Berlin Lecture - The Experience of Peace, Day 1 of 2

September 9, 1995
Berlin, Germany

Student: (?) sorry my English is so bad I think I have won't translate now everything I wish you very nice evening and thank you very much for coming.

Students: (Applaud)

YB: You have read my subject, that's true. If you have not, please read it again.

What I am trying to say that I have chance with you today and tomorrow and little time we took yesterday. This peace university which has made this program, is only responsible for making a communication possible. And in this communication, we have to understand what we are trying to achieve. The world has gone through the two world wars and you who live in Germany, we who live in America and those who live in Soviet Union cannot forget one thing that war cannot decide for man's happiness and fortunately or unfortunately, no country can now afford a war. That's why we are fighting little wars. Like we had a war in Middle East and we declared a war against Baghdad and killed half a million people and tested our smart bombs, nothing else changed. Iraq is the same Iraq, dictator is the same, things are same and now France wants to test its atom bomb to update itself. Knowingly that atomic war is obsolete, it can never happen. There is no need to be accurate and update in atomic war.

Opposite to war, a human longing, human love for peace. People do not understand what peace is. Nobody can even talk or think about peace. If you do not have a peace of mind your own and for three thousand years, religion and state have been lying to mankind. Religion teaches us that we should be afraid of God, therefore we should worship, do our daily prayer, do good deeds, do charity and be nice, go to Sunday to church, etcetera, etcetera, so we can improve ourselves and be very religious and God will bless us. Don't you all believe this? Yes or no? I am just asking a question, yes or no?

Students: No, yes.

YB: So the answer is yes or no.

Now this is one of the greatest lie manufactured religiously. It's totally untruth. The soul is born, the Aatma is born, the purity and piety of the soul is born, part of the God is born for a human experience. We are not born to search God, God is born to search the universe. If we are not born as human for spiritual experience, (?) spirit is born for human experience. And anybody who tells you that you are wrong, it's a judgment in self.

Now take the example of my person. I have thousands and thousands of students and if I do not have thousands and thousands of student, I will never be a teacher. So God created thousands and thousands of students to keep one teacher. So if you look at the world at large, everything is relevant and those who are my students today are going to be teachers tomorrow, thus the cycle will continue. But fact is, we are all spiritual and searching of spirituality is a waste of money, time and self. I mean, you can give me your money as much you want, that's okay and I can promise you place in heavens and guarantee you with letters and that's all karmaKarma The law of cause and effect applied to mental, moral, and physical actions. Ego attaches us to and identifies us with objects, feelings, and thoughts. These attachments create a bias toward certain lines of action. Instead of acting you begin reacting. Karmas are the conditions required in order to balance or complete these tendencies. Though necessary, karma is not dictatorial or fatalistic. It is the mechanism that allows the finite experience of existence to maintain and stabilize itself. We all have free will and can take actions to re-direct the momentum of a karma. We can transform it or neutralize it using meditation, jappa, good deeds, or intuition that remove your sense of ego and the identification with that past line of action. . That's right here. It will never make sense to you, except you will have a mental satisfaction that you are good. You can feel good, you go to church you feel good, you come to this lecture, you will feel good, you will do some exercises you will feel great, you will meditate in a certain way, you will be elevated. We know the science but are you going to be all the time good? Are you going to be all the time great? Can you go beyond your feelings and desires and needs? And be good? Are you not supposed to be good all the time, doesn't matter what? Is that true? We are humans, humans are supposed to be good all the time, then why we are not good? What's wrong with us? You know what is wrong with us that nobody has told us. This is our fundamental right to be good.

I wrote a book, two twenty two stories of God, good and goods. Because in English if you write God, put another O in the center, it makes it good and put S in the center, it make goods. So I put up those three words that we are good by birth, we are God by our roots and all the goods which we need shall come to us for our goodness sake. But that may not satisfy us. In our ego we want to practice, I did it and worst come to worse, we can go to the extent, we did it. We are not willing to see that it happens. When somebody dies, we blame the disease, when somebody is born, we are happy by because the parents had a good relationship and they conceived the child.

Our everything is cause and effect. We do not have training in our mind that we are part of the creation. The relationship between the creator and creation and creature is a established relationship. Otherwise you should know why you pick up a longitude, latitude to be born on, why somebody is six foot tall and somebody is four foot? Why somebody is born as a woman and somebody as a man? There are millions of questions for which you have no answer. Because you are born as a spirit and you have been given human body to accomplish a relationship between you and your soul, which is not your priority.

Now I should translate it in Germany also? That's okay. Why don't you come quick and stop fashioning yourself,because he is already in trouble.

Students: (-----)

YB: You are trying to decorate yourself and he can't speak English.

Students: (Applaud)

YB: What we are talking about?

Student: (---)

Students: (Laugh)

YB: The basically, psychologically, the brain neurons have seven layers of neurological imprint text chapters. Now that I am going to talk to you as a scientist, now I am just changing my attitude because my translator has come. And the seven neurological plates have their patterns which is called neurological (?) something, don't worry about, they don't know much about, they have to study in the next two hundred years so, whatever we say is correct, don't worry about it and the fourteen sides of the seven plates which is called neurological, identical, Medulla of the brain. It is center of the two hemispheres, out of which men have half brain and women have two working at the same time. Men are unhappy because they have half brain, women are unhappy because their both brain work at the same time.

Students: (Laugh)

YB: So technically speaking, both do not know what to do. Therefore, we reach out for our emotions and feelings, not for our intuition and our intelligence. Plus over it, religion has told us that if you don't find God, you are no good. It's just somebody telling me, if you don't meet YogiYogi One who has attained a state of yoga (union) where polarities are mastered and transcended. One who practices the disciplines of yoga and has attained self-mastery. Bhajan, you will not be good. It means that the guy doesn't know who YogiYogi One who has attained a state of yoga (union) where polarities are mastered and transcended. One who practices the disciplines of yoga and has attained self-mastery. Bhajan is.

Lot of people meet me sometime, have you met YogiYogi One who has attained a state of yoga (union) where polarities are mastered and transcended. One who practices the disciplines of yoga and has attained self-mastery. Bhajan?"

I say, "I do see him sometime."

"He is a great teacher."

I said, "I know. Unfortunately I don't have the privilege to study with him directly but indirectly I do study his teachings," which is true.

Similarly we have been told that we are not correct and we have to become spiritual, we have to have divine experience. Majority of the people come and ask me that how to open their third eye.

Once I saw a couple, they drilled a hole in (?), that's true and they were opening the third eye that way and I told them actually, what you should learn is how to close your third eye. I am correct. All the time, you are mentally spaced out, during the day, your third eye takes you somewhere, you are all the time into your fantasies, at nights you are at dreams and nightmares, what kind of people you are? You are all the time out there, you are never in yourself. You are never home. Shouldn't we close the third eye so that sometime we look inside and be at home?

Once I went to see somebody, the person was driving the car, very gladly jumped out of the road right into the lower road and right to the third road and total up the car.

I asked him, "What happened?"

"I don't know. I was thinking something and car went off."

If you check out your life, eighty percent of your mistakes are that you are not inside you. If you check out yourself, hundred percent your problem is, you have no relationship with your Aatma, your spirit, your soul. When we talk about the soul, you will find out what is under the shoe. Under the shoe, that is a sole. They do not know soul is their spirit through which they breathe, through which they live, through which they exist, through which they grow.

You have thirty trillion cells in your body which change in seventy two hours and your neurological brain system controls thirty trillion cells. If all the cells are changed in seventy two hours, you will remain healthy and young and the change will take more time and some of the cells will not change, you will get old and you will get diseases. If, if you are trained to develop to send your white cells where your red corpuscle cells are sick, mentally you can heal yourself miraculously. That shall be the trend of the new medicine because by taking the drugs for recovery, side effects are so much that you will become more sick. But you all want to be healthy, but you are what you eat and you all eat wrong. Wrong, just wrong. You are a human being, you are supposed to have simple food, not which is tasty and good but which can be digested and come out of you in twenty four hours. Any food which does not come out of your body in twenty four hours, is a foreign subject in your body. It irritates.

There was a one person who was a student of mine, don't take it badly because you all are into it.

He said, "Sir I have a constant headache. Constant headache, I don't want to just live on Tylenol all the time." Tylenol the super strength.

I said, "Constant, have you been to doctors?"

"Yeah, doctors I have been to."

"What do they found out?"

"Nothing wrong."

"Is there something wrong with the head?"

"No I got it screened, nothing is found, normal functioning, okay."

I said, "Can I ask you a private question? No sexual harassment?" I said, "Are you constipated all the time?"

She said, "Little."

I said, "You got to do two things. Whenever you clear your bowels, do a little enema and clean your area perfectly with water."

She is alive and she has no headache thereafter. Unclean anus can create a consistent headache in a human body and if anything is left in the lower area of the anus, it can create a small root rock and it can raise your blood pressure, that is why we start using bidets.

I was shocked when I went to Amsterdam, there was no bathroom in the house, twenty five years ago can you believe a man who takes twice a bath a day supposed to walk to a bathhouse, pay about fifty cents to take a bath? That is where I learned the civilization in the west has to learn to wash their anus with water. Then I also learned, they have to learn to stop urinating as men four times during the course of urination because they urinate standing, is that true and once they go, they go and their muscles get loose and they have temporary, what you call it, impotency? And I am not joking, it is thirty percent men suffer because of that. All men and women do not put cold water on their eyes and after the age of forty they lose their sight, it becomes weaker.

There are million things we are doing to our human body not to keep its strength intact and we do not have time for meditating, so we can command our own body. Our breathing habits are very bad, our cleaning habits are bad, our eating habits are bad, still we live. I think that's the biggest miracle we have. Now, times are changing, people are becoming natural. You will find naturopathy everywhere. People are changing their food habits, people are changing their meditatory habits but the problem is the same. It costs money, it costs time.

That's why my feeling was, if in Berlin if we can have a peace university. If, where along with other subject, people are taught how to put body at peace. How to achieve the peace of mind, how to have peaceful relationship with your soul so you can redirect the molecules and atoms of your body, you live as very fulfilled human being, authentically fulfilled.

When you say, well, I loved so and so and now it is all gone, broken. I ask you a question, have you loved yourself? Until you are not fulfilled yourself, how can you do anything for others? If I am not a experienced teacher and I do not know this science perfectly and I cannot explain it word by word, scientifically and I cannot authoritatively say, this will mean this, what is the idea? Technically you are all persons within your own identity. Therefore as mankind, you have to learn to be kind with yourself.

I am just giving you one little exercise if you want to share with me to show you, how much control you have with your body, I mean how much relationship you have with your body. Are you ready to check it out? Just don't tell me, you will know it yourself in few minutes. Correct? You are all here, right? And you are all physically fit? True? What do you mean no? You walked unto here, you must be physically all right. Have you taken your last supper? Or you are going to go after this and eat? Now watch what you have to do and see if you can do it.

This little finger is Mercury, planet Mercury energy comes in your body through this. You can ask me a question, if this is cut off what will happen? Finger can go away, the auraAura The radiant field of energy and consciousness that surrounds the physical body and which holds and organizes the seven centers of energy called chakras. Its strength, measured by brightness and radius, determines the vitality, mental concerns, and psychophysical integrity of a person. won't. This is Sun, this is Saturn, this is Jupiter and this is your Id. That is why thumb impression never changes. Now, make this posture, hold your hand and hold this hand like a snake, not bad, just like this, take this foot, keep this foot, just be there and close your eyes and just hiss through the nose like a snake. With nose, no, mouth everybody can do I know that, hiss through the nostrils just like a snake, close your eyes, don't bother, see what happens to you, just watch. Just see in your hand that hand is just like a cobra and you have to hiss through the nose, your disease will disappear, that's all it is but just do it. You talk of healing and you talk too much about it. Well, just now heal yourself. Do it strongly, honestly and apply yourself to it. Hiss strongly, see what happens.

Just experience it, don't do it tomorrow it doesn't matter but at least you should know today that you have the right to heal yourself, each one of you and you can heal your tired brain and you can heal your fatigued body, come on, we have to do it for three minutes so that we can say, we did it. Hiss out powerfully, it's your breath and you must hear that sound. Once you hiss out, the pituitary will change and the master glands order other glands to secrete properly and the chemistry of your blood will change. It means your health will change. You have forty five second more to go. Work hard. Complete your three minutes.

Thirty seconds. Now inhale deep and hold the breath, hold it tight and breathe out. Inhale deep again, hold it, breathe it out. This is last chance, breathe through the mouth, breathe in totally and strongly and with a cannon fire, breathe out and please relax.

You have done this exercise for three minutes. Within three minutes, the pituitary gland which is the master gland takes up the signals and commands the entire glandular system to secrete at a certain rhythm which normally you cannot do and once the glandular system start changing, it changes your blood chemistry. The potential power of your bloodstream within just three minutes of this exercise, three minutes of this exercise, becomes thirty percent stronger to heal you than otherwise. But you don't have three minutes. You live by breath, you grow by breath, you die by breath and you do not know the science of breathing. You love to eat, you do not know the science of eating. You love to go to answer the call of nature but you do not know the science of cleaning. How many of you take shower once a week? You may take everyday but I am going to the maximum. Normally people take French bath, unto work. Do you all take shower every morning?

Students: Yes.

YB: Mostly? How many of you put shower on your forehead for about half a minute on the frontal lobe, how many? One, two, three that's it, four, five, rest you are medically sick. Whether you take a shower with a hot shower or a cold shower, if you take a cold shower then you will open up your capillaries in exact in five minutes and chances of getting a common cold or being sick are rare and far in between. Even you take a hot shower, if you put for half a minute on the frontal lobe, your eyes, nose and throat, ENT will never fall sick. ENT, eyes, nose and throat. These are the three organs of your body which normally bother you. This area, hardly anybody put water on it and this is called frontal lobe, it controls your personality, nobody cares, only you care is put bangs here, so you can live scared rest of your life.

When Chengez Khan told Kublei Khan...

Side B

When Kublei Khan went to conquer China, he was told to keep them always in fear of Mongols, so he ordered, all men their head, half of their head shall be shaven and every woman shall have Chinese bangs, that's where it started and today, it's a fashion.

I asked lot of women, "Why you cover your forehead?"

"We want to not show our wrinkles."

Is that a reason? You can grow hair on your hands so you cannot show your hand lines. This is the only porous bone where sunlight has to be there and this is what we cover. This is where we should put direct water and that is what we avoid. There is no medical way to open up the capillaries, except standing under a cold shower and massaging your body. We dare not touch the cold water. It's a very simple way to go for morning brisk walk to stimulate your metabolism and it doesn't require much, it requires only fifteen minutes but we don't have time. We can jog for hours, we can exercise for hours but we cannot walk ten minutes moving our hands and feet at the same time. Without that we can never balance our metabolism.

I can talk to you all these things because I taught in UCLA and I am a competent authority. Somebody has to learn to live and somebody has to learn live for one self. Don't become spiritual for my sake, I didn't become spiritual for anybody's sake, I became spiritual for my own sake. In the long run, it is your spirit which makes you win, which give you courage, which give you endurance, which give you intuition. It gives you self esteem and self knowledge. The universe which you see outside is in you too. Let me show you your universe in you.

Cross your hands on your heart center, if you are sitting on chair sit straight, spine. Just a experiment, no big deal, we are not going to do too much, we are not going to convert your religion which is laziness to smartness which is you. We will give you few exercise here and there. Okay, now close your eyes and breathe consciously, not automatically but breathe in and breathe out mechanically. This is the easiest thing you can do. Just breathe in and breathe out mechanically and put your hands on the heart center just to create the neutrality of the magnetic field, that's all.

Breathe mechanically, not automatically, breathe longest, deepest and try to create a relationship with your breath of life. Welcome the breath in and affectionately send it out with all the sickness of the body. When you breathe in, you say, welcome pranic health, when you breathe out, you say, goodbye all the disease. Just do it. Calmly, quietly and you will be surprised how your mind is automatically controlled. Just breathe mechanically, you can immediately capture the mind. Your mind cannot run away when you are mechanically breathing, isn't it fun? And longer you breathe, stronger you breathe out, you will start changing and feeling lighter and brighter and beautiful. Try, don't meditate, just breathe. Don't become religious overnight, it isn't that, there is lot of time to live, just breathe mechanically not automatically. If you can learn to breathe mechanically and can do it two and a half hour a day, you can have perfect health. Even now, you can start it and you can start everyday with eleven minutes and you will breathe mechanically, that's a good sign and it doesn't take much.

Mechanical breathing asks the motor system in the brain to readjust the entire function of the body under your physical control and moment things comes under your physical control, your subconscious hidden desire is to be healthy, strong, prosperous. All those hidden prayers which you have, start functioning and the body start making the environments to complete them. You don't have to do any prayer. Just mechanically breathe. It will totally take away your fatigue, it will totally relax you and it will definitely change you. Let's keep doing it and find out ourselves, what is true and what is not.

Concentrate on yourself, meditate on your breath of life and absolutely breathe mechanically to see what happens to you. Breathe in long and deep mechanically and breathe out. When breathe in, welcome the pranic health, when you breathe out, say goodbye to all the sickness which is now or to come. One more minute and we are done.

Now please inhale deep, hold the breath and squeeze your body so the energy can split in the entire body, just squeeze every muscle, squeeze and breathe out. Breathe in again, hold the breath tight and squeeze from toe to top the entire being. Breathe out. Breathe in again, hold the body breath tightly and squeeze the entire body, specially in the spinal column from face to up. Please relax.

That's it, nothing much. There is nothing much to tell you or teach you that which is a mystery. There are many simple things.

There is a one student of mine, he called, he said, "I have got a terrible angina and I can't get out of it."

I said, "Go and see the doctor."

He said, "I have seen the doctor and it will take long time to come to some conclusion because they are not finding anything."

I told him, "Have you heard that walnuts are very helpful in angina?"

He said, "Yes I have that article."

I said, "Take handful of walnuts and put them in a blender and make a milk and drink first thing in the morning."

He is fine. He is absolutely fine. Now he put some walnuts in his salad. He is okay.

Just yesterday, a beautiful student of ours, she had a fibrosis, she went for medical surgery, fibrosis. Oh, every woman knows where they got that in and she got out one watermelon and one orange in that surgery. It was not even six months she has recovered, she felt she is developing the same. It was very painful. So we put her on pear juice for forty days, it's all gone. They were celebrating. I was celebrating that she could do it for forty days.

Somebody is sitting right here (?) their stone and we gave the pear juice and what was the other juice? Cranberry? And we got the stone out. Do you know, if a woman takes one banana a day and four O'clock a spoon of dry grapes, what you call it? Raisin and her potassium is balanced, she will never have a calcium problem which mean arthritis, which means mental problem, which means fighting with your husband and boyfriends, which means yelling and screaming at children, you mean breaking plates and messing up the kitchen, it means not going to work, also means having a bad menstruation, have everything. She is a good translator. Banana is the only one which has a complete food minus Vitamin C and it has a sufficient potassium to keep your potassium, magnesium balance, moment the potassium is balance, magnesium is balance then calcium digest in the body perfect, your bone structure, mental structure becomes all right. Can't you not afford one banana a day? I don't have a banana shop, I am not selling banana, I am just asking you. That is how... And at 4 PM when the metabolism changes and the biorhythm of a female changes, take one tablespoon full of raisin and chew it. You will never be tired in the evening, you will never come home (?).

There is a one student of mine, she used to beat her children so bad, I was given a confidential report, one day I went there and I saw it myself. She was a kind of at war, you know. They created mess. They are loud, they are this, they are that, sit, sit, sit, up, up, up. So I went into the kitchen, took one banana, two tablespoon of raisin, little bit of yogurt and blended it. Put some water in it, little apple juice I saw I stuck that in, make it a very tasty drink and told her to drink it. Now what should she say, no, she drank it. I satSat Existence; what is; the subtle essence of Infinity itself. there for two hours, she didn't even raise her voice. Why was this girl doing the same thing they were doing when I came and she was getting out of her clothes, (?) and in the end, I said, "I think I should be leaving now and could you just yell at these kids now?"

She couldn't. She couldn't. And she asked me, "What happened to me?"

I said, "Banana inside is yelling at you."

Students: (Laugh)

YB: There is a one couple married, whenever she is one week to menstruation, one week, there is no living hell but their home. Oh God you can't believe what she does to her husband and with the neighbors and on telephone, as long as across the continent. Now what is the mental treatment of it? Put her in a mental hospital, one week before, one week in between, one week after? That is three weeks out of a month. But person has to change.

What we did is, take a handful of almonds, put about two ounces of ginger juice, put some banana, some raisin, make it a beautiful drink, told her when you get you first cramp, this is your morning drink. She is fine, telephone bill is normal, husband can go to work, children can live in the house.

Do you know, you may have short hairs or long hairs I don't care, but if you brush your hair, front to back and back to front three times, your entire personality will change. Just a brush or a comb or anything. All you know is to brush this way, not this way. But you forget there are twenty six part of the skull and hairs are antenna in them. That is how you see us with a turban. We will take the twenty six part of the skull, tie it up on the center and then over it we tie a turban. So we don't have to pay three hundred and fifty dollars to a doctor to adjust our skull. All I take is a one millimeter distance. What do we call that system to adjust the skull, what they call in medical science?

Students: (---)

YB: Huh? Cranial adjustment? It's the big science these days. Three hundred fifty bucks. Three hundred and fifty dollars, how many Deutsche Mark you mean and all he does with head is (?) somebody said, "It is not happening."

I said, "Wet the turban and tie it tight one day, you will be fine."

Sometime try it. Take a wet long cloth, cotton cloth, wet it and tie a turban like me on your head. Couple of hours, see how your weak goes. These are the simple formulas of life if you want to live it.

When you brush your teeth in the morning, take the brush little back and clean the monkey glands, look down and see what comes. That mucus if would have gone into the stomach, shall make you very sick.

We all talk about God and God is living in us and we do not want to live well. We do not want to eat right. It is very difficult to tell you right now for me please chew your food. And unchewed food will take care of your mental disturbance. But we do not have time to chew food. We gobble it, (?) and finally, it is the stomach, it is the gas, it is the undigested food which very softly and slowly irritates our whole being. Now, I want to tell you how it works. Now can you do it just for test, all right.

Put your this lower jaw on this side from this side, just for one minute, yeah, turn it, turn it towards the right like this, just one minute, don't ask me why, but just feel for one minute. Push it towards the right just forcefully, yeah we are watching, just do it towards the right. Please find where your right is, for God sake don't do it towards the left side, otherwise you will (?) just this way. You do it in hospital when you are very sick and very old your tongue comes out like a 'Q,' do it but just do it when you are healthy. Push, push hard, push, there are still twenty seconds left. Come on, just for experiment so that we can know what we are doing. All right. Now be straight, open your mouth fully, fully and take your tongue and press the upper palate. Keep your mouth open. Keep the upper palate pressed by your tongue and five times breathe in and breathe out with that open mouth. And now, relax, relax, relax. Relax, relax, now check how you feel.

Is that difficult? Once your press the vagus nerve, you press the central tongue on the upper palate, on the meridian and you breathe three times to create the air pressure, the entire system in the head changes. These little combination of exercises came into existence to make the science of kundaliniKundalini Comes from the word "kundal"; coiled energy; the creative potential of an individual. Kundalini Yoga It is a Raaj Yoga that creates vitality in the body, balance in the mind, and openness to the spirit. It is used by the householder, busy in the world, to create immediate clarity. The fourth Guru in the Sikh tradition, Guru Ram Das, was acknowledged as the greatest Raaj Yogi. (See Raaj Yogi.) He opened this long secret tradition to all. yogaKundalini Yoga It is a Raaj Yoga that creates vitality in the body, balance in the mind, and openness to the spirit. It is used by the householder, busy in the world, to create immediate clarity. The fourth Guru in the Sikh tradition, Guru Ram Das, was acknowledged as the greatest Raaj Yogi. (See Raaj Yogi.) He opened this long secret tradition to all. , so the man can be married, live with his family, with his children, spiritually energetic, mentally alert and physically fit. Do you understand that?

How many minutes of yoga you want to do today? Or I should keep on talking?

Students: No, no.

Student: Sixty minutes.

YB: I will give you, look, I have come all the way from United States to be with you. I don't have to. We are having a gathering of about twenty million people in India and I am supposed to be today present. And unfortunately, because of my absence they couldn't compromise which I thought they will. And so we have our own problems.

So you know, my idea was that the idea of a peace university is one of the best ideal thing which I am in love with. Where people like me and people like others who are just specialized in certain things where man can understand, the depth of the peace in one self can be taught. With all the subjects you know, you can be a doctor, you can be anybody but question is, as a doctor, you can get sick and dead sometime and you can be healthy and alert all the time. If you make one mistake as a doctor, it means somebody's life is gone. Once there was a mistake by a engineer in the blueprint of a building, sixty people were dead.

Student: (---)

YB: Because the calculation were wrong, the balcony was not properly supported. In one party, sixty people came to the balcony, they all came down with the balcony, none survived. One mistake.

So technically, we are supposed to be very alert. Tonight, we will share an exercise, which in spite of the fact you don't like to be alert, we will make you alert. Can you do that?

Students: Yeah.

YB: All right.

It's a very simple exercise, just sit like this. Simple. Can you go up and come down, is it difficult? But keep your fingers open, that's it. Keep your eyes closed and we are going to put a tape so that you can get some music. Just put a tape and the tape will create a sound with a music Har, when you hear the word Har, your hands should be like this up and then down and then up. That's the rhythm you have to do and don't do anything for God sake else than that, it will be shocking change which you will hear. Okay, just listen to the words. It's not a... It's not going to take your religion away from you neither your money. You already (?) sit completely in peace and tranquility and here comes the music.

(Tape "Har, Har..." is played)

YB (Talks over the tape): And widen the fingers and tighten them. Power is in the fingers being split and hardened... Anybody can do it... This is body language which says God... Simple... If the words doesn't bother you, call it hail, call it hi, whatever... You are getting tired (?)... inhale deep... exhale... inhale deep, exhale... inhale deep.

(Tape "Har Har..." is stopped)

YB: Exhale, relax.

In these few minutes if you can keep your all five fingers open and just do this exercise in that rhythm, absolutely your heart center shall have a flow of new energy. It doesn't take centuries but what is the problem is that we do not want to do simple things, learn some special things. Time has come for humanity to open up its doors because this bigger than atom bomb will be the bomb of information, it will be open to you all and then the prejudice and the play of mind and mystery shall not exist. Every person can go to a computer, get all the information they need.

There is a situation which you all have to understand; that's called sound current. When we speak what happens, our tongue touches the upper palate and stimulates the hypothalamus, that's why there is a Hail Mary and there is a mantrasMantra Sounds or words that tune or control the mind. Man means mind. Tra-ng is the wave or movement of the mind. Mantra is a wave, a repetition of sound and rhythm that directs or controls the mind. When you recite a mantra you have impact through the meridian points in the mouth, through its meaning, through its pattern of energy, through its rhythm, and through its naad - energetic shape in time. Recited correctly a mantra will activate areas of the nervous system and brain and allow you to shift your state and the perceptual vision or energetic ability associated with it. and there is a jantras and all that stuff which will work, it is the sound current. For example, you say, "I love you," please repeat it in German.

Students: (----)

YB: Now same thing please repeat by putting your little tongue on the side and say the same thing.

Students: (----)

YB: See the difference? You understand? This is how it will sound, I love you, that's my direct saying, I love you, that's my side saying. It is how you touch the meridian of the upper palate. You do not understand something, it's not important what you say, it's important what somebody hears and how the inner ear sends the signal, that's important and when you speak, how the body language correlates with it. And if the body language and your words are the same, the other person will hear it clearly and will understand perfectly. Otherwise, it will be very difficult. You must understand, you have to practice how you can speak effectively, like, say in Germany, "We are very happy." Go ahead, say it.

Students: (---)

YB: No, we...

Students: (----)

YB: Are...

Students: (---)

YB: Very...

Students: Happy.

YB: Break it into four words. We are very happy.

Students: (----)

YB: Say it again please.

Students: (---)

YB: Now, we say loud, or, say small, very say it loud, happy, say it small. I give you the example in English language. We are very...

Students: (---)

YB: We loud, are not loud.

Students: (---)

YB: Very loud, happy not loud. And just see (?), it becomes just like that. Just say it to your friend or to anybody you want to say, see what happens. It's a question of when you create the impact of the sound of the word like, one, two, three, four, it's push, push, push. If you make it flexible...

• • •

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