always choose between bad and worse always, judgmental is our faculty. But you must understand, maybe our judgment is our stress. Isn't they say 'thou shall not judge, otherwise you will be judged.' Within circumstances...

Now you have a index finger? Because Jupiter is going to hit in few days and we will have lot of patients over here too. Don't worry about it. Take your index finger and put with your neighbor, just finger with finger. You know, like that. Touch the finger, lightweight. Touch the finger and close your eyes and feel the flow. Not a big exercise. You are not doing something very abnormal. You are pretending to do something, which will automatically relax you, whether you like it or not. Because we have good in us, we have soul in us, we have living spirit in us, we have fertile brain in us, we have a throbbing beautiful heart in us, we have pulse everywhere, all those great things, which is called life can be felt by a touch. And all we are doing is very calmly and consciously allowing a touch.

We didn't ask each other name, we didn't know who is who. There is no need of it. The unit of life is very pure, very unique and it lives on. Please go inside in your solitude with a most positive attitude and concentrate on that touch of life. Relax your toes, relax your feet, relax your knees, relax your calf, relax your thighs, relax your hip bones, relax your belly, relax your chest, relax your shoulders, arms and hands, except that touch of the finger, relax your neck, your chin face has relaxed your skull, totally relax, I am relaxed, I am relaxed, I am relaxed, happiness is birthright, my birthright, my life is in harmony, is in relax, is in happiness. It's my life, it's my privilege, the touch of my life is for my relaxation.

Now please open your eyes and look at each other into each other eyes. Won't hurt, and smile, naturally you will and thank you very much.

Student: (----)

YB: That takes the brain neurons to slide into the memory and create a pattern. That's why forty days. Time has a proposal to it, (?). It's not something very big or small. These are things to do. This is personally my belief, it should not affect anybody.

I believe happiness is birthright, I believe I have to be rich to share with those who are not. I believe caring and being compassionate and helping anybody is just my first right and anything other than that is my bogosity. I live a very competing, comparing life within myself. I have my own kingdom, my God is my witness, and my soul is my essence. I don't care a two hoot who tells me what. But I know I have to tell myself. If I cannot see God in all, I cannot see God at all. If I don't care for creation, creativity, it means I have denied myself the sensitivity, the joy of life. That's why I came to United States, everybody knows me, everybody knows me all over the world. I didn't become international signing billboards and that kind of stuff. And mind you, I am very rich, he knows it and mind you, all richness I don't owe a penny. Can you believe? I came in United States, first thing they asked me, "How much money you have got?"

I said, "I have got thirty-five dollars."

"Not enough!"

I said, "It will never end." Those thirty-five dollars are still at my altar intact and I'll live.

We elected Clinton out of our passion and he cost me about one hundred and some thousand dollar quarterly because the taxes have gone up. But it's okay. Earn, learn to earn and then give. That's the fun. And give to those who do not thank you. That's the more fun. Kindness must not have limit. Compassion must not have jurisdiction and care must not have attitude. You must become human as radiant as God is. Your touch, one word. Wow! Heavens have spoken. What do you think?

Student: (----)

YB: Can you not all do it? Now don't get late, send them the cookies and tea and everything.

Student: (----)

(Students' laughter)

YB: No, no, I in my humble way I always do that little things because when I came in America I saw hell loose and I try to do whatever I could. So we did that. We worked with people, we helped them, we established them.

Student: (----)

YB: Yeah, because you are my doctor, how come?

(Students' laughter)

YB: I didn't get a angiography on the (?).

(Students' laughter)

YB: But I tell you he is a wonderful doctor; he was the only one who decided on the merit of the circumstances.

Student: (----)

YB: Well, at that time you know forty doctor had this opinion and thirty-six have that and it was on and on, everybody wanted to participate and put their sale and I was the one who was suffering and all of a sudden he appeared and he said, "Look Yogiji, this is the situation right now. Question is but this is what is needed to be done. Nothing more, nothing less."

And I said, "Okay, I trust you." And net result came out all right. The question was what was the net result? Net result could have been wrong. Net result was all right and that's it.

Side B

Student: (----)

YB: See, your heart is something inside you; your lover, beloved, spouse, friend is outside than you. (?) put your inside together to face it outside, that's how it is. When you are sexually come to ejaculation you breathe twenty-four to twenty-seven times per minute, otherwise normally you breathe fifteen times per minute. But if everyday for thirty-one minutes you breathe only for one breath a minute, that means twenty second inhale, twenty second hold, twenty second exhale, you can have a sensitivity of your self-control that you cannot even believe it. And it's no big thing, everybody can do it. Start with three minutes a day. Breathe in, hold, breathe out, breathe in, hold, breathe out. Takes twenty seconds. You may not be successful once on first day, second day, otherwise you will be successful. Because you live by breath, you die by breath, if you control your breath, you have a self-control. Same people.

When I came to America there was no hope. People have taken so much drugs and so much damage that there is no possibility. We started practicing breath of fireBreath of Fire Also called agni praan. It is a rapid, rhythmical breath pattern, generated from the navel point and diaphragm with an equal inhale and exhale and usually done through the nose. It is both stimulating and relaxing. It heals, strengthens the nerves, and clears out old patterns and toxins. . Breath of fireBreath of Fire Also called agni praan. It is a rapid, rhythmical breath pattern, generated from the navel point and diaphragm with an equal inhale and exhale and usually done through the nose. It is both stimulating and relaxing. It heals, strengthens the nerves, and clears out old patterns and toxins. is considered one continuous breath. We had humungous great results. We didn't do anything. All I said is sit down. We did SatSat Existence; what is; the subtle essence of Infinity itself. KriyaKriya Literal meaning is "completed action." A Kundalini Yoga Kriya is a sequence of postures and yoga techniques used to produce a particular impact on the psyche, body, or self. The structure of each kriya has been designed to generate, organize, and deliver a particular state or change of state, thereby completing a cycle of effect. These effects have been codified and elaborated by Yogi Bhajan and form the basic tools used in yoga and its therapeutic applications. , we satSat Existence; what is; the subtle essence of Infinity itself. down, SatSat Existence; what is; the subtle essence of Infinity itself. Sat Naam , Sat Nam The essence or seed embodied in form; the identity of truth. When used as a greeting it means "I greet and salute that reality and truth which is your soul." It is called the Bij Mantra - the seed for all that comes. Sat Naam , Sat Nam The essence or seed embodied in form; the identity of truth. When used as a greeting it means "I greet and salute that reality and truth which is your soul." It is called the Bij Mantra - the seed for all that comes. NamSat Naam , Sat Nam The essence or seed embodied in form; the identity of truth. When used as a greeting it means "I greet and salute that reality and truth which is your soul." It is called the Bij Mantra - the seed for all that comes. Naam , Nam The manifested identity of the essence. The word derives from Naa-ay-ma , which means "that which is not, now is born." A Naam gives identity, form, and expression to that which was only essence or subtle before. It is also referred to as the Word. SatSat Existence; what is; the subtle essence of Infinity itself. Sat Naam , Sat Nam The essence or seed embodied in form; the identity of truth. When used as a greeting it means "I greet and salute that reality and truth which is your soul." It is called the Bij Mantra - the seed for all that comes. Sat Naam , Sat Nam The essence or seed embodied in form; the identity of truth. When used as a greeting it means "I greet and salute that reality and truth which is your soul." It is called the Bij Mantra - the seed for all that comes. NamSat Naam , Sat Nam The essence or seed embodied in form; the identity of truth. When used as a greeting it means "I greet and salute that reality and truth which is your soul." It is called the Bij Mantra - the seed for all that comes. Naam , Nam The manifested identity of the essence. The word derives from Naa-ay-ma , which means "that which is not, now is born." A Naam gives identity, form, and expression to that which was only essence or subtle before. It is also referred to as the Word. ... it will look very religious but you know what we are doing? We are massaging the kidney muscles, and we are taking care of the pancreas, and liver and everything, everything here was jumping and we are jumping it. Result was perfect.

There was a person who came to me, he had no hope. He had a cancer of this, that, so many disease. I said, "You want to live?"

He said, "I think so. But they have told me I have only one month to live."

I said, "Not possible." I said, "Four ounces of onion juice, two ounces of carrot juice and that's it, boy, that's the diet." I thought he will never do it. He is fine. He is much more healthier than me.

I went to Mexico, the (?) was like this it's not a medicine without license practice... O God, it doesn't work that way. And he was supposed to meet me at the airport, (?).

I said, "What happened to you?"

He said, "I am dying. I can't (?), I can't see anything."

So I took five jalapenos in a glass of milk, I blended it for thirty-one minutes very nice, put some maple syrup in it and I said, "Drink it."

That's her regular drink every morning.

Don't ask the doctor, doctor is within you but when you cannot ask, then you come to Soram.

(Students' laughter)

I consult him too. It's not that I don't consult him. But when we consult him, he say, "Well, now we are going to talk as a doctor and a patient. You are not going to tell me anything as a teacher and a student."

I say, "No, no, no, it's fine. Now you tell me as a doctor what to do."

Because the positive side of it is that what I am doing is very precious. (?) many lives which will live wonderfully, negative side of it is I am goofing. That's the negative side. But I am (?). And they tell me I am very precious and (?), yes it's true I am very precious, I have received practical knowledge and experience and in my time I have done yoga, I can bring water and rain, I can do those kind of funny things in which I was very expert. Then I found it all of a sudden I am stupid. I changed my life and I became zero and then the one God stood with me, then I became ten. And when I came to America I had no idea what was going on. Just came here to visit a friend. And I saw young people and I started dealing with the Woodstock Nation and became a father of it. Now everywhere I go, look what a beautiful thing (?) everywhere they (?) there is a yuppie. "Hi Yogiji, I met you in nineteen seventy-two."

"Oh yeah, yeah, how are you?"

"These are my wives, that's my children. I had three divorces, two (?)..."

(Students' laughter)

You know, it is a family. It's a whole lot. And you all must be doing the same thing, which I am doing. But there is one thing in this, I am satisfied. It doesn't matter how it hurts, but one smile on one face pays all the price for it. That's the joy. He is writing a book, 'sacred heart' I am pushing him. He writes wonderful books. He's too much into. I said why don't you write a book, "sacred heart?" And let people know small little things that fennel tea is very good. On every food you Americans they put little parsley, do you see that little thing, green thing what do you do? Pick it up and put on the table, right? Don't you do that? That red thing, which has a preservative, that you pick it out. That's a (?) that you eat. But that little thing, little branch of that parsley can save your life. You know that?

Do you know the black pepper and salt is on every table? You know that? He knows it. When my edema doesn't listen to me, I go, I take cottage cheese, put little black pepper in it, mix it up, I am fine.

Sometimes medicines don't suit a person. There are little things in life we must discover and one thing most positive which I have seen; it does not mean anything but medicine with license. Chew your food! Your stomach doesn't have teeth.

(Students' laughter)

Very true. You know why people like the pasta? They round it up... and then another spoon, it goes in so fast and that's all it is. Pure white (?) is most potent thing called tomato and no saliva. I saw one movie in which I saw a character big one, does anybody remember that name? The (?).

Student: (----)

YB: Yes, Starwars, but what was the name of that character, that big one who ate everything?

Students: (----)

YB: Yeah, don't we eat like that?

(Students' laughter)

YB: But (?) try to do these little things through this clinic and help people to make them understand and share with them just few meditationsMeditation Dhyan. It is a process of deep concentration or merger into an object or a state of consciousness. Meditation releases reactions and unconscious habits and build the spontaneous and intuitive link to awareness itself. and give them a swaroopa or whatever our new discoveries are. Like banana a day is a good stuff. Lemon juice is better than anything else. Chewing a apple with teeth and biting it is very stress relieving. Forget about (?) what apple does. All right? And couple pears juice up, can dissolve things... those kind of grandma stuff, little things here, little things there. And it's not medicine. Food, it's health. I mean to say, I tell you something, when people get this ovary stuff which you specialize there are people all over, I have no option, you know, we can't do anything and we tell them this is the easiest way to do, they can't we sent them to Soram, he takes care of them, isn't wonderful? Under Soram they have to do it. Themself, forget it! And same thing he makes them to do which we tell them to do that's the funny part.

What is a acupuncture? A needle, makes you to consolidate, fix your mental capacity to bring in all the healthy cells there. Some of the real Chinese... I have seen in Hong Kong very funny things. They put electric wire to it and that electric wire, that grrrrrrrrr, and they leave him alone. They go away. Now tell me if a man in one hour under that system, he is going to be healthy, doesn't matter what.

(Students' laughter)

It's not only there is a steel needle in the guy plus the electric wire (?) and then the nurse will come after every half an hour and she will burn something and make that whole thing hot. Now if that area is not healthy, what else you expect... I was laughing with that Chinese doctor, I said, how can everybody (?) under this circumstances. I counted myself; there were eighty needles on the back of that guy. Eighty needles. All connecting with a vibrating wire. And on turn by turn he was burning that thing; I don't know what they call that...

Student: (----)

YB: Can you believe it? I said (?) alive. But that's a system that brings the body and its own red corpuscle cells to come and help them cure. There is no big deal. The body is the biggest medical center in the world.

Well, welcome to Khalsa Clinic and I think that is a... thank you Soram.

Student: (----)


YB: Thank you everybody.

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