November 28, 1992
Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

Ladies and Gentlemen what I am going to talk tonight shall be the knowledge of the coming 2000 years. In spite of the fact, I am a spiritual person, I am a scientist, I am a man, I had a mother, a sister, I have a wife, I have children, that is personal, impersonally my religion alone is eighteen million... And normally I have friends allover the world. Technically speaking I don't need a introduction but it will be enough when I came to West, I was known as YogiYogi One who has attained a state of yoga (union) where polarities are mastered and transcended. One who practices the disciplines of yoga and has attained self-mastery. Bahan and now I am called YogiYogi One who has attained a state of yoga (union) where polarities are mastered and transcended. One who practices the disciplines of yoga and has attained self-mastery. Bhajan. My real title is, his holiness Siri Singh SahibSiri Singh Sahib Honorary title given to Yogi Bhajan to indicate his role as spiritual leader of Sikh Dharma in the West. His complete title within Sikh Dharma is Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji. BhaiBhai Brother. Bhai Sahib , Bhai Sahiba An honorary title which means respected brother (or sister). SahibBhai Sahib , Bhai Sahiba An honorary title which means respected brother (or sister). Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji, it is so long that it is difficult to spell it. But that's what you get when you work hard and work with people, work for them not work at them. It is my popular saying, it is my popular saying that animals live at each other, trees live with each other and humans have to learn to live for each other, that is not yet... You know when I have my card printed, when I have my card printed, I printed in the back of it my simple message, 'If you cannot see God in all, you cannot see God at all,' after that nobody wants to know who am I.

We are human, we have three parts, three GunasGunas The three qualities or threads that make up the fundamental forces in nature and the mind. Their interactions give motion to the world, stir the larger Greater Mind, and make up the realm of our experience. They are considered inseparable and occur in unlimited combinations. They are abstract; you can only see their effects. They are the sattva guna for clarity and purity; the rajasic guna for action and transformation, and the tamasic guna for heaviness, solidity, and ignorance. , Rajvas, TamasTamas One of the three basic qualities of nature (gunas). It represents heaviness, slowness, and dullness. It is inertia and confusion. and Sattvik. TamasTamas One of the three basic qualities of nature (gunas). It represents heaviness, slowness, and dullness. It is inertia and confusion. . We are royal, angelic, we are human, energetic, passionate and in other words we are animal, beast, violent, violent and if you put all these three qualities together you will be shocked, so long we know these three qualities and things are under our control, we are happy. When these three things clash against each other within us, we are very unhappy and we... night dreams are night dreams but you know ninety-nine percent of us ninety-nine percent of time we daydream. Do you know we are never home, our mind is always somewhere else, we are somewhere else and things are somewhere else and we have a, we are like a car, we have no brakes and no transmission and driver is tired. If accident doesn't happen, it's a miracle.

So basically we found out, if we do not have the vitality within us and the science to create it and the art to use it, we lose virtues and nobody wants to lose virtues and if I honestly say that everybody is in a pain one way or the other and I honestly say that people don't want to be in pain, if I honestly say that thousands of years of spiritual practices have not done any justice, psychology and psychiatry has not solved our problems, our beliefs and faith has mostly failed us, I will not be wrong.

I tell you the miracle, I am a head of the religion. You know why they made me so? I am a very fanatic rebel, when I speak truth is truth and it hurts lot of people. So my religion and people thought, if we put a shackle around his neck. It's okay? He will shut down. I will say, 'oh yeah, bless you, oh thank you, God be with you' and people will kiss my ring and that kind of stuff. They are sorry. I couldn't be that way. I believe and practically know the experience of it, God rotates the planet, God will take care of the routine of everybody and let me talk to you in a thousand language from now, thousand year from now. How we will talk? Not today, one thousand year in the future. The psychosomatic and psyche of a person by three point two psyche per theta into gamma frequency of two point one, when inter-exchange the humanity in the personal self will know the diagonal energy in which we will understand each other and we can communicate a contract, as the business relates it is relevantly that way and we can take the inferiority out of it and superiority but understand the profit, which will be totally common say in alpha form, that's how people will talk.

(Students' laughter)

You didn't understand one thing right? I tell you what I said. Let us cut, cut to the bottom, let us understand that there is a lot of complication, let us get to the reality that we are both lying to each other, let us get to the nitty-gritty of what the profit is, let us see what you want what I want and let us see whether it suits both of us and let us now sign it, that's what I said but language will be different. People will talk in high calculus, in total mathematics and the electromagnetic and electro psyche, people will be sensitive and they shall feel each other, it shall be very difficult to lie, everybody will know everybody. That's the world is going to be. Even today, your children sit before a computer, they can do better than you. I know sometime children bring me the problems, it takes me about half an hour to solve it and they say, "Hah, see this is this is, this is done."

I say, "Then why you asked me?"

"Well test you out."

Kids seven year, five year old. So if you don't see world changing around you, you are ostriches and you have put your head in the sand and you feel everything is okay, everything is not okay. We have ten trillion cells in our body, which change in every seventy-two hours. We have thirty trillion living cells, we have frequency of three trillion per second mega frequency into square of thirty trillion. Our brain has the capacity to know all what it is, why it is and what for it is and we can't read the name on a street. So our capacity is unlimited like God, our working is miserable, we forget things and we lie to cover ourself, that's a tragedy then we get caught later, then it will become double tragedy, then we repeat it all the time, then it become multiple tragedy and then somebody start saying, 'I can't take it anymore,' then it become final tragedy.

Why as human we have to live like that? Life is too short, life is now God made us the way He made us, I didn't put in any application to ask Him to design me the way I am, I am not worried, all I have to do what I can do my best. All you can do is to do your best. God is God, we spell it G O D, He Generates, He Organizes, He Delivers and Destroys and when we put an extra 'O' in it, then in English it become good. God is generating, He is organizing and He is organizing us and He will deliver and if you just put 'S' in the end, then God is generating and He is organizing, He is Organize us, He shall deliver for the services we have done and service does not mean when you serve your own purpose. If you serve others, you will have friends forever, if you serve others, the Mother Nature will serve you.

Take me for example, I came to United States for three days, I was supposed to go back next Monday, I came with thirty-five dollars and I still have those thirty-five dollars, I never went back. I didn't have any friend, nobody. Today I have more friends that I can't count for. I have more money I can spend and I have more people even I can response in love. Why so? Am I special? No. Am I wise? No. Do I know better than others? No. Do I have some great miracles, which others don't have? No. I have only one thing, I never let down myself and I never let down a friend. I have one very wonderful thing, I mean what I say and I will die for my word, than to live in disgrace. That gave people trust in me. It is not that it was not difficult, everybody wanted to change my opinion, everybody wanted to agree with them, this is right, that is wrong, you are a Indian, you do not know America bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, bah all I knew is, what my intuition and my little voice tells me to do. That is very sophisticated little sound of God in me and that alone I shall follow.

Sometime it is very confronting, "You can't do it" and I said, "Why you are all upset?" It's already done, it's a matter to find it and when they found it, they loved me. 'Oh maestro, you were right, bah, bah, bah.' It is the same guy who yesterday was wrong, today he is a maestro because your intuition can tell you what is tomorrow and tomorrow has to become today. So there is nothing to worry and freak out for tomorrow. There is no place for guilt in the life of a person, God is everywhere, Almighty, every religion agrees, every, even atheist agrees, that's why they deny so forcefully God and then hell with it, let Him take care of things as He chooses so. Just don't feel guilty and don't spread it, don't gossip, speak what you know, not what you believe, speak what you know, not what you want to grab other person attention. Don't speak to convince people or win people, speak truth, which you know...

... You cannot hide behind a status, that's the one human tragedy we all suffer. We can only hide behind our commitment and character, we cannot win this world with bullets and guns, we can win with grace. We cannot carry people with just sheer control but we can ask people to love us, if we are wise, graceful and serviceful. These qualities can be developed, if you have lot of vitality in you, if you don't fail others, if you are willing to go an extra one step. If you can do something for somebody, which is impossible, so long things are impossible for you, you are not a human, you are a beast of burden, you are animal.

Human has the capacity, a proven capacity that it can rise to the occasion and answer the call. That has to be developed. Otherwise, today or tomorrow when you won't be young, life will be very tiring and it will be very boring. Our worst enemy in our life is our insensitivity and our boredom. So therefore, we have been practicing last twenty-five year and experimenting, how man can deal with his life that we can win our own world and be happy. That is why, I am talking to you tonight, it doesn't matter you are right or wrong, just face, face it gracefully and if you are a human and God has put you in a ditch being wrong, then have courage and come out of it. Face the calamity with a smile and die with grace, you shall live as a human. Always being coward and crying and complaining, being confused, competing is not human. Our life should be contained, content and continuous.

I ask you a question, if you lie to a friend and go around and manipulate things or you will say something, which you can't do, how long you can get away with it? Not very long, you can only save a face and a time but it will come back on you worst. Therefore, the best way is to face life as life faces you, it's one to one basis, that's the way to go and you need internal strength, it will not be possible, live this style without internal strength. So you have to makeup your mind. Have you suffered enough? Are you ready for change? And if you think you are ready for change, I can change you by watch in eleven minutes, I won't leave this hall until you feel what I am saying is true and it's not only I can do it, you can do it too.

Are we ready? It will not interfere with your religion or with your faith and there is no charge for it and it's not a hoodoo or a magic, it is a simple scientific truth. Ready? Are you ready? Okay, sit on the chairs, put both legs straight down and put, put equal weight, just equal weight. Don't worry I have a watch I will keep the time. So you sit like this, that's all it is, nothing more, nothing less and you put your hand in front of you on your thighs, on your thighs and you close your eyes. You close your eyes and just try to breathe three breath a minute. Normally you breathe fifteen breath a minute but right now you will breathe only three breath a minute, breathe in, hold and breathe out. So make it like twenty minutes per breath, you have to do this eleven minutes, all you have to do take thirty-three breath. It's not sect religious, it won't change your faith but it will change you.

So I am marking the time now, you are on. Eleven minutes from now, all I need your honesty, your participation, your courage, your endurance and your will to do it. Three breath a minute, twenty second a breath. Inhale deep hold as much you can, breathe out as much you can and breathe again, try to make twenty seconds per breath. The hand of God be with you, may His light guide you, may all the angels help you, may all the loved one thank you, may your body come through, may your mind be your friend, may your (?) bring you victory, may you become human today. It is just doing this little thing, you know you can realize how powerful you can be. Please do it voluntarily, consciously, honestly and when time will be eleven minutes, I'll let you know.

Already you have done for one minute. You have finished (?). Keep your eyes closed, forget about the world feel encouraged and just do it, there is nothing more, nothing less. God is within you, Christ is within you, angels are within you, grace is within you, there is nothing was, is or shall be but you. So for these eleven minutes, please relate to you and you alone and tell yourself, 'I am going to do it, I am going to win, there is no substitute for victory, I am here to do it and I am going to prove it to myself, I can do this thing.' I am not asking you for the results, I am asking you for the cooperation. At the end of the circumstances, I shall be very glad to talk to you, you will be free to talk but right now, your courage, your discipline, your own strength, your will, your belief, your faith, your desire is needed to complete it, do not stop, don't give an inch, keep going and you can measure and master the time.

Keep up and keep up with all the strength you have. Don't feel guilty if you just miss up one little here and there, catch up again, be your own master, be your own director, be your own self, keep going, you live by the breath of life, you are dead when it is not there. Therefore, use the breath of life for your own advantage, without breath of life, it's called pranaPraana , Prana The universal life force that gives motion. It is the breath in air. It is the subtle breath of the purusha as it vibrates with a psychophysical energy or presence. Praana regulates the modes and moods of the mind. , you cannot live. Why not use the same basic element energy to strength and power? If you will breathe twenty-one time to twenty-four breath a minute, you can be so weak, you can't carry your weight and if you will breathe three breath a minute, you can be so strong, nobody can face you.

I want to see whether it is right or wrong, I want to experiment it, I want to prove it to you that God is within you, it was, it is and it shall be and each breath of life is a God kiss, it's no different. Neither it was nor it is, nor it shall be. You don't have to be beggar getting Turkish coffee and vitamins and all that kind of stuff. You can create your own life force, you can expand it and if you practice these kind of things, one day you will not meet me at all, you will become your own masters. That's what I am here for. To give your strength and your energy, your power back to you, not by promising, I am not speaking from the skies, I am sitting one among you, I say it as a challenge, what you are doing right now, you shall be experiencing something which you had never experienced before.

Three breath per minute, twenty second per breath, inhale deep, hold maximum and let it go. A simplest thing I am asking and you will be surprised you have done it for five minutes with little cheating here and there, it's all doing very well. But don't feel discouraged, nothing happens in one day, it is the first step of start, which give you all the strength you need. Come on, keep up you are doing so well, don't start sleeping, sit alert, hold on. You are entering a time phase now that you will like to sleep or give up. Five more minutes, we will be done, come on be honest. Come on, come on, come on do your best, five more minutes.

In our science, there are very few exercise which are more than three minutes and almost eleven minutes is our limit. Come on close your eyes keep doing, keep doing, if you are feeling dizzy still keep doing, if you feel weak still keep doing, it's all okay, it's a part of this doing, elements are changing, psyche is changing and you are changing, you are not changing by your own doing but with a diagonal reference of the exchange of the psyche and energy, it is effecting you manifolds. Come on keep up, I am just talking to keep you awake. It is just few more minutes, breathe deep, hold maximum, breathe out right, try, there is no harm in trying.

It's a tested theory, people knew it from thousands and thousands year old, we just get lost in the whole rigmarole, kindly keep up. Don't give up, don't give an inch, don't sleep, don't respond to the nerve, you will like feeling, now the last two minutes, you will feel itchy. Just stick around, keep up, keep on breathing. You are on the run of the last minute, wish you well. Do it for that minute maximum. Try, try, try. Well you have thirty seconds to go. It's not bad, you have fifteen seconds now, this is your last breath, breathe consciously.

Now get ready, breathe deep and hold tight and squeeze your body, squeeze it totally and tightly, that's the only way to get rid of the disease, let the breath go, breathe again, deep, hold tight from finger tip to toe to head, tighten every muscle, every muscle, every muscle, let it go, this is your last chance. Breathe deep, full. Now take hold of yourself, energize every fiber in the body, hold tight, keep going, now like a cannon fire breathe out. Relax. This finishes eleven minutes. Now open your eyes, look at your neighbor and start talking quickly, whatever you say, it doesn't matter but talk, laugh and talk.


Put that every breath of life sometime.

Student: (----)

YB: Okay that's okay. Nobody should stop talking. Hah, you have to talk to energize, talk. It will energize the brain, talk, talk and now people laugh, open up your mouth and laugh, loud. It is very good for lungs and health if you laugh, fake it, fake it, fake it. Fake a loud laugh. One more minute laugh, (?). Okay, okay, okay. All right, it is all right. Now calm down, calm down, calm down, calm down, calm down.

(Students stop talking)

It was total eleven minutes and there was only one minute of minute or two of that passing the energy to all the fiber through parasympathetic, sympathetic and action nerve system, then there was three minutes of talking to energize brain memory and conscious and subconscious and then there was a big laughter to open up the blocks in your psyche. All right, now we have done what we wanted to do, now please stand up. No, no, no, no, not all of you, just anybody who has a question. Yes please? You have to stand up and speak loud, so he can translate, so that everybody know see you.

Student: Sir laughing and then I wanted to cry to say thank you God, thank you God for this.

YB: Well, it's a natural, what you have done here, it on average takeaway, seven months of stress.

(Students' laughter)

Stress, stress. In exactly seven months what stress you have collected, you lost it. It's true, it's the most cheap way to get rid of the stress and there are methods scientific methods, you can start your own day, stress free. Don't thank me, thank yourself, somebody taught me I learnt it and I share, that's all. I don't take very pride in it, if my master would not have taught me all the science, I would have been dumb potato eating kid you know. So I mean it's good to share knowledge and get rid of people pain and stress and you sir.

Student: (----)

YB: You are okay?

Student: (----)

YB: My idea is that he has the question, let him ask the question right...

Side B

... Could you tell me what he said?

Student: (----)

YB: It is, it is, it is natural, it is natural we don't understand ourself, we are under a very great stress and we are very insensitive and when subconscious relaxes with these exercises, it clean out lot of garbage and person can come out very happy. That's why I was saying in the middle of it, that you may like to feel pain and then it will give energy. These are normal reactions, it's okay, you will be fine. Yes sir?

Student: (----)

YB: Yeah you felt sad last minute?

Student: Yeah, I felt.

YB: It's natural you didn't want to come out. You know, we, we, when we...

Student: (----)

YB: You were sad last minute?

Students: (----)

YB: Oh that is what you are, you everybody is pure, I mean to say, we just collect lot of garbage now. That's why we religious people cheat you by telling you, you are impure so get all your money and basically you are pure, basically everybody has a soul and basic everybody is a pure. This is our nonsense to convince you that you are guilty, you are born in sin, give me five thousand dollar, I will give you heavens and all that stuff. This is our spiritual nonsense don't worry about it. Yes sir, you?

Student: (----)

YB: Yeah Christ be with you, that is a Christ consciousnessConsciousness The nature of the self and being. In the realm of nature, awareness becomes consciousness. It is from the being itself. Being is expressed in consciousness through contrasts and sensations, in awareness through merger, clarity, and reality. , that's what elevated consciousnessConsciousness The nature of the self and being. In the realm of nature, awareness becomes consciousness. It is from the being itself. Being is expressed in consciousness through contrasts and sensations, in awareness through merger, clarity, and reality. , that is, you all have the right to it, you know it's very funny thing, I have been saying twenty-five years one thing, we are not born in guilt, we are born in the image of God, we have a soul, part of God in us and we have no right to suffer and happiness is my birthright, I have the right to be happy and all this pressure, you are born in sin and you have done this as a guilt and this is wrong and this is right and this is North and this is South, it's a manmade nonsense, it's killing us all, plus we pay the taxes, plus we pay the clergy, what we hear from him, we are dirty, we are ugly, we are sinners, God will never forgive us, as God is a accountant and works His internal revenue department.

God is not a tax collector, He made us for fun and joy and happiness, not for crying and you know I don't normally speak because I am a head of the religion, they will get to my blood tomorrow, you will say this against religion but how can you say that, where we will collect the money and what we will do but fact is, I am sixty-three year old, I have met everybody and God it's a biggest façade I have ever seen. I can't believe what I know and I can't say what I know, so I tell myself Yogiji, shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up, good days will come, don't worry about it. There is a, there is so many lies, you know how much liar we are. Don't we say sun will rise, let us go and see the sunset, do you know Earth revolves, there is no sunrise and no sunset?

(YB's laughter)

Certain things have become, certain things have become part of our life, when we want something we say, 'I love you,' when I, we hate somebody we say, 'I don't know you,' we know the guy for last twenty years. 'I don't know you, I don't want to talk with you' and we are already talking, we are already saying to each other, 'I don't want to talk to you' and he said, 'talk to me,' we are talking all right but we don't. These are, these are the pits in which a human consciousnessConsciousness The nature of the self and being. In the realm of nature, awareness becomes consciousness. It is from the being itself. Being is expressed in consciousness through contrasts and sensations, in awareness through merger, clarity, and reality. falls. Time has come to bring human out of it and enjoy the life once again.

I was talking to the woman today, look what we are made of a woman, a baby machine, a Laundromat, a chef in a kitchen, a public relation secretary, a playboy bunny made sex whole thing, mother of the children, wife of the man, cleaner of the house. Can you believe what we are doing and still she is saying, 'I want a man' and we said, 'we want a woman.' On average a woman who work for household only, if her wages are paid on minimum wage a hour according to the American standard, she works twenty-seven thousand dollar a year worth of work. That does not include tolerating impotent husband and rudeness and the abuse of the friends and taunt of the relatives and everything else stupid there is. I mean to say, our humanity look at the man, they get up seven o'clock in the morning, they drive two hours bumper to bumper to go to the work, they work like a machine eight hours, they take another two hours to come back home, they are dead tired and they say, "Hi darling what is the evening program today?" Why the hell you didn't say, 'I am dead take care of me.' But he can't he is afraid.

Look at our economy, we need four divorces in our lifetime to run the economy, each divorce means new curtains, new refrigerator, new real estate, new wardrobe, new car, attorneys fee, going to the court and two, three, five time going to the doctor for nervous breakdown. Is it worth? And you are divorcing a person who you loved so much, if he says, we will meet six o'clock, you start looking at the watch four o'clock, 'I got to go, I got to go, I got to go, I got to go, I got to go,' now you will say, 'I got to run, I got to run, I got to,' what we have made ourself, what is going on? It got to change. It has to change, man has to become a man and woman has to become a woman that is the way God made it, that's the way it should be and that is the only way we can live together. Men should not become woman and transvestites and woman should not become a man or a tomboy. You got to be what way you are, not more, nor less and that is the way world will come to peace. If we have our inner peace inside, the whole world will be peace to us. Your question sir?

Student: What is the name of your teacher and which was the best most important advice that your teacher gave you?

YB: He was a very human pain, he was a, his name was Sant Azar Singh and the advice he gave to me because I was very rich (?) and the first thing when I went to learn from him, I was seven year old and there were about fifty men and horses and the (?), bah bah bah and bah bah bah, (?) he saw them all and he said, well you hear it. They said, (?) so and so. He said, "Pack up and go back" and when I came back he told me, it was a very important job to we will (?) all the out of this of the empire it is and you will walk how it belongs. I learned my way right there and then. In (?) security just dwell in God, don't trust (?) with believe or believe. You live in God world let your own world be like God. (?). Yeah?

Student: What you didn't say, I can teach to my grandmother, she is seventy-seven years old...

YB: You can't teach it, you are today for this exercise, you are all perfections. When I came to United States, they asked me, "What you have come for?"

I said, "I have come here to create teachers not to collect students."

I used to see you all coming to India (?) and going back empty pockets, learning that. I thought I will come back here and teach you in a background of their own (?) and that's what I am (?). I am just paying for all the (?) and mind you have your own business and I make my own money and (?). That's one of the beauty we have as a Sikh, we have to earn our own money and run our own household then we have the (?). Yes, yes?

Student: (----)

YB: No you can do it alone, you can go upside down and even for God sake just do it. Eleven minutes a day, don't worry about it.

Student: (----)

YB: What is a relief?

(Students' laughter)

YB: (?). You know the moment you open the mouth the (?) the third vagus nerve get a greater thing, that's what all it's about, that is the feel of faith.

Student: (----)

YB: It is twenty seconds per breath how you will do it, make a (?) approximate I will be within that pain. Hey it's not, it's not difficult, don't get him to (?). You thank you for being.

Student: (----)

YB: You just do this. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, it works. You know what it will give you, it will give you the power of your pranaPraana , Prana The universal life force that gives motion. It is the breath in air. It is the subtle breath of the purusha as it vibrates with a psychophysical energy or presence. Praana regulates the modes and moods of the mind. and self-control in forty days or ninety days, you will have control on your own psyche and then you start interrelating to other psyches, you will be a different person, it's a simple science, no gimmick. There is no problem doing it. Anytime while sitting on a bathroom seat is okay.

(Students' laughter)

Hey I didn't know what is this, you have to do this, you have to do nothing anytime. If you are in a office, you are in trouble go into the restroom, close the door, start the water and just do it. I mean to say it's a fun thing to do. Yes?

Student: (----)

YB: It is turban, it's a old yarmulkaYarmulka Skullcap worn by members of the Jewish faith. . You know I tell you scientifically, not that what I believe. We have a human skull, there are twenty-six bones in it, it's called plates and every hair is in those plates. That's why human have a longest hair on the head. At night we comb them back and braid them, in the morning we tie them up and pull it together at the solar center, so we will do our cranial adjustment, which a normal doctor will charge three hundred fifty dollars to do it and then we cover it with a yarmulkaYarmulka Skullcap worn by members of the Jewish faith. or we call it turban, keep the day together. I mean to say, we who tie turban, if do not tie one day, we can know the difference and those of you who do not tie, if tie it one day, you will see the difference. It's a very practical thing to do and you know in the past everything was religion. Don't think everything was religion, the way to talk was to keep it going. Hah, you have to come and... Hah, what's her name?

Students: (----)

YB: Why, her name is Mary Carmen not Marie Carmen. Hey Mary Carmen, that's what they call you, you have to come and thank me so I can go, isn't it? Haha, it's not right thing to do? Why you introduce me, until you do not come and thank me for going and how can I go? Yeah yes?

Student: (----)

YB: Stress, are you having headaches? Not never?

Student: (----)

YB: Come here, let me tell you something, it's a lady thing.


Oh yeah, you get up now give her the (?).

Student: (----)

(Students clap)

YB: Well, well, well, well, well, well, well. And thank you for inviting me.

Students: (----)

• • •

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