Talk to Teens

July 6, 1992
Espanola, NM

... Hey I don't eat people, come near, I can't yell all the way down there. Well, we wanted to create a little family situation. Come here. Come, come, come, come. Hey it is pretty cold, isn't it? It's shady or you are in trouble? Okay now what we are going to talk about is not important for me to talk about. I have lived this age. What is important about is in this time what I am saying is very important for you. Not that I am your guide, spiritual, mental, physical whatever. That doesn't make difference. Life! Today you are studying with me; I am father of humanologyHumanology A complete system of psychology to promote human excellence and spirit. It incorporates the technology of Kundalini Yoga and meditation, the use of the Shabd Guru, and the principles of spiritual counseling. , science to be human. Includes everything. There is a fundamental rule, there is a cause and effect, there is a sequence and consequence you cannot change. For example, you are teenager, you ought to be horny, admit it. You ought to be sexy, admit it.

You will like to have an intercourse out of sheer blindness of your experience. Perfectly you will like to lose virginity as young girl. Certainly you will menstruate. Definitely you will grow your breast. For men, it's positively they grow their beard whether they like it or not. It's positively the circumstances of projection will be different than their basic values. We understand that. It's not that you are more sexy than we were not. It's not that your BS is not known to us as you think. The problem is you have a X amount of energy, uno energy. Either to take this energy, make your life comfortable, wonderful, successful or not take this energy and go down the hill. You sometime say we are interfering with you, we are not interfering.

We read a meter; we can sit in a remote control and can know exactly about you who is going to fall apart and who is going to make it. Because your car tank can have only that many gallons. Each gallon can make that many miles and that many miles can cover that much distance. Give and take. Now your life is young, you are teenager. There is a miles in life you have to cover, whether you can make perfectly maximum miles out of your take you can take maximum mileage out of life or you will not. If you are not to take the maximum mileage of your life you don't belong to Sikh Sikh Dharma A living experience of values as taught in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib. DharmaSikh Dharma A living experience of values as taught in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib. Dharma A path of righteous living. It is both an ideal of virtue and a path of action that is infused with clear awareness and comprised of actions that are the soul in total synchrony with the universe. It is action without reaction or karma. . That's where the problem is.

Problem with us and with normal people is simple. Excellence is our start, excellence is their goal. Thus we differ. We are not putting down anybody. You have your emotional problems right now, you want to relate to each other, you want to talk to each other, your base is on friends. You have friends here in the palm of your hand. You have your Id, your existence, you have your Jupiter, your personality, you have your Saturn, social environmental life, you have your Sun line your professional life, and you have your Mercury your art and the science of your communication. If these friends are not yours and anyone is missing, your life is missing a gap, it will all spill through that.

So you have to understand, we are not interested, I am not going to marry anybody of you. But one day you have to marry, do you know the art of marriage? Do you understand the science of it? Do you understand the analysis of your personality? Do you understand your sexual, sensual, physical, biological, psychological, mental, projective, realistic, reactive, all things taken together, you can't even pronounce all these things I have pronounced. You can't even repeat these words in one line. But this is your life and you have to decide it. I can't decide it for you but on the other hand I am not willing to even cover your gaps.

That's why one line I said to all the boys and girls, spread your wings so you can reach your heights, don't spread your legs, that will result in nothing. And we are very open and honest and straightforward, many of you are very dishonest. It is your dishonesty not towards yourself; it's your dishonesty not knowing yourself. Your dishonesty totally doesn't affect me. If I find out somebody is not communicating with me, I say okay avoid it, what do I lose? You have to fundamentally understand you have to learn and you have to learn anywhere and everywhere you can get it. Learning is for you, learning is not for me. Learning is not for us; learning is for each one of us.

A Sikh means who is willing to learn and is learned. Live by learning is called a Sikh. It became a religion by... I don't know what for. The process is that one God created the creation, but created one as a unique one. It is the uniqueness of an individual, which is at stake. You are not problem to us, whether you are blonde or brunette, whether you are sexy or wrong, whether you do everything in the world or you do nothing, it doesn't bother us. You are wrong to think we are your police. No, we are your projection; there is a difference between a police and projection. We can plan for you. We can give you the pros and cons and we ask you to decide. But are you willing to learn for your sake, your life? That's the main question.

If we want to police you, we have to put you in cage, nobody can afford it. That's not proper either. Are you willing to put yourself in a discipline that you are not taken advantage of? Are you willing to plan your life that there is no sorrow in your tomorrow? Are you willing enough to be realistic? Do you know who you are? Do you know you have physical biorhythm? None, I know. Do you have your thought and thought expansion? No. Do you have your intuitive sense to identify yourself that you induce, deduce and you investigate and deduct and you calculate and you take pros and con and cost effectiveness and the sequence and consequences and the help available and the cover and the action and reaction of that? And how much mileage you can get successfully where you need a help and how far in every thought? Have you trained yourself with that?

So what is the idea being a disaster? So anybody who is little sharper, who can little bait you, who can little put you in a pit, will get away with you and then you cry I am sorry. There should be no word I am sorry, there should be no word excuse me, there should be no word please forgive me in your life, there should not be a time when you have to say that. You know when I say that? When I write off a person. That's the last word I speak to somebody, I am sorry, it's the will of God, thank you, good-bye.

Is your life can be free of sorry, excuse me? Yes. Provided you organize the basic elementary life system. You have a basic life system? Have you have a basic blueprint of it? Have you thought how you will proceed, how you will achieve, how you will be going? These are certain questions, which your life is asking you. You know what you are doing? You are very funny kids.

You think you are parents, some you have, some you don't, some you have half parents, some you have three fourth, some you have spaced out, some are very grounded. Fine. Does that make difference? No. Because every tomorrow you are going towards your tomorrow. Your parents are going to their tomorrow. You are all running on different sides on different roads. You are not willing to accept it. All the help parents are doing in one way or the other so that you can choose your road and you successfully make it to the destiny. Between you and destiny there is a long distance. Whether you have gas enough to cover the mileage and whether you can take mileage or not.

I tell you my own story, once I was caught in my jeep and I said, "Aa-aaa! We are on empty, it can go ten miles on empty, we have to have some gas left in it and the distance is fifteen miles." Capacity of the car is ten miles, distance is fifteen miles, I can't take the risk. What you will do? Come on. You have gas only for ten miles. You have gas for ten miles, your meter shows you have gas for ten miles, you know the distance is fifteen miles. How you will make it? Haa?

Students: (----)

YB: Walk rest of the way, drive ten miles and then God will take care of it. Next? Come on, I want to see this is supreme intelligence of United States of America. Yeah?

Student: (-----)

YB: That's right, that's absolutely right. Drive in the highest gear fast, put in the neutral, let it roll, till it comes to the point give him a push, get it to the neutral, get it, you can always get twenty miles out of it. True. But that is where your intelligence comes in, that is where you have to work. Emotions are very good, feelings are good, thoughts are good but ultimately it's the thoughts, which kill you, every thought you don't have to ask for. You are telephoning behind me to somebody on my back; it means you are sitting here physically but you are not mentally attentive. You might be doing this all your life and that will be a handicap to start with. Being not attentive is not bothering anybody. It's just missing your opportunity for your tomorrow. You know it's called rustic behavior.

Indiscipline in a company where you have come to learn is a rustic behavior. This is a class, you have come here for your betterment, for you being students and if you cannot professionally show you are students and you are not attentive, you will learn nothing. Why to waste time, why don't you go to Santa Fe and screw yourself? If that is the way you want to learn in life and that's what you think life is all about and that you care for your life and that's all your value is about life then it is useless. Why not to admit it? That is what a teenager can do. Life starts at thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, after nineteen you think you are not going to be teenager, you are wrong.

The child in you is never going to die, the teenager in you is never going to die, the grown up in you is not going to die, the adult is not going to die, ultimately you have to die. It only one becomes the basic, others takeover. One becomes the basic, other takeover. The basic is not right, takeover will not be right. That's where your parents have failed to teach you. They cater your emotion, not your character. That's where you have gone spoiled, that's where you are gone rotten. That's where your parents have messed it up. As I as a teacher gave them the basic character values, if they should have passed those character to children, you would have been teaching today than learning. That's the whole mess is. If wealth is gone, nothing is gone. Health is gone, something is gone. Once a character is gone, everything is gone. And if you have not built in your first eleven years the character values and then you have covered it with teenage values, you won't make it.

You must understand your basic value is where you stand as a foundation. Whatever you are building on that foundation is simply a coincidence. And if there is a weak foundation, then cracks will show up. That is my study children. My working with you is based on that idea. I am only working you... I think this is second or third year? Second year. I was not with you, I thought your parents will take care of you; they will give you all the values. Then I found out it's not true. That's why this class is all about to tell you your fundamental basic values and if the foundation have to be covered it should be covered. If something has to be done it can be done. This is a chance in teenage.

After eighteen years if you have missed a basic value at seven, and you have not developed your conscious character, if at eleven years you have missed not to project your intelligence profile, if in eighteen years you have not going to correct these and walk into the life, rest of the life you are just on paining neck of your own. Do you understand that? No, you don't even want to understand. Tell me what you understand what I have said so for? You are so interested in you, you want a good husband, good money, good job, somebody is telling me they want to be president, somebody is going to be... God knows what you want to be. Do you know who you are first? Do you understand you deserve and then desire, not desire and deserve nothing? I am asking you a question. What do you understand what I have said.

Student: (-----)

YB: No, no, you are sitting in front line, is there somebody old (?) past, those who have been massaging each other somebody give me the answer? That's what they put a teacher on a high pedestal so that he can look at everybody. Fortunately God made me a teacher made me so long I can look anyway. Have you understood what I have said? Can anybody stand up and sum it up? Save them, they are not interested, you get up. Up, up. Oh give them at least a hope that they can sum up everything, good or bad doesn't matter. What did we say? What you say... what I said what you learn in teenage language, repeat it. Forget what I say. Turn them around and lecture them as I did. Yeah, yeah, speak to them in the language, they understand the slang. Loud, we will have a microphone tomorrow, don't worry.

Student: (-----)

YB: Whatever you understood express it.

Student: (-----)

YB: Learn it yourself. First eighteen years you have to have a projective life in which you have to have a corrective foundation and if foundation is not right correct it now, after eighteen it will be no good. Yeah.

Student: (-----)

YB: Oh, how can I say that? With each parent the time and amount I spend I could have made twenty-two million dollars a year free, tax-free even, all taxes paid if I would not have been a yogiYogi One who has attained a state of yoga (union) where polarities are mastered and transcended. One who practices the disciplines of yoga and has attained self-mastery. , if I would have professionally doing what I was doing with each one I could have made tons of money maybe internationally popular and all that but I chose to work with every individual and correct them. The workload was above two thousand times more than ordinary person can understand. But that was the age that was the era I had to work with their parents. And many did not survive but some are those who survived my concept was that they will give it to their children because they learnt from me, there was nothing wrong in that but they didn't and now I cannot depend on the parents, because they are in middle-age crisis themself. I don't know what to do with them. So last year I think we started talking with the teenagers ourself. That's what it is.

I have seen mother, there is a tragedy among all these kids. When a mother does not challenge a child and father does not give the alternative you ruin the child right there in your own house. That's a law, which I can't change. That's a biological law of expansion. And when a child gets the mother and father emotionally in their hand, they think they got the universe, when they go away then mother and father is not there, all is left the mother Earth and fatherly heavens, they can't handle that because they don't have a expansion. These children are very intelligent. They are super children because majority of them should come through but those who will not come through is a pain. That's why we tried to gather this gathering. We know where the fault has been. I thought every parent will do for their children best and they did. But they forgot one thing; children have their own emotions.

When children emotions and parent's emotion get together disaster happens, rejection happens. When the two polarities of the same meet together, rejection happens and that's why some are depressed, some are rejected, some are not feeling good, some do not know where the right is where wrong is, otherwise these kids should have all the knowledge even before somebody can give them knowledge. I am not saying that as a kid you don't have the right to fault. But when a fault takes the price be ready to pay for it. I am not asking you not to hide under wine and liquor, go ahead and drink it. See where it takes you. If you are so blind you can't read the national record, average marriage is nine year two days. Average income of a person is thirty percent handicap to pay all the bills. Six million young girls join the prostitution ring of the sales force in United States. Three million children leave home, never come back.

We consume sixty percent of the entire drug of the world. We meet on average nationally twenty-seven men and women relationship before deciding the spouse. Sixty-two intercourses we do before we decide what a intercourse has or something or nothing. Every seven years our chemistry changes and our relation changes, we feel handicapped; we do not know how to socially adjust. These are our national defects. Are we going to push you into that pit? You know as individual you have X amount of energy right now. That will decrease, age will increase energy will decrease, so with this energy as much as height you can take that will be your flight. Life is not a aeroplane, it's a glider. Anybody knows how the glider runs? Yeah. Glider is a plane without any engine. So they take a very heavy-duty car, tug it up, run. And it takes a height; if it reaches the jet wind then you can glide around for happiness forever. But if it doesn't, in couple minutes you come down and sometime you come nose down. That's life.

Whatever available to you right now if you can take with that height and reach that level you will make it. Otherwise you won't. The idea here to discuss the basic, idea here is not to lecture you to be a Sikh. Idea here is not also to lecture you how to be a human. You look human; you are Sikhs better than me. But you are stupid and we don't want you to be stupid, that's the fight. Fight here is not who wins who loses. If you act not stupid and you win, it is our victory. And I tell you something very funny, which you will be shocked, by knowing all the values and then having all the values, earthly, physical, if mental values are not proportionate and conscious values are not proportionate, you will not be fulfilled. And that is what every person fails in.

I have worked with your parents, I have tried to establish them, I have tried to analyze for them, I gave them the opportunities, I plan it for them, strategize for them, but I have not done one thing, I have not worked for anybody because I want they work and they experience. Similarly I'll not do work for you. I'll let you know if you work on certain principles how you can make it and I am not upset if you can't follow those principles. That's your handicap not mine. I don't believe anybody can face a disaster. I believe happiness is our birthright. I have been ruined three times in my life. Three times in my life I never had a friend, never had a money, never had food, never had clothes and each time I was in foreign country.

Each time I rose to the highest. So I know the procedure, it's not my personal procedure. I learnt the values. You do certain things as teenager, you disassociate with yourself. You pretend and feel depressed. I don't know is your normal answer. Then lot of things you do. We even started this summer to take some of you to give you what we call it Elementary Education & Personality Course. Let you know what a chief executive is, let you know what a director is, let you know what a secretary is, let you know what a secretariat is, let you know what is what. You go to the college, stay there ten years, come back, you will learn the same things same way. I met a gentleman, he used to be a Sikh, he walked away. Today he has millions. He met me that day; I couldn't ask him to leave me because my thing was wet with tears. Then I called and talked I asked him, "Now you are very rich!"

And he said very softly to me, "Life is a bitch to me. If I knew that richness will bring me this, I would have never become rich."

Three things you cannot handle in life, youth, money, prestige. You require wisdom to handle it. You have a question!

Student: (-----)

YB: Conscious value will bring you success, mental value will give you expansion, mental value is like a blueprint, mentally you make things. Mental values... there are three values you have to have at this spontaneous site. Physical, mental, and conscious. Conscious includes spiritual and intuition. That's why we never use the word spiritual. And if anybody of you do not develop that, you will always be a beggar. What I can do now, what this means, you know all those questions? You always will be asked. That's called beggar's living. We call it that is not a person, that's a beggar's bowl. You always ask, 'what I do next?' If you don't ask a wise person or counselor, you ask a friend. If you can't get a friend, you will ask somebody. If you won't find a friend, you are going to find a horoscope.

If that you go to a psychic, if that you go to astrologer, God knows where you are going to go. Whether you like it or not every moment has a sequence and every moment has consequences and you have to analyze. You can't get out of this pain. You have the right to start a sequence and you shall face the consequences but you can start a sequence, you don't want to face consequences, that's where the fight is all about. What I am telling you is that the only chance and choice you have to think, to plan and to work before sequence, there is no use supplying on the split milk. Consequences you have to face and they will never change. There are certain things you can't change in life. You cannot have a commotional bursting behavior. You cannot walk into a pit unconsciously and then feel that you are going to be okay. You cannot fall in life and not be injured. You cannot take a bait and be sure there is no hook in it.

These are the fundamental consequences and sequence of life; life is nothing but to rule your own life. You have to be your own queen and princess of your life. King and monster of your life. If you don't rule your life, life will rule you. You have any idea? You have any idea your life is not within your control? Do you have any idea your own emotions are not in your control? You have any idea your feelings are no feelings, you have no feeling for you feeling, you only feel them and you start acting on them? If I feel awful and I start looking awful, which I am feeling right now, I am feeling awful but I am not looking awful. I am in the middle of a misery.

I was handling it, then I looked at the time, I said, "Not after eleven thirty, twelve thirty." So I walked out. Moment I go from here, I am going to handle it. Misery is not going to be less or more, it is there. People involved are not going to handle it. They have already done their best. Answer has to come. In your every life challenge will be on every moment and answer has to come. Your life fails when it has no answer. That's why I say, "Romance doesn't buy grocery and love doesn't cook it and sex doesn't serve it."

It's a very concluded idea. And as GuruGuru That which takes us from ignorance to knowledge; from darkness, gu, to light, ru. It can be a person, a teaching, or in its most subtle form - the Word. Guru Nanak First Guru of the Sikhs. NanakGuru Nanak First Guru of the Sikhs. said, "When you were child you wanted nothing but milk. Then you grew up little, then you wanted nothing but play with your relative, father, mother, relatives. Then you little grew up, you wanted food. Now you are in age where you want friends. After this friendship will be over, you want a career, after career will be over, you want to be settled. After settlement will be over you wanted the security, and that is the time all deficiency you have in life will fall on you and you look idiot to yourself." That is self-condemnation starts. These are the trends, these are the steps you will go through them.

So this summer we will work on the elementary person, not the emotional, the consequential. We will not work on the resultant. Because if the elementary habits, basic thoughts and projections are weak, foundation is weak. And if you say my child is over, now I am free, I can be great, no. That's the base. Base will never change. Wrong foundation will guarantee you wrong building. Therefore please understand elementary value. Now tell me what do you mean by elementary value. You have heard word "elementary value" you are all very happy, what do you mean by elementary value?

Student: (-----)

YB: Elementary means anything, which doesn't change through time and space correct. What is elementary value? Value, which doesn't change through time and space, is called basic character. Now meet me tomorrow, all of you who are interested in the lecture or not, write your individual elementary values. GuruGuru That which takes us from ignorance to knowledge; from darkness, gu, to light, ru. It can be a person, a teaching, or in its most subtle form - the Word. Charan, you will collect from everybody elementary values, their own, and pass on to me and I'll evaluate and give it back to you, then you discuss with him because that will take hours.

Student: (-----)

YB: No, you collect them tonight, then work them at night and give me tomorrow morning and I'll work it out, when we will come to the class we will do the homework. Now look at him, he is the next future, look at him. He will collect tomorrow to do what? To look at them? Doesn't work that way. This is America. No, there is no tomorrow in the life of success. You will get the elementary values from them today. What you can do today you don't do it tomorrow. When you do something do it absolutely right. Then you will assess them, then you will give it to me. Then I'll evaluate them. Then I give it to you. Then they will ask you million questions, they will eat you up. Then you should have enough sugar to feed them. Then we will meet in the class. Is that okay? Do you have any question? Yeah.

Student: (-----)

YB: No, no, no, I am not that kind of teacher, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, elementary values of your life as you think, that will give us your basic IQ. Understand all of you? Look into my eyes, look, look; we are starting on the road of success. We have to walk in the road for our own success and if you don't walk that's fine. But at least know that the chance was given to you. You have been very, very, absolutely thieves. You are stealing your personality and hiding under the guise of I don't want to be this, I don't like, I don't... I, I, I, I... that's not true. The problem with you is you do not know elementary who are you, what your frequency is, what your projection is, what your elementary psyche is, what proportionate rate you go in, and how fast you can think and how fast you can manage and how fast you can deliver. You don't have any knowledge of it. All you show me the grades, grade will give you a good college, college will give you where? To hell? One boy once asked me, "I want you to meet my fiancé."

I said, "Okay."

Fiancé came, we talked, we satSat Existence; what is; the subtle essence of Infinity itself. , we ate, we let him go. He said, "I am going to marry, I am in love with her."

I said, "Don't."


I said, "You want a right answer?"

He said, "Yeah."

I said, "You are the dumbest kid and she is the smartest girl. And one day her eye is going to open, she will kick you out of the door, you can't believe it."

He said, "No sir, love is this, this."

I said, "Then marry, try it."

It didn't last twenty days. In twenty days she found out there is such a elementary deficiency in the guy she was cheated, she was betrayed, she thought totally taken advantage of and the whole wrath. Because elements must choose the alloys. Elements must choose the alloys. There are certain elements they do not merge with other elements.

Side B

Copper is not brass, brass is not bronze. Do you have that understanding? Now what you are going to do is to mix copper with platinum. You are not going to get anywhere. Do you understand? So first is find first thing first, find out your... I am coming, I am coming, I'll be there... find out your elementary values I am not going to tell you anything. Find out your elementary elements and give it to GuruGuru That which takes us from ignorance to knowledge; from darkness, gu, to light, ru. It can be a person, a teaching, or in its most subtle form - the Word. Charan tonight, is everybody agreement?

Students: Yes sir.

YB: It's a free work; normally we charge lot of money. Professionally as psychologists, (?) what you charge? Eighty-ninety dollars for twenty sessions? He is a thief too. I have to do it free. I love you but you got to do it.

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