KWTC Lecture

July 18, 1985
Espanola, NM

You might be sometime worried why some people are rich and some people are poor, that is the one question normally you ask. And then it comes down to why some people are happy, some people are unhappy; some people are successful, some people are not successful, that's the game of life, which you play. But if you want to look at life as it is, life has no forgiveness, we have forgiveness and life is nothing but an identity and it is a identity of crisis.

If you are intellectual you are intellectual, if you are intelligent you are intelligent but you are intelligent or intellectual, that doesn't make sense in the sense of life. You are wise or you are foolish, even that doesn't make any sense. If you, I mean what I am trying to tell you right today is, is very confusing. If you are wise or unwise, you are intelligent or intellectual, all that stuff looks good but doesn't matter. Then what matters in life? In life matters one thing is called motivation. And if your motivation is to give the identity to the process of that subject or that object, you can lend your identity behind it, then you have it, otherwise you don't have it, there are no two opinions about it.

If you want to be a doctor you study hard you become a doctor, work it out, you make it but what you have to go through to become a doctor, you have to go through to become a doctor. And once you become a very successful doctor that does not mean you are very successful person. You become a banker, very successful banker, that doesn't mean you are a very successful husband. Each thing has its own identity like, you draw the zodiac sign, you have twelve houses right, each house has different star, you can make triangle, square, whatever you want to read it but each house has something or nothing.

Each aspect of life has its own identity, each aspect of life...

Students: Has its own identity.

YB: And you have to lend your identity to support that aspect, otherwise it will be a failure, doesn't matter who you are. So what I say is, I think you can cater to your syndromes or you can get into your life. I can understand most of you, in United State there are two hundred and twenty five million people, normal Americans, all right. What is happening now, I was just analyzing your those tests, their test tell you how grip you have and majority of you have come under and I expected that it will happen because you are sophisticated, you are intellectual, you are intelligent, you want to see, you can't be cut throat. So your answer were very escapists, you didn't want to hurt anything, neither yourself or anything but that is not reality of life. You can mix heaven and earth anytime you want but you won't get anywhere, you will hang in-between.

And Guruki started asking me one question and I gave her reply, "Sir this cannot be."

I said, "Answer is to give the answer; answer is not what your answer is."

And there is a very scriptural story. There was a cow going and a butcher with this lance was coming after the cow. There was a crossroad where six roads split different directions. There was a man standing there, he told him, he said, "Which way the cow went?"

He said, "Which, which way, what?"

He said, "Cow."

He said, "What is a cow?"

He said, "You don't know a cow, did you see some animal passing?

He said, "I saw, animal passing. But do you call that animal which has passed is a cow?"

Now listen to this and understand it.

He said, "Yes, my cow came this way."

He said, "I saw three animal passing, what is your animal?

He said, "Cow." He said, "Which way it will go."

He said, "Whichever way it liked."

He said, "No, you tell me which way my cow go?"

He said, "Your cow go this way."

He was looking this way, telling the cow go this way. The guy went that way, couldn't find the cow. Meanwhile a man came otherwise, he said, "You have lied?"

He said, "No, I am not lied."

He said, "You know cow go that way, you have told cow go that way, so naturally it is a lie."

He said, "I am not bound to lie, I never have lied."

He said, "But tell me which way the cow went?"

He said, "Now stand in my position."

He stood in his position.

I said, "Cow go that way."

He said, "No you should have stood that way."

I said, "It's not a question of where I stand. Where I was standing from there cow went that way. Where you are standing cow went that way. My answer was where I was standing, what I know at that spot cow was."

He said, "But, you could have just thought about it."

He said, "My answer was not for him, my answer was for cow, I was protecting cow, I was not giving the butcher the right answer, I don't care."

One thing in communication you should understand.

'Dushman baat kare anhoni.'

Enemy will say something to pull the rug under your feet, never answer that. Animosity has no moral, no ethics and no responsibility. Animosity is a pure destructive thing, you have no obligation to respond to it. People ask you a question, you start answering, should I say this, should I know this, you are not purging yourself on a issue, issue is very simple, issue is very simple. You only know what you know, you have not to know something to satisfy somebody. I saw those papers, those papers answer which you have given are just a moral hassle, you are trying to justify things.

All right answer my question, "Is lying justified ever, never or sometime?"

Students: Never.

YB: Never. Go ahead.

Student: Because.

YB: There is no because, go ahead, ask question; don't, don't bring me into picture, because.

Student: Because if you don't tell someone the absolute truth in a situation that won't hurt them then it's not a lie.

YB: No, I said never say anything which will hurt somebody. Can you keep your mouth shut, isn't that not available, why have to say something to hurt somebody? All right, can you introduce, are you going to ever introduce, I am just telling you how the language makes difference, are you going to introduce, 'meet this man who does intercourse with my mother,' are you going to introduce somebody like that? 'And the byproduct of that intercourse is me,' can you say that? Or you are going to say, 'this is my respectable father.' Truth is, that, 'meet this man who legally and morally intercourse with my mother and out of that intercourse I am the byproduct.' You want to go to the truth to that extent? Or you can say, 'meet my reverent father.' It is a stretch of thought, stretch of mind what you want to do.

The idea of truth is that, first of all is the individual truth nobody wants to speak it, everybody is afraid of it. Second is the infinite truth, which is beautiful, to say it is heavenly, nobody knows how to do it, so always speak a circumstantial truth. Circumstantial truth is what your concept of that truth is and somebody else has a different concept of that truth, so actually both are lying.

Have you gone to take a cup of tea or evening, some snack with somebody, a restaurant? What do you say, you talk right, what is the purpose of that talk? To develop friendship or let your steam out or something like that. Do you ever talk just exactly to talk? How many of you have gone on a date? Ah not these days, but in old days you know, don't be so silly that you can't, now you are afraid to raise your hand, what that paper could have done, nothing. Everybody is minus this, minus that, minus that because you are, you just think too much. All right, how many of you have gone to dating? All right, sit down now tell me something, how many of you while on a date talked straight, direct and truthful, come on.

Student: All the time (?).

YB: All the time. All right, some time and after that what, the relationship broke? It's a very difficult situation here, to understand the fundamental of human caliber. You should be in a position to answer a question, very diligently and intelligently, why? Because when you answer a question there will be other questions, it's called cross examination. And in a cross examination asking you question and a question they can prove it, that you do not know what you are doing. Your value is to come through any question and cross examination to be right. You know why it is essential? Then your thinking will be right, then you will start with you will not do things. Later on covering yourself is no good idea, it's always good to cover yourself before and you can cover yourself before.

Truthfulness only give you one idealistic life, you will hardly get into trouble, you will walk away from temptation, for that you need character, for that you need commitment. This wishy-washy ism is the biggest lie of the planet. Now they do not say wishy-washy, they say diplomacy, now what is a diplomacy? Say nothing but make it look big. Our talks were very productive, such and such met such and such, President met such and such, talk were very productive, or it cover vast areas, mean nothing. All those statements when diplomatically are made you should always know that means nothing.

The biggest problem, the biggest syndrome, which you cannot cover yourself as a woman is your own insecurity. Your every trouble comes from your own very insecurity. You have to understand, this life is a relative life. If you don't want to exploit anybody, somebody may exploit you; if you don't want to lie somebody, somebody may lie to you; if somebody, you don't want to harm anybody, somebody may harm you; it is not enough that you don't want to harm somebody, you don't want to lie to somebody, you don't want to exploit somebody, that is not enough, that's where you get hurt. Don't harm somebody and don't let yourself harmed, serve your identity. That's the problem, you think if I don't lie to anybody, I don't harm anybody, I don't exploit anybody, I am not negative to anybody, it's all okay, not an odd. That's not okay. The only thing which is okay is, that you don't harm anybody and don't let yourself harmed.

In my fifteen years I have seen one thing, which I am a very bad victim of. All this nonsense around me, is out of anger and vengeance, you know where it comes from? Everybody who has done this to me or who has left me, he came with lot of clean mind and love, okay. But whenever that person has reached a point where they want to put down somebody else and push themself up, I say, "No." That, that, that's not going to work out. The majority, the reason for my all trouble is, my protective, nature of protectiveness. And it mostly, because in west I have found, if you love 'A' they think, 'ah he loves 'A' therefore he cannot love me,' you understand. This is biggest disease in the western society. In oriental, you can love two hundred, three hundred, five hundred people, doesn't bother, individual just a individual. Because basically each individual has each individual taste, each individual relationship, each individual frequency, every psyche has its own frequency, just remember that. You cannot be anybody, are you willing to accept it? No, you don't. Your all problem will go away if you accept this one fact that you are you, we are we, they are they. Identify the identity, that is called creative consciousnessConsciousness The nature of the self and being. In the realm of nature, awareness becomes consciousness. It is from the being itself. Being is expressed in consciousness through contrasts and sensations, in awareness through merger, clarity, and reality. , identify the?

Students: Identity.

YB: You understand what I am saying? Yes or no? Can you learn to identify the identity?

All right, answer my question, 'you have to go to hell or heaven, decide today, tomorrow or day after tomorrow,' give me the answer.

Students: Today.

YB: Anybody else? Let me repeat the question, you are all crazy ah, 'you have to go to hell or heaven, you can decide today, tomorrow or day after.'

Student: Everyday.

YB: Everybody think I am into death and all that, you are all into death. Why you want to go, hell and heaven what we have to do with it we are here now, we don't want to go. Answer is never. 'You have to go, hell and heaven, you have to decide today, tomorrow or day after,' what is the answer?

Students: Never.

YB: Never. Life is a gift and when He has to take let Him take, who the hell cares. Arey, you have to become little, little earthy, little affirmative just to exert yourself little bit this. You know today, right now be dead, three hundred girls dead what it, what it means, do you understand what you are saying. Today, today everybody, one voice, no even, no, no second voice. Today, I don't think we can even get coffins for all of you. In this whole state there are not that many hearses what those big cars you call them, are you kidding, you know what you have said? Today, day is going to come, it is six thirty, get ready then. Arey, think before you speak. All right, just understand, I am telling you how these questions you have to intelligently analyze, learn communication.

I will call my husband, I will?

Students: Call my husband.

YB: About my feelings, today, tomorrow or day after.

Students: Never.

(Students laugh)

YB: Because learn in life, learn, feelings and emotions are to be shared by you, by you. Never share your feelings and your emotion with somebody, only share your own projections and feelings and dealings and wheelings and cheelings and meelings, whatever is that, they all put together can put you in a projection. In life for a woman only one thing is available-her projection. You know, I tell you why. You get ready right, you go out right, you go to a dinner, you go to a dance, you go to a party right, that's all right, do you get all the hotel people come in your house, is there something like that? When you start sharing your feelings and your emotions and your commotions and your ideas and all that, you are letting somebody get into your psyche and then you get hurt.

I love when SatSat Existence; what is; the subtle essence of Infinity itself. SimranSimran A deep meditative process in which the naam of the Infinite is remembered and dwelled in without conscious effort. tells me, "Sir, you don't have feelings."

I say, "Yeah, I don't have feeling."

Simply I don't put them out, I have more feelings than anybody can even count. Because putting your feelings and putting your, it's just getting naked. Letting somebody get into you and then you go, 'ah this guy took away my undershirt, this guy took away underwear,' why not? You fool, you let it happen to begin with, who told you to sit down and lay all that garbage ha, who wants it?

"Hey (?)."


"You want to go to dinner tonight?"

"Yeah George, what are you up to?"

"Oh, just a dinner."

"Well, what do you mean by dinner?"

"Hey you know we are lovers, I go with you, you go with me, just dinner."

"All right George, dinner, what time?"

"Eight o'clock."


"Such and such place."

"Okay I will call you in ten minutes."

Exact after ten minutes call and give opposite to the city a different restaurant, see how George comes through, if it is just a dinner, check it out. You know he called, right, "Hey (?), just dinner." It looks logical isn't it? Do you feel anything bad about it? Just a dinner, nothing else. But he is calling the shots and if it is a just a dinner, then let it be just a dinner, then don't calling of the shots. He goes to the north, you put a restaurant in the south, make a reservation also in ten minutes and say, 'hi we'll go, pick me up, let's go there,' let us see how George comes through. You dumb, does it take a much to just understand just a dinner means just a dinner. There is no such thing just a dinner; there is no such thing just a kiss; just, just call.

Just understand behind every face there is a face, behind every identity there is a identical identity. And my dear girls learn to read between the lines, earlier than it is too late. You can either cater to your identity and be true to it or you can cater to your neurosis and be true to it. When you cater to your neurosis in the end your life will be zero and in the end there will be zero, beginning and end will end up zero, you will have no peace of mind, fulfillment or satisfaction. Because, how many of you believe in God, raise your hand, what God has given you, tell me?

Student: (-------)

YB: Self. God didn't give you anything. Did He give you money, dollars, when you were born dollar were born with you ah, what was born? Just self; that's all you have, be true to it.

I don't know if the answers with that paper are so terrible I, I have to perhaps rerun them, it's not satisfactory, it's, it's, it's a horrible record. How can you be that confused? Everybody try to be answering intellectually. You know, you all have done one mistake, you have all tried to prove intellectual, you are all practical. Hey, you try to answer those papers to look good, actually you should have given good answers.

One person should stand up, doesn't matter who, one volunteer, just stand up, like a mushroom, get up, anybody. Now there are three, okay, three face each other. Okay, give all these three the microphones. Okay you can come here with one microphone, she can have that one. Okay ready? You should have a little diagonal, you should come little here, hey, hey you, you get up here, give them a little break, bring her thing little more, they should have a triangle and energy like she stand here, she stand somewhere here, back, back, yeah and give her that microphone somewhere there at a distance, that's enough, she can speak that and give her (?) yourself.

Student 1: (-------)

YB: You got to speak into it, hurry up.

Student 1: (?) Los Angeles.

YB: Good! You.

Student 2: My name is (?).

Student 3: I am (?) from (?)

YB: The subject you three have to decide, 'I have the right to marry this man,' that's the topic. It is your time, say anything you want.

Student 1: Okay, I have told I have the right to marry this man because I fell in love with (?) because I can be a humble woman and I can give from my heart without expecting back and I just I feel (?).

YB: This whole jury has to decide it, not you so everybody should speak whatever they want.

Student 1: (?) I can give a multitude of caress that, that will come from my heart and (?).

(Students applaud)

Student 2: I feel that I have the right to marry this man so we can work together and help the world that comes to the future. By working together on ourselves we (?) happy the world and each other. I feel that I can serve this man as a Khalsa woman and I feel that we can make our children greater than me. This Khalsa man is very special son of GuruGuru That which takes us from ignorance to knowledge; from darkness, gu, to light, ru. It can be a person, a teaching, or in its most subtle form - the Word. Guru Gobind Singh Tenth Guru of the Sikhs. Gobind SinghGuru Gobind Singh Tenth Guru of the Sikhs. sent by, he has a very special destiny (?) and he needs a Khalsa woman to stand behind him, to share with, to provide a cozy home, to encourage (?), to always be there for (?) time, I am ready to do that.

(Students applaud)

YB: Let them fight it out why should we bother, they are just saying few words.

Students: (-------)

YB: Yeah they have to yell, scream, get the man, they are just convincing the audience. There is only one man.

Student 3: I feel I can (?) a Khalsa woman (?) a Khalsa woman (?) and I also (?) we could stand next to each other and save each other save the DharmaDharma A path of righteous living. It is both an ideal of virtue and a path of action that is infused with clear awareness and comprised of actions that are the soul in total synchrony with the universe. It is action without reaction or karma. within ourselves for each other.

YB: Therefore you two should withdraw ah.

Student: Yeah I know (?). Let me hear your compliment?

Student: I feel that I could serve this man for anything and everything and.

YB: You are too pushy you should withdraw. Get going at each other neck, you know.

Students: (-------)

Student: You are too pushy. Well I think, I think you should withdraw.

Student: I feel that both of you should withdraw and (?).

(Students laugh and applaud)

Student: I, I thought (?) comfortable and I should (?).

Student: I think whatever is GuruGuru That which takes us from ignorance to knowledge; from darkness, gu, to light, ru. It can be a person, a teaching, or in its most subtle form - the Word. 's will.

Student: The GuruGuru That which takes us from ignorance to knowledge; from darkness, gu, to light, ru. It can be a person, a teaching, or in its most subtle form - the Word. 's will (?).

Student: (------)

Student: (?) knows (?).

Student: So why don't you just keep pursuing then (?) and (?).

Student: I know, I am (?).

Student: What if he told (?).

Student: (------)

Student: (------)

YB: Now the plot is getting thicker.

Student: (------)

Student: I think (?) a long time.

Student: What about you?

Student: Yeah what about you?

Student: (------)

Student: Have you talked to him?

Student: (------)

Student: He says he's talking (?)

Student: Why do you want to marry?

Student: So I can be there for him when he needs upliftment, so he can be there for me, so we can share God's work and wealth.

Student: (-------)

YB: Okay, that is the beginning, I need three Leo volunteers. (?) Leos please raise your hands. Oh you are a Leo? Come on, come on, come on. Chal Ram Das Kaur ho gaya traya, three. 'I shall get, I shall get this man doesn't matter what you do.'

Student: I shall get this man no matter what you do. Yes I am the best.

Student: Well, I have a problem with that because.

Student: You have a problem with that because you know you are the best and we know we are the best (?).

Student: I will get this man no matter what, because I had a talk with GuruGuru That which takes us from ignorance to knowledge; from darkness, gu, to light, ru. It can be a person, a teaching, or in its most subtle form - the Word. Guru Ram Das Fourth Guru of the Sikhs. Ram DasGuru Ram Das Fourth Guru of the Sikhs. and it's all arranged.

Student: (?) and I.

YB: (?)

(Students scream and applaud)

Side B

YB: The topic is, 'I had him in the palm of my hand and you two intruders get away or get off my back and don't spoil my game,' both means the same.

Student 1: No, you should let either really beloved sisters (?) I will hate seeing you get involved in something that would be really hard for you to handle possibly and I feel like, I will make this sacrifice if you will just, just step back a little, let me take care of this, you know I, I know GuruGuru That which takes us from ignorance to knowledge; from darkness, gu, to light, ru. It can be a person, a teaching, or in its most subtle form - the Word. is with me and I will be able to handle it. With you in the background (?) is (?) for me I know I will be able to come through and I'll really just make the sacrifice to care of him (?).

Student 2: (-------)

Student 1: There is no such thing.

Student 2: Yeah.

Student 1: You don't know.

Student 3: I just have one thing to say, I am the best cook in the world (?).

(Students laugh)

Student 3: (?). (?) there is no, there is no competition so I will give up.

Student 2: (-------)

(Students and YogiYogi One who has attained a state of yoga (union) where polarities are mastered and transcended. One who practices the disciplines of yoga and has attained self-mastery. Bhajan laugh)

Student 3: (?). Nothing like a (?).

Student 1: Well you think you have him in your palm of your hand all you have (?).

(Students and YogiYogi One who has attained a state of yoga (union) where polarities are mastered and transcended. One who practices the disciplines of yoga and has attained self-mastery. Bhajan laugh)

Student 3: (?) GuruGuru That which takes us from ignorance to knowledge; from darkness, gu, to light, ru. It can be a person, a teaching, or in its most subtle form - the Word. is more than that (?).

YB: Okay, we need three Taurus's. Hey we need one more Taurus. The topic is, 'let me tell you, it is ever mine doesn't matter what.'

Student: I have never. Well (?) that's why I always get what I want. I have waited and I can wait (?). Will make you (?) and everything I have ever wanted in my whole life my (?). I can't imagine (?), you can say whatever you want but I always believed that you really (?).

(Students laugh and applaud)

Student: I can understand how you (?) that. Well I know I will (?) I, I know that (?). So I have to say something, I have to confess (?) eagles there is no way, that you always win. I, I am a Taurus, a very humble one.

(Students and YogiYogi One who has attained a state of yoga (union) where polarities are mastered and transcended. One who practices the disciplines of yoga and has attained self-mastery. Bhajan laugh)

Student: You don't know this man because he wants to challenge (?). And you think what (?) this is what he needs in his life, he will be a very positive (?) you know (?).

Student: I don't think he knows that he was married before to someone just like, like you. I know, I know from the bottom of my heart and soul that he couldn't deal with another woman like either of you.

Student: Well is that what you think then you really, really don't know (?). (?) this is very lovable, this is very commendable (?) and (?).

Student: I love my (?).

Student: Well I have, I have (?) in my (?). Well, I am, I am very, very loving and compassionate and my ego is always, you know there is nothing wrong with an ego I mean (?) in any relationship. I think all women can work with (?). But he has to remember that we are talking about either the positive or the negative ego, but it's a mutual ego and that's why (?) working for (?) and that's why I have to say this is the mutual ego so (?).

(Students applaud)

YB: Thank you, thank you very much. I, I do not. I, no, actually these two weeks the camp will be the best. We are starting communication, I have twenty seven years behind it, it's a study, you got to go, understand what communication is. There is a matter and there is a energy. Matter can be put to energy, energy can be put to matter but between matter and energy the real force is communication. So you saw today different people talking, different zodiac sign talking, different projection talking and that projection has a frequency.

The great people were not foolish that they divided a year into twelve months and into thirty days. You must understand the orient, the month never goes by the sun sign, it goes by the moon because in the orient they say, think, sun is a fixed sign, what to bother with about it. They don't even look at sun for any reason at all except it is the center hub, that's it. The only thing, which sun affects is, its off shoots, its flares. Sun flares affect the weather, the country, the production, the whole thing. But the most powerful thing, which affects, the closest thing which affects is the moon.

If you take three people with different zodiac sign but with the same rising sign you will be surprising, find something you cannot even believe.

All right, I want three people with Aquarius rising, don't worry which other sign is. You have to have Aquarius rising, one more. The subject is, 'give me this day.' 'Give me this day.'

Student: (------)

YB: You see, these are real three Aquarius rising miserable, will never talk, that's Aquarius rising, miserable. Arey, give me the day, go ahead and attack each other, and get the day quick, hurry up, I have to go. They want to do anything, just look at them, they will look at each other, that is the first Aquarius sign. First Aquarius sign is, first Aquarius sign is they will look at each other and by looking at each other they think the other person will melt. Second Aquarius rising is that you will not, it's a very kingly sign, they, they don't think that anything matters, that's the trouble with the Aquarius. When you have a Aquarius rising you don't even care anything exist, not that you are a bad intention or something but you just feel everything is in its place, no problem at all. Water is flowing hup, hup, hup, hup, hup, life is going, you are concerned, everybody is concerned, there is nothing to worry. And look at these three people, you saw three Tauruses talking, you saw three Leos talking and look at these Aquarius rising talking, look at them, they can hardly speak. They think they know all everything, come on talk.

Student: What to say.

YB: Okay thank you.

(Students applaud)

YB: We, we as a woman has a very productive psyche, we are extremely sensitive and we are in the bondage of God energy, direct. So I know some of you may not think it right, man is not that direct with the energy, male has no capability even to begin with. I am not trying to justify men but I am trying to tell you something, you are sixteen time more sensitive to all the energies in the heavens than a male. So if you have this kind of understanding, it cuts you both ways. If you don't use it and you don't excel you will be dumbest person. If you use it, excel, you will be the greatest person, it works both ways.

This saying may look like a joke, 'there is a woman behind every throne,' it's true, it is very, very true. If it is true and there is always a woman behind the throne why not you. There has to be, law of vacuum is there is no vacuum, we'll talk that tomorrow. Let us sing that one song, 'All for you,' you practice this morning, I want to see that, hurry up, let's do it nice. And when you are going to make that tape?

Student: Tomorrow.

YB: Okay. Himalaya isn't it, very good. Play, 'Dhan Dhan Ram Das GuruGuru That which takes us from ignorance to knowledge; from darkness, gu, to light, ru. It can be a person, a teaching, or in its most subtle form - the Word. ' and see how they act. Oh wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute, we have that song prepared.

Student: (------)

YB: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

(Students applaud)

YB: I know. Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up, Hari SimranSimran A deep meditative process in which the naam of the Infinite is remembered and dwelled in without conscious effort. today is the day to sing for me.

(Students sing, 'May the long time sun shine upon you...')

(Students stop singing)

• • •

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