Radio Interview - On Women

October 28, 1988
Los Angeles, CA

Interviewer: All right, well, good morning and welcome to the Dania Lyn Show, that's me. Coming up on this morning's edition, we'll delve into one of the greatest mysteries know to man - woman. What is a woman? Who are we today and where are we going and what is really important to us? Changing economic conditions and the feminist movement have redefined the roles that women have played throughout history. The struggle for vision and inner balance is a constant concern. Housewife or professional, single or married, children or childless, ageing. On this morning's program, we'll be talking about the challenges of womanhood. Can women and men really make it together in relationships, will we ever understand each other's needs and how would these changing times affect all of us? For the answers to these and other questions, stay tuned with us here on the Dania Lyn Show, we'll be right back.

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All right, we are going to get into the program here. If you just joined us, we are going to be talking about women, that most complex issue. We got into the point where women don't understand men, men don't understand women, nobody can figure out what is going on, who are we, what are we doing today, in fact some of the things I was driving yesterday listening to the radio and I heard them saying that this weekend there is going to be a push on closing abortion clinics and we are going to talk about that and how women feel about that issue. I would really love to have you join in on this program.

I know there is a lot of women out there and if you would call us at 3798255. My guest this morning is a man that each summer teaches a five week course on being a woman. He is YogiYogi One who has attained a state of yoga (union) where polarities are mastered and transcended. One who practices the disciplines of yoga and has attained self-mastery. Bhajan and his views are both old and new, ancient and modern and he has spent the last twenty years teaching while traveling throughout the world and he'd like to hear your comments and questions and find out some of your frustrations that may be you could share with other women or other people, you know, men included and we could talk about that. So pick up the phone and dial 3798255 during the course of the program and share some of your ideas and let us hear what's on your mind.

Good morning, it's nice to have you here.

YB: Good morning.

Dania Lyn: You are back again.

YB: Yeah it's a very, very hot subject, 'woman.'

Dania Lyn: Yes, we have talked about it a lot and from (?) just the little bits and pieces that I have heard you say, it's, we never really have thought about woman being really that different other than physically but, I mean, talk about woman. What is a woman?

YB: Well, the problem with a woman is that woman doesn't know what woman is and I have been telling twenty years to woman that woman is a woman, nothing more, nothing less and I do it this way, spell woman - WO and MAN, it's just like WOW MAN, she has to be one step ahead of a man, otherwise she is no, no person at all. It's a question is either you have the real identity or you don't have identity. Either your ID can sponsor the ego and push it to the mental aptitude that you can come through or you don't come through and when you talk to a woman like this, she says, "Well, I am a slave, I am showpiece, I am a showbiz, what I am?" And the fact is that womans are very confused and the best thing we can do right now is to ask every woman and every man to look towards the sky and find out a phenomena.

This is sun is a man and woman is a moon and it is known from time immemorial but all right, then if that is true, if it's not true let us not get into discussion but let us look to the skies. Sun shines and moon reflects. So actually that is the combination between a man and a woman. One shines and the other reflects. Period. And less than that nothing will work out because Sun can only burst a seed into the grout but it cannot give it the shape, the enlargement, capacity and everything. It can ripe a thing and it can totally rot a thing, that's what Sun does. So studying the nature, there comes a very vital role of a woman and there is nothing to be confused.

Women have ovaries, men have prostate gland, woman don't grow beard, men do, woman have a breast, man doesn't, she can get pregnant, man doesn't. Man doesn't even understand woman and the legislature in America is controlled by men and not by women. They don't understand what a woman go through pregnancy, they do not understand... Now this old thing that you cannot have an abortion. Wow, this was in those days that every tribe wanted more children to grow up and multiply and all that, today it is overgrown world. This is five billion people, no food, two-third of the people are in misery and one third of the people go hungry every night and we are producing. I mean, this is something very shocking to a woman, to a man, to intelligent person, but you know, all intelligent person are not in control of life and America is going through heavy changes. America feels that this is a very deep Christian thought that you cannot have abortion and whereas the fact is there has been abortion all the time.

I mean to say, even in Italy abortion is permissible and going on to that effect but now it is a question of right of life, right of not life. The question is that life, the soul which we discuss it, enters the body of the child on hundred-twentieth day. It's just like you have a house, you build it up, foundation and everything complete and then you come after later and have a party and inaugurate. Body does develop of the child within the woman but she has hundred twenty days to decide whether she is mentally, physically, economically and personally capable to carry that body and what, what happened is that woman never wanted a pregnancy, so lot of woman went on a pill. So they don't want pregnancy at all.

Dania Lyn: What happens to woman once she goes on the pill? What's really complicating?

YB: Well, the question is when woman gets into a pill, it's a kind of what you call it a sudden, subtle pregnancy. It is just she gains weight, she gains lot of other things, it's a kind of a pregnancy she go through but it is so subtle, it is not very evident and if the woman control take Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Vitamin C, in heavy doses with the pill, I don't think it has any side effect. Provided the doctor just adjust the proper dose of the pill she requires. Some woman wants some different strength, some one have to go... It's, it, adjustment is there and once the adjustment is there, then the question is whether the blood will clot or not and then if the woman is very exercising woman and she has lot of Vitamin E, Vitamin A and she takes good care of herself, she can be all right.

Dania Lyn: So on the issue of abortion, when women, because a lot of women who have abortions or get pregnant, spiritual women, women who are aware of KarmaKarma The law of cause and effect applied to mental, moral, and physical actions. Ego attaches us to and identifies us with objects, feelings, and thoughts. These attachments create a bias toward certain lines of action. Instead of acting you begin reacting. Karmas are the conditions required in order to balance or complete these tendencies. Though necessary, karma is not dictatorial or fatalistic. It is the mechanism that allows the finite experience of existence to maintain and stabilize itself. We all have free will and can take actions to re-direct the momentum of a karma. We can transform it or neutralize it using meditation, jappa, good deeds, or intuition that remove your sense of ego and the identification with that past line of action. , these things you go into a cycle, that, I am sure women are torn within, that's, they are being torn everyday, you know, you are, you are this horrible person for getting rid of the baby. Is there, is there...

YB: No, I think, I think, I think, I think sex is impulse. Okay, intercourse is an impulse. You got hot, she got hot, you got to take care of it, all right. Now in that heat of circumstances if you get pregnant. Then it's not a pregnancy. It's not that you are really ready for it, right. And then you later on have a thought whether economically you can handle it, socially you can handle it, sometime two, both people are working, they cannot have a child and look what we are doing. We are having children and we have daycare center and night care center and whatever, (?) to do it. So family has to be totally understood and that right should be with a woman. That right, I mean to say, I just heard even political people saying, "I am not for abortion, I am for adoption." I mean, how sad and nobody understand when a woman gives birth to a child, it's a part of her. It's always part of her. It's a part of her even that child goes to the grave. It's a part of her. So if she wants to get that part not come out emotionally and confront her, then she feel that something is happening in her, she wants to get out of it, she should be given that right to get out of it and she is the one who has to carry.

The best will course I think if God could have provided in every religion should have a petition with God that a woman get pregnant, man should start developing a breast. So later on when she delivers a baby he gives the child the milk. That's a combination, that's a fifty- fifty. There is no fifty-fifty in this situation. She has to carry the pregnancy, she has to develop the pregnancy, she has to go through the death and life, fight to deliver the baby, then she has to stay in to just nurture the baby, nurse the baby, she has a life responsibility from potty training to be a success of that person, prayer to spanking of the child. I mean to say, woman has a responsibility of the whole institution and today, not only that woman has to do all that, then she has to go to work. Seven o'clock in the morning, in the rush hour, bumper to bumper, she comes back in the evening, she has to have a meal ready, she has to see the husband's clothes are ready, she has to do the laundry at night, she has to put the children to bed, she has to see this homework is done, she is... What are you talking about? How much a woman... Well, woman is given a lot of nervous system and she has lot of strength but you can push to the brim and you want that everything is all right and then you blame woman are berserk. No, but they, you make them go berserk, they have to go to a psychiatrist and psychologist and that won't help either. Woman is not a assembly producing machine. Give woman her right, give her to be a woman. You are just... It's the old fashion, it's the same old thing.

Dania Lyn: What is her right?

YB: Her right is to be herself. She has to decide whether she wants the child or not, she wants to decide whether she wants to marry or not. She has the right to decide whether she can love or not. she can... A woman has to get up and think all around herself because man doesn't get pregnant and woman doesn't have a prostate. She has ovaries, she has four, five, six, two days of menstruation. She has to think, she has to understand her whole body becomes tender. Her metabolism changes, her whole style changes, she has to think. Problem is that we have trained the society, woman and man are equal. That's what goes for a man.

Dania Lyn: So they are not equal. What's the difference?

YB: Oh, she is very sophisticated, delicate situation, had to be handled with care and with objectivity. If you get up out of the car and open the door for a woman, it's very fine because she doesn't have to bend and do all that, to have a, you know, back problem. She has a pelvis problem. Woman when delivers a child she, her pelvis open from six inches to eighteen inches. When did man's pelvic open eighteen inches? Who is he to even compare himself with her? And when we give a job a woman, 'all right you are out of job you got to work.' You know what work you do? You take a jackhammer and go on the ground and work with the road crew. What are you talking about? What is, we have stretched ourself to a limit which just even nature laughs at us. What are we trying to do? We are going to create out of woman a really a robot, mechanical, stainless steel, process, manufacturing, child bearing factory? And after that when she is lose her sophistication, feeling, tenderness, kindness, compassion, all that and then you want to that she will nurture a child? What she will nurture? She will nurture a bullet which go through your head. That's not...

We are destroying woman whether we want to admit in America or not, we are out and out not caring. We are talking of future. Bush talks future, Dukakis talks of future, Americans talk of future. What is our future? Our future are our children. What we are doing to our children? Nuts, we are creating hard crack nuts. We are creating stones, we are not creating humans. Look what is going on in the street. Look what the murder rate is. Look what the stealing rate is. Look what the drugs are. All this comes from because that loving, tender hand of woman has gone dry, hard, scratchy and weary. Nail polish won't do it. And that's where the basic problem is today. We got to wake up, we got to understand.

Dania Lyn: So how do we do it in this world where economic problems are everywhere, women have to work because their husbands quite often aren't making as much money. What and what do we do about that? How do women really work in the society that it is?

YB: Yeah. Woman has to understand now there are twenty four hours. Eight hours she has to work, eight hours she has to give it to herself and eight hours she has to rest, sleep and be a woman. Now in those terms it looks very easy but it's not practical. Some people will say it's not practical. What's practical? Practical is that this is what a woman is. And if the, you woman are listening let me tell you practical what you are.

You are expected to carry a man on your back. Make him feel good and at night you have to give him all the sex he needs and all the fantasies he wants and then your dress up better than that you can be attractive, then you have to bear children and not get pregnant. You have to bring money without work. You know, we expect from woman so much today but I am not going into that but I am just talking to the woman. Woman has to wake up to decide to be woman. It's a decision making problem which woman has got. Woman do not make the decision they are woman. They think they can be man and because of that they are being exploited. And man has always an idea. All are equal.

Dania Lyn: Do you think that they want to be men or that the society and the situation...

YB: Pressure, pressure. It's, it's a very grinding pressure on a woman today. It is so grinding, you know, "Honey let's go to the party, I admitted to my friend, you know, we got to go." All that's what he says. She has to dress up, she has to come down, she has to cater to she.. And then after eleven thirty when they come to party, early in the morning seven o'clock she has to push her children to the school, she has to make the breakfast, she'll do the whole thing and you know what will happen? Then he'll look at her, "Ha, you didn't press my shirt right." I mean, this is what is going. Woman has to understand whatever the pressure is of the society, of the economics, of the social structure, of the religion, of everything but in America woman have to change themself again and they have to work themself to the fact that they have to come out with the idea that they have the right as a woman and they have to identify. That's what this movement is about. Woman is a woman is a woman is a woman and I think every woman is now wakening up. Not enough.

Dania Lyn: All right. Well, on that note, what we are going to do is, we are going to... Take a break and when we come back, we are going to talk about the realities of being in relationship, how to keep your man loyal, how to be happy and be fulfilled and stay with us, we'll be back here on the Dania Lyn Show.

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All right. Well, you are listening, this is the Dania Lyn show, we are here with YogiYogi One who has attained a state of yoga (union) where polarities are mastered and transcended. One who practices the disciplines of yoga and has attained self-mastery. Bhajan and we are talking about women and all of the problems and issues and we are going to take our music break as we like to do at this moment in the show and then when we come back and get into the issue of relationships.

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Dania Lyn: All right, well she is a woman, a little off the beaten track from the kind of music we normally play here, that mellow, soft stuff that you, you are in the ethers. That's by the Beatles and of course things (?) John Lennon and all that. Issues that we thought, we'd put in, she is woman by the Beatles.

We are on the Dania Lyn show and we are talking with YogiYogi One who has attained a state of yoga (union) where polarities are mastered and transcended. One who practices the disciplines of yoga and has attained self-mastery. Bhajan about women and the issues that we have to deal with. Now I know there are some women out there that have things going on in their life that we would really like to share with you and find out how are you coping, how are you doing the things in your life that are going on. What about the problems. Have you got something that we can talk about that, may be if you share with us, we can share with other women. So, if you want to participate, the number is 3798255. I know on these kind of programs, at least on my show you are not used to calling in but we'd love you to participate and just hear what some of your frustrations really are. And just as a woman's point of view. You know, you are, you are a man.

YB: Correct.

Dania Lyn: So, you are teaching women how to be women and I am sure there is a lot of women that say to themselves...

YB: I am a born of a woman, so I came out of the woman, so I know not much of the feeling and my personal attitude is not that I am catering to woman or I am teaching to woman. I believe that if a woman is a woman, a woman is a woman, the problem of the whole world can be solved. It's not that something I am worried about. The kind of camp I am teaching five, six weeks is just to get them out of all their wilderness and pressures and so that this camp is run by woman, it is managed by woman, we talk about all about woman, every aspect of a woman. It's a kind of release, it's a kind of relief to woman and when they go back they can serve twelve months and out of that, eleven months very well, in a year, whatever the time they attended the camp. The idea is not...

Idea came to me for a woman camp was that when I found in the world there is only one place where there is no divorce and there is no problem. So I studied that and I found out when the monsoon season come every woman goes to her parents' house with children. So they go, they relax, you know, they take care of themself and the parents are very happy. When they come back they are fresh, they are rejuvenated, the children are well to done and then they go to the daily routine of 'I love you, I miss you,' all that for a month or two, then 'you are not doing this, you are not doing this,' that a month or two. 'We are planning this, we are planning that,' that's a month or two. 'Honey we are not getting along,' month or two, 'it's getting very tough and rough, honey,' and by that time the monsoon comes and the woman leaves. You know

(YB laughs)

Dania Lyn: So there is really a natural psycho.

YB: It's a natural psycho. So what I thought is that why not to provide every woman the opportunity to get (?) of divorce. Divorce means children will not have one parents and this and that. It's a very painful process and actually divorce is such a wonderful thing after that the values of the marriage start actually. I have never seen a man going every Saturday, "I can't do today something because I am to pick up my child and I have to be with him the whole day." And they cater like a nursery nurse you know, these children. These guys should have been doing that when they were married. And it's a very fun and look at them the beggar standing outside the door and saying, "I want to pick up my child." Damn fellow, you should have been there all along, it was your child. But you lost your right because of that but fundamentally what I thought is that best way to get rid of all these divorces and all this, give woman a chance when it come to a point, 'I can't stand you, you cannot stand me,' she is off to the camp, nurture herself, the guy has to pay for the camp, make all the money, do all that, so he's busy in doing something else and they compensate. There are basic fundamental problems which have absolute correct right solution.

Dania Lyn: And what are they?

YB: You know.

Dania Lyn: How do you keep your relationships alive besides going at the monsoon season?

YB: Do you want a one word answer?

Dania Lyn: Hmm.

YB: Be straight and simple. Do not do this MayaMaya The creative power of the Creator that restricts and limits. It creates the sense of limitation that leads us to identify with experience, the ego, and things. Because of this it is often thought of as the illusion that blocks us from the spirit. But, as Guru Nanak (see Sikh Gurus) reminds us, you need not be attached to the productions of maya. Instead they can be used to serve and express the higher consciousness and spirit. Maya is simply Karta Purkh, the doing of the Great Being. Maya takes the ineffable into the realm of the measurable. business, you do not do this manufacturing of laying number on men. No. Win... Eyes don't lie. Put your eyes into the eyes of man and find out he belongs to you or not. Then try to cheat yourself. Woman normally deceive themself in the allurement of, appeasement of, the factualness of. Some woman think the money can solve the problems if they go after rich man. Some people think muscle can do it. They go for that, some go for the power trip for that but ultimately it doesn't matter what the outside world gives you. Inside as a woman you have to deal with that. Outside cannot deal your inside. That one woman has to understand. Every woman has to understand. Everybody understand that the best course for a woman is to be straight and simple. I cannot handle it or I can handle it. I think everybody has to graduate before marriage. They should really graduate to find out...

Actually dating was not to emotionally satisfy each other. Dating was to develop an understanding. What is understand means? Stand under. If one stand under the other, the other stand under the other, matter is settled. In relationship we do not develop understanding. We do not understand what other person can do? What the capacities are? What the faculties are? What the facilities are?

Faculty, facilities and projections are not considered when we decide situation. Romance is a very lowering situation. Everything is sweet, deet and dandy but when it comes to hit the reality then you have to heat up the water to make the cup of tea. So basically each woman has to today, today, I didn't say yesterday. Yesterday you were sold in the markets you know woman was sold in the market like sheeps and goats and camels and that's a old tradition. It's a very old middle east tradition. It's a, it happens in Bethlehem, it happens in Israel what you call, it happen in Palestine, it happen in all that area. So it's a old tradition to slave a woman and sell her and woman is a maid and the jobs given to woman normally are that today they are waitresses and today they are secretaries and today they are, you know, that kind of a job and there is always a tradition in a man but woman has always risen to a high position too. And they have capacity and capabilities not to be undermined. It's not to be misunderstood.

Dania Lyn: The way... Those are changing now, I mean, we don't sell women in, you know, village now. Women are now the presidents of companies. Like you said they are having to deal with being out there. Well, what do you think it actually does in the structure as a man-woman relationship and like how, how is it going to affect the future that have women in society, in that world and what they used to call a man's world and (?) they can deal with?

YB: Yeah, a woman has... To enter man's world and be there successful, woman has to sacrifice a lot. And my feeling is that woman has not to sacrifice anything. I think woman has not to sacrifice her delicacy, her behavior, her wearing dress and being beautiful and pretty and still be effective. A woman has to not sacrifice her motherhood for being successful in the man's world and woman because woman has to start seeking that if he is a earning member then somebody has to come through also with the household help.

Dania Lyn: Well, if he is not the earning member, what if he is not making as much money, what does she do then and how do they do it as a couple?

YB: Well, if, if man is not making enough money and the need is that both have to work, then both have to share life, then exactly what you call is fifty-fifty. And I have seen some couples which are very successful and the women are very reasonable and men are very reasonable. I have seen the woman cooking the party dinner and I have also seen man wearing an apron cleaning all the dishes and he did not mind it. And also I saw him when she was entertaining the guest and serving them the coffee and all that, he was up there making children's bed. I saw it myself. So I realized there are some men who understand the house work. I mean, this what I say, there is a understanding, there is for.

You know man and woman relationship is based on one thing - are they for each other or they are with each other or they are at each other; these three situation will decide everything. If a woman expect everything from a man she is not going to get all. She is going to be miserable. If a man is going to expect everything from a man(woman)... If you do not deliver the mail message is not going to reach. So for woman and a man there is a fundamental situation which they have to understand that this is this world today is very well knitted world. It's a very intertwined world. And a man and woman cannot give everything to a romance. Loyalty question. When a woman become pregnant she's going to be mother of the child, the man freaks out. He doesn't know what to do. He is not experienced, he is not understand.

Do you know twenty percent marriages totally boomed on the first pregnancy and it happens in the people who just loved each other, they couldn't even miss each other for a minute? Because after pregnancy woman is not that. She is into the motherhood. She is have to that process and man is not trained how to handle it. They run around, they find somebody else, there it goes. You understand that basically when there are three children in the house and the middle age has reached in and woman has grown up and handling and she has gone worn out by all that, man just berserk, they just pack up and leave a note, 'sorry honey, couldn't take it anymore.'

Dania Lyn: So how do women deal with that? I mean, it happens all the time and it happens everywhere?

YB: Well, that's called family planning. Woman has to plan for eventual reasons, for all she... Woman should be happy for the best and ready for the worst. Woman has to come through it. I don't see woman can get out of this problem. I am sorry womans, you can't. You get pregnant, we don't and therefore the value, the pressure, the demand, the need, the fulfillment which a woman has to come through, man has not to. So just expecting and preparing not for the eventuality... That's what this abortion issue is. That's what the woman issue is. That's what woman right issue is. Wagery, wage issue, can you believe that's one of the latest situation. Women's are not paid for the same work, the same amount as men are paid. Why? What is the difference? Because in society today in nineteen eighty eight today the differentiation that woman is inferior, woman cannot be equal, woman can be considered but in certain area woman are superior, they are fine, they are intelligent, they are workable, they can handle it. So problem is, today we are going through the very, what you call it broiling situation of the situation where woman is exerting her right and man is clinging to the old thoughts that he can get away with it. She can cook, she can keep the household, she can bear the children plus she can go and earn the money. That's where the problem is.

Dania Lyn: So what's the one thing that woman can do? What's the one thing? Is there one thing that woman should know to keep that relationship (?)? Is there something about men that women really don't understand besides everything? But to keep that connection there...

YB: It is very, very easy thing. It happens in the bed and that's what... I am going to get into the bed right under the what you call it under the sheets.

Dania Lyn: Hold on for this one because we are going to come right back, we are going to take a break and when we get back we'll follow up on that note. We are here on the Dania Lyn show, stay with us.

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Dania Lyn: All right, if you have just joined us, this is the Dania Lyn show, I am Dania Lyn as you might have guessed and we are with YogiYogi One who has attained a state of yoga (union) where polarities are mastered and transcended. One who practices the disciplines of yoga and has attained self-mastery. Bhajan and we are talking about women and the complexities of trying to be a woman. Sometimes you know, I guess one of the main things which I do on this program is find solutions and this is one of those issues or topics that is kind of hard to find a solution because you know, you ask, 'What is a woman, who am I? What am I supposed to be? How am I going to be and how do I get up in the morning, pay my rent, do all those things, be a wife, be a mom, be all the aspects of a woman which women are just getting to the point that they really are starting to find out that you know, fifty years ago, I don't know if psychologically women were that much different. May be, they, I think they probably were. But life was a little bit simpler in terms of being who you were. You, you grew up, you got married at early age, you became a mom, you lived your life, may be your husband, you know, who was loyal to you, may be he wasn't. But we didn't have to deal in a lot of ways, may be, depressions and world events. But not (?) 'Should I be a psychologist, and if I am a psychologist how should I invest my money in, should I buy this car or that car,' I mean, there is a lot of stuff that are mundane things that we have to deal with and then on top of it, trying to figure out of how to raise a child properly and be a great wife and be a sensual wife and before we left and took our commercial break you mentioned that, it's all under the covers.

YB: Yeah, basically you have to understand that woman today is entering man's arena. Before that woman has her woman job. She was a head, householder, she was carrying the house, man went out and came back, socialized, makes the dates, appointments, she went along with that, Mr. and Mrs., relationship was continued. Today is not. Today woman is right there and man is right there. Today woman is doing totally what man used to do. So because they both have to do the same thing, it's a question of movement and to go out in the market she has to work it out but let us get under the sheets. Woman and man fall in love, they are hot, they had a intercourse. G point and clitoris and God knows what, everything came through or she came with a optimum point and he came optimum point.

You know what happened? Man turn around start snoring and she gets up and baby is crying, this is happening, bathroom's sink is leaking and all that. Have you seen that? Now that kind of nervous system is what a woman is supposed to meet out today because basically whether man is man or not, because man will never admit his weaknesses and his (?) weakness. Basically therefore the woman has to understand today. Today the roles have changed. There is a much wider pressure on a woman and therefore woman has to basically have a more exercise, more nervous system, more bearing capacity. Over and all, there is a one solution to it. She has to be straight and honest. Straight and honest, shortcut method. When she cannot handle it, she cannot. Rather than freaking out and being moody and going berserk and creating a trauma and a drama to get your things through, just sit down and say, "Look honey, I can't do it. You understand? I hope you will. Now drive me back to home. This is the end of the day." They don't, they linger on.

Dania Lyn: What happens to women who are single? Who are out there, I mean, now let's talk on a more, not necessarily esoteric basis but I have heard you mention...

YB: Practical.

Dania Lyn: That practical and also how are women affected by to see energy of people, energy of men? What actually goes on?

YB: The psyche, psyche between a man and woman can be spontaneous, it can be initiated, it can be magnetically attracted, magnetic field of a woman and a man at a certain frequency attract each other even on million miles. I have seen people falling in love with a woman they saw once on a TV and then chase that out to the end of it. Some got successfully and they married. So woman is a psyche and a man is a psyche and they are two magnetic field, they attract each other very well and they reject each other also the same way. So scientifically you want to look at it you are dealing with two independent dimensions which interact, co-relate.

Dania Lyn: Are they different? Are the energies different? I have heard you say that women are imprinted that their auraAura The radiant field of energy and consciousness that surrounds the physical body and which holds and organizes the seven centers of energy called chakras. Its strength, measured by brightness and radius, determines the vitality, mental concerns, and psychophysical integrity of a person. for example is imprinted whereas men are not? What does that mean?

YB: Not, yes, that's true. Because if you see the auraAura The radiant field of energy and consciousness that surrounds the physical body and which holds and organizes the seven centers of energy called chakras. Its strength, measured by brightness and radius, determines the vitality, mental concerns, and psychophysical integrity of a person. and if have capacity to see the auraAura The radiant field of energy and consciousness that surrounds the physical body and which holds and organizes the seven centers of energy called chakras. Its strength, measured by brightness and radius, determines the vitality, mental concerns, and psychophysical integrity of a person. , then you'll see clearly that you, when people who really see the aurasAura The radiant field of energy and consciousness that surrounds the physical body and which holds and organizes the seven centers of energy called chakras. Its strength, measured by brightness and radius, determines the vitality, mental concerns, and psychophysical integrity of a person. cannot make a difference between man and woman because both have a halo of the auraAura The radiant field of energy and consciousness that surrounds the physical body and which holds and organizes the seven centers of energy called chakras. Its strength, measured by brightness and radius, determines the vitality, mental concerns, and psychophysical integrity of a person. but in a female on her breast line there is a very bright line and that line shows that she is a woman. Otherwise for that man who only reads auraAura The radiant field of energy and consciousness that surrounds the physical body and which holds and organizes the seven centers of energy called chakras. Its strength, measured by brightness and radius, determines the vitality, mental concerns, and psychophysical integrity of a person. , man and woman are the same. There is no difference and now he can read the auraAura The radiant field of energy and consciousness that surrounds the physical body and which holds and organizes the seven centers of energy called chakras. Its strength, measured by brightness and radius, determines the vitality, mental concerns, and psychophysical integrity of a person. , what the mind is saying, what the person is feeling and totality of person but woman is different. She has a different line at the heart center which a man doesn't. So basically, they are different. Their biological construction is different, their logic is different, their needs are different.

Dania Lyn: And you have talked about the emotional levels being different?

YB: Oh absolutely. Their intelligence is different. They are very intelligent. Women are very intuitive, intelligent. God gave them this intelligence with a simple idea - to come through. Their sexual needs are different than that of a man. Their capacity is different.

So what I am trying to explain to you is that woman has to understand. It is a matter of re-educating a woman. It's educating a woman that she is not only a person. Emotions, feelings are totally different with the woman. Her biological need, her moon cycle, her menstruation, how she feels. She tried to solve the pregnancy problem with a pill. She tried to solve the pregnancy problem with a abortion, she tried to solve her food problem, middle age crisis woman go through. She wanted to be beautiful till death, she wants to be sixteen year old when she is sixty. Woman has pressures and those pressures have to be understand, they have to eliminated. Woman has not to sell herself emotionally.

Dania Lyn: How does she eliminate the problems? How does a woman who is sitting out in her apartment right now...

YB: Single.

Dania Lyn: Who is single...

YB: Thinking.

Dania Lyn: Or married, listening to the program thinking, 'you know, this is great but I am really having a hard time here. I don't know how to deal with the fact that my husband rolled over and went to sleep and I don't know how to deal with the fact that I feel alone or I am worried about.' I mean, the things that women worry about, all the things, 'am I beautiful enough, am I emotionally stable enough, can I know handle this?'

YB: Okay. If a woman is very beautiful before the mirror, she may not be beautiful to the eye of a man. Therefore what mirror tells you and what a man tells you, are not right. They won't agree. Number two; if you are alone, you are alone. Just remember on the top of the staircase, on the top of the ladder, there has to be alone. So basically if you are alone, just you can be yourself and wait and grow and glow and right person will come. But question is, woman has to be re-educated to find what a right person is. Right person is not a household, big money, family problems and all that. Person has to learn and a woman has to learn the authenticity to be a woman. Woman problem are today mostly are because men demand on a woman has increased hundred fold and this demand is so heavy that it is very confusing to a woman. You know what a man thinks? Woman has a right of vote, man has a right of vote. They are equal. So men don't become pregnant, men don't have menstruation, men do not have pelvic problem, there are biological, physical situations which are very different, which are very, very different than that of a man.

What has happened is that has been totally discarded. You are equal, I am equal, let us deal with it. That's not true. What she is, she is, therefore every woman has to understand that she is a woman and she should deal with it. A single woman goes out. Goes to the bar, goes to the clubs, goes to the friends and she doesn't want to be single. Natural, very organic. But if she doesn't want to be single and if she wants to find out a man and if she finds out a wrong man, she will be in most serious problem than you have a problem of a single woman. What I am trying to say is that if you have a single problem, stay single till you find somebody to come and solve your single problem but don't become double and have double problem.

Side B

I am a psychologist, I have done my PhD in psychology. I have studied in and out. There is no solution to it. Every individual have a individual capacity, individual caliber, and individual handling of the situation. So if a individual problem is there, it has to be dealt individually and each person has their need. There are some women who just want to just be housewives, they are not ready to cut out for work and there are people who are just cut out for work. They are not cut out for housewives and we have a conventional problem in this life.

So basically, what I am trying to explain to you is that woman has to deal about herself now much more importantly than yesterday. It's not the old village life and you have to just plough the fields and come back and take the food to the man and man comes back and he's all restful. It's not that. So with this tension and the movement and these fastness of the world woman is being pressured heavily and this heaviness on the woman is taking a very heavy toll. Actually, you want to understand women are ageing fast, their nervous system is breaking fast, families are breaking fast, divorces is going on, children are very miserable because woman cannot handle this pressure and this is a unnecessary pressure which is being put on.

Dania Lyn: It's her physical body. Does a woman's physical body age faster than a man or it's the same?

YB: No, woman body is very sturdy body because it has been given God the capacity to bear children. Therefore it is very sturdy and it is very regenerating. But it's not if she doesn't handle it right, then it goes all bad.

Dania Lyn: All right, what we are going to do here is, we are going to take a couple minutes out because I want to talk to you about something and when we come back we'll get more into the body but stay tuned for this.

(There is music played)

(Dania Lyn speaks aboutBody Wrap)

... And they are located at 1618 Montana in West LA, (?) beautiful place over there.

YB: Yeah, I am going to go today for that.

Dania Lyn: Tell me about that, it was from a yogiYogi One who has attained a state of yoga (union) where polarities are mastered and transcended. One who practices the disciplines of yoga and has attained self-mastery. 's point of view and from your, you have enough experience, what do you think about using mineral clays, do really...?

YB: Well, the problem in the whole body is because of the shortage of mineral. Water does not give the you the minerals it should give and by, you know, in the olden days, it is very funny. I was studying a three thousand year old study, three thousand year old, you know, they used to do this leeches. They will put a leech on the body of a person and she will suck the blood and then from that blood they will analyze what minerals you have got in your body and whether the water suits your body or not. So basically, this is, this is what situation is. If the body does not have elementary minerals it needs for its own structural cellular growth. There are ten trillion cells which change seventy two hours and you have to deal with it and I think this is what I feel that if body massage... What is a massage? You massage it from outside, the oils will get into your body...

(The tape stops)

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